NYLON New Music March 2022

The Round-Up: New Song Releases Of The Week To Help Fill Your Weekend OST

A busy week for notable releases.

BINI and SB19 release their first collab together, Anji Salvacion reflects on her family life, and G(I)-DLE and Stray Kids deliver hot comebacks in this new song releases round-up.  

According to PAG-ASA, the summer season has officially begun, no wonder this week’s new in the music scene have been so fire. BTS just competed their three day concert in Seoul and RM gave us a sneak peek into how they prepared. James Reid gave us one of his best music videos to date with the release of Hello 2.0 that features an Endgame-sized cast of cameos from stars both local and abroad.

BINI is set to film a new music video and they’re asking fans to pick which song will it be. 4th Impact dropped their fashion film ahead of their comeback on March 25. SB19 flew to Duabi to perform at the Expo 2020 and they didn’t let technical difficulties stop them from giving it their all. Meanwhile, it was announced that Jimin would release an OST soon and that Yeonjun, Noh Jung Uli, and Seo Bum June would be the new MCs of Inkigayo. And we are one step closer to BIGBANG’s comeback as it was reported that they already finished filming the music video for their song. Let’s also not forget some of the hottest new song releases of the week. Here are just some new drops you should know of.  

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P-pop history has been made today as SB19 and BINI have unleashed their first collab together in the form of a new version of Kabataang Pinoy. Their take on the classic PBB Teens theme song features a more pop-focused sound and production, but one that still greatly captures the original’s timely themes. We’re also loving how good both groups sound on the song, come through vocals.


It’s another comeback, another slay for Stray Kids with the release of their new song, MANIAC. As the song suggests, their new track sees the 4th gen boy group channel their inner psycho. Already we’re loving the way Felix says maniac and the anti-drop during the chorus. Along with the release of their song is their new album ODDINARY, a seven-track album that features five groups songs and two unit songs.  


This week is a special week for The Juans as they finally dropped their debut full-length studio album, Liwanag. At over 15 tracks and 50 minutes long, the album is the band’s ode to hugot, kilig, good vibes, and everything in between. It’s the kind of album you listen to if you want to feel inspired and see the brighter side of life.


If the haters thought that G(I)-DLE was done for, they were sadly mistaken. The K-pop girl group is finally back after nearly a year with the release of their new song, TOMBOY. It features a different and more pop-rock sound than their past releases, but it suits them so well. Along with the single was the release of their 1st full length album, I NEVER DIE. Clearly, the group had something to say with this comeback and they got that point across.


Anji Salvacion is out with new music this week through the release of the sentimental single Dalampasigan. She initially wrote the track during her stay in PBB as part of a fundraising campaign for the victims of Typhoon Odette. An ode to her family and hometown, Dalampasigan is about the hopes of a little girl to be reunited with a loved one and feel the solace of family. The track delivers the nostalgic vibe of spending summer at the beach and healing with beautiful memories of home and family. It also represents Anji’s journey and the comfort of childhood moments with her dad.


Nicki Minaj has always been one to show love to younger female rappers. And that was on display once more when she teamed up with Coi Leray, who you may know for her viral TikTok hit TWINNEM, for the track BLICK BLICK. Once again, Nicki ate and left no crumbs and Coi managed to deliver as well.


Head to the club or clear some space in your room, Charli XCX has finally dropped her long anticipated seventh studio album, CRASH. The 12-track EP is filled with signature Charli bangers that mixes elements of both modern pop and 80s disco, just in time for the summer season.  


Jolianne is really out here making us feel things. The young CARELESS musician just dropped her new song called Routine and it’s a beautiful break up anthem. The smooth R&B track is an excellent showcase of Jolianne’s angelic voice.


Normani releasing a new song is always time for a celebration. But unlike her past releases, she get’s vulnerable on Fair as she reflects on a break up and how each of them processed it differently. It’s a side of Normani we don’t see often but are glad she shows as the vocals and production tell a story of heartbreak.


We would say that Solar served hard with her latest solo comeback, but honestly, that is expected from her. HONEY is a fun pop song with an immaculate beat. The MAMAMOO member sings and raps about the indecisiveness of a potential flame. From the visuals, looks, vocals, and chore, Solar gave it all and then some. She also dropped her first solo mini album called FACE filled with five new tracks.


Stephanie Poetri knows how to make songs that tug at the heartstrings. And her latest EP, oh to be in love, does just that. Take for example that opening track of the EP, Bad Haircut with JVKE. It’s a wholesome acoustic driven duet of falling in love with someone and appreciating the little things of your partner.


Paul Pablo is out with new music this week with the release of his new single Kaya. The track features a fun beat and his signature vocals. But it also shares an important message, that of not pushing yourself to the point where you burn out.


Monsta X’s Kihyun channels his inner slick rockstar with the release of his first non-OST solo music, VOYAGER. The title track is a fun pop rock track where Kihyun’s vocals shine brightly. The single album also features two other new songs, (COMMA) and RAIN.


Following the viral success of abcdefu, rising musician GAYLE is out with her very first EP called a study of the human experience volume one. The six-track EP is filled with both previous releases and new tracks. The body of work serves GAYLE’s reflections of her life so far and the lives of the people she’s worked with.


Put on your disco shoes as Brave Girls are back with their latest comeback with Thank You. Serving as both the name of their comeback single and new EP, Thank You is a fun love song that could also be seen as a thank you for the people who made Rollin’ the surprise hit that it was.


Feeling stressed? Then you may want to give Of Mercury’s new song STRESSES a listen. The OPM band’s latest release is all about not letting the stresses of life get you down.


While past week say many comebacks from K-pop groups and idols, it also saw the finale comeback for one. NU’EST released their final album of their career with The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble.’ They previously announced that they were disbanding prior to its release. You will be missed NU’EST

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