You Love To See It: Gigi Goode And Naomi Smalls Are Eating Up The Girls In This Beauty Campaign

Booked and busy!

Life’s a drag when you can’t go on world tours, but not for Miss Goode and Miss Smalls. They’re quite busy raking it up. Following the footsteps of Ru Paul, Miss Fame, Violet Chachki, Aquaria and Nina West to name a few, drag queens are taking over the beauty world by storm and this time, it’s for Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido.

“I heard she makes commercials…In Japan.” If Regina George were born in the 80s, this is probably how she’d look like. With face caked up with Shiseido’s Kajai ink artist shadow liners, Minimalist whipped powder blush, and waves larger than life, Gigi is an 80s dream girl.

Oh, Naomi. The girls are not just doing it like ’em anymore. Perfecting her aquamarine cut crease, she pairs it with glossed up bee-stung lips, glowing skin with their Synchro self-refreshing foundation and big, big hair sculpted for the gods.

Paying homage to timeless beauty icons such as Elvira Hancock from Scar Face and 90s supermodel Naomi Campbell, the two drag queens have come a long way ever since joining the reality show, proving that today’s beauty standards are ever evolving. Aside from bagging deals here and there and landing their recent social media partnership with Shiseido, Gigi and Naomi continue to change the face of the game. And we are thirsting for more.

Shiseido is available at Rustan’s, Lazada, Beauty MNL and SM Malls