5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna

Bow down to the queen.

Whether or not you are into video games, there are things we can take away from the barrier-breaking esports player, OhMyv33nus.

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If you follow the local esports scene, then you know that one of the most popular local esports teams is Blacklist International. Making waves both locally and internationally, the homegrown team has worked their way to multiple championship titles. Leading the group is Johnmar Villaluna, more popularly known as OhMyV33nus. In just a span of a few years, Venus has been established as one of the most talked about and popular esports players in the country. And the best part is that his career is just getting started. As an athlete worth looking up to, even if you don’t play video games or follow esports, here are some life lessons we’ve learned from OhMyV33nus.


While Venus has experienced a lot of success in his life, he’s also been though his fair share of loss and struggle. One of his lowest moments was when he and Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario left ONIC PH. “One of my lowest points was when Wise and I were released from ONIC PH. I wanted to prove that I’m not in the wrong and that I can still achieve great things in my pro gaming career,” he once said about the experience.

But he bounced back from it and soon, he and Wise found themselves as part of Blacklist International. Venus has expressed in the past how his mistakes have made him a better person saying “Mas marami kayong matututunan sa mga struggles niyo, sa mga talo niyo, compared sa mga panalo.” So, whether you are struggling in a game or other aspects of your life, take that L and don’t just dwell on it, learn from it.


With championship wins behind their back, most recently the Mobile Legends M3 World Championship this past December, Blacklist International is entering the upcoming MPL PH Season 9 as a team to watch out for. But Venus and Wise shocked many by announcing that they will be taking a break from the upcoming season. While for some the decision may be a bit head scratching, it shows that no matter how successful you get, you should always rest and have your own me time. That was the point Venus was trying to make when he explained his decision on his Facebook page. In a world where working 24/7 is seen as a good thing, don’t feel ashamed to stop and settle down.


Venus has been unapologetic about how he is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and wants to use his visibility to push back against negative stereotypes hurled at the community. This is impressive considering that gaming has been known to be a male-dominated space that has on occasion been unkind to women and minorities.

Venus has experienced homophobic comments before, but used those moments to bring positive change. “As a member of LGBTQ+ community, and a pro player of MPL-PH, I do stand to fight hindi lang para manalo, kung ’di maging inspiration to each member of my community,” he said in a Facebook post addressing the comments. He further went on to say, “I will use any platforms that I can to spread awareness about how homophobic slurs affect a member of LGBTQ+ and how to turn that negativity into inspiration to keep moving forward. Let this be a healing galing movement not only limited to the LGBTQ+ community, but also to everyone.” No matter how big or small your platform is, don’t be afraid to use it for the better because every voice counts.


As one of the most popular esports players in the country, OhMyV33nus has many fans and supporters both locally and even abroad. But this popularity has also made him a target for haters and criticism. He’s been on the receiving end of comments doubting his skills as a player, as well as derogatory remarks about his sexuality.

But Venus doesn’t let those get to him. In fact, he has said he uses them as a source of inspiration. “These setbacks and people doubting me are included in my sources of inspiration to become better and push my limits to what I can achieve. It doesn’t hurt me [anymore], and I always tell myself to let my success speak for itself.” There’s nothing wrong with taking constructive criticism. But for everything else, just let your achievements do the talking. As he’s said before, “Being unbothered doesn’t mean you’re not affected but having a strong mind and heart will keep you pushing forward.”


Many of us has had those moments where we begin to doubt and make ourselves feel smaller. This is something that OhMyV33nus has experienced as well on his journey to become an esports player. His success was not given to him on a silver platter. Instead, he spent years working hard to achieve his dreams to little success, not to mention the fact that his family were initially not supportive of his dreams. He has shared how he nearly gave up on gaming, but lit that spark after he found Mobile Legends, and the rest is history. During those moments where it seems as if were going nowhere, we have the tendency to doubt ourselves and wonder if what we are doing is even worth it. But as Venus has proved, it is and you will get to it.

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