Say Hello To NYLON Manila’s New Editor-in-Chief, Ayn Bernos

Advocate • creator • host • writer • EIC

A dream-come-true moment, Ayn Bernos takes the reins as Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Manila, ushering in an exciting new era for the publication.

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Even before NYLON Manila landed in the Philippines in November 2020, the publication was always envisioned as an ever-evolving brand that adapted to, led, and spoke with the times. Like with Gen Z, NYLON Manila continues to grow and innovate as we champion all corners of the Philippine youth. As such, being a voice for the Filipino Gen Z means knowing when it’s time to tell a new chapter.

That’s the case for us as we enter a new era in 2023. NYLON Manila is ready to tell a bigger, bolder, and braver story this year and beyond, all while being led by a new Editor-in-Chief suited for the task. That’s none other than Ayn Bernos.


Ever since embarking on the world of content creation seven years ago, Ayn Bernos has made a name for herself as one of Pinoy netizens’ favorite social media personalities. Whether it be championing Morena beauty through Kayu Beauty and Morena the Label, teaching people how to speak proper English on TikTok, or giving important life advice on her chart-topping podcast, the multimedia storyteller has done it all. Her new role as NYLON Manila’s EIC is another feather in her cap, one that also began in editorial.

ayn bernos editor in chief nylon manila

“It’s truly a full-circle moment to be joining NYLON Manila as its Editor-in-Chief when, many years ago, I began my career as an editorial intern at One Mega Group Inc,” shares Ayn, whose first internship was being an editorial assistant for Celebrity Mom in 2014. The nine years since have seen her build a trail-blazing career, experiences that have given her the skills to lead NYLON Manila to its next chapter. “I believe that all roads led me back here to continue telling stories about Filipino culture while advocating for and amplifying the voices of our Filipino youth.”

NYLON Manila was, is, and will continue to be guided by the principle of highlighting the vast colors of the Filipino Gen Z. And social media plays a big part in that. The Gen Z experience isn’t complete without social media and its many ways that allow people to tell their story. This is something Ayn knows all too well as a purposeful content creator and former social media specialist. And with her at the helm, that will continue, with an eye towards the future.

nylon manila

“My number one objective as the Editor-in-Chief is to future-proof NYLON Manila. It’s a fascinating time to be in the publishing industry as a digital-first brand, and there are so many opportunities to maximize social media to bring our big, bold, and brave stories even closer to our audience.” Ayn Bernos has an inherent ability to make her audience feel seen and heard, something NYLON Manila always strives for in its content. With Ayn’s leadership, the brand is ready to go further in that mission. “My job is to make sure the right people know it, so we can continue this commitment for decades to come. At the core of this vision are collaboration, conversation, and community.”


Everything you love about NYLON Manila, from the articles about the latest topics, features on the hottest celebs, and fanzines that will have you pressing “add to cart” ASAP, will still be there and then some. But as Ayn expresses, the narratives you’ll be seeing from NYLON Manila in the coming months will also be showcasing the life of a Gen Z, warts and all.

“We want our audience to see themselves in the stories we write. Whether it’s college life, being the only Gen Z at the office, navigating independence while nursing a heartbreak, or something a little more nuanced like the line between radical self-love and plastic surgery, we hope to document what it’s like to be young in the 2020s — the good, the bad, but most importantly, the big, bold, and brave.”

ayn bernos editor in chief nylon manila

“We want to show how digital-first is, in many ways, social-first. We will adapt to accommodate our audience’s changing behaviors and lead the change toward what publishing can look like for this new generation — anchored on collaboration, driven by conversation, and centered on community. A content creator at the helm means NYLON Manila is about to take social media by storm.”

ayn bernos editor in chief nylon manila

Ayn Bernos becoming the new EIC of NYLON Manila is like the best of both worlds. The editorial world has always been there for her, and social media is a medium she has continuously succeeded in. And as the playground of Gen Z, social media is where NYLON Manila will make its presence known in even more ways.

Having a content creator as the Editor-in-Chief of an international magazine is an interesting move, to say the least. But NYLON Manila is all about breaking boundaries and setting trends. Ayn Bernos brings her expertise, craft, and vision to the publication at a time when the status quo won’t cut it anymore. It’s a new, colorful, and vibrant era for NYLON Manila, and we can’t wait to show you what Ayn and the rest of the team have in store for you in the months and years to come. The only question is, are you ready for it?

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KathNiel, Barbie Forteza Among The Filipino Nominees At Seoul Drama Awards 2023


Five Filipino stars are nominated with South Korean superstars like Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo in one of the coveted categories at the annual television festival.

2022 proved to be a promising and vibrant year for Philippine television. From historic teleseryes that got the Netflix treatment to a hit Gen Z reinterpretation of a Filipino classic, local TV has had quite its much-welcome reinvigoration. And some of the heroes of these shows are getting their respective dues as well as they get international recognition for their job well done. Just like in the 2023 Seoul International Drama Awards where some of the hottest Filipino stars, including box office queen Kathryn Bernardo and ever-versatile Barbie Forteza, have gotten some well-deserved nods.

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This great news came after the Seoul International Drama Awards posted the announcement of nominees earlier this week. Kathryn Bernardo and Barbie Forteza join fellow Pinoy stars Daniel Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose, and Dennis Trillo as nominees for the Outstanding Asian Star prize, which is part of the award-giving body’s International Invitation Category.

They are among the list of 12 stellar nominees selected by the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee that include the hottest stars from South Korea like Song Joong-ki, Lee Je-hoon, Yoon-ah, Park Eun-bin and Song Hye-kyo. Other big names from China, Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan are also part of the starry list.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Kathniel Seoul Drama Awards 2023

Launched in 2006, the Seoul International Drama Awards, also known as SDA, is an annual international drama festival that celebrates the best of television content worldwide. It aims to discover and introduce “hidden masterpieces from all over the world, from Turkish epic to South American telenovelas, to Scandinavian noir to Asian family soap operas.” 

Now in its 18th anniversary, SDA is participated by 50 countries and hands out awards that not only recognize the best shows but also the creatives behind it as well. One of them is the Outstanding Asian Star accolade, where up to six Asian celebrities are selected by global fan voting. In 2022, Belle Mariano became the first Filipina to win the said recognition.

Barbie Forteza, Dennis Trillo, Julie Anne San Jose Seoul Drama Awards 2023

Last year, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla starred in 2 Good 2 Be True, their much-awaited KathNiel comeback project. It was the first Filipino series to premiere simultaneously on free television and on Netflix. In the last two months, Kathryn and Daniel, who are also celebrating their 11th year together, revealed via their ABS-CBN Films’ New Movie Alert announcements their return to the big screen, unveiling their exciting individual movies and much-awaited project together.

Meanwhile, Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, and Dennis Trillo received praises and accolades for playing the leads of GMA Network’s acclaimed Gen Z-oriented history fantaserye, Maria Clara at Ibarra. Barbie is also currently shooting a new movie with her BarDa partner David Licauco in South Korea. On the other hand, Dennis currentlt plays Ned Armstrong in Voltes V: Legacy, a proudly Pinoy adaptation of the famed mecha series. Julie Anne San Jose also took part in the historic megaseries, becoming the first Filipino to sing the Voltes V theme song.

We know that these talented Pinoys are already outstanding stars in her own right but if you want to see them repping the country hard while slaying the SDA’s red carpet in Seoul, then you can vote for them via the voting platform service Idolchamp until June 15, 2023.

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Ruel Shot A Music Visualizer In The Middle of Manila Traffic

Nothing can be more Filipino than that UV Express.

In the midst of a local congested highway, Ruel sings his heart out to a heartbreaking ballad.

Considered to be one of the worst in the world, the Manila traffic is a hellish place you can be stuck in for hours. But it’s a different story for Australian pop star Ruel, who saw something about the Philippine thoroughfares that inspired him to use it as the backdrop for one of his latest music visualizers.

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Back in February, Ruel revealed in an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila that he had shot a visualizer for one of his new songs. At that time, he was preparing for a special and free show at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City, where the Painkiller hitmaker was warmly welcomed by his passionate supporters.

Shortly before his return to Manila, Ruel posted the visualizer, which turned out to be for his romantic pop ballad Sitting in Traffic from his debut album, 4th Wall. It was fitting for Ruel to film the video amidst the notorious Manila traffic, although he wasn’t just sitting; he was lying on a pickup truck, gazing up at the sunlit sky, and pouring his heart into the heartbreaking piece. As the drone camera zoomed out, it revealed the “depressing” situation he was in.

A congested Philippine highway is not the most ideal location for Ruel’s romantic song. But if you think about it, the feelings of rejection and loneliness in Sitting in Traffic just parallel the same painful feelings a local commuter suffers when stuck in traffic. It’s the perfect Ruel music to get sentimental to, so to say. In a way, it’s the perfect Ruel song for Filipinos to get in their feels while looking at the stillness that surrounds them.

And not only do the visuals of Ruel’s newest video drop resonate with a lot of his Filipino fans (a UV Express in an international music visualizer is noteworthy), the video also has a Tagalog translation of the song’s lyrics that adds another emotional layer to this entire Ruel creation. “The Tagalog lyrics are hitting different,” one Pinoy Ruel stan comments while mentioning the translated chorus that goes like: “Pakiusap lang, ‘wag mo kong sisihin kung ‘di mo naman ako mahal.” Other fans consider shooting in the midst of Manila traffic “peak comedy” and praised Ruel’s creative team for this “cinematic piece.”

Ruel Sitting in Traffic Manila

As part of his 4th Wall World Tour, Ruel will return to the country this weekend to perform a series of shows. On Friday, May 26, Ruel will be at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. Following that, he will serenade his fans in Cebu and Davao on May 27 and May 28, respectively, and the best part is these shows are free. Considering Ruel’s knack for surprising his Filipino fans, just like with his recent visualizer, it is expected that his shows will be packed with excitement.

If you’re interested in attending Ruel’s Manila concert, you can still purchase tickets through this link and for more information about Ruel’s future events, you can visit his website

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FYI, This Philippine Studio Is Behind The Impressive VFX Of Voltes V: Legacy

And that's on local talent.

Among the achievements of Voltes V: Legacy is its Filipino-made VFX, courtesy of Riot Inc.

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While Voltes V: Legacy is based on a Japanese anime, the adaption is a 100% Pinoy-made effort. While some local productions have earned a bad reputation for being half-hearted efforts, especially when it comes to special effects, GMA was determined to not fumble the bag on this project. The network gave the producers a blank check to make sure that this ambitious live-action adaptation of the seminal anime was going live up to the hype.

And as can be seen by the show’s reception, the hard work was worth it as viewers witnessed an adaptation unlike any Philippine TV has seen. Voltes V: Legacy has a few things going right for it, with the highlight being the show’s breakthrough in VFX. And the best part about it? It was all made by a Philippine-based team, Riot Inc.


While Riot Inc. isn’t a familiar name to many people, the production house is responsible for important work in the local VFX scene. Riot was established in 2003 as a visual effects boutique meant for CG efforts for shows and commercials. Over its two decades of operation, the post-production house has offered numerous services, from color grading to VFX, motion graphics, animation, and more.

Watch a commercial on TV, and you’ll find at least one advert that Riot worked on. Remember that viral RC Cola commercial in 2020 where the mom lifts her head to reveal a bottle of cola? Yeah, you can thank Riot Inc. for that. But some of the Makati-based studio’s most important work can be found on TV shows. Over the years, they’ve worked on the VFX of some of GMA’s biggest fantaseryes like Mulawin, Darna, and Encantadia. Now, they’re bringing their game-changing skills to a game-changing series, Voltes V: Legacy.


While the show only premiered this May, Riot’s involvement with the show spans over a decade. It was in 2009 that the seeds of the series were first planted before a pitch tape was made in 2014. “Over the years, we poured our hearts and souls into this project, working tirelessly to turn our vision into a reality. And in 2014, we hit a major milestone when we finally created the pitch tape that would help us share our vision with the world,” shared the studio in a Facebook post.

“Looking back on that moment now, it’s hard to describe the mix of excitement, fear, and hope that we felt. We knew that we had something special, but we also knew that there was a long road ahead of us. We had no idea what the future would hold, but we were determined to see our project through to the end.”

Doing the VFX for a series that carries a significant cultural cache among many Filipinos is no easy feat. Not only is Riot working against history, but also the reputation that local VFX is not up to standard. It was an air of negativity they disproved. They brought to life moments beloved by many fans of the anime, such as the iconic volt-in scene.

“As we bring Voltes V to a new generation of fans, it’s important to stay true to the original anime while also making it feel fresh and current. To achieve this, we’ve updated the animation to take advantage of the latest technology, creating a visual experience that is both stunning and immersive,” they revealed on getting to work on the volt-in scene. “We’ve also worked closely with the original creators of the series to ensure that the story and characters remain faithful to the original, while also incorporating modern storytelling techniques to engage and inspire a new generation of fans.”

As for Beast Fighter Dokugaga, the Riot team faced a few hurdles in bringing the first Boazanian beast fighter to take on the Voltes V team to live action. For starters, they had to change its wings to be retractable, allowing the robot to move with ease during combat. And in one scene where Dokugaga lifts a ship and throws it at the tanks, Riot Inc. spent an entire month working on it to get it right. They approached this project with a fine level of detail, and it shows.


Not only does Riot Inc.’s involvement in Voltes V: Legacy shows that Filipinos have the talent to deliver quality effects, but also giving them the proper time and resources to do it will yield stunning results. While the cast may take most of the spotlight for this adaptation, Riot Inc. also deserves their flowers for the show because, without their impressive work, Voltes V: Legacy would not be what it is today. It’s about time we show the post-production team some love.

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Meet Denise Julia, The Accountancy Student By Day, TikTok Star By Night

Cover songs for days.

A love of music led Denise Julia to a career in content creation with millions of followers at just 19 years old.

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In just a few years, Denise Julia went from an aspiring young musician to a breakout star with viral hits on social media. And no, we aren’t talking about that Denise Julia. This story is all about Denise Julia Alberto, the young TikTok star who’s known for posting song covers on social media. 

While dozens of creators do the same thing she does, Denise Julia has stood out from the crowd with her effortless talent and bubbly personality, all to the tune of 4.6 million followers on TikTok alone. It’s an impressive feat considering that she has to balance that with the rigors of being a student, all while having the same name as one of the country’s hottest new R&B stars. 


Denise Julia doesn’t sight a particular moment in her life that made her fall in love with music. Instead, it came to her naturally as she lived with a family that breathed music. “Since every single one of my grandparents has a deep love for music and every family gathering we had, you could expect a full band and a stage where all of my lolos and lolas sang and played each of their instruments,” she shares. 

@deniseejuliaa angas 🥲🥲 #fyp #jujicovers #sabihin ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

Being in the constant presence of music naturally shaped how she saw herself. It didn’t take long for this “connected” artist to realize that a music career was a possibility. “As a result of seeing Disney musicals like High School Musical and Camp Rock as a child, I like to simply burst out into songs and associate my moods with them.”


It was in 2020 that she took the next step of her musical journey as she joined TikTok and began posting hit song covers on the platform. But what exactly does it mean to deliver a great song cover? For her, it’s all about the emotions. “Getting into the song and acting as if you’re the artist who wrote it and is going through whatever the song is about is key to delivering the best covers.”

@deniseejuliaa Replying to @hoops_y LOVE by keyshia cole #fyp #jujicovers ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

There was no guarantee that Denise Julia would experience success on TikTok. After all, she was competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of creators who did the same thing as her. But not only did she find her voice, but also an audience in the millions as she frequently scored viral video after viral video. “I certainly did not anticipate it to be this big, but building an audience has always been a goal of mine,” says Denise on her success on TikTok. “Even as a little girl, I really enjoyed performing and empowering others with what I had to offer.” Her rise on the platform is a development she does not take for granted. 

@deniseejuliaa brownout na uhaw pa huy #fyp #jujicovers #uhaw ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

“I still find it difficult to comprehend that millions of people follow and are familiar with me, which is why I continue to feel honored and surprised whenever I get recognized in public. In light of this, I want to express my gratitude to my devoted fans, who refer to themselves as the “JUJI Fam” and have supported me since 2020. To me, they have already become family.”


At just 19 years old, Denise Julia Alberto has experienced a breakthrough in social media that many young creators can only dream of. But with a big audience and following also comes pressure, something the young creator is all too aware of. “Knowing that millions of people may be watching me and ultimately discovering my flaws makes me feel a little more self-conscious about how I present myself to the media,” she reveals. Still, she doesn’t let the weight of her platform get to her because, after spending a few years as a content creator, she’s learned to value herself as an artist and human being. 

@deniseejuliaa Replying to @_rawrryssaa be nice 😔😔 #fyp #jujicovers #snooze ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

“As I immerse myself more in this social media environment, I’ve come to understand that the right people who really love and support you will always be there for you. I don’t receive many hate comments, but when I do, I like reading them, even if they might not be good for me. That’s because I’ve established a solid foundation for myself, one that prevents hateful comments from affecting me.”

Any social media user, whether they are a big creator or just a regular user, will experience the occasional hate comment. It (sadly) comes with the territory. But what Denise did not expect was that she would be dealing with a bit of an identity crisis. If it isn’t already clear, Denise Julia, the content creator, also shares the same name as Denise Julia, the rising Pinay R&B star. 

As Denise Julia’s NVMD was rising on the charts, Denise Julia Alberto started getting comments mistaking her for the musician. As she recalls, “It didn’t bother me at first when I found out that I had someone na same name as me sa industry, but when people started to mistake me for her or the other way around, I won’t lie; I was unsatisfied with myself.”

The constant comparisons between the two Denise Julia’s left the content creator feeling like all her efforts were in vain. But a sense of purpose and passion redirected her to the right path. “I also understood that those who think I’m someone else simply don’t pay enough attention to the people they watch and listen to on social media, and that I shouldn’t take it personally because the people who genuinely support me have never let me down and have loved and supported me throughout this entire journey.” 

And if you’re wondering, yes, the two have talked to each other, but only briefly on social media. “She had previously released a song that had been accidentally shared to my YouTube Music Channel. She even apologized and fixed it as soon as she could.”


When Denise Julia was younger, she had a healthy diet of Disney musicals, which is appropriate when you think that her life somewhat mirrors that of Hannah Montana. On social media, she’s an established content creator. But when she logs off, she’s a 19-year-old accountancy student. It’s a development Denise admits has made for some awkward moments at school. 

“I felt a little overwhelmed when I returned to my in-person classes. At school functions, students would approach me for a photo or exchange lengthy stares and whispers with their peers.” Luckily, her social media star power hasn’t translated to being treated as an outcast in school. “I believe that most of my classmates at school treat me equally because I try my best to make them feel comfortable naman with the energy I give off.”

With the success Denise Julia has made for herself on social media, she could have chosen to drop school and pursue content creation full-time. It’s a dream many Gen Z aspire for themselves. But that isn’t the case for Denise. Instead, she’s focused her energies on her main priority in life, which is school, while still putting in that work to tend to her responsibilities as a content creator. 

“Surprisingly, I LOOOOVE studying! I believe that my love and enthusiasm for my chosen degree, a BS in Accountancy, is the reason why I am so “masipag” when it comes to studying, as friends and some viewers of my study vlogs have noticed. Since I try to manage my time properly and establish my priorities—which remain to be my studies—balancing school and producing content hasn’t been a challenge for me.”


With a music talent, a focus on getting her CPA title, and a level of maturity that you often don’t find among 19-year-olds, Denise Julia Alberto has a bright future ahead of her. And aside from posting covers on TikTok, she’s also gearing up to release her original songs in the future. As she reveals, she has “a ton” of unfinished tracks in her vault. All she needs is the right producer to work with her in the studio. 

“Finding a producer that could help me in creating, polishing, and working with my songs would be really beneficial. Writing lyrics come easy to me since I have no trouble putting my thoughts into words; all I need is help mixing and producing!”

@deniseejuliaa back to december szn 🥹🥹 #fyp #jujicovers #backtodecember ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

Since she was three years old, Denise has been singing covers and filming videos. Needless to say, being a content creator is a career path she intends to follow. “I believe that being in front of a camera—singing, dancing, or even just talking—comes naturally to me because I was made for it. Since making videos, singing, and providing entertainment for others truly fills my heart, I pray to God every time that I get to do this for the rest of my life.”

Above the fame, following, opportunities, and attention social media has brought her, what matters most to Denise Julia is the positive impact she brings to people. “It fills my heart knowing that through my videos, I get to cheer people up or make their days and even motivate them in a lot of ways. One of the reasons I keep doing what I do is the possibility of making a difference in someone’s life and maybe influencing it positively.”

@deniseejuliaa Replying to @jaymwaaa MAHIWAGANG MIC #fyp #jujicovers #wonderfultonight ♬ original sound – Denise Julia – Denise Julia

And while being a content creator isn’t the walk in the park some people assume it to be, Denise Julia wants people to know that, if you put in the work, the rewards will be worth it. “Being a social media content creator isn’t easy. It’s absolutely not a 9-to-5 job wherein you become physically exhausted, but it sure can be mentally and emotionally harmful. But I will forever be grateful that I have been blessed with the platforms I have and the opportunities I get. Being able to spoil my parents and give back to them has always been my goal and because of the blessings I’ve received, I have been able to do that little by little.” 

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9 Times Ysabel Ortega and Miguel Tanfelix’s YsaGuel Tickled Hearts

The YsaGuel spell.

While busy saving the planet from evil aliens, Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega are also making hearts swell with YsaGuel.

The local entertainment industry has always been infused with vibrance and excitement thanks to the love teams it produces. Sometimes, the relationships between these duos transcend the realms of fiction and blossom into real-life romances. Most of the time, even when they remain on-screen, their endearing presence alone has the power to inspire and bring joy to countless individuals. And one of the pairs that’s been casting this magic is that of Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega, lovingly called as YsaGuel.

From leading arguably the most ambitious and biggest show on Philippine television right now, Voltes V: Legacy, to being ambassadors of top local brands in beauty and fashion, Miguel and Ysabel are truly having quite a special moment right now. Moreover, the way their individual talents seamlessly complement each other, and their magnetic connection is both charismatic and captivating, making the YsaGuel spark so hard to resist and so easy to fall in love with.

So whether you’re a passionate fan or someone looking for a new tandem to root for, it’s worth exploring the moments where Miguel and Ysabel’s extraordinary chemistry might, just like their Voltes V characters, save the planet from an alien invasion. 

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@ysaguelcontents Kilig Malala 🥰🤭 #ysaguel #migueltanfelix #ysabelortega #jamierobinson #voltesvlegacy #voltesv #stevearmstrong #teamcoffee #yg #fyp #gmanetwork #sparklegmaartistcenter #foryou #fyp #viral #fypage #fypシ゚viral #trending #sparkle #gma #gmaartist #foryoupage #tiktok #trend #series #fypシ #fyyyppp ♬ original sound – ysaguelcontents

The grand and spectacular event of Voltes V: Legacy didn’t happen overnight. It took years of dedication and hard work, but what makes it even more heartwarming is the solid bond among the cast that translates seamlessly to the screen. However, there’s something delightfully unique about the connection between Miguel Tanfelix’s Steve Armstrong and Ysabel Ortega’s Jamie Robinson. While busy being mighty heroes, Miguel and Ysabel have also captivated the audiences with their on-screen magic. This becomes evident in a much-talked-about scene where Steve and Jamie’s training unexpectedly turns into a not-your-ordinary romantic date.


ICYMI, Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega first cast their YsaGuel spell in GMA Network’s What We Could Be, their first-ever series together as leads. Ysabel plays Cynthia, a young woman and home care nurse filled with dreams who falls in love with a stranger, Miguel’s Franco. The show centers on Cynthia navigating her way through her new job, dreams, and newfound love life and all the struggles in between. Curious about that YsaGuel magic? Then jump into this especially romantic episode we’ve got for you.


It seems that destiny played a part in bringing Miguel and Ysabel together, not only through their rhyming names but also in how their individual talents harmoniously blends. In case you don’t know, Ysabel sings (like she CAN sing) while Miguel plays the guitar. And in Ysabel’s vlog where she does a cover of Katherine McPhee’s Terrified, you can’t help but be charmed by how YsaGuel brings out the best of each other.


When on the stage, the YsaGuel chemistry is much more heart-fluttering. Just like in this Sayaw One episode of the weekend variety show All Out Sundays, where Miguel and Ysabel become love personified as they gracefully move to Imago’s dreamy and romantic track Sundo.


And even in their styles, Miguel and Ysabel are just always satisfyingly in-sync. From their casual ‘fits to dressing up as Edward Scissorhands and Black Swan in the Sparkle’s Halloween ball, the YsaGuel matching visuals just hit so different.


@hereforysaguel hindi mapag hiwalay yarn? 🥰🫣🤎 #ysaguel #ysabelortega #migueltanfelix #fyp #snooze ♬ original sound – spedupsongsnlyrics

You know something’s special when two people can’t seem to be separated from each other. That’s exactly the case for YsaGuel as shown in a TikTok fan edit where Miguel and Ysabel get clingy and look like a couple with an unbreakable bond. It’s the little and sweet moments like these that make them a gem of a pair, capturing the hearts of fans and showcasing the depth of their connection.


From reel to real life, the YsaGuel spark is nothing short of endearing. Look at them just having a good time together and making hearts full with their natural chemistry.


Ysabel Ortega and Miguel Tanfelix YsaGuel

And so you ask, what really is the thing between Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega? While some are speculating that the two are already dating, YsaGuel set things straight in an episode of The Boobay and Tekla Show. In it, the pair was asked about their real status and were made to choose between the options “very good friends,” “more than friends,” and “getting there.” 

Miguel’s response provided some insight into their connection. He explained that their relationship encompasses all of the given options. They share a deep bond akin to very good friends while also treating each other as something special, hinting at a connection that goes beyond mere friendship. When it came to the possibility of “getting there,” Miguel responded with a “hopefully,” which elicited an excited and kilig-inducing response from Ysabel.

Interestingly, according to their Voltes V: Legacy co-star, Raphael Landicho, something romantic is undeniably brewing between Miguel and Ysabel. Raphael revealed in an interview that YsaGuel became “sweeter” with each other than ever before, and as they say, children never lie.



And if you need further proof about the special bond between YsaGuel or if you just want to get a kilig overdose, then let Miguel’s Instagram post be a fitting reference. “Living, laughing and definitely loving,” the Kapuso leading man captions a series of photos with Ysabel. Look at those smiles, they speak volumes.

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What You Need To Know About The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation Night

Gowns, crowns, and a side of drama.

Time to settle in as another national pageant coronation night is upon us, this time for Binibining Pilipinas 2023.

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Unless you’ve been logged off from social media since the start of May, you would probably know that we are currently in the midst of pageant season. And following the whirlwind coronation night of Miss Universe Philippines 2023, another event is set to get netizens talking, the 2023 Binibining Pilipinas grand coronation night.

After months of competition, 40 contestants from around the archipelago will finally find out who among them will take home crowns and represent the Philippines in international pageants. And based on how last year’s coronation night went, this gathering might just shake up our Sunday night. Here’s what you need to know about the coronation night so you can be ready to root for your picks.  


Last year, Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves served as the coronation night’s hosts. And this 2023, the duo is back as the hosts for the coronation night. This will mark the third year in a row where Catriona and Nicole hosted the coronation night for Binibining Pilipinas. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll be joined by MJ Lastimosa as one of the co-hosts.


Vice Ganda Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation Night

An event like the Binibining Pilipinas Coronation Night deserves a performer who embodies the grace, intelligence, confidence, and elegance of a Binibining Pilipinas contestant. So, the producers chose none other than Vice Ganda to perform during the evening. Given how much of a queen she is, we have a strong feeling Vice is going to turn it out. Who knows, the contestants might even strut their stuff to her new song, Rampa.


Miss International 2022 Jasmin Selberg Binibining Pilipinas International 2023

Unlike in past coronation nights, the 2023 edition will only see two crowns be given out after the organization behind Binibining Pilipinas lost the local franchise rights to Binibining Pilipinas Grand International and Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental. Still, by the end of the evening, we’ll see two queens be named Binibining Pilipinas International 2023 and Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2023 as Nicole Borromeo and Chelsea Fernandez will crown their respective successors. And in an international twist, Miss International 2022 Jasmin Selberg will be in attendance where she will be the one to crown Binibining Pilipinas International 2023.


Where to watch The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation Night

The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 grand coronation night will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on May 28, Sunday, at 9:30 pm. If you want to watch all the action and drama live and in person, you can get your tickets now on Ticketnet. But if staying home is more your thing, then you can watch the show live on ABS-CBN and Binibining Pilipinas’ YouTube channel.

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The Inside Story Of How The Lovers, An Animated WLW Short Set In The Philippines, Came To Be

She's in love with a sirena, or is she?

What started out as a side project by college students about a chef and a mermaid falling in love in Binondo became a viral sensation.

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Animation has always been the medium for creators to let their stories run free with only their imagination (and budget) limiting them. On one hand, you can find classic tales like the ones in Disney and Pixar that are loved by all ages, and on the other, you can have more mature themes that explore topics you often don’t find in mainstream media. For independent animation studio, Studio Heartbreak, they took a hard left to the latter.

A passion project that has been a few years in the making, The Lovers is an animated film that follows 24-year-old Sara Lim Baylon (Vanille Velasquez), a reluctant seafood chef from Binondo, Manila. As the youngest member of her family to run their restaurant, the Lidagat Seafood Restaurant, Sara faces the daunting pressure to live up to her late father’s reputation and keep the business afloat. When the governor’s inauguration dinner is planned at the restaurant, featuring a sirena (Dawn M. Bennett) as the centerpiece, Sara finds herself drawn into a dangerous affair with the mythical creature.

While it’s sapphic love story set in the Philippines is enough to get eyeballs, the fact that it’s dark fantasy setting incorporates a good dose of local mythology lets it stand out from the crowd. No wonder then that, following the release of its trailer in early May, the film became the talk of social media. Not bad for a project run by a couple of college students.  


The Lovers is the first project of Studio Heartbreak, an animation studio started by two college students during the pandemic after they got rejected from internships they applied to. “It started when I was in my first year of university, which was last year. So me and my friend, who I met online, decided to start a studio together as a test or just as practice. It wasn’t supposed to be serious. We wanted to create a project with each other. We just asked a bunch of our other friends to join us and our team started with just six people,” shares A.S Siopao, the co-director of The Lovers, in an interview with NYLON Manila.

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

The bare-bones beginnings of the studio even reflects in how they operate as a team. While quite a few of the studio members are either based in or from the Philippines, they do not have a physical office. None of the members have even met each other in person. Though, their unique set-up allows them to have a more global background. “Our studio is scattered all over the world. But I think that that came to our advantage because we were able to expand globally and we have a bunch of people from different cultures working on our team.”

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

So, how does this global team scattered across all four corners of the world communicate with each other? “We basically just do it on Discord. We have our meetings on Discord in the voice channels and our work, like different departments, are organized into different channels. We even get to see each other draw live and we can give feedback live.”


When Studio Heartbreak began working on The Lovers, they weren’t looking for that film to be the top trending topic on Twitter. It bore out of their first day in a brainstorming session as they imagined what they would do if they had their dream animation studio. “My friend was the one who came up with the elevator pitch for the studio, basically a mermaid and seafood chef. What if we make a story about this? And I was like, ‘Oh, we can make it Filipino too.’”  

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

The two studio heads got to working on the idea, spending their free time after classes to build this film of a chef falling in love with a mermaid, before more team members came on board. For A.S, the project wasn’t special just because it was the studio’s debut, but also because it touched upon her Filipino roots. “I come from Manila. It’s been easier for me to research because it’s a place that I grew up in, live in, and able to observe life here in a more genuine perspective.”

The idea of seeing Filipino representation in media, especially in an animated setting, was too good to pass up. “There aren’t a lot of animated films set in the Philippines. I really wanted to see, since I was a child, my beliefs and people on screen. And this was a project that we were working on as a fully self-indulgent piece. So, we wanted to see things that we had never seen before in this project.”


The film’s Filipino representation goes beyond the characters. It can also be found in its setting which is, among all places in the Philippines, Binondo. As for why Manila’s Chinatown served as the backdrop of this intense love story, A.S Siopao shares that it was a place her parents would take her to a lot as a kid, and also because Binondo, Manila isn’t what you would imagine as the most romantic place in the city. “It’s not something that people would find a lot of beauty. It’s not the easiest place to study or go around in. But I just wanted to celebrate the mundane parts of Binondo and find beauty in it. And I just really enjoy the history of it, too. It’s also really convenient because it’s close to the bay.”

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines Binondo

But while it’s one thing to set the story in Binondo, it’s another to capture the proper detials of the eccentric location. And that’s a task A.S and the rest of the team set out to do. As seen in the trailer and other concept art the studio dropped, they managed to add that local spin and incorporate it into the dark fantasy setting. But given how some of the development artists did not live in Manila, they had to make do in other ways, such as using Google Maps and Street View. “It is not an exact copy or replica of Binondo, but it’s more of a dark fantasy. So, we were also able to get really creative with some of the elements.”

Even team members who were living in the Philippines didn’t have the easiest time to walk around Binondo given that they began working on this during the pandemic. They got around that hurdle by turning to trusty YouTube. “I actually live a few hours away from Manila, and it’s the pandemic. So it’s kind of like, still a bit scary for me to commute there. So, what I did is I actually watched a YouTube video of someone walking around Binondo,” shares Gillian, an artist in the studio’s visual department.

She used the videos, as well as her years living in Manila during her college days, as reference to help design the visual elements of the film. “That gave me a lot of insight and references to design, the visual development and backgrounds for the short film, which is super helpful.” It all made for a look that felt distinctly Pinoy for many. “The power lines are super, super bendy, and I think that’s kind of like just a Manila thing. Let’s also put there, for example, a lot of posters about food,” says Gillian, who has a particular fondness for Hopia.

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

The film’s marriage of sapphic-love-story-meets-Filipino-folklore was also an aspect the team wanted to play around with. Classic monster film was always on the mood board when work began on The Lovers, but also in how it twists the idea of what we think a sirena is. As A.S shares, “I think that there is a lot of intrigue around sirena myths and I wanted to put that into the film. They are supposed to be described as beautiful creatures, but also very dangerous and mysterious. I think having a really complicated romance between those two characters just solidifies that for the sirena character as well, that you don’t really know what she actually wants. Is she actually trying to serenade you? Or does she want to you?”


When work began on The Lovers, it was just a group of online friends making a film in their past time. As it went on, the project began making noise and gaining fans. But it really blew up when Studio Heartbreak dropped the trailer and Kickstarter to fund the project. The team was hoping to bank $60,000 dollars in 45 days. But not only did it break that goal in the first day, the Kickstarter also raised over $273,000 with still over a month of fundraising to go. The trailer’s virality and numerous broken stretch goals wasn’t the reception the team was expecting.

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

“When I was talking to our producers, we were like, ‘Okay, in case this does not go well, we have 45 days for this Kickstarter campaign to run,’” recalls A.S. Initially, they came up with a plan that, in case the Kickstarter did not succeed, they would prioritize paying the animators first with what funds they made. Needless to say, that didn’t push through. “Within the first two hours, we already surpassed the goal. The whole team was just watching it on Discord, watching the numbers rise live, it was crazy. We were like, ‘Why is it going so fast?’ I mean, some people did anticipate it, but not this fast.”

The pressure is real Studio Heartbreak, but they’re more than determined to get the project out. “We have this project we started for fun as internet friends, but I think now we actually have to make sure that we can deliver it. I do believe that our story has so much potential and the people who have looked into the story also believe in it. I do think it’s really solid. It just depends on how we pull it off,” voices A.S.


As to when fans can expect to watch The Lovers in full, that will take a little while longer. During the interview, A.S Siopao stated that we can expect the film around mid-2025, with the reason for the timeline being how the team is composed of either college students or animators/artists who have other jobs that they need to balance. Still, Studio Heartbreak is more than grateful for the support The Lovers and their studio is getting. It wasn’t an easy journey to how they got to where they are now and where they hope to go. They faced their fair share of challenges and, more importantly, lessons learned that helped the team grow as a studio and individuals.

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

“Even as a leader, you have to have the humility to admit that you don’t know what you’re doing sometimes, because everyone in this studio is learning. So we have to learn from each other. Everyone kind of has to understand each other but also admit when they need help. At school, you’re kind of taught to put your best foot forward, but you should be allowed to show weakness to some degree to the point where you’re being honest about when you need help or don’t know something,” shares A.S.

As for Gillian, being part of the studio taught her that there’s always room to learn and grow. “There was also time that I don’t know what I’m doing. But whenever they give feedback, it’s giving me this motivation to do my best, but also being happy about something that I need to work on. I’m just seeing everyone’s work, and there is already a wonderful and humbling experience, because I learned a lot.”


At the end of the day, The Lovers is Studio Heartbreak’s baby. As their first project, this diverse team is working hard to deliver an animated tale that has a lot of things going right for it. “I think it’s just that it is truly a labor of love,” expresses A.S. “Nobody’s really obligated to work on this project. But everyone wants to and they work on it anyway because they want to see themselves influence a piece of media. That means something to them. And we hope it means something to our audience, too.”

The Lovers animated film set in the Philippines

As for her advice for other young animators out there, A.S, who isn’t studying animation in college, wants creators to know that just because you don’t have the means to access the conventional route, that doesn’t mean it’s over. “I’m not even an art school. And my co-director is also not in art school. And the studio in general was founded in a very unconventional way of working on the internet. So, I’d say, work with what you have, be resourceful. And also, do not be afraid to ask other people for help. You might think that the industry is cold out there, but you never know. There’s a 50% chance they’ll say, no, and there’s a 50% chance they’ll say yes to helping you. And most of them are willing to help you because they want to see young people succeed.”

Gillian adds that, while some may fear rejection, that shouldn’t prevent you from following your dreams. As someone who’s faced her own series of rejection, she wants young creatives to embark on that first step. “The journey is not easy but it’s going to be fun and I hope [young creatives] continue to create stories with their skills.”

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7 Movies And Series Getting Reboots And Spin-Off Shows That Are Actually Coming

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are back.

From a Twilight series to a The Big Bang Theory spin-off, here are some of the big projects that you should keep an eye out for.

Can you ever get enough of your favorite fictional worlds? Those captivating realms that transport us to incredible adventures, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds? From the vampire-laden romance of Twilight to the enchanting wizarding world of Harry Potter, certain stories endure time, evoking a powerful nostalgia that lingers long after the final page is turned or the credits roll. 

But what happens when the stories we love refuse to fade into the realm of memory? Enter the era of reboots, prequels, and spin-offs, where beloved movies and shows are resurrected, expanded, and reimagined, offering a fresh perspective and an opportunity to rediscover the magic all over again. So, as if answering your fervent wishes, here’s a list of upcoming projects that will transport you back to that familiar and satisfying place you know well and love.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

Potterheads, rejoice! More than a decade after the last Harry Potter film, it is now finally confirmed that a television adaptation of the iconic franchise is in the works. It was announced during the presentation of Warner Bros. and Discovery last April, where their merger streaming platform named as Max (formerly HBO Max) was also unveiled. This confirms the reports of a Harry Potter TV treatment a couple of years ago.

Described to be a “faithful adaptation,” each season of the Harry Potter show is reported to cover each book of the storied and best-selling book series and is envisioned to be a “decade-long” offering. And no, it seems that we won’t see any familiar faces as the series will feature an entirely new cast from the movies. While it’s still in the development stages, the Harry Potter series will surely offer another expansive and immersive experience to satisfy those who are craving for the wizarding world. Author J.K. Rowling is set to executive produce this Max Original.

Game of thrones

Game of Thrones

Another tentpole show getting greenlit on HBO is George R.R. Martin’s A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight. Seven Kingdoms is based on Martin’s Dunk and Egg books, a series of fantasy novellas following the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and a young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg), a century before the events of Game of Thrones

The story will revolve around the aforementioned unlikely heroes and is set in an era when the Targaryen line still sits on the Iron Throne “and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living memory.” Seven Kingdoms is the latest Westeros-based project to move forward at HBO following the other Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon. Martin will write and executive produce.

THE Conjuring

The Conjuring

The horror of The Conjuring Universe is set to offer us the terrifying thrills on the small screen as well. Also being developed on Max, the series treatment of New Line Cinema’s flagship horror franchise will be helmed by Peter Safran, who has produced the first The Conjuring movie, and director James Wan. 

The show will be a welcome addition to the sweeping and two billion dollars-earning eight-film franchise that includes “The Conjuring,” “Annabelle,” “The Conjuring 2,” “Annabelle: Creation,” “The Nun,” “Annabelle Comes Home,” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.” Meanwhile, the ninth installment, The Nun 2, will have its premiere this September.

THE Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

It looks like we’ll be getting more of quantum physics, friendships, love and all its satisfying correlations with the announcement of another The Big Bang Theory spinoff. Years after the 12-season spanning show went out with a bang in 2019, garnering record-high numbers and countless hearts touched with its heartwarming finale, it’s confirmed that Big Bang and Young Sheldon creator Chuck Lorre is developing another comedy series derived from the Big Bang universe, after signing a deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Expected to stream on Max, the new Big Bang show’s plot details have yet to be revealed but is believed to be an hour-long series headlined by mostly new cast. Is there a possibility for the beloved original The Big Bang crew to make a cameo in the show? Well, you have all the more reasons to get hyped up because it’s reported that some former Big Bang stars are most likely to appear in guest features.



For the Bella Swan and Team Edward stans out there. If you think that it’s already the end of the road for The Twilight Saga then get your hopes up because reports say that something’s cooking. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling book series is getting a television treatment.

According to sources, the Twilight series is in the early stages of development at Lionsgate Television with Sinead Daly, writer Tell Me Lies, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and Raised by Wolves, attached to pen the script. Since it’s still in its infancy, the Twilight show has no network or platform yet but sources say that Lionsgate TV plans to lead the development of the project with author Meyer also expected to be involved in the adaptation.

Totally Spies

Totally Spies

Do you miss the thrill of the clandestine and portal-switching operations of the high school trio Sam, Clover, and Alex? Fret not because Totally Spies! is going to get its much-deserved revival and is heading straight to Cartoon Network and Max next year. First airing in 2001 up until 2015 across six seasons, the original series follows brainy Sam, fashionista Clover, and clumsy Alex as they balance their high school lives in Beverly Hills and their roles as secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). 

Just last month, Banijay Kids & Family (Totally Spies!’ home for years) announced that the era-defining, French-Canadian, and Charlie’s Angels-esque animation was picked up by Warner Bros. Discovery, including the rights to the show’s seventh season. The new season is confirmed to be a reboot with the girls attending high school again in a new city.

THE Walking dead

The Walking Dead

If you think that after 11 seasons AMC’s The Walking Dead has already lost its steam then think again because its satisfyingly dystopian world is just about to expand even further. According to a report, a new short-form series within the Walking Dead universe has already been ordered at AMC. It’s called More Tales From The Walking Dead Universe, an on-the-nose off-shoot of another spin-off, Tales From The Walking Dead. And just like the latter, More Tales will feature more self-contained and bite-size stories set in the world of TWD.

And it seems that that’s not even it for the AMC’s flagship zombie series. Because after Fear of the Walking Dead, it was announced earlier before the airing of TWD’s final episode that three more spin-offs are already confirmed. One is Dead City, led by the unlikely duo of characters Maggie and Negan as they embark on a mission to save her son from kidnappers in zombie-infested New York. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon will headline another untitled spin-off which sees him traveling to Europe. And of course, here’s the much-awaited comeback of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes in Rick & Michonne

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With A Comeback This Good, Who Wouldn’t Want To Bite ENHYPEN?

They have the skin of a killer, Bella.

This blood pact with ENHYPEN continues to bless us with good music.

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ENHYPEN has never been one to not shy away from building special worlds with their music. They’ve crafted their unique style and identity through the messages conveyed in each album. The previous BORDER and DIMENSION series showed the seven-piece connecting to a new world and realizing their calling as they navigate complex emotions.

Through their MANIFESTO series, the band encouraged their peers to join them on their journey forward as they live a life true to themselves according to their own will. And now, marking their first comeback of 2023, the boys are back with their take on dark fantasy as their new EP, DARK BLOOD, and lead single, Bite Me, bring the listener on a journey to the dark side of ENHYPEN. And it’s a side we want to spend more time in.


While previous ENHYPEN comeback singles can often lean towards a bombastic and in-your-face sound, Bite Me differs in how minimal it is. The catchy pop track sings of a boy, who after reuniting with the one he is destined to be with, recognizes their fate to be bound by blood. Equal parts straightforward and compelling, this step away from ENHYPEN’s past music is led by strong vocals in the verses and chorus, with the oh my oh my god part being a particular standout.

It’s not what most would have expected from the group, but it shows their growth and how they aren’t afraid to play around with their sound. Some of the members also had a part in the track’s production as HEESEUNG participated in studio directing, while NI-KI contributed to the development of the track’s choreography. If ENHYPEN asks you to kiss and bite them, it’s going to be hard to say no. It’s a strong effort from the group and may just be one of their best comeback songs yet.


ENHYPEN’s visuals and stage presence always eat with the storytelling on display and Bite Me is no exception. It depicts a more mature side to themselves as seen in the inclusion of female dancers in the choreography to heighten the tension of this dance of lovers bound by blood. Over their three years of activity, ENHYPEN has demonstrated their ability to bring diverse concepts to life through visually stunning and meticulously crafted albums. This is why DARK BLOOD is filled with a diverse selection of tracks.

ENHYPEN’s new era is all about a dark love that literally goes beyond the skin. From the cinematic opening track, Fate, to the breezy R&B and Hip-Hop number, Bills, this thematic EP will get you in a mood. And while their 4th mini-album is a fantasy-like story of a boy’s ultimate sacrifice for a destined one and thematically similar to DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR, it also takes inspiration from the septet’s gratitude towards ENGENE. More than just a dark love story, this EP’s six songs are a manifestation of how deep ENHYPEN’s bond with their fans goes as they connect with them at a more intimate level. . We would say that we’re surprised that ENHYPEN delivered yet again, but we aren’t. This is the most thematic they’ve gotten with their music, a turn that suits them well.

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