Australian Pop Star Ruel Makes His Comeback To Manila—And It’s More Special Than Ever

Oh it must be nice. (pun intended)

Marking his comeback in Manila to promote his debut album, young singer-songwriter Ruel is ready to serenade you in a special performance this weekend.

If you still can’t get enough of the love season this month, then award-winning Australian singer-songwriter Ruel has got the best gift for you. The hitmaker behind achingly beautiful pop and ballads like Painkiller and Dazed and Confused, Ruel treats you to a special concert this weekend that’s got just the right amount of love and angst you need. And get this, you’ll get to revel in this talented artist’s stunning voice, known for mending and breaking hearts simultaneously, for free. 

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Ruel made the surprise announcement online about his Manila comeback, even making a Discord server just for his Filipino fans. Much to the delight and excitement of the latter, Ruel is going to mark his Manila comeback with a free concert at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig this Saturday, February 28, 2023.

Ruel free Manila concert

“Manila left such a massive impression on me when I was here in 2019,” shares Ruel in an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila. “I didn’t think that I had any fans over here then I played the shows and I got an incredible response. So, I just wanted to come back and reciprocate the love.”

This is the second time for the 20-year-old musical prodigy who performed in the Philippines four years ago for his Ready tour. He was slated to come back in 2020 for his Free Time world tour, but it got canceled because of the pandemic. 

Ruel debuted in 2017 at the tender age of 14. Brimming with musical talent, the R&B and pop musician went on to make a name for himself throughout the years, releasing hit after hit including the already mentioned Painkiller, Dazed and Confused, Hard Sometimes, Younger, Don’t Tell Me, and Real Thing among others. 

Ruel’s songs are not just mere musical pieces but, as his fans describe them, entire feelings of their own. His works have also been hailed by other international artists like Shawn Mendes, Khalid, SG Lewis, Zane Lowe and Elton John. If you need a new artist to get sentimental and just revel in some inexplicably cathartic and romantic feels to, Ruel is the way to go. 


With all the success that Ruel has had in the past years, he can already be considered a veteran. He has been in a triumphant momentum so far putting out three successful EPs (Ready, Free Time, and Bright Lights, Red Eyes), earning five platinum records, amassing two billion streams worldwide, and winning prestigious music awards including his breakthrough artist of the year nod from ARIA (Australia’s Grammys), where he’s the youngest recipient ever. And this year, his fans have all the more reason to celebrate as Ruel finally unveils his first studio album, 4th Wall.

Ruel 4th Wall album art
Ruels debut album <em>4th Wall<em> is out March 3 2023

“I tried to make it like a narrative of emotions, like a movie,” explains Ruel about the concept behind 4th Wall. Inspired by movies, its structure, and the cinematic convention of “breaking the fourth wall,” Ruel wants to do the same with his music; to talk to the audience directly and show who he truly is. “Each song represents a different time of my life, a different piece of inspiration that I want to capitalize on. There’s no particular message that I want to get across. It’s just a multitude of feelings and stories.”

Produced by RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment, 4th Wall is set to drop on March 3, 2023 featuring previously released tracks like Growing Up Is _____, Let The Grass Grow, You Against Yourself, Someone Else’s Problem and his latest offering and hit single, Must Be Nice. Oh, and as Ruel reveals, he is also going to release the full tracklist on his free show tomorrow. 

About what to expect from his free concert, Ruel says, “It’s gotta be super chill. It’s just me and a guitar. I might take a few requests and play mainly like old songs and I’ll just probably wing it.” Filipino rapper Young Cocoa is set to open the show. Ruel shares he would also love to collaborate with Filipino artists like Kiana V and SB19 Josh Cullen whom he has both met already.

What’s next for Ruel? Well, he has just shot a music visualizer and is set to post it soon. And regarding international tour dates for his upcoming world tour that the fans are screaming about, Ruel shares that more will be coming “super soon.” Meanwhile, if you need just the right vibey escape this weekend, head on to Ruel’s social media page for more details about his special presentation and stay tuned for more updates about his future concert dates.

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