Meet Christy-Anne Lopez, The Other Fil-Am Beauty Queen Making Moves

Talent, charisma, beauty, brains, she's got it all.

Red carpet interviewer, reality show star, beauty queen, business owner—Christy-Anne Lopez has done it all.

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In January 2023, R’Bonney Gabriel made history as the first-ever Filipino-American to win Miss Universe. The current Miss Universe is not just a sustainability advocate, but also yet another sign of how Pinoys excel in pageants even if they represent a different country. But when we think of Fil-Ams in the pageantry, R’Bonney isn’t the only one who has made a name for herself. There’s a Filipino out there who not only has snatched multiple crowns, but also has rubbed shoulders with her fair share of Hollywood stars. It makes for a resume fit for the center stage. Her name is Christy-Anne Lopez.


Born and raised in Torrance, California, Christy-Anne graduated from Cal State Fullerton where she received a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Immediately, she began her work in TV, media, and production with stints on Fox and E! News among others. Aside from the behind-the-scenes work, she also served as a freelance red carpet correspondent and podcast, a job that saw her work with A-listers such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Ice-T.

Christy-Anne Lopez

Being the multi-hyphenate that she is, Christy-Anne also made a name for herself in the pageant world. Among her titles include Ms. Regency International 2017 and Ms. Philippines World 2018. The same year she won Ms. Philippines World, Christy-Anne also launched her very own business, Studio Sash Pageant Consulting, which serves as a coaching center for would-be and inspiring queens. Already, they’ve helped twenty queens achieve a crown, winning in national, state, regional, and international titles.


But if being successful in the world of beauty pageants, digital, and broadcast wasn’t enough, Christy-Anne added being a reality star to her resume in January 2023 with Chef Dynasty: House of Fang. One of the few reality shows on American TV featuring an API cast, Food Network’s six-episode docuseries follows the Fang family, one of SF’s premier Chinese food families. Christy-Anne is featured on the show as one of the restaurant’s newest servers. The show follows the beauty queen as she hopes to prove herself in a unique and fast-paced environment at a time of business expansion for the Fang family.

Christy-Anne Lopez

Combined with her advocacy of helping families find their missing children, Christy-Anne is juggling a lot of hats, or crowns as we should say. But it’s an endeavor she can more than handle.

How did your relationship with the Fang family start?

I was highly recommended by a former colleague and mutual friend to join the team because of my event production background. After multiple interviews and connecting with Kathy, I was brought on board for a new wild ride!

What was your reaction when you learned that they were going to film a docuseries/reality show and you were going to be included in the cast?

I was very excited! Not sure if it’s a compliment or not, but I’ve always been told my whole life that I should be on a reality type of TV show. Of course, I was nervous and apprehensive about how it was all going to turn out. However, at the same time, I knew this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I could tell my grandkids one day.

Given how you are no stranger to working on TV shows, how was your experience like filming for the show?

This was the most fun I have ever had in my experience with any type of production because it was very different and completely new to me. Don’t get me wrong, it had its challenges. I had to get accustomed to a new server position and work environment with real customers and real situations while being on-camera, as well as simultaneously take direction from multiple producers.

Some days were definitely exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, I had a blast with the entire cast, and we made the best out of every day on set. We became a family very quickly. We were constantly laughing, going out, and having a great time. I just told myself every day to show up, do my absolute best and to truly be present in the moment to really enjoy it all.

The moment we are first introduced to you on the show, your confidence shines through. Where do you think that comes from?

To be honest, I think it comes from being Filipino. Growing up, my parents and family members made us sing karaoke or perform for the family and guests, which is quite normal for Filipino families. I was raised in a really fun household where my parents let us express freely and creatively, like choreographing dances or putting on skits for everyone. So, it’s possible that the confidence truly stems from that: Not being afraid to step in front of strangers and put on a show.

I’ve never actually thought about that until now. I’ve been a host and emcee since I was 13 years old hosting school-wide assemblies and being a middle school news anchor, so it is possible to say that I’ve been in front of crowds for a majority of my life. Filipino culture is all about hospitality and making guests feel welcome, so I know that certainly translates into providing great service whether I’m serving in a restaurant or producing a live event with 500+ attendees.

Christy-Anne Lopez

What does your participation in the show mean for you in terms of Fil-Am and Asian representation?

It means everything to me to be a part of this pioneering TV show. To be the first docuseries of its kind on the network and to be an all-Asian cast AND to be the only Filipino to represent my heritage is kind of a big deal to me. I’m so proud to be a part of something truly special and to play a significant part in Asian American representation on mainstream media. Not only do we get to represent our culture, but it’s amazing that the main focus is food and tradition.

I have learned from Chef Kathy Fang how important it is to carry on family tradition, and it is our responsibility to teach and show the next generation our roots through cuisine. If we don’t, who will? For me, I am so appreciative that I even had a chance to share a few authentic Filipino dishes like my favorites lumpia and turon on the TV show, as well as share stories of making Filipino food with my family.

Representation is what drives me in everything I do. I know that if I, a normal Fil-Am girl born with no special privileges, can work hard and make it to the small screen or big screen one day, then it will give confidence to ANY young Fil-Am or Asian American girl to believe that one day she can do the same.

What makes Chef Dynasty: House of Fang different from all the other family-centered docuseries/reality shows out there?

THE CAST AND CULTURE! Every single person in this cast representing the Fang staff is SO amazing, unique and accomplished in their own way, especially our leaders. We have the talented and courageous Chef Kathy Fang, the Boss Queen, who is the kindest, most generous boss I’ve ever had who leads by example and work ethic. Then, there’s Lillian who is a very connected, fierce, detail-oriented leader that leaves no stone unturned and always motivates me to be the best.

Being around Peter Fang and his legendary aura is a reason to watch this show in itself. Everyone on the team is so ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we all relate in that way. But, we are ALL very strong personalities so it makes for great TV. The team puts on some very high caliber events for elite clientele where you see a lot of real high stress moments go down. There is so much that happens behind the scenes to put on an impressive event, so viewers will definitely take that ride with us.

Ultimately, culture and family values are the foundation of this show which makes it so relatable to the viewers and heart-warming to watch. Also, this might be one of the only family-centered docuseries/reality shows that makes you hungry and gets your mouth-watering because of how delicious the food is. Between the food, the cast, and the drama, this show keeps you drooling for more.

How did your love for pageants start?

My love for pageants started because my older cousin and biggest role model Angeline would do pageants. I have very fond memories being on stage with her as a “junior escort” where the pageant contestants would have a little one by their side purely for the cuteness factor. I was 5 years old holding her hand strutting across the stage, and I remember that was my first taste of being in front of a big audience. I hoped that one day I could grow up to become a beauty queen like her.

Christy-Anne Lopez

Aside from being an accomplished beauty queen yourself, you also run your very own consulting company. What kind of work do you do there and why start the business?

As the owner of Studio Sash Pageant Consulting and Director of Regency International West Coast Pageant, I am a pageant coach to girls and ladies across the United States where I train them for their upcoming pageants, but not limited to fashion shows, speaking engagements, etc. I produce in-person workshops focused on modeling, public speaking, interviews skills, and more, as well as, virtually work with clients one-on-one for their own customized training.

I became a pageant director and coach after quickly realizing that I can turn my skill set and unique industry experience into a business to help young ambitious women accomplish their goals. This is my way of giving back because I didn’t have a lot of guidance when it came to navigating my big goals.

I am very lucky to love what I do mentoring young girls, and there is no greater reward than to see them succeed. That is my WHY. Quick story – my very first Studio Sash client won a state title (California), and it was her first real pageant! Then, she went on to win the International title! It was the first time that a California representative won the International crown for this particular pageant. Today, I am proud to say that I have 20+ crowned clients who have won international, national, and regional titles.

It’s no secret that Filipinos love pageants. Do you have any Filipino beauty queens you look up to?

Vanessa Minillo Lachey, Teen USA 1998. She was the very first Filipino that I watched on mainstream media as the host of my favorite show at the time, MTV’s Total Request Live. I looked up to her so much because she had my dream job as a music video VJ. Growing up, I would be ecstatic when people would tell me that I looked like her and that they could see me on TV doing what she does. Thank you Vanessa for paving the way! I’d love to meet her one day.

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015. Pia is a true representative of a Filipina woman: gracious, beautiful inside and out, and intelligent. The way she humbly won her crown showed us exactly why she was deserving of the title, and she absolutely crushed her reign as Miss Universe.

My grandmas and my mom. They will forever and always be my Queens. I’m the woman I am today because I had strong women raising me. I didn’t realize until I was older how accomplished and fiercely brave my mom and my grandmas are to start this life and raise us here in the States, and the amount of hard work, focus, and team effort it took to establish a new life for our family.

Christy-Anne Lopez

What do you have to say to people who think that beauty pageants are just a waste of time?

I always say that the best thing you can do is invest in yourself. Participating in a beauty pageant is the best way to invest in your future to set personal goals, learn how to network, and to not be afraid of putting yourself out there. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to present yourself to judges and the public, to step out onstage on your own, and introduce yourself to a crowd. That in itself is a huge accomplishment that not a lot of people can say.

Because of pageants, I have taken leaps towards my goals and, more importantly, I have been able to become a part of my community and be able to give back. So, I would tell anyone that the biggest takeaway from the experience is boosting self-esteem and taking pride in yourself and your accomplishments. That’s priceless.

What’s the secret to being a great beauty queen?

Not sure if it’s a secret, but I would say a great beauty queen leads by example and is motivated by service. As a titleholder and coach, it is my main focus to give back to the community more than anything. A respected Queen is visible and doing the work. Wearing a sparkly sash and a flashy crown isn’t just for glamour and fun, it represents a huge responsibility to be a positive role model and selfless leader. It’s important to remember what type of legacy you want to leave behind. I always share this Maya Angelou quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

You’ve worked with quite a few celebrities in your life. Is there anyone in particular that stands out to you?

My very first red carpet interview was with Carrie Ann Inaba, judge from Dancing With The Stars at an API event in downtown LA’s Little Tokyo.  I will never forget how sweet and kind she was in our brief interaction. After I introduced myself, I remember she started the interview by saying “Oh wow, Carrie Ann and Christy-Anne. Our names are so similar, it’s a great TV name you have!”

Immediately after our interview off-camera, she asked me a few questions about where I see myself and shared some inspiring words. She told me I was special and to never give up because we need more women that look and sound like us to be seen. I thanked her and said maybe one day I can interview her again in the future and share this story. Her words have always stuck with me.

Also, I cannot thank Chef Kathy Fang, celebrity chef and Food Network’s two-time Chopped champion, enough for giving me the opportunity to be a part of her team and really showing me and the rest of the API community that anything is possible, like having your own series on national TV about your family and doing what you love!

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Visit These Public Libraries In Manila For That Next Study Session

There are a few things as calming as a library.

Whether you want to do some reading, research, or finish your homework, these public libraries are your next safe space.

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There’s nothing like the quiet comfort of a library. The silence, abundance of books and other learning materials, the cold air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi make it the perfect spot study, watch a movie, or just escape the world for a bit. If home or a café just isn’t giving that conducive learning environment, libraries usually never fail us. While most schools and universities do have their own libraries, most if not all are only open to students and faculty. Luckily, the metro is also dotted with a few public places for reading and learning. So, if you’re on the hunt for that next study spot, consider these following libraries.


National Library of the Philippines

This institution, located along Ermita, is a public hub unlike any other. As the biggest library in the country, the National Library contains an abundance of texts, books, reading materials, and the like to make that study session a breeze. If you need a specific book or just a place to put your head down and study, this place has got it.


Manila City Library

For those of you who live in Manila and feel that Starbucks or CBTL isn’t the right place to study, you may want to check out the Manila City Library. Established in 1946, this library caters to the residents of the capital with its historic halls containing decades worth of knowledge. And when you’re done with your work, you can go for a stop at the nearby National Museum complex.


The Ayala Museum doesn’t just contain collections and displays of historical artifacts, paintings, figures, and the like. It also houses a library that can be used by the public. Located at the sixth floor of the Ayala Museum, the Filipinas Heritage Library has a collection in the thousands dedicated to Philippine history, art, culture, religion, and much more. Also, it’s a pretty low-key area away from the crowd if you want to have some me-time from what is a usually busy area of Makati.


Ortigas Foundation Library

Greenhills, a place for shopping, entertainment, and reading. Located within the famed shopping area is the Ortigas Foundation Library, a space all about preserving and celebrating local history, art, and culture. Pick a book from its catalogue in the thousands, grab a seat and do your work in peace and quiet, or avail of their many services. And when you’re done, you can treat yourself to one of the many nearby restaurants.


Quezon City Public Library

Unlike other libraries, the Quezon City Public Library prides itself with its advancements thanks to most of its in-house systems being automated. You won’t get bogged down when trying to find that book or online journal. Also, the two-storey structure houses different meeting rooms and spaces fit for your needs. And to top it all off, the cozy library is one of the few public buildings in the city that embraces diversity thanks to its inclusive bathrooms. They have a few branches around the city so feel free to visit the nearest one to you.

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The Round-Up: New Music Treats To Help You Cap Off The Month

We'll be playing these all throughout the weekend.

Get into a new round of fresh music courtesy of artists like TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Zack Tabudlo, XG, and more.

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Can you believe that it’s almost the end of January? And here we are thinking that it’s just been two weeks since the start of 2023. But regardless, you’ve survived the first month of the year, so why not treat yourself to good music. And luckily for you, the final stretch of the month has its fair share of exciting music drops that may become your next obsession on Spotify. Here’s our round-up of our favorite new tracks for you to cap off the extended month of January.


The boys of TXT were not kidding when they said their new era would be all about temptation. With Sugar Rush Ride, the group brings to life a seductive tale of the rush of being with that special someone. When you’re done listing to the song, go give their new EP a try as well, specifically Tinnitus.


While Zack is mostly known for his contemplative jams, the OPM star brings up the BPM with AKIN KA. It’s a fun, funky, and upbeat bop about Zack’s desire to be with that special someone. Love song meets 80s pop in the best way possible? Yes, please.


Have feelings for someone, but too afraid to tell them? Well, Adie’s new song is here to remind you that you should just go for it, because that’s all that matters in the end.


ICYDK, Rich Brian is now an actor with his debut film recently premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. And quite fittingly, he dropped a new track documenting his new career moves. It’s a surreal, haunting, and cinematic production that underscores sentimental bars about Brian’s steady rise in the music scene and his recent Sundance debut.


Clara Benin takes inspiration from the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally with different…. The OPM singer-songwriter gives us subtlety without losing the riveting earnestness of the subject. Needless to say, she’s got us hooked.


If you aren’t listening to XG yet, now’s the time to do so with their latest comeback SHOOTING STAR. The girls give us 2000s R&B magic that just hits in all the right spots.


Whoever brought up the idea of Ben&Ben covering this Christian Bautista classic needs a raise. Who knew the folk band could turn an already emotional song into something even more heart-wrenching?  


Good news for the music world: Chloe is set to release her debut album in a few months. And just recently, she gave us a tease as to what her first LP will sound like with the single Pray It Away. The R&B tune is a vocal showcase that sees the songstress turn to a spiritual solution to deal with her hot mess of a partner.


The moment the beat kicked in, we knew that this was going to be a bop. Kiana’s magnetic voice compliments the beat so well while Curtismith wraps up the track like a bow.  


A party anthem is what Turn Up is all about as KAIA gives us even more reasons to get down on the dance floor.


jikamarie always knows how to make us feel some type of way with her music and HALIMAW does just that. The contemplative mid-tempo pop track is all about baring your emotions to your partner which has us doing the same to our non-existent lover.  


When a song takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda’s Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme, you know it’s going to be good. The folk-pop track brings to mind the picturesque view of the countryside, with soothing vocals courtesy of Kai Buizon that thrive within the realm of summer nostalgia and first love.


If anxiety was a song, it would probably sound like this track. As the name suggests, Anxious People is a panic-driven pop song about trying to figure out what to do with the panic, and the feeling of staying in place while it happens.


Yaeji has an ax to grind, or more appropriately a hammer with her new track For Granted. The bouncy electronica single slowly descends into a hardstyle fury as Yaeji figuratively takes her hammer and smashes all of the things around her in a fit of anger at being undervalued.


20-year-old Malaysian Rufus is ready to make a space for brown, non-binary musicians in the industry. And their ode to doing that begins with the newest single, eighteen. A soulful effort centered with youthful optimism, twinkling melodies, and heartfelt alt-pop cadences, the track reminisces on being younger, wishing things could be the way they used to be.

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Everybody Is Jumping On The Bondee Bandwagon. Maybe You Should, Too.

Ready to be a Bondee-zen?

From creating digital twins to personalizing virtual rooms, Bondee provides an immersive experience that is as cute as it is entertaining.

Is it just us or have you also been flooded with colorful avatars and curiously looking QR codes on your feeds recently? Friends, family, and even strangers are sending invitations to be their virtual neighbor somewhere—like there’s a massive exodus happening from the physical to digital worlds, again. Remember when Animal Crossing used to be the ultimate pandemic game where we all reveled in our isolation? Well, it seems that the year 2023 is going to be the time where everybody is going full cyber citizens mode in Bondee.

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Launched in Asia on January 17 by Metadream, an independent Singapore-based tech startup, Bondee is a next-gen social app that aims to redefine the immersive experience in virtual communities. Some of the novel features that you can enjoy in Bondee’s “virtual plaza” include making your own virtual twins that you can tweak countless times to your liking, personalize your own mini space, mingle with your other digital friends, or even have some “me” time if you feel like it.

Bondee poster

Depending on your generation, the new social software might remind you of the simulation and interactive vibe from The Sims and the open-world feels as that of Animal Crossing or Minecraft. One of Bondee’s features that proves to be delightful for many is how they can ace the looks of their virtual selves with the thousands-spanning selection of avatars, hairstyles, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories to choose from. And then there’s your virtual home—a space akin to a condo studio unit—that you can personalize; from the bookshelves and appliances to the wall posters, which you can customize with your own images. 

Guided by the principle, “live with your friends,” Bondee also allows you to invite up to 50 friends in your plaza and engage with them in many ways. You can chat with them via live messaging or express each other’s emotions and feelings via actions or animated emojis to foster rapport, see each other’s statuses and moods anytime whether it be feeling burned out by work or just angsty about life, and add Bondee buddies by either searching their usernames or scanning their profile’s QR codes.

If you’re feeling sentimental then there’s the “floating” feature where Bondee lets you set off and explore the unknown while on your own boat accompanied by the ocean and some relaxing music. While you’re at it, you can also leave messages in drifting bottles, meet new friends, and even win gifts. 

@bondee_ph Bondee, the next hottest social platform.Take your friends, let’s live in Bondee! #Bondee #socialmedia #fyp #metaverse ♬ original sound – Bondee Philippines

While Bondee is now only available in the Asian region, it already is a hit amongst netizens. As of this writing, the free social app still holds the top spot of the most popular app lists on Google Play Store and App Store. It’s also noteworthy that Bondee is a metaverse application, which means it employs some Web3 technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

As stated in its privacy policy, Bondee will soon introduce the blockchain-based wallet feature where you can purchase “B-Beans” and use that currency to buy NFT products (e.g. limited free trial clothes) on the platform for yourself or for your friends. So, if you’re looking for the ideal social app where you can immerse yourself in the said technological features, then Bondee might be the one for you.


And yes, the trendy Bondee has spread like wildfire online, with netizens and even influencers jumping on the hype train and sharing their Bondee experiences online. Some users note how they’ve spent a whole hour or even skipped their lunch break just to perfect their Bondee rooms.

While some Bondee-zens have really taken the time to make their own spaces fab and comfy, others settle with minimalist, institutional aesthetics. Twitter user @d0gwater, on the other hand, views their virtual home as a representation of their “wealth and mental health.”

Others have used their K-Pop and P-Pop mains as their pegs for their Bondee avatars and their rooms’ interior design. From ENHYPEN to SB19 and BLACKPINK, these stans nail it from the ‘fits down to the wallpapers. 

Meanwhile, other netizens couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast between their real and digital selves. 

@oussychan has also made a notable realization: that the Bondee plaza is a depiction of and serves as a commentary on the state of housing in Singapore. “This is so accurate, OMG,” they lament.

Some have also commended Bondee’s effective way of making the Southeast Asian market adopt the Web3 technology. I@0xKhat emphasizes how Bondee is “not so intimidating,” and it’s reasonable and true if you’ll compare it to its other counterparts like Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Cryptovoxels among others. 

If you’re more of an introvert and enjoy spending time by your lonesome, then you’ll surely enjoy the “floating” feature like @waevdoodles_0.

Filipino model LA Aguinaldo is also a certified Bondee-zen. He even shares that like others, his virtual self is much better and productive than the real one. While fashionista photographer Shaira Luna takes on the challenge of recreating Bondee ‘fits in real life and as expected, she’s killing it.

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Zack Tabudlo Teases His Disco King Era With ‘Akin Ka’

Exciting times ahead.

From being our ballad prince, Zack Tabudlo now goes retro as he opens a new chapter of his career.

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It seems that we’re bidding goodbye to the Zack Tabudlo who makes us bawl our eyes out or get sentimental about the love that we’ve never had. Because by the looks of his newly released photos on his social media pages, our soulful ballad boy Zack is now bringing us way back to the funk of the past, welcoming a brand new era, look, and music. And this is on full display with his just-released single that will make you groove.


If Zack Tabudlo’s Instagram post, where the letter “A” in his name is turning upside down, is any indication of his new era, then we shall expect something really unexpected and unfamiliar of Zack in terms of his musical journey. 

We’ve already seen him embodying that “new year, new me” philosophy when he got back to the stage days ago for the 8th Wish Music Awards to debut his latest single, Akin Ka.(More about that later.) What’s instantly striking was Zack’s new style: that pearly white top and wide-legged trousers that scream Elvis Presley and those curly locks and slight stache that will remind you of Bruno Mars in his 2021 comeback. Simply put, we’re really seeing a totally different Zack Tabudlo and it sure is gonna be like that for our ears as well.

Remember when Zack Tabudlo got inspiration from the iconic OPM band VST & Company for his shiny hit love song, Habang Buhay? Well, it looks like Zack is taking us into that same old-school route only this time, he’s giving us the funky groove of the 70s or 80s Pinoy music. These are all pretty much evident in Akin Ka. From the four-on-the-floor beats, the melodious brass and horns, synthesizers, and the rhythm of the electric guitars, Zack’s newest track is a nostalgic nod to the disco scene and the Manila Sound genre.

Kahit anong mangyari wala nang pipigil / Matagal na kitang minahal ng ganto / Hindi ako titigil / Hanggat di ka sakin / Kaya wag kang maarte na jusko.” If there’s an element that remains the same with Zack’s music, it’s his propensity for romantic themes. It’s just that in Akin Ka, it’s got more intense and more passionate to the point where some expletives have been said. And yes, this upbeat, retro piece will make everyone groove to the max. This is an exciting sign for what’s more to come from the award-winning Zack Tabudlo who seems to be making us dance (and not angsty) this 2023.

Meanwhile, if you need some energy-boosting music then listen to ‘Akin Ka,’ which is now streaming on all music platforms. 

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7 Of Francine Diaz’s TikTok Collaborations That Nearly Broke Our FYP

Which TikTok account will Francine appear in next? Stay tuned.

Needless to say, when we came across these TikTok videos featuring Francine Diaz, we saved them to our favorites.

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It’s not just enough that Francine Diaz is a talented actress, stunning beauty, and Gen Z superstar, she also can be all over our FYPs on TikTok. With over 6.7 million followers and counting, the young star is a force on the platform with her videos consistently surpassing millions of views. But you know what else is better than a Francine Diaz TikTok video? A TikTok featuring her celebrity friends. Whether it be on her account or cameoing with her friends or family, Francine knows how to get that viral moment. Here are just some of our favorites.  


@jedijayda a snippet from a unreleased song I wrote last year for @Francine Diaz to sing 😛 this is called “Kontento” ☺️ #original #songwriter ♬ original sound – Jayda

While Francine and Seth Fedelin have been getting social media talking with their bubbling feelings for each other, that wasn’t the case before. Francine had that moment of her life where she needed to love herself first before loving others. This was immortalized in a special song her musical bestie Jayda wrote for her in 2021. May we all have a friend who can write a song for us in our time of need.


@itsangelicalao Sorry sa low quality #angelicalao #foryoupage ♬ SEVILLA – Thrife

Francine Diaz, Anji Salvacion, Angelica Lao, and Sean Tristan in one video? That’s Gen Z power right there.



bejeweled star magical christmas

♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Francine, Angelica, and Sean very much stepped out of a winter wonderland to do this TikTok. Best believe they made the whole place shimmer.


@noremaczaid yung puro ganto daw lumalabas sa fyp nya, ayan medyo nakabisado na nya 😂 uno reading ni @francinesaenz_ ♬ original sound – Cameron Diaz

Hey bestie, Francine’s sister Cameron was kind enough to share this video of the actress reading our cards. We see an Uno in our future.


@francinesaenz_ 🥰💕 @therealsmalllaude ♬ Let’s Groove – absolutesnacc

Even if they are generations apart, Small Laude was still going to catch up with Francine on the latest dance trends.


@francinesaenz_ hellooo tiktok world and hello to the king of tiktok🤪 @JOSHUA GARCIA ♬ original sound – Francine Diaz

If there’s one thing this video has taught us, it’s that Francine and Joshua need a project together.


@francinesaenz_ 😃 @imsethyboy #fyp ♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

With Dirty Linen now airing, we’re getting more FranSeth content, just like this TikTok video of the love team’s debut on Francine’s account. We love how Seth hypes himself up in the beginning before he dances.

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Photo from Prime Video PH Twitter

5 Moments From The Drag Den Finale That Just Felt Correct

All hail the new Drag Supreme.

What a fitting way to end Drag Den Philippines.

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After nearly two months of dragdagulan, we finally have the very first winner of Drag Den Philippines. What started as a competition quickly became a celebration of the local drag scene. Manila Luzon’s drag series, which was also a love letter to the art form and livelihood, was a show unlike any other, both in premise and execution. Filipino drag got its due diligence with the show.

It only felt fitting that this barrier-breaking competition ended on a high note with Maria Christina, Shewarma, and Naia battling it out to be the queen on top. As we hope for a greenlighting of season two (fingers crossed), let’s take a look at some of the standout moments of the finale of Drag Den.


Photo from Prime Video PH Twitter

Since the show started, the comparisons between Pura Luka Vega and Jesus have been abundant. So, after spending the whole season referencing it, it was a lovely sight to see them embrace that with their finale look. From the dress, curly-haired wig, and crown, Puka gave it all.


Naia Drag Den
Photo from Prime Video PH Twitter

In the realm alternate reality television, weekly eliminations are standard, but not for Drag Den. Since all the queens compete in every episode, we get to see what they have to offer and their growth. True enough, that’s exactly what Naia did. From being at the bottom after episode one, Naia consistently showed us who she is as she marched to the beat of her drum.

As she said during her Q&A portion, growth is the trait that the next Drag Supreme should have. And Naia has that in spades. You never know what you are going to get from her because she always does things through her unique lens. She fought her way to the top against a fierce group of queens in a moment we can all be proud of.


Manila Luzon always says that Drag Den takes inspiration from Filipino pageants. So, it feels fitting that the finale gave us the full pageant fantasy. It started with the top three queens flexing their final national costume. Then, it was off to swimwear where they lip-synced to Sarah Geronimo’s Kilometro. Long gowns were up next before the dreaded Q&A segment. All three queens gave it their best with MC selling whatever she wore on stage, Shewarma taking our breath away with her phoenix-inspired long gown, and Naia coming through with her art-inspired looks.


While Drag Den crowned one of the most exciting young voices in Filipino drag today, the show made sure to also pay homage to those who came before and paved the way. Right before the final announcement, Manila invited Pinoy drag legends Mama Letlet, Mama Pie, and Mama Bobby to walk the runway and asked them to give their blessing to the first winner. It was a moment of respect, as well as a reminder of where local drag came from and where it’s going.


Drag den Queens Serving as Judges for the finale
Photo from Prime Video PH Twitter

What’s a finale without a twist, right? It wasn’t just Manila and Nicole who determined who would win Drag Den, but the other queens, too. And to make it even better, the scores from the past seven episodes were discarded with the non-top queens’ scores making up 60% of the final grade. During deliberations, the queens weren’t shy about saying what they liked and didn’t about MC, Shewarma, and Naia. But we feel they made the right decision in the end.

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After Almost Two Decades, A Filipino Model Is Finally Back On Mugler’s Catwalk

From Cebu to Couture fashion week.

Cebuano queer model Lukresia, aka Thirdworldbb, just made their runway debut today in Paris at Mugler’s couture show.

The last Filipino supermodel that walked for the late Thierry Mugler was Anna Bayle. She was his muse from the 80s up until the 90s and became one of the highest paid models of her time. Her first show? Mugler at Paris Fashion Week in 1984. Since then, she would be a constant until she retired in 1994, leaving her career on a high note.

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Photo from Vogue Runway

Today, Mugler led by its new creative director Casey Cadwallader, marked its return to Paris Fashion Week since 2020. But it’s not only the hypnotic fantasy and glamour of the French fashion house that’s made a comeback. A Filipino model has joined Mugler’s prominent list of muses and they go by the name of Lukresia.

It was peak female energy walking alongside legendary models Shalom Harlow, Debra Shaw, Irina Shayk and Dominique Jackson. Wearing a mesh paneled corset with rhinestone fringes and leather cut-out pants, the Cebuano model owned the catwalk. Coincidentally, it’s also their first international runway show, just like how Anna Bayle’s journey began.

Luke Quismundo or ”Lukresia,” aka Thirdworldbb on Instagram, is a queer model and designer from Cebu. The B stands for ”bayot” and ”boang” meaning ”gay” and ”crazy” respectively in Bisaya. Their otherworldly, provocative vibe makes us think twice if we’re living in the same age. One look at Thirdworldbb’s feed and you’ll see them strutting in the most unlikely places wearing a tiny bikini woven from banana leaves and other creations out of found objects. It was also revealed by Lukresia in the past that they were supposed to walk for Mugler’s last collection but the circumstances just weren’t right at that time. Now, the universe has conspired for the greater good and is finally putting Filipino models back on the map.

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dolly de leon gown

6 Dolly De Leon Fashion Moments That Prove She Can Wear Anything And Look Good

Dolly De Leon, the woman that you are.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Dolly De Leon.

Things are just getting started for award-winning Filipino actress Dolly De Leon who’s slowly being recognized by her contemporaries in Hollywood (as it should’ve been) after Triangle of Sadness. Sure, there was the recent Oscars snub, but she’s still bagged notable trophies that only a few have access to. Of course, even her style took things up a notch higher thanks to her Filipino stylist LJ Perez. We’re fortunate enough to live in an age where a fearless actress like Dolly likes to experiment with their looks. Below, we’ve listed some of her outfits that prove she can wear anything and still look good.

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This AZ Factory leather ensemble was an absolute head-turner at the Golden Globe Awards. How’s that for a first time attendee? This is THE Dolly De Leon look.


Oversized suits may look sloppy to some because of its tricky proportions, but Dolly De Leon wears this powder blue number by Del Core to the Golden Globes afterparty.


She IS the trophy. Dolly De Leon looks statuesque in a gold Martin Bautista creation, which harks back to the glory of old Hollywood. The hair, the draping of the dress—everything was perfect.


This is the look of someone who knows they’re gonna win big. That night, Dolly De Leon was awarded Best Supporting Actress at the Los Angeles California Film Critics Association wearing a Prabal Gurung suit set.


Now this is how you do a premiere night look. She wore this black and gold ensemble by Ann Cuatico to the red carpet event of Triangle of Sadness that made her look like real life royalty.


Nothing else screams “Filipino AF” more than this sculptural abaca dress made by designer Rajo Laurel. Nicknamed the Alon for the natural weaves that emulate the curves and impact of the ocean waves, Dolly De Leon’s stylist picked this avant garde dress to wear to the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA). The whole look echoes a golden pearl personified, like the true gem that Dolly is to Philippine cinema.


Jessica Sanchez Covered Beyoncé’s Dubai Performances And It’s Out Of This World

She's back.

Even Queen Bey will be proud.

Remember when Filipino-American singer-songwriter Jessica Sanchez was getting standing ovations after standing ovations at the American Idol stage every night over a decade ago? Well, if yes, then you should also recall how even when she’s effortlessly making wonders out of Mariah Carey’s My All or Jazmine Sullivan’s Stuttering, it still wasn’t enough for the uber-talented woman to be the season’s winner, eventually settling for a runner-up placement. While most people have seemingly gone on with their lives after that, others (including this writer) vividly remember the painful robbery that happened. 

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Years-long bitterness aside, our girl Jessica has recently (and thankfully) been taking people’s breaths away on TikTok with her sublime covers of Beyoncé’s comeback concert performances. Several fans have also been making their own versions of Queen Bey’s dazzling bits from her Dubai show, but Jessica has just ended the game with her glorious renditions of Drunk In Love and Countdown that are making others pack it up and go home. Garnering over a million views as of this writing, take this as Jessica’s queenly revenge and much-deserved resurgence.


Jessica Sanchez was only a teenager when she joined American Idol’s 11th season in 2012, but as this video of her performing Beyoncé’s Sweet Dreams to heavenly perfection shows, her overwhelming vocal talent can take on every assignment you give her and even make you feel that it’s her own music. If anything, it feels like that moment leads up to now, where Jessica proves yet again that she’s like no other. 

@beyoncevi she’s the greatest performer living or dead period. #beyonce #atlantistheroyal #fyp ♬ original sound – beyoncevi

Perhaps you all are aware of Beyonce’s comeback to the live stage with an exclusive concert at the new Atlantis The Royal resort in Dubai last January 21. And while the concert was per-invitation only, recorded footage quickly spread online, including videos of Queen Bey killing the stage with her performances of Drunk In Love and Countdown. This then became the inspiration of the Beyhive stans and those brave enough to take on the challenge of recreating the Hollywood icon’s soaring rendition of the aforementioned songs. 

@officialjessicasanchez Replying to @yronimuz ♬ original sound – Jessica Sanchez
@officialjessicasanchez Replying to @oslog21 ask & you shall receive 🥰 #beyonce #countdownchallenge #countdown #jessicasanchez #singing #cover #fyp ♬ original sound – Jessica Sanchez

Not only is Jessica Sanchez brave, she’s more than capable enough to do it. The first time she makes us all feel the goosies is when she granted a fan’s TikTok request to do Beyonce’s Drunk In Love outro last January 25. And as you may have witnessed, the clip is forty seconds of pure, unadulterated musical prowess. Jessica belted it all out so casually wearing a t-shirt while sitting inside a bathroom. Not even a day later, and she then posted another video of her version of the Countdown intro, and as expected, everybody’s got the chills, too.

So far, both videos have already been viewed over a million times and have made a lot of fans go wild. Others are saying that her rendition matches Beyoncé’s performance while others point out the fact that her big break is long overdue. Most of them take a bittersweet trip down memory lane and recall her “blasphemous” loss in American Idol and that Jessica is their “true” winner. A Twitter user even urges Beyoncé to sign Jessica on her music label stat.

Don’t get us wrong. Jessica Sanchez has released some notable offerings before, from her timeless Ne-Yo collab song Tonight to her much recent fiery track Baddie. But still, we have yet to see Jessica in her main pop girl era that she so deserves. With the incomparable musical talent that she’s been showing us for years now, Jessica should’ve been topping charts, headlining concerts, and even winning Grammy awards now. Until that, may her otherworldly renditions be a reminder to stop sleeping on the star that is Jessica Sanchez.

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