Welcome To Our Crib: NYLON Manila Finds A Cool New Space To Call Home

Honey, we’re home.

As the rest of the world recovers from the punishing effects of the pandemic, AGC Power Holdings Corp. stakes a claim of confidence in the future with the rise of its fresh headquarters.

A little over two years ago, the illusion of permanence was shattered in most, if not all working industries. With an aggressive global healthcare crisis gnawing off at the foundations many institutions have built and tended to, there was no choice left but to adapt to the times—and fast. This meant recalibrating structures, renewing purposes, and rethinking projected plans, as well as tangibly, downsizing workforces and spaces to its bare bones to simply make things work. “In order to keep afloat during the pandemic without sacrificing the welfare of our people, we had to give up the space that has served as OMGI’s home for almost 27 years,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corp. And so, just as the rest of the world has, AGC PHC had to move on and continue to operate with the most important asset retained, the people. 

Navigating through the bleakest of the pandemic was no easy feat, but AGC PHC managed to course through, persisting with its homegrown titles under One Mega Group Inc. (OMGI), as well as marking milestones with its international franchises, such as NYLON Manila and Vogue Philippines with Mega Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI). With a generous dose of hope, and the hard work that was put in, there is now more confidence to expand as originally intended. It isn’t business as usual, of course, at least in the strictest sense, because while work hasn’t stopped, it now enters a phase of thoughtfulness in all aspects. To this regard, AGC PHC is ushering this era with the completion of its new headquarters.

“Being able to craft this workspace means more than just having a beautiful place of business,” details Archie Carrasco. “Our headquarters represents a new beginning for AGC PHC employees and our subsidiaries alike. After being in survival mode for the last two years, we’re finally in a place where we can provide a comfortable space for our employees that’s truly ours—where we can all come in and say, ‘This is our home.’”

Of New Beginnings

Together with the world, there is a palpable sense of lightness that is apparent at the new space of AGC Power Holdings Corp. Framed by apparent brightness with its mostly white walls, the entire enclave is warm and inviting, and refreshing in every angle. Darting your gaze from the main entrance, where you get a good sense of the 900 square-meter office located on the sixth floor of the Estancia Offices West Wing in Pasig City, there is a lot of room to move around. Much like the contemporary co-working spaces that have since gained popularity with the rise of the remote working set-up, the headquarters is designed to optimize and encourage creativity and collaboration. 

“The initial concept we came up with during the early stages of planning was the concept of agile space,” narrates Architect RJ Zurita, who designed the HQ, as well as oversaw the construction. “To encourage collaboration, we want employees to be able to choose where they want to work, whether it’s a free-seating area in one of our lounges, a desk in one of our workstations, or the pantry.” With the vision and guidance of Archie Carrasco, one of the main considerations in the building process was intention. “Just as with everything that we do, this office was carefully and thoughtfully designed with purpose. We want the space to be fun, to inspire creativity, to evoke the positive energy that we try to keep flowing among our teams–all while being functional,” he explains. “This design kept in mind the majority population of AGC PHC’s ecosystem, with Gen Z comprising almost 90% of the workforce.”

Fresh and cool, the new home is set to be a seedbed of ideas and innovation fit for the future. “Our company is very young—you can see it from our population. We have a long future ahead of us filled with opportunity as to where the company could and will go,” continues Archie Carrasco. “Our space was designed specifically for this younger generation, and with the needs of a growing organization in mind.”

The Playground

As playful as it primes itself to be, what with the mantra of Archie Carrasco himself, good vibes is very much encouraged, but as with every work space, it still is ultimately professional. With its healthy balance of contemporary design and homey details, multiple facets and interests of the employees are considered in every corner. From the more traditional inclusions of executive offices and boardrooms, the expansive area is built with reading nooks, huddle rooms, free seating workstations, cafe-like pantry, and even a 50-seating capacity lounge with inviting beanbags and even more room to work in. 

Coloring the walls of the office are LED screens that flash the pride and joy of the AGC Power Holdings Corp., its titles, and of course, the intricate works of art that liven up the space at every movement. With a mix of the personal collection of Archie Carrasco himself, the creations of Filipino abstract painter Kenneth Montegrande are carefully curated across the halls, with commissioned pieces inspired by the titles of the company soon to take up space once completed. 

“When looking at the paintings, it may seem unruly at first, but every detail has a purpose that leads to a bigger, more beautiful picture,” expresses Carrasco, which in fact leads to a grand plan he has envisioned.

Home Sweet Home

As permanent and beautiful as this all sounds, looks, and more importantly, functions, this is just the beginning of an even bigger plan for AGC Power Holdings Corp. “This beautiful office is only a stopover to the permanent home that is currently under construction,” he reveals. “The office will be five times as big as our current headquarters–an ample space to accommodate our projected growth in the coming years. We are expecting construction to be completed in five years’ time.”

A far cry from the seeming hopelessness of the past few years, the rise of this of the new office space, and eventually a more rooted headquarters to grow and thrive is definitely a cause for celebration. The hope is strong in this one, not just for the company, but for the industry as a whole. “This new milestone in our organization is a strong sign that media and publishing is on the rise again,” asserts Archie Carrasco. “The industry has been in the shade of the sunset for a long time. Now it’s time for the sun to rise and shine once more on the media and publishing industry.”

With a lot of great work ahead, allow us to welcome you to our home sweet home.