Andrea Brillantes, Alodia Gosiengfiao, OhMyV33NUS, And Renejay Team Up With Mobile Legends To Break Stereotypes In Tear It Off

Tear it off, you're different.

Andrea Brillantes, along with Alodia Gosiengfiao, OhMyV33NUS, and Renejay, come together for an unlikely collab with an important message.

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At first glance, Andrea Brillantes, Alodia Gosienfiao, OhMyV33NUS, and Renejay may look like a random assortment of people. One is a Gen Z superstar, the other is a cosplayer and entrepreneur, and the other two are E-sports athletes. But beyond the surface level comparison, these four people actually have a few things in common. And just recently, they came together for a great cause for a new track called Tear It Off.


A collaboration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the track was initially teased as a secret project from Andrea Brillantes. And this secret project turned out to be an upbeat pop track about breaking stereotypes. The song is part of game developer MOONTON’s new campaign called “Tear It Off – Everyone Is Awesome” with the goal to end discrimination and stereotyping in the gaming community. “Panoorin sina Andrea Brillantes, Alodia Gosiengfiao, OhMyV33NUS, at Renejay magsanib-puwersa upang ihatid sa inyo ang isang makabuluhang mensahe: wakasan na ang mga dikta ng lipunan,” said Mobile Legends in the caption for the music video. “Batid ng music video na ito na kahit anumang label o puna ang ibato sa ‘yo, kaya mo itong tuldukan. Higit na mas kilala mo ang ‘yong sarili, at ikaw mismo ay may kapangyarihan na punitin lahat ng puna!”

In essence, it’s an empowering track that implores listeners to stop thinking that other people should act in certain ways. Don’t base your assumptions on outdated and harmful stereotypes. The track has each personality dressed in bold and eye-catching fits, reference specific criticism that have been thrown at them. But Tear It Off also delivers a general call to change mindsets. Blythe kicks off the song as she sings about facing challenges and rising above them. Alodia then comes with lines about fighting against the stereotypes women face while Venus sings about keeping it real and not being pigeonholed by what other people think. Renejay then comes in with a few lines of his own. The colorful music video ends with each person tearing off a piece of paper with a criticism of theirs written on it.


In hindsight, these people definitely fit the theme for the song. As one of the biggest stars of her generation, Blythe is no stranger to criticism. But she also isn’t afraid to express what she wants to say. Alodia rose from the ranks of cosplayer into becoming one of the most successful businesswomen in Philippine gaming. This is impressive given the male-dominated nature of gaming. As for Venus, he has been a trailblazer since he started his professional career in gaming. He also has been a vocal advocate fighting against stereotypes for his community.

Gaming is a popular form of entertainment that has players from across multiple ages and social classes. But it’s also known that some members of the gaming community have not been so welcoming towards certain people or groups. So, it is nice to see one of the most popular video games out there take a stand against this. Gaming should be for everyone and it’s about time we stop letting a toxic mindset stop others from playing as well.

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