Maris Racal And BGYO’s Gelo Are Carelessy In Love In This Music Video

Just like a dreamy romantic short film.

In ‘Carelessly,’ Maris Racal takes us on a slow and dreamy journey about the chaotic yet satisfying bliss of falling madly in love.  

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In quite a surprising turn of events, award-winning P-pop soloist Maris Racal has released a new music video for her previously released track, Carelessly. And it seems that it’s all worth the wait for fans as Maris delivered a stellar offering just like before. Oh, and to add to the excitement, Gelo of BGYO is her leading man this time.


It has been quite some time since Maris Racal released anything related to her music, so when her new music video dropped this week, it’s a welcome surprise for everyone, especially the Maris stans who’ve been longing to see the multihyphenate in her pop star self once more. And just like how she made us all groove while giving us the feels in Ate Sandali and Pumila Ka, Maris did not disappoint with Carelessly, as it takes us on a slow and groovy journey through the blissful chaos of falling madly in love.

Part of her Awit Award-winning album Asa Naman released last year, Carelessly talks about that inexplicable and irresistible magic of falling head over heels for someone. The lyrics go, “It’s the way you dance with me / And the way you care for me / Why did I carelessly / Fall in love with you?” And surely for some who’ve been deeply in love before, THAT question hits close to home. Maris Racal herself penned this gem, while her boyfriend Rico Blanco and his label Balcony Entertainment arranged and produced it, with distribution by Sony Music Philippines.

“I know I said I wont release anything music related this year but I’m sorry, I lied,” says the proud Bisdak artist in her IG post. “I just love this song too much and it deserves a music video!” And she’s definitely right, Carelessly’s dreamy pull demands an equally mesmerizing visuals. And the music video gives you just that. Directed by Maris’s frequent collaborator, Amiel Kirby Balagtas, the Carelessly M/V follows BGYO Gelo (in another satisfying P-pop crossover) as a charming bachelor who dreams of falling in love with the alluring songstress that is Maris. In a neon heaven of an arcade, they revel in their own romantic fantasy.

As revealed by Maris on IG Live, Gelo first got her attention when she watched him rehears for the opening leg of Star Magic’s 2022 tour. Seeing him on stage made Maris realize that he had a face of a music video leading man, and she’s write. As all the fans notice, the undeniable chemistry between Maris and Gelo is kilig-inducing, matching the butterflies you feel while listening to the song.

And let’s not forget Alvek Ecaldre’s choreography, which deserves its own dance trend (or a separate performance video, perhaps?). With vibrant colors, captivating chemistry, and contagious feels, the Carelessly music video is another delightful treat from Maris Racal. Now we can’t help but wonder, will Maris bless us with a new pop album soon?

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