Highlights From ENHYPEN’s Fanmeet In Manila That We Can’t Believe Happened

And this is just the fanmeet.

Even though it was just a fanmeet, Filipino ENGENES got their whole lives as they got to meet ENHYPEN for the first time in Manila.

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There was a fever going around Manila over the weekend, an ENHYPEN fever that is, as November 3, 2022, marked the very first time ENHYPEN traveled to Manila. The event was a special funmeet organized by BYS Philippines as part of their 10th-anniversary celebration where the brand’s latest endorsers met with thousands of Filipino ENGENEs for a night of games, questions, Filipino phrases, and more. The denim-dressed boys practically stole the hearts of those inside the Araneta Coliseum as seen by the reactions that flooded social media. Whether you want to relive that night or lessen your FOMO, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments from ENHYPEN’s stay in Manila.

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If the group’s short but eventful 36-hour stay in Manila had a theme song, it would probably be Polaroid Love. First, fans waiting for them at the airport sang it. Then, ENGENES sang the track while waiting outside Araneta Coliseum. If that wasn’t enough, fans inside the venue joined together for a rousing sing-along of the track when it was played before the show started. And finally, our best boys were more than willing to sing a bit of the song acapella with ENGENES joining them.


@dustphanfrvr ENHYPEN speaking Tagalog at BYS Fun Meet in Manila, Philippines 🔥 #enhypen #engene #fyp #trending #viral #tagalog #kpop #bysfunmeetinmanila ♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

The program included many segments such as charades with select ENGENES, Q&A, and more. But our favorite was when each of the members had to say a Tagalog phrase. Jungwon’s “ngiti naman diyan” already has a special place in our heart while Sunghoon’s magandang gabi and Jake’s “maraming salamat Pilipinas” will not be forgotten. And the way they gave Heeseung a long Tagalog phrase, it was probably to put those Filipino rumors to the test.


@littlemissnoonamyjell Enhypen Paradoxx Invasion at Smart Araneta Coliseum! Enhypen Funmeet in Manila #engene #enhypenwithbysph #byscosmeticsph #Funmeet #Manila #Enhypen ♬ ParadoXXX Invasion – ENHYPEN

The event was technically a fanmeet, not a concert (that’s for next February). But ENHYPEN wasn’t going to leave Manila without giving ENGENES a taste of their performance skills. So, as their surprise of the night, they treated the crowd to a live performance of Paradoxxx Invasion. Needless to say, it sent the crowd into a tizzy.


When you have fans as dedicated as ENGENE, expect them to go all out given that it was ENHYPEN’s first time in the country. And true enough, fans made sure to show up and show out with their lightsticks, headbands, and other fun details. The fit that caught our attention though was this one fan who showed up in Filipinana because Heeseung was his “irog”. Ginoong Ibarra who? We only know Ginoong Heeseung.


Who got the tissues? Because this ENGENES message for the group that she shared before the start of the show was one of the most wholesome moments of the day.


We’ll let this Filipino ENGENE’s commentary do all the talking. And because it’s the Christmas season, here’s the moment from different angles.


@chaytime_ “Our hearts beat together between the gaps of the universe” @enhypen 💗 #enhypenfunmeet #bysenhypen #enhypeninmanila #enhypen #engene #enhypenfyp #fyp ♬ SHOUT OUT – ENHYPEN

Always expect ENGENES to go hard for their fave boys. So, aside from camping outside NAIA and Team Labas being there in spirit, fans also prepared a special video for the group that they watched during the program.


The members of ENHYPEN are some of the tallest idols of the 4th gen. But it seems that the boys finally met their match when they met Darren Espanto backstage during the event. Mind you, Darren is as old as Heeseung yet he’s as tall if not taller than Ni-ki.


@ayahhhh26 HeeJay bardagulan moments! 😭😂🤣 Haha! My bias and bias wrecker! #enhypen #heeseung #jay #heejay #fyp #engene ♬ original sound – 종성

Even abroad, the fun banter between the members is still present like in this moment a fan caught where Jay and Heeseung lightly making fun of each other as the behind-the-scenes video of their BYS commercial was played.


@historei y/n moment @enhypen @byscosmetics_ph #enhypen #fyp ♬ FEVER – ENHYPEN

According to most fan fiction, your fave notices you in the concert when you don’t pay attention to them. So, in that case, this fan was on the fast track to getting invited to meet the group backstage. A real Y/N probably did happen when this ENGENE got Heeseung to wave back at her while he was already in the car.

Featured image credits to BYS Philippines

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