Face Mask Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts When You’re Out In Public

Wear it right.

While the spread of Coronavirus in our country can’t rely on individual persons alone, it’s still important to protect yourself and others you come in contact with whenever you need to step out of your homes. 

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More and more cases of the COVID-19 are being reported by the Department of Health and with the lockdown restrictions now easing up, people are being tempted–if not required–to go out. Travel bans are being lifted, restaurants, shops, and malls are now open like it used to be…it’s as if catching the virus isn’t possibly fatal at all.

The medical community believes that the primary mode of transmission for COVID-19 is through respiratory droplets. So, the best way to protect yourself and the people around you is to wear a mask. However, there have been plenty of instances where people wear their masks barely above their noses or dining out and having their masks taken off.

It seems that there needs to be a reminder in order for us to remember that each time we talk or cough, or come closer than two meters from each other (like going to a store, walking on the sidewalk, and using public transportation), there’s still a chance to spread the virus unknowingly.

So, if you want to help contain the virus even if you have to step out, this face mask etiquette should be your guide on what to do or should not do while you are out in public:

The face mask should cover your nose and mouth

Photo via @avamax

Social distancing is our most effective public health strategy, but in situations where you can’t maintain that, like going to a grocery store, wearing a mask lets you keep your droplets to yourself. However, it is useless if your face mask is under your chin or below your nostrils. Whenever you pass by someone less than six feet away, you’re still potentially spreading the virus or catching it yourself. Act as if you caught the virus so that in case you are asymptomatic, you’re not contaminating other people.

Wear it even if you’re at a safe distance from other people

Photo via @arianagrande

Think of mask-wearing as a social ritual and sign of human respect. Wearing a mask fosters a sense of faith, a shared or mutual obligation, and civic duty. This brings together people faced with a common threat and helps them mitigate one of the secondary dangers posed by an epidemic, which is the breakdown of social norms. Wearing a face mask gives a sense of unity because it helps other people to feel comforted when they see everybody doing their all to contain the spread of the virus.

If you’re using a disposable face mask, cut it in half after usage

As odd and far out as this may sound, there have been reports saying that used face masks are being washed, reused, or resold after being thrown out to the trash. (It is 2020 after all, what isn’t the least bit shocking these days?) To help prevent this, do not throw your face mask in public trash bins, or better yet, cut it in half to be sure that it will not be reused.

Do not share face masks

Photo via @avamax

This one is pretty obvious. Do not share your face mask as it is unhygienic and already contaminated with your droplets.

Refrain from eating or drinking outside as much as possible

Every time you take that mask off, you put yourself and everyone at risk. Drinking and eating in public spaces may be inevitable for some, but those of us who have a choice should try our best not to dine in restaurants or eat while at a public place. This is the most considerate thing you can do for others who have to be out there, too.

Just think about it this way: if everyone wore a face mask correctly and knew how to act in public places, maybe then, we’ll have a chance of containing the virus. That, and with the help of mass testing and transparency from our government (hopeful against all hope), will truly help ease everyone’s worries.

8 of the Best Beauty Moments From 90s Rom-Coms That You’ll Want to Copy Today

Two words. Peachy keen.

These films might have premiered more than 20 years ago, but the influence of the 90s continue to reign supreme. From perfectly blown out hair to pink frothy eyes, relive the best beauty moments of these legendary ladies. Who said it was all about scrunchies and chapstick? As if!

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10 Things I Hate About You may be one of the most memorable romantic-comedies ever, but it’s hard to believe that it was played by a then-unknown Julia Stiles. Channel her IDGAF energy with a curly updo (tease as you please), face-framing tendrils, and barely there makeup.


Julia Roberts is a modern Cinderella in this heart warming rom-com. The iconic makeover and the clapback in the shopping scene is still one of the most talked about in recent film history. But really, we’re still debating which hairstyle we love better: is it her blonde bob or her fiery curls. Suffice to say, it is pretty much her unforgettable bold red lip and red curls that take home the cake.


From their Madonna Twins moment in their bittersweet prom, to their blonde locks and iridescent dresses at the reunion, Romy and Michele are perhaps one of the most iconic duos of film history. Stay twinning with your bff and put your hair in a half updo, a little smoky eye and lip gloss to save the day.


Even though it was Johnny Depp who stole our hearts in this movie, we can’t help but stan Traci Lords as Wanda Woods in the 1999 rockabilly film. Do the big chop with microbangs if you dare and curl your hair into different sections. Run your hands through it for more volume and most importantly, don’t forget her cat eye and red lip combo. A look that definitely says, beat it creep.


Presenting: the new—not improved, but different Laney Boggs! The film may have embraced all the teen stereotypes back then, but they did it so well. The staircase reveal became a makeover that most 90s and 00s adolescents have dreamed of having their own as they grew up. Use a flat iron and flip the ends of your hair either out or in, a swipe of crimson red and impeccably groomed eyebrows.


What would a 90s listicle be without the queen of rom-coms herself, Drew Barrymore? She plays opposite of Adam Sandler in this light-hearted film and just hits all the right notes (pun intended). We can only imagine how tedious it was to maintain this flirty hairstyle everyday on set without the hair looking too flat. This is the perfect combination of the flipped-in and flipped-out hair do that everyone from Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian has been sporting.


As if the fashion in the film couldn’t get any more on point: like the round shapes in the wardrobe and the scenes as a nod to the jawbreaker, the looks equally served as well. The Monroe-esque curls, metallic pink lip gloss, and the ornate updo that Rose McGowan wore in the prom scene were all to die for. This is probably the darkest among the list, but the movie made such a huge impact on the trends of today.


Almost every look in this film was absolutely ICONIC. Dionne’s pink eyeshadow and box braids, Amber’s short fringe and crazy coils (sometimes tied in a high pony or pig tails), Tai’s curls that were accessorized most of the time and of course Cher’s bed head and pink glossy lips.

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In A Coming Together Of Purpose, #RisePH Is Set To Give Relief To Those In Need

While the storms may have passed, the great work continues.

After the calls for generosity and selflessness were made, #RisePH has pooled an overwhelming amount of relief for those affected by the typhoons.


The succession of storms that battered various critical regions of the country may have since exited our immediate areas of responsibility, but in its wake there was the devastating aftermath caused to take care of. With lives and livelihood lost, the most recent pummeling of Typhoon Ulysses has dealt the biggest blow as it was severely underestimated in scale. However, as devastating as this may be, the greater sense of community has taken over, with the Filipinos immediately coming together to get the work done—rebuilding what was lost in the best way possible.

In an effort to help out when and where we could in this time of great crisis, One Mega Group set up a relief operations entitled, #RisePH, and sought out to raise funds for families displaced and devastated by the typhoon through the distribution of care packages and hygiene kits fit for at least two days.

Since sending out the call for donations on November 13, #RisePH has pooled a total of P116,611.44, which provided for 500 relief packs that contained 3kg. of rice, 6 packs of instant noodles, 2 cans of tuna, 3 cans of sardines, 1 bottled water, 5 face masks, and 5 sachets of coffee. Done in collaboration with Mayor Vico Sotto’s Pasig Rescue Emergency Disaster Center, the relief packs was successfully turned over and will be distributed to families residing in affected barangays of Pasig City.

Extremely grateful for the unwavering generosity and selflessness, One Mega Group through #RisePH would like to send its gratitude to those who have donated in cash and kind, as well as to those who shared and reposted our stories and social media posts. You are proof of why even when things are at its most grim, nothing quite beats being a Filipino united for a cause and of course, the country.

Recreate The Makeover Scene From The Princess Diaries With These Holiday Must-Haves

Move over, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, there’s a new princess in town.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but this brand was the secret star of the now iconic makeover scene in the classic film, The Princess Diaries.


There are many things to remember from the seminal coming-into-her-own classic, The Princess Diaries. In the Garry Marshall-helmed film, we were treated to things such as the fictional but strangely familiar monarchy of Genovia, the foot pop caveat, and a personal favorite, the catch-a-falling-star moment of exasperation at the foot of the temperamental San Francisco slopes while it was raining. (Yes, Fat Louie the cat, you’re a star, too.) But one of the more memorable scenes from the romantic-comedy happens to be a genre requisite: the makeover that will take our wallflower from simple to stunning in a montage of fast cut transitions, often soundtracked to a catchy 90s alt banger wailing about presumable self-worth.

If you have been devoid of any shred of pop culture, you must know that in The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis is plucked from high school obscurity to front page news when she is revealed to be the descendant of the royal family of Genovia. As the queen (played to regal perfection by the incomparable Dame Julie Andrews) is set to step down from her sworn duties, which means for the crown to say within their bloodlines, she has to seek her granddaughter to pass it on to in rightful succession. Understandably shocked with the odd turnaround of her life, the would-be princess would reject the idea, resisting every step of the way until, of course, an eventual relenting once she understood the bigger picture, as well as of the reassuring and enduring love of her father. Spoiler alert: Despite her initial hesitations, she later on accepts her fate and ascends to the crown. Oh, and she got her foot popping kiss, too.

Now that we are up to speed, let’s go back to the makeover scene in The Princess Diaries. Under the expert hands of Paolo and his posse, Gretchen and Helga, Princess Mia is given the royal treatment as she is spun in the chair before the magic begins. If you’re like me pays attention to the tiniest of details, you’ll see in a quick cameo a range of products from an eponymous cult-favorite brand that seems to be the penchant of the ever so prompt Paolo. On the bureau, a stash of Nars products are strewn across, alluding to its great contribution to the not-for-daytime smoky eye, a sweep of flush on the cheeks (most likely the iconic and color authority, Orgasm Blush), and a tempered orange lip. It was a little too dramatic for a plain Jane to princess reveal, when really all that was done was to tame the mane of hair, pluck the brows, and got rid of the eyeglasses. But what do we expect from the monarchy? Everything has to be grand and excessive.

While it has to be stressed that we are all beautiful in our own right, whatever skin, tumble of hair, and state of the orthodontics may be, there is always that leg-room to up-the-ante so to speak. Accentuate the assets and highlight what makes you feel your best, and a quick way to do so is through makeup. With a smattering of foundation, a smear of color or a splash of shimmer, cosmetics can really do wonders for the spirit with a much-needed confidence boost. And with the holidays dawning upon us faster than we would like it to at this point, we really needs heaps of that good juju. So, in the spirit of tasteful transformation ala The Princess Diaries, we rounded up the latest holiday offerings you can choose from for your Christmas or gasp, New Year look. From skincare to a pucker of the lip, we got you covered.

Climax Extreme

If you think the name is enough for a double-take, wait ‘till you brush this on your lashes. With the new Climax Extreme Mascara, you get that dramatic dose of volume that fans out with latex-like pigment that hugs your fine flutters just right. Lightweight but with maximum impact, you can command attention in a room royals as was in the assumption of responsibilities of Mia in The Princess Diaries with the loaded pigment, no smudge, whipped formula that really is pure pleasure in itself.

Air Matte Lip Color

Perhaps an update on what was used in The Princess Diaries, the swatch of color on your lips can now be light-as-a-feather and daringly diffused with the Air Matte Lip Color. This limited-edition innovation presses onto the pout with optimal pigmentation that is rendered a powdery finish that clings without drying. Call this the royal airness of lip products.

Soft Matte Complete Foundation

It always starts with a firm and formidable base, especially at times when everyone is a little too skin-obsessed—and rightfully so, too. Echoing the enviable pre-makeover skin of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, which was already fine without a speckle of cosmetics, Nars is introducing the Soft Matte Complete Foundation. A breakthrough in formulation, what with its comfortable 16-hour wear, this oxidation-resistance product is all you will need if you want to even out your face with the foundation warmed up on your fingers before applying from the center outwards. Best part: It comes in 34 shades for all skin tones.

Holiday 2020 Collection

Despite everything, whatever has come and gone to this point, you deserve a little bit of self-love and yes, we mean that in the sparkling sense. Bold and brazen in its holiday spirit, Nars is making sure you are dressed to thrill—even if it will most likely be from the face up this year with all the virtual get-togethers we hop to in timed succession. With the gleaming bundles and sets with all-time favorites and classics, this is your ultimate expression made merry.

Bonus: Light Reflecting Serum

Capturing an essence of light, profound and proverbial as that sounds, NARSskin powers through the innovation train with the Light Reflecting Serum. Crafted with Gold Fortified Peptides and Red Snow Extract, Encapsulate Baobab Oil Droplets sourced from the Tree of Life, and golden pearlescent spheres, the blend coalesces into the revolutionary, dual-textured product that helps visibly firm and improve elasticity, rebuild skin’s natural barrier and moisture abilities, and gives off a natural glow.

NARS is available online and in Rustan’s, SM Megamall, Greenbelt, Rockwell and Central Square

Reclaiming The Queer Narrative In Romance, Gaya Sa Pelikula Proves That Our Truth Can Take Space Onscreen, Too

When you're ready, we will welcome you.

Well after the final cut has been called, Gaya Sa Pelikula makes it known that in the realm of rom-coms, queer stories deserve a happy ending beyond the what if.


“Gusto kong masasabi kung sa akin, ikaw ba?”

“Same, but I want to be in charge of the ending, too.”

Right from the very beginning, we were thrown in the middle of a moment heightened, mere spectators to the tentative, but nonetheless tender dance of Vlad and Karl in cinematic slow motion. Unbeknownst to us then, the words framing the movement would not only be a gist of precedence, but will prove to be a turning point in the series, Gaya Sa Pelikula. And as if waking from the escape on alternate reality, a pitch of black engulfs the scene and we are then transported in real time to be part of this telling that from the get-go has made one important promise: That we will take back our story.

Poster from Gaya Sa Pelikula

And reclaim it did, but perhaps not in the surface level way one would understand when consuming entertainment, especially in a crisis-challenged chapter of our collective histories. With nothing but promise and potential, as well as of the intuitive and inspired writing of Juan Miguel Severo, the passion project that is Gaya Sa Pelikula was birthed into the mainstream consciousness thanks a lot to the swelling surge of BL (boys love) series that have become quite the hit at the early stages of lockdown and isolation. “Honestly, I have BL shows from Thailand to thank for that. When 2gether became a hit here and the market became more apparent, I decided to just piggyback on the hype and smuggle my personal truths and the advocacy into the genre,” reveals Severo, admitting that the trail blazed by these made-for-the-female-gaze tropes made it possible for his take on it to be possible. “I used to be embarrassed about this jumping in on the bandwagon thing, to be honest, but now I’m firm that it’s only right for members of a minority to take these opportunities to amplify their truths. I am even more grateful for the storytellers who made this possible for us. To our drag queens, our trans and femme siblings, who have always been on the front lines of the struggle,” he says. “Before all this talk about media representation and visibility, they have always been there. I am proud to have been able to write something like this for the community, but this pride comes with a prayer and a responsibility: I look forward to more stories from different parts of the spectrum be told by more queer storytellers, and I hope I get to pass the mic to the next ones.”

But we are not here to talk about the beginning, because as it stands, the hit digital series produced by Globe Studios and directed by JP Habac, has since rolled its penultimate final credits. After 8 episodes of the refreshing and riveting romantic comedy, consistently chalking up to over a million views online, has come to an end.

Art by Kenneth Dimaano, Photo from @juanmiguelsevero on Instagram

Paolo Pangilinan (UL), Ian Pangilinan (UR), Juan Miguel Severo (LL), JP Habac (LR)

No matter the emotional capacity and maturity of the person, navigating endings are never easy, at least for the most part. Sure, with closure comes the possibilities that are perhaps bigger and better than the one being left behind—that is whether we choose it to see it as so at that breaking point. But wherever one stands, it is by all accounts heartbreaking. Yes, we are mostly alluding to relationships here, but the same can be said about a great film or series that has just dropped the velvet curtains.

With a suspension of disbelief that is requisite of works anchored in fiction, we know that a conclusion will be drawn at some point, but even so, there are those soul-stirring works that just sear deep, that you begin to imagine what happens after the score soars way past the parting shot. This is arguably a testament to an effective entertainment, as it not only latches on deep, but lingers well after considerable time has passed by. While a lot of us are in a fresh state of denial, Juan Miguel Severo, who despite being a few steps ahead of the grieving process is still finding it hard to let go of the cultural timestamp Gaya Sa Pelikula has accorded its audience.

Art by Kenneth Dimaano, Photo from @juanmiguelsevero on Instagram

“I have a gaping hole in my chest. I’ve been asking myself, ‘What do I do with this love now?’ And I do know the answer; I have other projects in development now and I’m trying to transfer it to them, but it’s hard, especially because I’ve never felt like this toward a project before and I’m not sure I will ever again. I’m Katy Perry–Thinking of You.mp3 basically,” he relates. But even with the adamant assertion that what once was just a fragment of truth in the broader stroke of heterosexual romantic comedies is now immortalized in a piece of queer literature that was created by queer people for queer people, he is still evasive of being enshrined in such a special place in the hearts of many queer people, kids and adults included. “I appreciate the love, especially for the work, but I’d hate to be put on a pedestal because of it. I am not this work. I’m not political correctness and activism and social justice personified. I’m just trying to be good, and I feel like I write about things I’m trying to teach myself, too,” he reasons. “Ayoko lang mapunta na naman tayo sa personality politics. Baklang may clout lang naman ako. The principle of equality is the one that must to be put on a pedestal. We need collective action, not a Mockingjay. Or a Mocking-gay. Charot.”

Humility aside, one cannot deny the profound effect of Gaya Sa Pelikula, especially for this once-upon-a-time BL averse writer. Before you cast stones my way, a little context would do you good. You see, I am obsessed with romantic-comedies. No, really. Not only have I gone through the lists of both the popular and critically acclaimed sort, I can probably wear you out with the intricacies and nuance of this mostly dismissed genre. However, as the assumption that parlaying to the queer rom-com would be a seamless, if not natural transition, it wasn’t. In fact, the entire time everyone was so fired up about it, I met it with resistance. It wasn’t that I wanted to deny its merits, but for someone who grew up without having a clear and concise representation in a genre I found great joy in, I didn’t think it was possible to have what the girl and guy had onscreen. So, much like the rest of my generation and the ones before me, I contented myself in the box of a straight rom-com, constantly dreaming of my own what if—even if we all know that the dynamics of relationships are different for the LGBTQIA+ community. It isn’t just as easy as the guy meets girl, guy and girl hit a climactic argument, guy and girl relent with lessons learned and end up with happy ending formula. Needless to say, it just didn’t present itself as a possibility, at least for my time.

“It’s definitely a privilege to be attached to a project that moved people and I am grateful that the truths we tried to tell resonated with a lot of people. But I think the thing I’m most proud of is the community we, the team, were able to build with the fans and the YouTube reactors—and the conversations that we had and are still having,” says Severo in our own exchange online, where I share this perspective-shifting breakthrough of my own queerness. After being initiated into the genre by Gameboys, I quickly dove into Gaya Sa Pelikula. Here, it became as clear as the reflection of my reactions while watching the story of Vlad and Karl unravel in front of me from the mirror in my room, I could finally see myself onscreen. The throes of young romance type of narrative may well be past its acceptable point for someone my age, but that doesn’t mean a love like in the movies was impossible. Just as Vlad and Karl (played to earnest and painful perfection by Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan) found comfort in a home with each other, one that was reflected on the television screen turned off, as did everyone who stuck by the series in its 8-episode run. In Gaya Sa Pelikula, our truth, our pain, and our love didn’t have to exist in the margins of someone else’s romantic comedy—it was (and still is) our space with our own story.

“I initially intended for Gaya Sa Pelikula to be a showcase of how things should be and not how things are, but I realized that the danger in presenting “fairy tales” is that there’s a tendency to not give the audience, especially the young ones, the necessary tools to navigate certain complications that happen in real life,” he details. “Realizing this, I decided that it would be an incomplete experience to show people how things should be without addressing how things are, first. Oh, and yeah, I told you about that monologue because it was something I had to write as some sort of tribute to our generation and the ones prior.” It then goes without saying how much this show wrecked me, especially in the paragraphs of untold that spoke from the eyes and heart of its characters, all simply motivated by their own understanding of love. But just like Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repair of broken pottery by mending the pieces with gold, there was something more beautiful and far more realized than what once was. “I hope that the main takeaway here is that we have ownership of our truths and that there’s a bigger fight outside. It was intentional that there is no real villain in the series, because the real enemy here is the system in which this world operates,” Juan Miguel Severo divulges. “To the Karls, I hope you know that it’s okay to take your time and that you have us to welcome you when you’re ready. To the Vlads, you are not wrong to want to be loud about your love; you have every right to be.”

As entertainment functions on a plane of escape, it shouldn’t distract from the fact there is a real world out there with real issues and problems that we have to face and conquer. It isn’t a vacuum after all, as utmost empathy is necessary to extend every human being, the Karls and Vlads of the world especially—and for Severo, this is enough motivation to keep pushing the queer narratives in his fortunate capacity. “Aside from the fact that the passage of the SOGIE Equality Bill is long overdue, there will always be Karls who are struggling to accept themselves and Vlads who are aching to assert their rights to love freely. Those for me are enough reasons to keep on telling queer stories,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, while I believe that the 8 episodes are able to stand on their own, the story isn’t finished yet! So yes, this is the story I did intend to tell, but it’s not yet done.”

Gaya Sa Pelikula started with a dance—slow, steady, and yes, sentimental—proving to be pivotal points of catharsis throughout the series. While it was done in the assurance of closed doors, it was here that they could let go and just exhale. Here, they found footing in their own narrative, growing into a confidence that would see them start to see a life in their actualized truth beyond the confines of the condo unit. “Marapat ka sa pag-ibig na hahayaan ka magsayaw nang walang halong takot at hiya,” closes one of the episodes. No trepidation, no tears—this is what Gaya Sa Pelikula has compelled as it nudges the door open for the rest of the world to see. The safety and comforts are fine, but there is a world out there that deserves this kind of love and life to be seen, felt, and understood. Finally, our truth can dance in grace and liberty. Finally.

LOOK: There’s A Hidden Meaning Behind The Fashion Of NYLON Manila’s First Covers

Some easter eggs you might have missed.

Thought you’ve seen it all? While you enjoyed the reveal of our first roster of cover stars, there’s a bigger inspiration that played a pivotal role in the direction of the shoots—actual cultural symbols of the Philippines.

The whole ethos of NYLON is to tell our storiesto be seen, felt, heard, and understood and another key player in this particular narrative was the fashion. But who are we? Who is NYLON Manila, and what do they look like? In the pursuit of our identity, we needed to dive deep into the voyage of our culture.

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Being in the spotlight at a young age, Blythe bloomed in front of our eyes. No wonder she was the perfect muse for a flower so pure. A national icon of natural beauty, romantic frocks in sheer and tulle best mirror its spellbinding aroma. She was swathed in pastel hues, but edged out in hints of leather—finally unafraid to show the world her thorns if needed.


Our country boasts to be the only Christian country in Asia and religion is an important factor to most Filipino families. As one of the voices of today’s youth, Kakie is no saint even after the beginning of the #HijaAko movement, but she makes it clear that she’s also just a sinner full of faith like any of us. Emulating the iconography that you see in cathedrals, she was dressed mostly in embroidered pieces, corsets, and modern Victorian silhouettes.


The Ibong Adarna is a tale of a mythical bird that’s parallel to Yanyan’s rise to superstardom. In our high school textbooks, it was a magical creature that could enchant anyone to sleep, turn into stone, or heal from the brink of death. As graceful as the Adarna, Yanyan went beyond his dancing skills and proved to everyone that he possessed the same transformative qualities too—almost like a chameleon. He wore vibrant Filipino ethnic prints, patchwork, tie-dye, woven elements and fringe to reference the bird’s colorful wings. And who could ever forget how he rocked that salakot?


The Philippines is known for its many beaches, so it’s no surprise that we have quite a few pearls tucked beneath the ocean. We’re not called Pearl of the Orient Seas for nothing. But there’s another gem that rose above the shore. The world is his oyster as the pearls hold the same power as Kokoy’s emergence as one the best actors of his generation. He keeps it clean in shades of white, wearing a mix of delicate lace and daring sheer, all while accessorized in strings of pearls—an ode to ancient royalty of our pre-colonial years.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest, Google images and Instagram)

She Was Pretty: Look the Part of Park Seo Jun’s Next Leading Lady With BYS

Glass skin, stained lips, and a handsome leading man to boot—being Park Seo Jun’s next leading lady is going to be an easy feat.

After watching Park Seo Jun in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Itaewon Class, Fight for My Way, and Hwarang among his roster of dramas, there’s no doubt we’ve wondered what it would be like to be his leading lady. We’ve imagined what it would be like to be the woman he saves from the antagonists, the one he holds tightly in his arms, the one whose eyes he gazes into until we feel our heart flutter out of our chest. And more than those, we’ve also wondered how to get a leading lady-worthy look. Even up close, the K-drama leading ladies’ complexions look immaculate. Not a hint of blemish, and no visible pores—just a clear glow and a soft flush in the cheeks and lips, with occasional colored lids for the proper outfits. And it’s evident that this affinity for simple makeup is something that Park Seo Jun prefers in real life on women and even for himself. “I tend to prefer natural makeup that is not excessive. When I act, I meet several characters, but since they all start from my own appearance, I think it’s good to be natural so it will not feel different,” he shared during an exclusive interview. 

The dashing leading man is the apple of a lot of women’s eyes. He uses his impact on women to make them feel beautiful, that they too are worthy of being leading ladies in real life, and it all starts with how they see themselves. “I think beauty starts with knowing yourself well. Rather than following external standards, efforts to create a healthy inner side with your own standards seem to make the person most beautiful,” he explained. In his pursuit to help women see the beauty within themselves, Park Seo Jun has partnered with BYS Philippines to encourage women to “be the extra in the ordinary” and to serve as their very own cheerleader.

To show his support, our favorite oppa has released a unique kit. It’s filled with beauty products and surprises guaranteed to make every girl feel more beautiful and special, and experience what it’s like to be Park Seo Jun’s leading lady.

The kit will feature the BYS Cream Cushion to imitate the flawless complexion of leading ladies we see onscreen. It comes with the innovative V-Puff, a sponge that vibrates 12,000 times per minute. The vibrating V-Puff enables high adhesion to the skin, long-lasting coverage, and transfer-proof staying power. The cushion itself contains the Nobel Prize-winning ingredient called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). It has been shown to assist in the renewal of skin cells through production of collagen and elastin. As a result, EGF works to make the skin more firm, restore skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The Cream Cushion also carries ingredients that help calm, brighten, and moisturize the skin, as well as UV protection SPF 50++. 

The vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and cruelty-free BYS Face Primer with Hydrating Pearls in the kit is formulated with pearl extract and the antioxidant, arginine. This potent primer helps build collagen production, firm up, and hydrate the skin.

An all-in-one hypoallergenic product, the BYS Complexion Palette in the variant Dreamgasm is all you need to add a subtle flush and glow to your complexion. It houses a blush, bronzer, and highlighter that flatters all skin tones, with buildable matte and shimmer powders for your photo-ready looks.

Get an irresistible pout to smooch your leading man with. The BYS Lip & Cheek Tint in the shade Sultry is the perfect hue of red to add color to your lips and the apples of your cheeks. It’s buildable and sets to a smooth stain so you can achieve a just-bitten flush or go with a full bold coverage. It’s also built with long-lasting formulation that will stay on your skin comfortably from morning to night. 

Top your tinted lips off with the non-sticky BYS High Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Heat. It glides smoothly and leaves a silky feeling to match your glass skin with glass lips. 

Full, natural-looking brows are a must for any leading lady. Designed to combine the benefits of a brow wax, pencil, and powder, the BYS Auto Thin Brow Liner in the shade Brown features a retractable liner and a spoolie brush to fill in your brows.

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Glow as if the sun is following you everywhere you go, and highlight all your flattering features. The BYS Glow Mist in the variant Golden is a fine mist highlighter for the face and body to achieve a light-catching glow. Spray it lightly on the center of your nose, cheekbones, shoulders, collarbone, and even on your legs for a healthy head-to-toe glimmer. 

Shake up your look with prismatic eyeshadow and match it with your outfit. The BYS Eyeshadow 8-Piece Vertical Palettes in the variants Transparent Neon Pink and Transparent Neon Blue feature a mix of matte, metallic, and shimmer eyeshadow to help create different makeup looks. 

No aspiring leading lady would be complete without a cute gift from her leading man. The PSJ X BYS kit includes a limited-edition, extra-fluffy Simba plushie to cuddle just about any time of the day! And if you miss Park Seo Jun a little too much, you can always look at him on the calendar, photobook, and four photocards included in the kit so you’ll be reminded of how he is cheering you on to be the extra in the ordinary, making you feel at your most beautiful even from afar. 

Live your dream of becoming Park Seo Jun’s next leading lady. Have all of these feel-good products and collectibles from Park Seo Jun and BYS Philippines for only P6,999. 

The PSJ X BYS Philippines Beauty Kits are available online on Amorfia and Lazada, and in the BYS Philippines counters in Watsons and SM Beauty stores nationwide

From The Editor, An Introduction: Hello, Nylon Manila

And so it begins.

Every story of genesis has its corresponding why. Before we begin with the story of NYLON Manila, we look back at our sworn purpose, and set out to be the space where you can be your most you.

To be completely honest, and perhaps just like most of you, the past few months have been nothing but an ambiguous stretch of time simmering in everything from stress to anxiety. The persistence of the pandemic aside, building a brand in the middle of it all is certainly no walk in the park. But aside from juggling the logistical, administrative, and creative aspect of being Editor-in-Chief, much of my self-inflicted pressure and persistence of perfection stemmed from the fact that as someone who has practically been sculpted by the industry, I wanted this story of genesis for NYLON Manila to really mean something. If anything, this isn’t a mere professional pursuit of passion—it is personal.

While there wasn’t necessarily a lack of things to say, having typed out so many fragments of words on my phone or written on random pieces of paper I could get my hands on, nothing felt right. And if anyone of you knows me, I can be rather emotional about these things—as with well, everything else.

It’s true what they say, the less you look for and force something, the more it comes to you. Just when I thought all hope was lost for this introduction to the space we are carving out for Nylon Manila in the grand scheme of the internet, the jolt of inspiration came through a message from a reader of an anecdote I had shared on the Filipina-formed and led Instagram ‘zine, Pinta. Asked to share a beauty ritual passed down from a loved one in the tradition of a pamana, I dug deep into my memories, as I usually do when at a mental stall. Unearthing a childhood scene of my mother painting my nails on a particularly gloomy day, in hopes of cheering me up, I shared how perhaps in that point unspoken, I was being assured that it was okay to be unlike the rest of the boys. This is also why whenever I fall into a spell of glum and gloom, a proverbial Eeyore with an overcast of gray clouds hovering on me, I fumble for a bottle of nail polish and paint myself to a space of happiness—sometimes with glitter, because why not?

As with every emotional endeavor in the context of the written word, I let it go as soon as the last punctuation has been set. It isn’t necessarily mine anymore, I whisper, as I figuratively allow it to escape my grasp and soar into the great unknown. Its origins to the dark side of magic aside, including the transphobic author now known as she-who-must-not-be-named, I always think of my work as a horcrux. For you muggle folk or those uninitiated to the world of Harry Potter, it is the act of splitting my soul into many pieces not in the vanity of immortalizing myself, but instead, to sow the seeds of the story to someone who needs it at a given moment of significance.

So, as I tapped at my keyboard, writing and rewriting possible permutations of what is shaping to be what you’re reading now, a response to my piece on Pinta was sent my way. Heartfelt and hopeful, the reader particularly took to my telling as she was reminded of her own pamana, one that was handed by a past love. In a narration of skincare and sickness, this connection through a hand-me-down of practice was sealed indelibly into permanence as a routine, standing to be a reminder to this very day. “Sometimes I get too tamad to do my routine, but then I heard her voice, and I just have to, you know? She was right. Even after she’s passed, she’d still be taking care of me,” she writes. “Best pamana I got.” Best believe I was a waterfall of tears after reading this.

See, telling stories will never be a function of performative pomp, posturing, and peacocking for me. What it is an exercise of catharsis, regurgitating all that is built and bottled up, and eventually realizing in a work that is decided and distilled. It is through writing that I navigate life, constantly learning and unlearning at every sharp turn. “Just imagine how many stories, articles you’ve written. You’re so prolific. I’m betting your words have brewed in people’s minds and hearts more than they’ve been able to tell you,” they tell me in between tears. Conversely, it warms my heart to know that what I do affects people in a heart-tugging way. Characteristically, I am welling up as I go back to their words and type out my own, but indulge me, because this only affirms that where I am and what I do is what I was meant for all my life. It goes without saying that I am beyond grateful to have the good fortune of having to do it in this capacity day in and day out. Despite being saturated with thrilling, vibrant visuals, know that when all settles to a calm, words are that latch and linger, consequently informing, and hopefully, inspiring the reader’s life as it constantly and consistently does mine.

It wasn’t that I forgot, but it definitely helps to be reminded from time to time why we are nudged into certain directions in life, even if seems such a steep mountain to climb. This was the resuscitation of spirit I needed coming into this introduction of NYLON Manila—and it stands to be a guarantee of what we intend to do from here on out. On behalf of the insanely talent and dedicated team on NYLON Manila, we are committed to the responsibility of content and conversations that matter, with stories and narratives that are relevant, responsible, and radical. Here, we are to underscore the identity of the youth as a generation to be seen, heard, felt, and taken seriously on all fronts in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice, shaping a future we can fully claim as our own. In this carved out space online and in the grand spectrum of opinion, we are championing the self-aware and self-actualized intersection of the energetic and engaged youth, where we will not only speak up, but actually shift perspectives.

As early as now, consider this as our pamana, a virtual time capsule and hand-me-down, which we hope to see grow into its own identity, ideally to be passed from generation to generation, much like Nylon magazine did back then for many impressionable youth now making their marks in the world. Now, it is time to set our own thumbprint in the greater narrative of life. Your stories are safe here, as are you to be who you are and want to be. Here at NYLON Manila, you matter the most.

And so the great work begins. Hello, NYLON Manila.

This Is The One Shirt You’ll Be Seeing All Over Instagram Soon

You heard it here first.

Sorry we don’t make the rules. With NYLON finally landing in Manila, we can’t help but appreciate its simple and iconic logo printed on a tee with the country’s capital underneath. It’s been a while since an international publication has entered the islands, so what better way to join the club than wear it on your sleeve? We even sought the help of our cover stars in case you’re curious how else you can reinvent ways to wear the shirt.

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nylon manila shirt blythe

As the sampaguita in this particular tale, Blythe wears ruffles to emulate the national flower’s petals. A more casual look? Layer your NYLON shirt underneath some sheer and tulle. (Metallic gloves and flower stems optional if you dare.)

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nylon manila shirt yanyan de jesus

Slip into some statement patchwork trousers, throw some tie dye and your NYLON Manila shirt for that stamp of cool.

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kakie pangilinan nylon manila shirt

Wear your shirt with a chainmail headpiece similar to stained glass windows in cathedrals, red leather pants, crucifix necklaces and sheer sleeves with embroidered angels.

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kokoy de santos nylon manila shirt

Be the girl (or boy) with a pearl earring and wear a lace headscarf to match your NYLON tee for a street yet classy vibe.

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Special thanks to Tri-Art for printing all of NYLON Manila’s ethically made shirts.

In The Game Of Prospect And Passion, Kokoy De Santos Is Persisting For The Long Haul

If this doesn't make you smile, we don't know what will, baby.

With a firm grip on the art of life and his craft, Kokoy De Santos is committed to telling stories and essaying character truths that above all, shine light on the human condition.


On his left chest, right above the chasm that holds the thumping and beating heart, is the word “blessed” inscribed in the permanence of ink. It isn’t exactly a highly groundbreaking term, especially when put into the context of a social media-driven vocabulary where it has gained a notorious prominence as a hashtag of gratitude. For Kokoy De Santos, it is something that not only holds meaning, hence the tattoo, but it also has served as his compass in life, so to speak.

Fringe vest by RENZ REYES, Rings and chain necklace by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA

“Blessed kasi tungkol ito sa lahat ng nangyari sa akin. Kahit maraming challenges, mga pagkakataong may rejections, masasabi ko pa rin sa sarili ko na blessed ako, kasi laging may balik or may binibigay na something na hindi ine-expect,” he says, explaining the written reminder that constantly guides him in all his endeavors, decisions, and adventures, which he clarifies are far from paved and lined with flowers. “Madaming rejections ang nangyari sa akin, as in madalas mas maraming rejections kaysa sa pagkakataon maipakita ang kaya ko,” he says. “Masasabi ko nga talaga na tiyaga lang and dadating din ‘yung para sa iyo. Sinong magaakala na sa pandemic pa ako mabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mapansin ng ilan at mabigyan ng ganitong blessing nga na sinasabi.”

Kokoy de Santos
White pinstripe button down by BON HANSEN, Pinstripe trousers by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Rings by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA, Black sneakers by NIKE x OFF WHITE

Kokoy De Santos is of course talking about the beautifully nuanced and unassuming telling of Gameboys, one of, if not the first Filipino BL (boys love) series, where he starred as the charming and complex Gavreel Alarcon. With his tumble of luscious curls and a sly smile, it would be easy to dismiss his portrayal as coasting along the tropes of a fundamental rom-com in theory. However, a swirl of honesty, earnestness, and confidence easily dispels all preconceived notions, revealing a portrayal that is truthful, sensible, and necessary. “Nung dumating sa akin ‘yung Gameboys at tinanggap ko siya, sabi ko, hindi nga siya ‘yung typical na kwento. Kahit madalas ako malinya sa mg LGBTQ+ related na mga story at sinsasabihan ako na baka ma-typecast ako,” he says. “Para sa akin, wala naming masama kung ma-typecast, kasi baka napapansin ng tao na nabibigyan mo ng buhay at naniniwala sila sa’yo. Depende na lang ‘yun sa kwento.” For him, story is of utmost importance, because with his keen understanding of the art of acting, he is but a vessel to the reality of his character.

White pinstripe button down by BON HANSEN, Pinstripe trousers by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Chain necklaces and rings by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA, Black sneakers by NIKE x OFF WHITE
Kokoy de Santos
White cropped jacket by JANN BUNGCARAS, Cream trousers by MARK TAMAYO, Pearl rings and necklaces by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA, Dried flowers by Blooms Artisan

Siguro sa pagkakaalam ng iba, nag-a-artista ang iba para yumaman at sumikat. Pero iba ‘yung satisfaction sa akin ‘pag gumaganap ako ng ibang karakter. Bukod dun, nakakatulong din ako sa magulang ako ‘pag kumikita ako kahit papano at nasho-showcase ko ‘yung talent na alam kong kaya ko pang i-improve araw-araw,” he says, conveying a deep and profound appreciation for the craft that belies his age. “Tsaka iba din ‘yung nakakasama mo na alam mo na iisa ‘yung gusto niyo: ‘yung mabigyang hustiya ang kwento at karakter na talagang totoong tao, hindi lang naisip ng basta-basta naisip lang.” This doesn’t seem out of base for Kokoy De Santos, especially knowing that he has been actively working in the business of show since he has 8 years old. “Diyan papasok ‘yung blessed ako nagkaroon ako ng family na talagang gumabay sa akin. The way na ako pinalaki, laging pinapasok sa kokote ko na hindi, hindi pa para sa’yo ‘yan. Meron talagang paparating para sa’yo—magbubunga din ‘yan. ‘Yun na tumatak sa akin, simula’t sapul talaga,” he says, detailing that despite the many doors that were shut in his face over the years, he persisted and persevered at what he loves to do. “May mga taon din na medyo nawawala na ako sa track. ‘Yun ‘yung tipong pag nagkaka project, mas ginagawa ko para dun sa financial na pangangailangan. Medyo nawala ‘yung passion ko, pero tina-try ko pa din. Balang araw, sabi ko—baka hindi lang ngayon.”

Kokoy de Santos LVNA
Fringe vest by RENZ REYES, Rings and chain necklaces by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA


Much like the many tales of romance immortalized in film, literature, and television, you know, that ones that for better or worse informed the way we lens our own matters of the heart, the distinct caveat of destiny has always been time. It isn’t any different for Kokoy De Santos and the trajectory of his career. After biding his time and putting in the work with uncredited and supporting roles, he would finally clinch a breakthrough role in Fuccbois, which really made people notice of his gift. However, while it seemed to be the fast pass to the next level of success in the playing field of his career, the pandemic and the shutdown of ABS-CBN, which produced what would have been his first foray into the rabid realm of BL series, Oh, Mando, would prove to be a temporary halt to his progress.

Kokoy de Santos
Chain necklace and bangles by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Beaded bracelets by OH NANA PH, Pearl earrings by PRANCA

Nung na-shutdown ang ABS-CBN, nalungkot talaga ako kasi paano ba? ‘Yun na ‘yun eh. Nung nag-start ang Oh, Mando, dun na dapat ako mapapansin ulit kahit papano kung ano ‘yung meron ako,” he recalls. It wouldn’t be too long when his path crossed with Gameboys, which would prove to be godsend for him and the industry who until then were trying to figure out a way around the restrictions of isolation and lockdown, as well as of course, an entire community that has been constantly starved and parched for stories that we can call our own. “Kaya sobra akong nai-inspire talaga ulit. Kasi with Gameboys, marami kaming nakakausap from the community, nasa industriya man o nasa labas, lagi nilang sinasabi na nung panahon nila walang ganyan. Sobrang fulfilling at napapatunayan ko sa sarili ko na totoo ‘yung ginagampanan ko at maraming nakaka-relate sa akin,” he says. “Lagi kong pinu-push ‘yung sarili ko na hindi ‘to para sa sarili ko. Para ‘to sa mga taong maraming pinagdaanan, lalo na ngayon sa pandemic. Natatanong ko nga sa sarili ko, bakit ba….ano ba ‘yung pumipigil sa pagmamahalan ng mga tao?”

LVNA By Drake Dustin Kokoy De Santos
White suit by VIN ORIAS, White cargo pants by JET TORRENTO, Chain necklace and bangles by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Beaded bracelets by OH NANA PH, Pearl earrings by PRANCA

A proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community with a considerate and substantial understanding of the oppression and struggles, particularly with love, Kokoy De Santos is baffled by the way humanity in general operates in general. “Wala naman talagang masama eh. Ako, marami akong kaibigan sa community, and noon pa man, iniisip ko na bakit big deal ang pag-a-out. Tingin ko kasi, hindi na siya kailangan, kasi tao din ang nasa community,” he wonders, even further comparing it to how heterosexuals who shove down their heteronormative points-of-view on everyone have all the privilege in the world, especially not needing to spell out their sexuality and gender identity to anyone. “Nasa kultura din natin ‘yung mga bulong na: ‘Bakit ‘di pa siya nag-a-out?’ ‘Di mo na problema ‘yun. ‘Di mo na kailangan pang malaman ‘yan. Ang importante, confident, honest, and masaya sila,” he says, urging a bandwidth of compassion and empathy for the LGBTQ+ community. More so, he turns his attention to those still continues to grapple with figuring out and defining who they truly are. “Hindi mo kailangan itago ‘yan habang buhay. Mas makakahinga ka ng maluwag…At di mo kailangan i-please ang lahat ng tao para lang matanggap ka nila. Paano pa ‘yung sarili mo? Kung ano ka, ‘yun ang importante.” It is this genuine support and thought that has given depth and detail to his work and growth as an actor and as a human being. “Sino pa ang magsasabi at makikinig sa mga kwento na ‘to? Tao lang din naman na nagmamahalan ang napapaloob dito. Walang pinagkaiba sa mga straight ‘yun. ‘Di din naman sila pinapakialaman ng mga LGBTQ+. Dapat dedma na,” he says defiantly, arguing that there is no other pressing concern for him other than to essay the truth of the character and the story.

Kokoy de Santos LVNA
Embellished jacket by NERIC BELTRAN, White cargo pants by JET TORRENTO, Nude combat boots by PALLADIUM at SOLE ACADEMY, Pearl rings and bangles by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Beaded bracelets by OH NANA PH
White cropped jacket by JANN BUNGCARAS, Cream trousers by MARK TAMAYO, Nude combat boots by PALLADIUM at SOLE ACADEMY, Pearl rings and necklaces by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA

More than anything, he is more than grateful to have been an instrument in giving stories of this sort to occupy a space that normally wouldn’t be given the light of day. “Ang dami talagang nagsasabi na emotional sila, nagpapasalamat talaga [sa amin at sa show.] Hindi ko inakala na ganun ‘yung impact, iba talaga. Ang sarap sa pakiramdan na yung kwentong ito na experimental, eh talagang nakakatulong pala sa LGBTQ+ community,” he says. With the unexpected and unforeseen success of Gameboys in the gravity that is has been realized, portraying a love that isn’t different from anyone else’s, and most importantly, underscored by a conscious attention to the introduction of SOGIE and the effective weaving of the pandemic to propel the essential narrative forward, the show that was initially to run for a few episodes got a full season order, as well as of a follow-up, character spin-offs, and a film on its horizon.


Ang dami kong natutunan, lalo na sa pagmamahal,” contemplates Kokoy De Santos on his immersion into the stories of a community he now holds near and dear his blessed heart as an ally. “Kapag love mo talaga ‘yung tao, walang imposible kahit kung through social media man ‘yan, kasi mararamdaman mo naman kung totoo ‘yan. Pangalawa, ‘yung buhay ng tao, dapat wag tayong masyadong nagho-hold back. Kasi tayo din ang magsisisi, puro tayo panghinayang at sana.

Kokoy de Santos LVNA
Tulle embroidered top by RANDOLF CLOTHING, Cream trousers by JANN BUNGCARAS, Pearl rings, necklaces and bangles by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN, Pearl earrings by PRANCA, Beaded bracelets by OH NANA PH

With a more realized understanding of life, he now has a greater appreciation for the people around him. The process in the midst of the pandemic has only helped be a better actor and person, letting go of a control that otherwise consumes him and his craft, and more importantly, to break down barriers of whatever precedes him. “Wala naman akong trust issues, lagi lang akong sigurista,” he says with a chuckle escaping the mask he had on. “Tingin ko ngayon, ‘pag sumosobra ang pagiging sigurista, ‘di din nakakatulong kasi nakakaapekto sa ibang tao. Kailangan mo din i-consider ‘yung ibang tao. Hindi mo na-enjoy ‘yung buhay, mase-stress ka lang.” Without missing a beat, he drives his point further along, saying, “Pag hindi mo binibigay ‘yung 100% sa alam mo namang gusto mong ginagawa mo, eh hindi mo talaga alam kung ano ba gusto mong gawin sa buhay.”

Kokoy de Santos
Embellished jacket by NERIC BELTRAN, Pearl earring by PRANCA

If there is anything to be learned from Kokoy De Santos, is that you just go for it, whatever that may be. Circumstance and context will always matter, as is evidenced in the path it took for the world to take closer notice of his winsome and warm demeanor, with eyes that truly speak of what was now untold that is being seen, heard, and felt by many. And yet in the end, he is self-effacing in the deluge of appreciation, reiterating in a heartfelt sincerity that is deliberate and decided: it isn’t about him, but rather the real stories that he takes on, one that truly needs to be told now for a generation to be assured that their love is valid and that they matter, too.


Creative direction and styling ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA



Fashion direction LYN ALUMNO




Sittings editor ELYSE ILAGAN

Dried flowers by BLOOMS ARTISAN

Special thanks to LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN