The Simple Yet Oh So Satisfying Satisfaction Of Study With Me Vlogs

There's something so pleasing about watching someone study.

As YouTubers like Alyanna Ross and Mar Fortuno show, there’s something so simple yet fulfilling about the study with me vlogs that gets you in the mood to study and be productive.

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With the pandemic forcing most face-to-face interactions to be halted, schools around the country closed, which made millions of students convert to online learning. For the past year, gone were the days of going to school and meeting up with friends. Now, most students just study at home and go to school online. The set-up has had its problems, which have then led to the issue of feeling burnout and unmotivated to study. But something positive to come out of this is the study with me vlog.

It is a trend that has blown up in the past year and if you search study with me vlog on YouTube, you’ll get dozens of results. Local YouTubers like Mar Fortuno, Alyanna Ross, ahnyeongs, and Aly’s Notes have gained followings on social media for their study vlogs and other school adjacent content. From the outside looking in, you might think that study with me vlogs has little purpose. It’s just people studying, who would want to watch that. Apparently, a lot of people, and there are a few reasons as to why.

Relatable Content

Every person in his/her life will study. If not for school, then for work or other activities. Studying is something that you will have to do at least once in your life. It is an experience a lot of people can relate to. This is one reason why study with me vlogs are so popular because they are relatable. Take Alyanna Ross’s videos for example. She is a 21-year-old Filipina who has been vlogging for a couple of years now. She usually documents her experience as a BS Comtech major from Ateneo.

Most of her recent videos have been her doing online school and doing other things related to school like preparing for finals or organizing her notes. When you watch her vlogs, you see that she is doing things you most likely do at home, too. As a viewer, you can relate to her and what she is doing because you either used to or currently in school. We like it when we can relate to other people, and at the end of the day, these vlogs are just regular people doing things that we can relate to. You may know exactly what the person is going through or have experienced something the person has done.

A Peek Into How Other People Study

We know what it means to study, but how exactly do you do it. In school, studying is a natural part of life, but it is also interesting to see how other people approach the topic. There are many different ways to study and it’s a subjective topic. These vlogs offer us a glimpse into their private lives and how they go about doing their schoolwork. Because in a way, seeing how a person study shows us who the person is.

Does the person like to use handwritten notes or all on the computer? Do they prefer color-coded notes or a different system? Do they watch anime or K-Drama in between their school work? It’s interesting to see how other people study because the viewer could use that as inspiration for their own studying habits or just be exposed to different forms of studying. You can already know so much about a person by the way she studies. There is just something so satisfactory of seeing someone study and do it well because it shows that the person has her life or priorities in order.

Comforting and Relaxing

Studying isn’t always the most appealing activity. Having to read through hundreds of pages for readings, going over math formulas, or preparing for exams can take its toll on you. More often than not, you would rather do something else than study. There is also the fact that school can be a stressful and hectic environment. But for study with me vlogs, there’s something about them that makes them so relaxing to watch and that’s most likely due to how they are edited. Most of these videos are not bombastic effects-driven videos, but simple slice-of-life videos that show normal people do normal things and usually done so in an aesthetically pleasing manner. These videos turn studying from a scary activity into something that you might look forward to doing.

Study with me vlogs are calming videos that you can watch as a whole or leave in the background while you study. Mar Fortuno, a 19-year old biology major from UP occasionally uploads hour-long videos of her just studying. It’s just raw footage of her just studying, but they are popular because it’s so relaxing to see someone study on a neat table with organized notes.

If you’re feeling stressed about school, try watching as a study with me vlog to calm you down. There is a calmness to these videos that make the experience relaxing. Even if you don’t have school anymore, these vlogs have are just so appealing to look at. These videos have a certain chill aesthetic to them that makes doing schoolwork a calm and appealing activity.

Tips and Inspiration

Finally, these vlogs serve as a source of inspiration, especially for students. If you’re feeling down or unmotivated to study, maybe watch a couple of study with me vlogs to give you that motivation to be productive. Some of the things you see in these vlogs could be applied to your study routine to make it better or more manageable.

When you watch someone like Aly’s Notes, her videos are noted for their clean edits and Pinterest levels of aesthetic. She peppers her videos with ideas or tips that can be useful for your own situation. ahnyeongs, whose real name is Cedie, is an 18-year-old 1st-year college student whose videos are known for their simple, yet aesthetically pleasing visuals. She too does things in her videos that you may want to emulate for your studying style.

Feel that your workstation is not conducive to studying? Try watching a few of these videos and see how they do it. You may get some tips or advice that may prove useful to your situation. The people who make these kinds of videos are also open about what apps, gadgets, and websites they use. It’s either stated in the vlog itself or in the description so if you see something you like, you can also get it.

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