Pinoy ENGENES May Just Be The Best Fandom In The World After ENHYPEN’s Manifesto In Manila

Filo ENGENES are blessed and highly favored.

ENHYPEN looked like they had a good time in Manila thanks to Pinoy ENGENE doing the absolute most in the best way possible.

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If you have a friend who’s an ENGENE, it’s best you check up on them because the fandom just went through a true whirlwind of a moment from February 1 – 6. It’s no secret that K-pop goy group ENHYPEN has a strong Filipino fanbase, and their three-day concert in Manila was proof of that. But their stay in the country was a moment for Filo ENGENES to really shine and go all out for their love of the group.

Over 27,000 fans who came far and wide witnessed the end of ENHYPEN’s MANIFESTO World Tour across three phenomenal nights. It only felt fitting then that the first weekend of February 2023 was for ENGENES and ENHYPEN. From Pinoy fans continuing the streak as the best K-pop fans in the world to the group’s surprises on stage, here are just some of the weekend’s best highlights. May your PCD be soothed and FOMO eased.


@martin_hosh welcome again enha!! 😭🫶🏻 #manifestoinmanila #enhypen #jake #enhypenjake #teamairport #engene ♬ SHOUT OUT x BLANK SPACE – C_M2261

It looked like a scene of when families would welcome home an OFW family member after a long time. In reality though, it was ENGENES who had posters and banners ready to greet the boys once they landed in NAIA. And all their efforts weren’t for not as Jake rolled down the window to wave at them.


@r_0o.sie Making my concert outfit for Manifesto in Manila🤗🖤🧡🤍 ready maging corn for Jay 🥰🌽😆 #jayenhypen #manifestoinmanila #enhypen #engene #foryou #fyp ♬ ParadoXXX Invasion – ENHYPEN

Not only will Filipino ENGENES do the fanchants, but they’ll do so serving looks. Just look at this ENGENE who based her concert outfit on Jay’s favorite snack, corn. The fact that she knitted it herself and looks so good, ENHYPEN aren’t the only ones with talent.


@letsgaaaurjake random play dance ✨#manifestoinmanila #enhypen #fyp ♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

Filipino K-pop fans really are some of the best in the world. Always expect them to go 150% like with how ENGENES helped organize a fan zone filled with fan-run booths, snacks, and merch. They even had a Random Dance Play and run fan-made ads along the MOA complex. Some fans even held a Sunghoon parade because that’s always worth celebrating. It was like a fiesta at MOA Arena, and ENHYPEN themed one.


@jmsdvr_ SAINT HEESEUNG!!!!!! MANIFESTO IN MANILA #manifesto_in_manila #enhypen #엔하이픈 #heeseung #희승 ♬ Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN

Based on social media discourse over the weekend, it’s safe to say that Heeseung entered many fans’ bias list. This fancam is just one of the many reasons why.


@khai05466 ung Napasabay lng tlga kau sa bg music then it turns out so beautifully 😍🧡🤍🖤 #manifestoinmanila #manifesto_day1 #enhypen #engene #surprised ♬ original sound – khai05466

It wasn’t just ENHYPEN who had tricks up their sleeve. During day one, ENGENE raised their banners and sang Shout Out to the boys, much to their surprise and delight.


@_sunoonaa sunoo saw his pc on my phone so he pouted and pose a heart to me 🥹🫶🏻 the best day of my life! 😭 #kimsunoo #manifestoinmanila #enhypen ♬ original sound – adi

Even when he’s singing in front of thousands of people, Sunoo will still find the time to show love to his fans like this lucky ENGENE who got a heart from him when he saw that they had a photocard of him. And let’s not forget how he used a fan’s phone as a mirror.


@tamtam_0729 Nagkandahulog hulog pa yan sa barricade pero go padin 😂 WE LOVE YOU JAKEY 🫶🏻 #manifestomanila #manifestoinmanila #enhypenmanifesto #enhypenmanifestoworldtour #enhypen ♬ original sound – TamTam

Warning: If you get jealous easily, you may want to skip this entry. During each day ENHYPEN performed Polaroid Love, among other moments, they went down to the crowd to sing the song up close. The videos of fans seeing them that close has us feeling things, though our personal favorite is when Jake went near the barricade and NI-KI and the staff had to hold him up.


@en_meri ENHYPEN IS CONSISTENT AND SO IS THEIR CROWD #enhypen #manifestoinmanila #manifestoworldtour ♬ Go Big or Go Home – ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN weren’t shy about showing how much they enjoyed performing in Manila. They even said that it was one of, if not the, best concert they’ve done so far. Filipino fans going hard during the fanchant during Go Big or Go Home definitely helped in giving the boys that impression.


@en_meri you thought it was over? #heeseung #jungwon #enhypen #manifestoworldtour #manifestoinmanila ♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

In the words of Ethan Lee, “You thought it was over?” When it seemed that day two was coming to a close, ENHYPEN surprised the crowd with another performance of Future Perfect (Pass The MIC) with freestyles.


To that mosquito who bit Jungwon in the neck, when we catch you on these streets, it’s over. But also, we’ll be needing a recording of Jungwon saying “makate” so that we can play it on loop.


@jaylacorn02 they didnt let #jake take the lego she gave earlier, maybe thats the reason why he gave her his jacket😭😭 he really appreciate it y’all #jakeys #engene #manifesto_in_manila #enhypen #fyp #enhypenedit #foryoupage ♬ SHOUT OUT – ENHYPEN

Jake’s inner golden retriever jumped when during soundcheck of day three, a fan gave them a Lego set of the Infinity Gauntlet. He looked like a kid who got the best Christmas present ever. And while he did have to return it, Jake did give the lucky fan his jacket so we feel that this is still a win-win situation.


@heepinoy Core memory unlocked. 🥹 4x Shout Out in 1 concert. Salamat, Enhypen. Until our next #enhypen #manifestoinmanila #manifesto_day3 ♬ SHOUT OUT – ENHYPEN

Nothing can take away from the magic that ENHYPEN and ENGENE made during the group’s three-day concert. It only felt right then that the boys surprised the crowd during the last day by entering from the back of the arena to perform Shout Out when it looked like the concert was over.

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