4th Impact Here We Go

Here We Go: 4th IMPACT Proves Once More That You Shouldn’t Sleep On The Group

Here we go indeed.

Making their first new release in two years, 4TH IMPACT’s Here We Go is an anthem for the underrated group and a celebration of Filipinas.

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When it comes to being a successful pop group, most of the groups share a few key traits, namely talent, stage presence, charisma, and the drive to make it. By most accounts then, 4TH IMPACT should have been in the top tier of the OPM acts in the country. Cercado sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina shot to internet fame when they competed in the British version of The X Factor. Their audition still stands out as one of the best in modern reality show competition history. After finishing fifth on the show, the group then went on to start a career in the industry.

While by no means were they ignored post The X Factor days, it also wasn’t the explosive career that some had hoped for. Even though they initially made waves internationally, the overall reception to their career was slightly tepid. Especially in the last couple of years, as P-pop reached the mainstream, 4TH IMPACT was rarely included in the conversation of top groups. That is, until now. With the help of new management, the girl group has been showing time and time again that they are a force to be taken seriously. And with the release of their latest single, Here We Go, they have our attention.



Once 4TH IMPACT stepped on The X Factor stage in 2014, they immediately stood out for their powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence. It was clear that the sisters had the talent to take them far. But it seemed as if that their level of talent wasn’t the same as the efforts behind them to make them big stars, which is why when it was announced that the group would join ShowBT Philippines in 2021, many of their fans, including the group themselves, saw it as a breakthrough moment in their career.

“It’s an answered prayer for us,” the sister act shares in a statement. “We once prayed for a management who will really take care of us and believe in what we can do. We feel ShowBT and Sony Music are the right companies to help us reach more of our dreams. And it is such a great honor to be part of their roster.”


As part of ShowBT Philippines, the group is now considered labelmates with artists like SB19 and KAIA. And for most of 2021, 4th IMPACT’s activities related to supporting or working alongside SB19. They were an opening act for their 3rd anniversary concert and they co-headlined the orchestra concert, Forte. But any fan and even casual viewer of 4th IMPACT knows that the girls can shine on their own. And many prayers were answered when they finally dropped their first new song in over two years with Here We Go, an anthem that reflects exactly the ambitions of this often underrated group.



Their Refraction fashion film already clued us in that this comeback was going to be something special, and it truly was. Their first release under ShowBT and Sony Music Philippines, Here We Go was produced by Choi YoungHo and Zrademusic. Every member of the group had a hand in writing the song. In fact, this was their first time to write a song as they took inspiration from their own life story for the lyrics.

The track is a blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, as well as of sass, and diva energy manifested in an empowering anthem of following your dreams. The moment Here We Go opens, the listener is treated to the group’s signature strong vocals and later on some solid bars. The song also employs a masterful use of horns in the chorus that gives stadium-sized energy before wrapping it all up in a fist-pumping final chorus that will get you excited. “We wanted it to be a new anthem,” said the quartet. “It’s an empowering song that aims to celebrate Filipinas all around the world, and how they’ve shown grace and excellence amidst troubling times.”


Not only is Here We Go a straight bop, but it’s here to prove that they have what it takes to go all the way. Even they themselves admit during the rap verse that people have said that they’re underrated. While it’s not hard to see Here We Go being about 4th IMPACT, at the heart of the song is also a message that many people can relate to. “We wanted to empower everyone, especially Filipino women, to believe in themselves and hold on to their dreams. Everything is possible if we just work together as one.”


This empowering energy is also present in the track’s accompanying music video. Directed by veteran filmmaker Jed Regala, the music video sees the group serve sassy and confidence, not to mention stunning look after stunning look. This is arguably some of the best they’ve ever looked as aesthetics shots of the group are mixed in with their choreography with production value equaling that of the group’s talent. This is what happens when you have a management team who truly care for the capabilities of a group.

In essence, the upbeat tracks serves as a rebirth for the group, or at the very least, a much-needed start of a new and important chapter in their career. Here We Go is some of 4th IMPACT’s best work to date and a reminder to many that they are here to slay. It’s been a long time coming for this comeback, but the girls have made that unparalleled impact.

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turning red - tae young - grayson villanueva

Did You Know, 4*Town’s Tae Young From Turning Red Is Actually Voiced By A Filipino?

We know who are bias is.

Apart from tracing an inspiration to BTS, 4*Town’s Tae Young in Turning Red also has a bit of Filipino roots to him.

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Pixar’s latest movie, Turning Red, has become the internet’s latest animated obsession. The movie revolves around Mei, a 13-year-old girl living in Toronto whose world is turned upside down when she discovers that she can transform into a red panda whenever she’s excited or stressed. As it turns out, this is a family curse and the only way that she can stop it is by performing a ritual on a red moon. The only problem is that the night of the red moon is the same night as the concert of her favorite boy band, 4*Town.


Welcome to 4☆Town | Disney & Pixar's Turning Red Now streaming on Disney+

The animated flick has been a hit with many critics and viewers for a variety of reasons. Turning Red’s unique and anime-inspired animation makes it stand out from other past Pixar releases. The trials and tribulations that Mei goes through, whether it be having crushes on boys, dealing with family traditions, getting embarrassed by your mother, and finding your own path in life are relatable for many viewers. But one aspect of the movie that has gotten many talking is the film’s in-universe boyband, 4*Town.

Composed of members Aaron T., Aaron Z., Robaire, Tae Young, and Jesse, the group is Pixar’s first ever boy band. They take heavy inspiration from boy bands of the early 2000s like N*SYNC and The Backstreet Boys. Given how Turning Red is set in 2002, those are apt references. Ever since Turning Red’s premiere, the group and their songs have gone viral. In fact, recent Oscar winners Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, who voices Jesse in the movie, wrote three songs for the soundtrack: Nobody Like U, U Know What’s Up, and 1 True Love.

If You Thought "Turning Red" Boy Band 4*TOWN's "Nobody Like U" Sounded  Familiar, Here's What OG K-Pop Song It Actually Sounds Like - Koreaboo

But one member that has caught the attention of many, especially amongst the K-pop fans is Tae Young. Director Domee Shi has confirmed that the character was inspired by BTS and as many fans believe, by Jimin in particular. According to the band’s official website, he is “The youngest member of 4*Town. A lover of animals, Tae Young is dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and has personally fostered injured doves between tours.”


While the K-pop influence behind Tae Young is clear, did you know that a Filipino is behind his voice? The animal lover of 4*Town is voiced by Filipino-American actor and musician Grayson Villanueva. “Such a wonderful experience making music with this team and proud to be a part of the first Pixar feature film representing an Asian coming-of-age story” he wrote in the caption announcing his participation in the movie. While not a household name to most, he has had his fair share of work in the entertainment industry.

Grayson is an actor, singer, beatboxer, and vocal arranger. In terms of acting experience, his first ever role was a short cameo as Manny’s college roommate in Modern Family. His voice work for Tae Young serves as his film debut and first time working on an animated film. Aside from acting, the SAG-AFTRA member has performed on seasons one and two of The Christmas Caroler Challenge. He also is a member of music groups The House Jacks, The Filharmonic, Vocal Flash, and HIVE. And to top it all off, Grayson has worked with big brands and major theme parks like GAP, Disneyland Resorts, Legoland California, and Universal Studios.


@hellocolorgray ?✌?✨ – Tae Young ♡ #4TOWN #TurningRed ♬ Nobody Like U – From “Turning Red”/Chorus – 4*TOWN (From Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red)

On his TikTok page, Grayson shared a few moments of his experience voicing Tae Young. The talented musician shared a few clips of his audition process to getting the role. According to him, he had to submit demos of him singing as part of the process. And it’s not just his vocal talents that he lends to Turning Red. Grayson also beatboxes on some of the original tracks of 4*Town, most notably in Nobody Like U. So, not only is Tae Young an animal lover, but he’s a beatboxer, too. Tae Young’s voice isn’t heard much in the movie. If Turning Red gets a sequel, Tae Young should get more parts. And who knows, 4*Town might add a Filipino member next time.

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oscar's red carpet zendaya chloe halle bailey timothee chalamet zendaya willow smith

See The Stars Who Broke Red Carpet Rules At The Oscars 2022

They didn't just eat. They devoured.

Dress code? We don’t know her.

For all the smacking, snubs, and slaps, it has been pretty eventful at the 94th Oscars. Let’s be real, one of the things we look forward to, aside from the accomplishments in cinema, are outfits that walk the red carpet. And true enough, there was major slayage. Cropped button downs, mini tuxedos, shirtless looks—name it, and the Oscars red carpet had it. Scroll down below for some of our favorite rule-breaking moments!

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A cropped top to the Oscar’s red carpet? Why not? Best believe Zendaya knows how to turn heads, especially in this custom Valentino look that reminded us of Sharon Stone’s 1998 Oscars look. She then changed into the sharpest pantsuit by Sportmax afterwards. Get a girl who can do both.


Technically, Hailey Bieber didn’t wear this to the red carpet but hey, it’s still the Pre-Oscars 2022 party. What’s wrong with showing up in the tiniest, micro, shortest of ’em all shorts? It’s Saint Laurent, honey.


Timothée Chalamet, aka The Golden Boy, has always been a pleasure to watch on the red carpet for his bold menswear choices. This time around, he showed up in nothing but a glittery tux with lace trimmings. Error 404: shirt not found. The best part? A single “?” emoji as his caption.


Of course, the enchantresses were present. Chloe and Halle Bailey were like real-life sirens on the Oscars 2022 red carpet, wearing LVDF and Roberto Cavalli. Plus points for the ultra high slit and the lowest midriff cut-outs.


When Chanel asks you to wear a tux and shorts on the Oscars 2022 red carpet, you do it. No one else could’ve pulled this off better than Kristen Stewart’s signature non-chalant style. The messy hair and the jewels sold the look, too. Brb, adding this to our inspo board of grocery run fits.


No one else does it like our favorite emo girl, Willow Smith. We do miss her dreads, but the buzzcut, red eyelids, and lippie to match was GIVING. Can we also talk about how her Oscars 2022 look is pretty reminiscent of her mom Jada’s role as Niobe in the Matrix?


Miss Ariana Debose IS the red carpet. When all else fails, a cape will always add the drama that you need. And wearing pants? Comfortable and yes, chic. Can we also applaud her for being the first openly queer actress of color to win an Oscar?

8. H.E.R.

With H.E.R., the eyewear will always do the talking ’cause we all need some shade, right? The blue eyeliner and her curls up in a bun were the perfect contrast to the neon gown by Carolina Herrera that she wore.

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filipina actresses 18 stars andrea brillantes francine diaz nadine lustre jillian ward niana guerrero

9 Filipina Stars Who Achieved Big Things Before Turning 18

And that's on ~girl boss~ behavior.

These Filipina stars did what they had to do. Turning 18 is great, but hitting those milestones before becoming a fully-grown adult is even a bolder move.

Age is just a number, and obviously, even the young ones doesn’t let anything stop them from turning their dreams into a reality. Besides, who likes being told what to do? No one. Just look at these Filipina stars who worked hard to get to where they are like building their own homes, buying a car, and investing in businesses among many things. Life goals, right? Here are nine of the most bad-ass women who did what they had to do, all before turning 18.

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Andrea Brillantes has been working since she was 10 as an actress. So, before she turned 18, she already started building her beautiful, Moroccan-inspired home after years of doing teleseryes, commercials, and TV guestings. After all the hard work, she finally gets to enjoy a space of her own. Prayer reveal, please!


Jillian Ward, dubbed as GMA’s “Teen Queen,” started her career early on as a child star, playing roles in Enteng Kabisote the movie, Pepito Manaloto and Captain Barbell. At 17, the Filipina actress was able to buy her first sports car (a Porsche) and build her own house.


With a career that began ever since she was a kid, Francine Diaz’s journey as an actress was never easy. Just like that, the Filipina actress is now one of the most celebrated from her generation and used her 18th birthday wish for good: to buy a home.


At 11 years old, Nadine Lustre has become the breadwinner of her family. Even before becoming a grown woman, she’s been supporting herself and her siblings, taking on jobs outside of showbiz like graphic design. The award-winning Filipina actress has been paying for her own needs ever since she was little, including her tuition fees. Years later, she’s become one of the most bad-ass Filipinas in the ‘biz, protecting the environment, building businesses, and is always one clapback away when need be. We love a girl who never takes herself too seriously, but isn’t afraid to get feisty when she has to.


Who would’ve thought that a 14-year-old girl from a humble beginnings would win one of the grandest music contests in the country? Even as a newcomer, Sarah Geronimo had the best-selling debut album in all of OPM after she won Star For A Night in 2003. And she wasn’t even 18 at that time. Since then she has built a home for her and her family, as well as invested in a few business endeavors. The happy ending she deserves.


Niana Guerrero may just be one of the coolest kids right now. Not only cause of her smooth like butter dance moves, but because she’s ✨unproblematic✨ and just minds her own business. No wonder the dancer and content creator’s the most followed Filipina TikToker, has 14.5 million YouTube subscribers and has 13 million Instagram followers. Niana’s also collaborated with international acts like Matt Steffanina, AJ Rafael, D-Trix, and The Williams Family.


Is it just us or is Olivia Rodrigo driving everyone crazy? In a good way, that is. It’s been a long ride ever since the Filipino-American singer’s track went viral on TikTok and on music platforms, earning her the Entertainer Of The Year award when she turned 18, Billboard Woman of the Year in 2022, and broke the record twice for most daily streams ever for a non-holiday song on Spotify. Good for her.


Belle Mariano only turned 18 two years ago, but has already taken on many roles since she was a kid. When she was 10 years old, she had one of her first headlining roles in the TV show Lorenzo’s Way. Not a lot of young ones can play a dramatic role at that age. The following year, Belle became a part of the Ang Probinsyano cast, along with roles in movies and shows starring Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto. As soon as she became 18, she landed the role of younger Gabbie Salazar in Four Sisters and a Wedding that was originally played by Shaina Magdayao. Whew, now that’s a resumé.


Hard to believe that Kathryn Bernardo was only 15 years old when she had her breakthrough role in 2011 for Mara Clara. Her character will always be remembered as one of the most iconic in prime time television and we’re happy to see how much she’s grown. Most of all, it’s been recounted years later that Kathryn is the only Filipina actress to have “breached the ₱800-Million mark for two movies,” for The Hows For Us and Hello Love, Goodbye. Now that’s on being a bankable actress.

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NCT Dream Glitch Mode MV

NCT Dream Make Their Comeback With Glitch Mode And There Were Zero Malfunctions Detected

Scratch that bring it back.

NCT Dream puts the technology in Neo Culture Technology with their futuristic-themed comeback, the addicting Glitch Mode.

For those who have been following K-pop for the past years now or are scholars of NCT Dream’s history, then you know that the NCT sub-unit made their debut with Chewing Gum. The bubbly and bright pop song was the definition of boy next door as the members channeled their inner good boys. While some see this era as either a classic or cringe, there’s no denying that they grew up and matured. Ever since, Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung have delivered a steady drip of bops without letting go of the youthful side to them. Case in point, NCT Dream are back with their new comeback single and second full length album called Glitch Mode, which gives you a cool technological tinged take on young love.


Glitch Mode is a pop-R&B-hip-hop song that sees the group sing about being in love with someone. As the name suggests, the track takes heavy inspiration from technology with many of the lyrics referencing it. Combining tech terms with the feeling you get when you see that special someone, it is something definitely made for the times. From the addicting chorus referencing going into glitch mode to a code buffering and even using a few video games sounds in the verses, they’re some well-placed nods.


Speaking of references, the glitches are even incorporated into their dance moves, specifically during the chorus where they act like they’re glitching and buffering. It’s some of their most inventive choreo they’ve ever done. The produced beats of the chorus and verses give way to NCT Dream’s signature vocal breakdown in the pre-chorus. Glitch Mode then surprises with a rock-tinged and hard-hitting dance break before seamlessly transitioning to its R&B beats for the final chorus.



Glitch Mode’s accompanying music video is also in-line with the song’s theme. Most of the video is set in video game store (that we would very much like to visit) and a futuristic control room. The production quality is a serve as always and their fits are A-tier. From transitioning between shades of green, pink, white, and blue, each member looks so good. Everyone did a great job with this comeback, but we have a soft spot for Jaemin in this era. And Renjun being surrounded by flowers, we’re going to screenshot that.


Of course, it’s not just a new song that we should get excited for from the Dreamies. They also dropped their second full-length studio album of the same name with over 11 new songs. After you give Glitch Mode a play, we suggest you listen you Arcade next, it’s fire. Another serve for NCT Dream in the books.

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Following The Summer Dress Code, Uniqlo Stacks Up With A T Shirt Made For Every Version Of You

Life, oh life.

Why do we get dressed? As existential as this sounds, Uniqlo dares to get into this introspective conversation with its commitment to clothes that are designed to make life better.

Over the course of the last two years, dressing up has seen a sharp shift. With the dramatic change of priorities as compelled by the pummelling of the pandemic, and with a lot of life being lived more limited in terms of movement, clothes by extension have become more pared down, comfortable, and essential. Mindful of the swing of the times, the flourish and frills of fashion took a necessary backseat and much like the resurgence of the cozy and cool, it was all about the simple, the classic, and the basic.

Needless to say, suiting for a day amid the looming uncertainty meant more considered and distilled choices for the everyday. Now, while life was and still is out of the ordinary, the keen understanding of Uniqlo, with its philosophy of simplicity remains as strong as ever, if not even more amplified in such curious times.

The mission of the brand has always been clear, which is to make clothes designed to make life better. It is this comprehension of the customer that considers choices above anything, which is of course, reflective of the lifestyles and innermost feelings of the consumer. More than anything, the commitment has always been anchored on quality, detail, function, practicality, and evolution. Always looking ahead, especially as inspired by life’s needs, Uniqlo always has an answer to a question like to introspect on from time to time: Why do we get dressed?

A Shirt A Day

This season, just as the season prickles our skin pins of sunlight and warms our skin with its shocking heat, Uniqlo LifeWear swoops in with swell of options that run the gamut from the delightful and delectable, contemporary and covetable, and fun and functional. From the full spectrum of offerings such as thoughtful layers, eye-catching prints, and inspired innovation, its core of ease and movement shines the most in the range of shirts that come in an assortment of styles, silhouettes, and shades to carry you through your moods across the week.

“Uniqlo is always dedicated to improving people’s lives through clothing,” explains Masato Kusumoto, Chief Operating Officer of Uniqlo Philippines. “We would continue coming up with new innovative clothing, such as our T-Shirt pieces, to provide better comfort and joy in our daily lifestyles.”

Made for every version of you, the Japanese global apparel retailer introduces its latest Core T collection just in time for the summer. Even in its simplicity, there is a lot of attention to how the unparalleled quality and versatility relate to one’s individuality. A building block to many a look, it is this focus on shirting that forms a foundation for many of your passions and pursuits. From the specialized to the stylish, there is a Uniqlo Core T shirt for you in any of its signatures such as the AIRism, Supima, Indigo Dry, and U Crew. Clearly, your days are covered in the best of Uniqlo LifeWear.

Sulong Filipina

Further in its dedication to being a significant part to better one’s life, Uniqlo follows through beyond just the cycle of seasons. This month, it heroes the women, celebrating their power, truth, and inspiration in a selection of Uniqlo UT T-shirts imprinted with the vibrant and vivid vision of Filipino illustrator, printmaker, and graphic designer, Gica Tam. For International Women’s Month, this collaboration is at its core an appreciation for all that the woman is, the strides made, and the boundaries pushed every damn day.


Manifested in the themes of folktales and identity that is signature to the work of the Filipino artist, the storytelling seams through the special collection of Uniqlo UT as realized in symbols of strength, sensitivity, and sensibility. Aptly christened “Sibol” and “Sulong Filipina,” the unique pieces are a nod to the Filipino woman as rendered in optic elements that include flowers, visualizations of the woman, and an assortment of interests, creativity, and passions.

May be an image of 6 people and indoor

Rounding out their celebration of International Women’s Month, Uniqlo has partnered with The Flower Farm where you can give the gift of blooms along with your purchase of Uniqlo LifeWear, of course. Whether you stop by the store (Glorietta 5 Flagship) or through the Uniqlo App (where a 15% discounts awaits), the special experience is made available for all the women in our lives. Besides, who can resist a spruced up selection of flowers?

Keep It Simple

With Uniqlo, the primary focus, as it has always been, is with you, who you are, and what you believe in. It is simple, almost primal, but it is with their not-so-simple purpose of making your life better that truly elevates the brand’s initial simplicity into something that sears deep into the soul.

Now, that is what you call a true understanding of the art of dressing up even in the context of constant change. So, why do you dress up?


Surprises, Snubs, And Slaps: What Went Down During The 94th Oscars

CODA deserves the win.

The 94th Oscars saw some historic wins, breakthroughs for women and the deaf community, and a slap from Will Smith.

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If we go by theory, the 94th Oscars was supposed to be a return to normalcy and a change for the future. While the Academy Awards returned to the Dolby Theater where the show had been held for decades now with its trail of glitz and glam, this year’s show also switched things up a bit, most notably and controversially not airing eight categories during the show and just showing edited clips of the winners’ speeches during the actual show.

With the theme of “movie lovers unite,” the 2022 Oscars was meant to be a celebration of movies, both past and present. The night also had its moments alluding to the issues around the world and the need for love and empathy. And it definitely was an interesting show, for better and for worse. Here is a rundown of the biggest moments from the 94th Oscars.


‘CODA’ wins best picture in a streaming first at the Oscars 2022

Prior to the show, there was the potential for many records and barrier breaking wins to have been made. And true enough, the 2022 Oscars provided that. Kicking off the night, Ariana DeBose ended her exceptional awards season run by taking home Best Supporting Actress for Anita in West Side Story. In doing so, she became the second Latina and first openly queer woman of color to take home an acting Oscar. The first Latina was Rita Moreno who won for the same role Ariana won in. This is also the third time in history that two actors won an Oscar for the same role.

Troy Kotsur’s win for Best Supporting Actor for Frank Rossi in CODA made him the first male deaf actor to win an acting Oscar and second in history. The first, Marlee Matlin, plays his wife in the movie. CODA, in fact, was the biggest winner of the night in a breakthrough moment for the deaf community. It took home Best Picture along with Adapted Screenplay for director Sian Heder for a sweep of all the film’s nominations. The win marks the first time that a streaming service took home a Best Picture Oscar. (Since the movie was released on AppleTV+, this is also the first time that Apple has won an Oscar.) CODA’s Best Picture win also makes it the first time that a film won Best Picture without being nominated for Best Director or Best Editing.

Ariana DeBose accepts the award for

In terms of most wins, Dune takes that crown with six, all in the technical categories. Legendary composer Hans Zimmer’s win for Best Score marks just his second win and first in nearly 30 years since he won for The Lion King in 1994. Finally, Jane Campion became just the third woman in history to take home Best Director. Campion already made history as the first woman to be nominated in the category twice. This win also marks the first time women have won the directing award back to back (Chloe Zhao won it in 2021). Will Smith and Jessica Chastain’s wins for Best Leading Actor and Actress respectively also marks the first time that these two acclaimed actors finally took home an Oscar. Both have been nominated three times.  


(L-R) Jared Bush, Clark Spencer, Yvett

Of course, this wouldn’t be the Oscars without some surprises along the way. Among them, Encanto won for Best Animated Feature. While the win of Encanto is well deserved, a lot of people expected that either The Mitchells vs the Machines or Flee to take it home considering their critical acclaim. Speaking of Flee, it also lost out to Summer of Soul for Best Documentary. This is by means not an upset though and more of a pleasant surprise. Aside from awarding movies, we also saw surprise appearances such as from BTS, and also in the form of cast reunions from classic films like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction. Seeing Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and director Francis Ford Coppola on stage together was a sight to be seen.


The 94th Oscars was meant to be new and different and supposedly better from past shows. But it instead led to a mixed bag of results. First, the show finally had a host in years with Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall. They were formidable, especially with moving the show along, but it wasn’t a hosting performance that stands out as legendary.

Coda Wins Best Picture Oscars 2022

When the Oscars announced that they were cutting eight awards from the main show, it led to a lot of controversy. And if there decision was driven by the need to shorten the show, it didn’t work as it lasted for over three and a half hours long. A clear disservice, the move also disrespected the people nominated for each category. While the average viewer may not care for who is nominated, it was a moment to spotlight the people and creatives who have important jobs that rarely get the recognition they deserve.

And of course, there was the introduction of the top five fan favorite scene and film. For favorite scene, the winners were crowd favorites such as the final battle in Endgame, seeing all three Spider-Men in No Way Home, and The Flash entering the speed force during the finale of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. As for fan favorite film, it was an interesting selection to say the least. Oddly enough, No Way Home was just at the fourth spot. At number three was Johnny Depp’s little heard of film Minamata. Number two was the new Cinderella movie that came out in 2021, which got that spot thanks to a strong push of Camila Cabello’s fans on Twitter. And the fan favorite movie of 2021? Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, another so-so movie that got its spot thanks to a dedicated fan base.   


Lazy loaded image

Like with most Oscars of the past, this year’s show also had most of the nominees for Best Song perform their tracks, as well as a few special performances. Beyoncé opened the night with a special performance of her Oscar nominated song Be Alive. Together with her backup dancers (which included Blue Ivy) and band, they lit up the room in a lime green color. It was a pre-filmed performance at a tennis court in Compton, but it wasn’t just any tennis court, as it was one that Serena and Venus Williams used to practice in when they were younger.

Sebastian Yatra then gave a lovely performance of Dos Oruguitas from Encanto while Reba McEntire sang the inspirational anthem that is Somehow You Do. Speaking of Encanto, while We Don’t Talk About Bruno wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, it was performed live for the very first time during the show. Most of the cast were on hand for the fun and colorful performance, as well as guest stars Becky G, Luis Fonsi, Megan Thee Stallion who gave the song a bit of an Oscars twist.

Billie Eilish

Finally, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas were last as they sang No Time To Die, the theme song for the Bond film of the same name. Eilish and Finneas ended up taking home the Oscar for Best Song. The young superstar joins Adele and Sam Smith as other music superstars who won Oscars for making the theme song to a Bond film, making them the first Americans to win in the category for the franchise. Billie Eilish also makes history as the first Oscar winner born in the 21st century.


Even if you didn’t see the 2022 Oscars, then you probably have heard of this moment. It will be a scene that most likely will be talked about for the weeks to come. Chris Rock came out on stage to present the award for Best Documentary. But before he did, he said some jokes, including one about how Jada Pinkett Smith is going to be in the sequel for G.I Jane due to her bald head. Last year, Pinkett Smith announced that she was shaving her head because of her issues with alopecia, which she has been advocating for. Will Smith then went up on stage and hit Chris Rock. As he got back to hit seat, he told Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.

It was a controversy that launched a thousand memes. But on a serious note, it was controversial to the point that Smith’s publicist, Oscars producer Will Packer, and Denzel Washington all talked to him during the break. The police and the Academy themselves got involved. Whether or not you think this is a stunt is up to you (though we feel that it is real), but you can’t deny it got you talking. But above it all, ill-timed and unnecessary jokes at the expense of one’s health and physical assault is wrong, period. Such actions have no place on any stage and anywhere for that matter. As this was supposed to be a joyful return to the glory of cinema, the opposite happened, because despite the historic milestones made and victories clinched thereafter, the night was tarred with shocked and dampened spirits. Regardless, congratulations to all the winners.

By the way, if you’re in the mood to binge watch today’s winners, you can catch some of them on streaming services. Dune and King Richard are both available on HBO Go. Cruella, The West Side Story and Encanto can be streamed on Disney+. You can catch CODA on AppleTV+ while The Power Of The Dog is on Netflix.

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It’s Gaming Season: The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Levels Up the Gaming Experience

Who wouldn’t wanna feel comfy gaming all day and all night long?

With how intricate and well-researched Secretlab is with their gaming chairs, it’s no surprise that they have reached two million users worldwide, and it’s also thanks to the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022

With more free time on our hands, it will definitely be a tad bit difficult for us to do anything else aside from beating our friends in different online games. The summer break is perfect for catching up on the missed games and competitions, but that would mean being on our derrière for hours on end! It could lead to a lot of painful days and nights, which is why having nothing but the best equipment is always the way to go. With the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, the brand’s revamped version of their award-winning 2020 series, gaming sessions just got a whole lot more comfortable.

A gaming necessity

Frustrated with their never-ending search for the perfect gaming chairs, Secretlab founders and esport players Ian Ang and Alaric Choo decided to develop one instead. After multiple trials, errors, and prototypes, they finally launched their company with the Secretlab Throne V1 in 2015.

Five years later, the demand for sturdy and comfortable chairs increased due to the work-from-home situations everywhere, which led to the company’s millionth chair being sold. It was also in 2020 when their latest series at the time became so popular that the Product Development team didn’t know how to up the ante for an even better set of gaming chairs.

Good game

That may have been the struggle then, but fast forward to two years later, Secretlab has released a 2022 series that has their most advanced gaming chairs to date. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 series is backed by years of R&D and state-of-the-art testing such as accelerated wear testing with a 300% heavier load than the industry standard, which made it certified by internationally recognized authorities including BIFMA, TÜV, A*STAR, and more for both safety and durability.

This release comes with chairs that are available in three sizes: S, R, and XL. They even incorporated shorter hydraulics and improved design engineering of the seat base so that more users can set their feet flat on the ground. They also have a new proprietary pebble seat base that guides our bodies toward the middle for the optimal support we all need.

Apart from its ergonomic advancements, it has an updated upholstery design with the new Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette that’s 12 times more durable than the regular PU leather. This multi-design structure can withstand hours and hours of use, while still ensuring exceptional strength, flex, and abrasion resistance. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 series, which is used and favored by notable gamers in the Philippines such as Alodia Gosiengfiao, also features a fresh, new look with the Secretlab SoftWeave® Plus fabric, a more advanced version of the popular SoftWeave®. Not only is it 3.5 times stronger than its predecessor, but it also has better seam strength. It’s softer, more breathable, and even more durable than before.

Sitting on a chair for long hours of each day can have some negative effects in the long run. This is why Secretlab has incorporated their signature cold-cure foam formulation that retains the same medium-firm consistency for the optimal balance between comfort and support. It distributes our weight so evenly while also engineered to relieve any sort of pressure after a long day. It even has the 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support System, which they consider to be their most versatile one yet. It’s fully customizable to meet our needs and support precise adjustability in four directions. It also has a lattice of living hinges, which simply means it can intelligently adapt to the curvature of our spine.

Lastly, the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 series, where each chair comes with a five-year extended warranty program, has full-length ergonomic backrest that is a godsend. It easily cradles our backs and lets us lie almost completely flat with its recline while the side wings just automatically take the strain off our arms and shoulders. Gaming definitely never looked and felt this relaxing.

Read more about Secretlab, the best gaming chair brand with over 40 awards, and their newest releases by visiting their website and their official Shopee and Lazada pages. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

The Round-Up: New Music Drops Of The Week That Should Be On Your Radar

Comebacks, OSTs, and everything in between.

Red Velvet channels classical art with their long-awaited comeback while BGYO’s new song showcase their smooth vocals in this week’s new music round-up.

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While the summer season has us wanting to chill by the pool with a nice refreshing drink, the music industry is sizzling ahead. Among many things that happened this week, we got comeback news from BIGBANG as their dropping their single, O AM, on April 5. Speaking of comebacks, VXON revealed that their first ever will be this April 1. EXO also announced details for their 10th anniversary this April.

New music is on the horizon for many as we got the confirmation that BGYO is making a new song for He’s Into Her season two, BGYO and BINI are releasing their collaborative single Up! on April 1, KAIA is making their debut on April 8, Taylor Swift made an original song from the movie adaptation of Where The Crawdads Sing, and Harry Style’s is dropping his third studio album Harry’s House on May 20. So many releases to keep up with, so little time. And speaking of, this week also saw many new music drops from some of the biggest artists. Here then are some of the best that should be on your radar.


Who here is ready for another aching love song from Zack Tabudlo? Because the hitmaker is back with new music with the release of his latest single Asan Ka Na Ba. The track features an upbeat and slight throwback sound as he sings about wanting to be with that special someone.


File this under collabs we weren’t expecting. Believe it or not, J Balvin and Ed Sheeran are actually friends IRL which started when Ed heard Balvin talking at the gym. This week, the duo drop a two song EP that features two distinct flavors. Sigue is an upbeat reggaeton dance song meant to get you moving. On the other hand, Forever My Love slows things down as it is a guitar driven love ballad.


Always expect Red Velvet to serve. And with the release of their comeback single Feel My Rhythm, it is knockout. Taking heavy inspiration from classical music, the track features the group’s signature pop sound. It’s accompanying music video, meanwhile, is stunning with its many references to classic paintings. When you’re done listening to Feel My Rhythm, we suggest you check out their new EP as well, The ReVe Festival 2022. It features different slices of the group form pop, R&B, and more.


Bibitaw o aasa? This question is one that many can relate to. And it’s also the name and the theme for Arthur Miguel’s latest song. The track sees the musician ask that all too important question of whether or not you should stay in a relationship or let go when it’s no longer working.  


Ever since he started releasing solo music, Mark Tuan has moved heavily towards more personal and introspective music. That is very much the case with his new song, Lonely. In his new track, Mark reflects on a failed relationship and finding solace in being alone. Fun fact, he actually made his fans choose between this track or Save Me as to which song should be released. He then said on Twitter that he would release both, with Lonely coming out now and Save Me releasing soon.


Prepare to hear BGYO in a whole new sound as the P-pop boy group deliver a swaying love ballad in their new song Mahal Na Kita. The boys sound so good on the song and the vibe really suits them well. The track is included in the OST for Bola Bola. Also in the album is Akira’s solo version of the track and a new song from KD Estrada called Mahal Ba Kita?


Tate McRae is going through it in her new song chaotic. The piano driven heartfelt ballad is sees the singer ponder on a relationship that wasn’t meant to be and the fallout it can cause in one’s life.


This week is a special week for keshi and many of his fans as he finally dropped his debut studio album, GABRIEL. In the 12-track album, you will experience a story of keshi reflecting on how his life has changed as he digs deep and personal.


We all deserve to be loved, especially the one where we are treated as a top priority. This is what Jamie Miller’s new single Last Call is all about. The upbeat track sees the young musician celebrate being the special someone both in the good and the bad. Considering how Jamie got his name out there for making heartbreak anthems, it’s a nice change of theme. Speaking of, he announced that his debut EP Broken Memories is dropping on April 29.


4th Impact has new music out with the release of their latest comeback, Here We Go. The upbeat anthem is all about self-confidence and an ode to all the empowering Filipinas out there. The pop track features an excellent use of horns and trumpets in the instrumental and of course, the group’s signature powerhouse vocals to make for a stadium sized energy.


If you’ve been following Warren Hue for the past few years, then you know that this Indonesian rapper is one the come up. And that is what his new track, W, is all about. Featuring a guest verse from yvngxchris, W is a dynamic track that takes a more melodic direction for Hue that showcases his rapping and singing capabilities. The single serves as his latest releases of his upcoming debut album BOY OF THE YEAR.


While most may know Sharlene San Pedro as an actress, she also is a talented singer who has released a few singles over the years. Running is her latest release and serves as her first new song in over two years. Running is a mid tempo pop-rock track and is a bit more upbeat than her previous releases. It revolves around trying to be in the moment as best as you can before you run out of time.  


This week, beabadoobee is ready to live her life with the release of her new song Talk. The track, which she wrote after she dropped her first album, is about doing the things that you enjoy or just indulge in even though they aren’t the healthiest for you. Interestingly, the pop-rock track also references the underrated activity of going partying on a Tuesday night. The Filipina musician also shared that her second studio album is called Beatopia (pronounced Bay-A-Toe-Pee-Uh), which drops on July 15.


Anson Seabra aims for the heart, a broken heart that is, with his new song Unloving You. In it, the singer-songwriter about the bittersweet emotions involved in a breakup. Things can get messy, from one being ok but the other is a broken mess.


NCT’s Mark, Haechan, and Doyoung came together recently to release a brand new song under NCT U called coNEXTion (Age of Light). The pop-trap track serves as part of the band’s singles archive project, NCT Lab. The song is about encouraging people to step into the future where everyone is connected. It also serves as the theme song for an experience zone called Age of Light that will be set up in central Seoul.


You can’t stop the party. Or at least, that is what rising South Korean artist Seori, who you may know from TXT’s 0X1=LOVESONG, feels in her latest single Can’t Stop This Party. The all-English song is a hypnotizing, moody pop and R&B track about a never-ending party. While most may think of hype beats when in a party, the tracks slows things down. Seori explores the feeling of being trapped in a broken relationship and with the hopes of being free, she explores a party she does not want to leave. In it all, she discovers cathartic relief by letting go of her bitter emotions and dancing her feelings away in the present moment.


ITZY brings the electricity with the release of their first ever original Japanese single, Voltage. The track is an upbeat rock banger that combines both the group’s strong rap and singing skills.

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The Magic and Action of Sports are Back as the UAAP Returns via Smart’s GIGAPlay App

Game on!

From exciting half-time performances to buzzer-beater wins, the UAAP is finally, finally back

When you’re a college student, the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) season is one of the big events you look forward to the most. However, the annual college spectacle was put at an abrupt halt in March 2020 when the nationwide lockdown began. Filipino collegiate sports fans went two years without a single game, lost without the rivalry between powerhouses like Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University.

But as the Philippines eases restrictions signaling what may possibly be the end of the pandemic, the UAAP is back with more excitement than ever. The first round of the Men’s Basketball tournament begins at 4:00 PM on March 26, 2022, starting with the “Battle of Katipunan,” featuring the UP Fighting Maroons and Ateneo Blue Eagles.

While I was only able to watch a few games during my freshman and sophomore year, the games are now more accessible as Smart, the official digital partner of UAAP, will stream it for free on the GigaPlay app during a limited period. It’s safe to say that I’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity, thanks to Smart Prepaid.

There’s always going to be something quite magical about witnessing the games live and in person with our fellow schoolmates. After all, is our college life really complete if we don’t get to watch at least one UAAP game?

Rookie season

I still recall standing in the middle of the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena, a freshman cheering for my school’s team, dressed in green, and screaming as loudly as I could. Although I knew little about basketball at the time, the passion I felt as I cried out loud hoping for a win overtook everything else. It was almost like I was on the court myself, playing the game alongside the team. During that match, I was their teammate. 

Nothing can ever replace that memory. The feeling of being there, tears falling down as I yelled my heart out in the last couple of seconds. And when they finally won? It felt like I was among the victors—it was a win not only for the team, but for the entire school. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of winning, and I’m over the moon knowing that we will be able to experience that sense of victory once again.

Team spirit

While there will always be hecklers present, seeing each university’s community unite for a game is something that we can always look forward to. It’s always thrilling to be there among the thousands of fans cheering on everyone’s favorite teams, dressed in the designated school colors, faces painted with pride—in my case, I will be cheering “Animo!” with my head held high.

Despite the fierce rivalries that come with every season, Filipino fans, both young and old, are more than ready to see their favorite university athletes face one another. I’m definitely one of them, and I’m ready to end my college days with the games that will hopefully be another championship under DLSU’s belt.

To enjoy free streaming of the UAAP Games on the GigaPlay app, Smart subscribers can download GigaPlay on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, set up an account, and watch their preferred game on the GigaPlay content lineup while connected to Smart mobile data or PLDT Home WiFi without worrying about data charges. It’s that simple and easy.