10 Of Our Favorite Fan Reactions to HORI7ON’s NYLON Manila Cover That Are A Whole Mood

ANCHORs' reactions caught in 4K.

HORI7ON made waves on social media as NYLON Manila’s October cover stars, and here are some of our favorite fan reactions from X (formerly Twitter)!

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When the HORI7ON for NYLON Manila teasers and materials dropped, we (who are mostly K-pop and P-pop fans) experienced being on the other side of fan culture for once. Seeing the reactions to the cover story, photos, videos, TikToks, and podcast was an exciting experience. From seeing fans react or make jokes on the timeline to seeing them print the photos from the shoot, we agreed that fandom is such a unique experience, shared across a wide population. So, when these reactions hit our timelines, we couldn’t help but relate!

The seven-member global group have some dedicated, sweet, and hilarious fans (called ANCHORs), and we’ve compiled some of our favorite reactions to the group’s feature on NYLON Manila from X (formerly Twitter, the stomping grounds of fandoms) so you can see just how much fun they had.


One great thing about social media is how fast the talents, looks, and even personalities of artists reach a wide audience. People from all over the world can easily discover new artists and their music, as well as how great they are as people! And yes, sometimes with just one song, photo, or video, you can immediately tell how worth it stanning someone is going to be.


Lots of people live out their busy lives fully while also still having the time and energy for stanning. For this user, no matter how tired they were, they probably got a jolt of energy from all the pasabog from the group!


Styling is a vital part of any act, photoshoot, the artist’s general public image, and so much more. And when designers and stylists serve, like stylist Quayn Pedroso with assistance from Jia Torrato and Alexie did here, the artists serve even harder. Styling also sets the tone for the entire layout. Get them their flowers!


One thing about stans—they will always know their idol from a mile away. ANCHORs took to pausing, rewinding, screenshotting, and even editing photos to see which members of HORI7ON were on the teasers.


Fans can manifest anything, truly. This DM was sent just days after we shot HORI7ON for the cover, so this fan’s spidey senses were tingling for sure.


There’s something so rewarding about watching your idols grow and reach new heights. The connection fans have with the artists they love is so strong that there’s just a sense of pride that comes with seeing them achieve things as you cheer them on.


The amount of people asking who a certain HORI7ON member was is awesome to see. And the responses—from wholeheartedly giving up all the information about the member to jokingly gatekeeping—were also so funny to see on the timeline.


What’s the point in choosing a bias line when every single member bias-wrecks like their life depended on it? Good luck sorting out your biases.


Leave it to a stan to make the funniest slang references to praise their idol! Winston in this distressed top with genius jackstone details truly was a life-changing serve.


We’re not just hyping the HORI7ON shoot team up here—we’re glad that fans understood the concept and the story told throughout the layouts! So, this is how K-Pop creative teams feel whenever they drop concept photos.


Winston would never been on the bottom two, that’s for sure! HORI7ON proved how multi-talented they are as they slayed and served in every photo and layout. The hundreds of thousands of views on each individual photo would definitely secure them an ANTM win.

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Mga Lihim ni Arthur: This Rising Star Spills 5 Truths You Didn’t Know About Him

He's just like us!

With the release of ‘Lihim,’ let’s dive deep into the secrets of chart-topping artist Arthur Miguel.

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What started from YouTube covers, Arthur Miguel has paved the music scene with wonder tracks like Leron and Pasahili. With the help of his label Warner Music Philippines, the 23-year-old artist has amassed an impressive following of over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and his Spotify tracks have resonated with a remarkable audience of 3.5 million monthly listeners.

That said, we can only imagine how Arthur Miguel handles his new-found fame. While some artists wear a carefully constructed persona, this rising star isn’t afraid to share his truest self. With the release of new single Lihim, let’s dive deep into the secrets of this chart-topping artist.

The Extroverted Introvert

Whether you’re an actor, all-around performer, or content creator, it’s expected that the entertainment industry is filled with extroverts. Well, that’s not the case for Arthur Miguel, who is a self-proclaimed introvert behind the scenes. The 23-year old thrives in the solitude of his creative space, finding inspiration in the quiet moments of introspection. This introverted nature serves as a surprising contrast to his electrifying stage presence, and it’s an integral part of his artistic journey.

When asked about how he’s going around shows, press conferences, and gigs, he answers “As an introvert, ang hirap pero dahil artist ka kailangan. Gaya nalang siguro ng sinasabi nila ‘practice makes perfect.’ Habang tumatagal, kaya ko na pero may time talaga na sagad ‘yung social battery ko.

The True Story Behind His Bold Buzz Cut

While Arthur Miguel is known for his music, he’s also recognized for his bold buzz cut. Plus, his consistent choice to serve those wild colors? It’s totally iconic and hands down one of the standout moments in his career. Interestingly, it might surprise you to know that it was accidental and not his first choice.

“Hindi naman ako kalbo dati, dumating lang sa point na sa sobrang bleach— like, ako lang gumagawa ng hair ko— nalalagas na siya. Kaya naman naging pink, I tried black but hindi siya Arthur Miguel,” he says.

Stanning Ms. Swift

Speaking of buzz cuts and bleached hair, it’s no secret that Arthur Miguel is a Swiftie. In numerous interviews and press conferences, he proudly wears his love for Ms. Swift on his sleeves and shares how the icon influences the way he crafts stories through his lyrics. With tracks like Lihim and Pasahili, the impact of Taylor is undeniably present in his songwriting, often capturing the essence of raw emotions and personal experiences.

The secret? Arthur Miguel has tickets to the Eras Tour, and he’s super stoked. And if you’re wondering what his favorite Taylor Swift song, it’s Mirrorball, which totally vibes with his personality.

Thinking Too Much…

Beneath the glitz and glamour of the stage, this rising star openly admits to being an overthinker. While many artists thrive in the spotlight, he frequently finds himself lost in his thoughts, carefully contemplating every detail and angle. It’s this meticulous approach to his creative process that imbues his work with a deeply personal touch. Arthur Miguel doesn’t just create music; he pours his heart and soul into it, analyzing every note and melody down to the very last lyric.

All About 3AM Hits, Literally

Have you ever wondered about the creative process behind his chart-topping hits? When we’re singing along to the loneliest songs at 3 AM, Arthur Miguel is also up at those hours writing his tracks. The stillness of midnight hours provides the ideal backdrop for him to pour his personal experiences and emotions into his songs, resulting in the deeply moving and relatable details that have captured the hearts of his fans.

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10 Celebrities That Served Rockstar Realness at the Billboard Philippines Launch 

They went for loud and edgy.

These ‘Rock Chic’ ensembles at the Billboard Philippines Launch deserve a billboard of their own.

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The Billboard Philippines Launch was nothing short of a rockstar affair, with singers, emerging artists, and major names in the entertainment industry coming together to witness history in the making. The main event celebrated the country’s music scene with a ‘Rockstar Chic’ theme that set the tone for an evening of true talent and style, underlining the Philippines’ undeniable influence on the music stage.

Now that we’ve come, seen, and danced the night away, it’s time to declare the best-dressed personalities on the blue carpet at the Billboard Philippines Launch. Nobody disappointed, but these celebrities served rockstar realness.


A quarter of the girl group BINI made quite the entrance with their picture-perfect attire for the evening. Styled by Ica Villanueva, Mikah and Aiah captivated the crowd as they strutted down the blue carpet, with each ensemble making a unique statement while maintaining a cohesive sense of unity. Mikah commanded attention in a sleek, all-black outfit that showcased her edgy yet elegant persona. In contrast, Aiah embraced a complementary palette of white and red.


G22 doesn’t simply speak through P-Pop but also through their personal style. When asked about their look last night, members of the girl group described it as ‘very avant-garde and very G22. We agree because those all-black and color-coordinating sets deserve their own spotlight.


As SB19 made their grand entrance, the collective presence of these stars spoke volumes about their evolving image in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, leaving attendees and fans eagerly awaiting their next moves in the music scene. After becoming Billboard Philippines’ Maiden Issue cover stars, who knows what they’ll achieve next?

As if that isn’t enough, in a world where music and fashion collide, the Kings of P-Pop proved that they are not only masters of their craft but also influential icons who are shaping the future of men’s fashion. They totally brought their A-game to the event, showcasing the dashing dark blue and black ensembles.


We all know that BGYO has mastered performing and traveling in style, but Gelo and Nate’s bold blue carpet affair wouldn’t be left behind. Rocking mixed textures, prints, and accessories, they captured the essence of the night. Their ability to seamlessly blend various elements of fashion, from fabrics to patterns, showcased their knack for pushing the boundaries and redefining style. This fearless approach to fashion continues to be a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Ena Mori

Ena Mori, an emerging talent, offered a fresh perspective to the event. Her experimental and all-denim style revealed her willingness to push the boundaries and explore new avenues in fashion, just as she does in her music career. It’s no wonder why she won best-dressed last night.

Zild Benitez

Another awardee for best-dressed, Zild Benitez made a strong statement that was as powerful as his artistry. Wearing an-all black jersey matched with sunglasses and a choker, he’s serving rockstar realness with that fierce face and personality.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, known for her personal style and aesthetic, was nothing short of lustrous last night. The actress killed it with a red, RAFA WORLDWIDE leather skirt and a black bodice off-shoulder. If Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera’s style had a baby, it would look like this rockstar affair.


While we’re thinking of leather jackets and fringes for the event, Jayda took it to the next level with a red gown, gracing the blue carpet with elegance and a contemporary edge. While it was a departure from the expected all-black affair, it served as a refreshing reminder that fashion is a canvas for self-expression. Who knew that the fusion of elegance and rockstar flair could be equally show stopping as edgy ensembles?

Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual made a splash with a sophisticated all-white ‘fit. The actor and singer-songwriter’s tailored suit, accompanied by subtle accessories, exuded elegance and charisma. Needless to say, Inigo demonstrated the power of classic style with a modern twist, symbolizing a fusion of sophistication and youthfulness.

Regine Velasquez – Alcacid

A true icon in the Philippine music industry, Regine Velasquez displayed her timeless grace through this maximalist gem—think fur sleeves, mismatched patterns, and a statement necklace. With this bold fashion choice, Asia’s Songbird not only reaffirmed her status as a music legend but also showcased her flair for pushing the boundaries of style and making a lasting impression in the world of fashion.

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If You Like These 11 Sad Songs, I Have Some Advice To Give

For the feels.

We all have our reasons to enjoy sad, heart-wrenching music. If you like these songs in particular, maybe you’d like to hear some advice or words of comfort?

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We listen to sad songs for a myriad of reasons. Grief, breakups, a longing for a person or a time long gone—all valid reasons to hit play on all those sad songs. Did you know listening to sad music can actually help you process your emotions as it influences your mood? Sad music allows us to feel a sense of connectedness and draw out some of those feelings that have been dormant within you for however long. It can also direct us toward a path of healing and fuel a hope for something better. You can make a sad song your own as it intertwines with your very soul and lets you feel, remember, and imagine.

Now, I may not be a wisened old sage with so much life lived, but I’d love to impart some wisdom you may need to hear if you’re listening to these songs over and over. Hopefully you find some semblance of comfort or validation, some good advice or a reality check. Or, if you’re looking for some new sad songs to add to your rotation, you’ll find some here.


Who isn’t mourning the loss of their youth these days? If Ribs is on your On Repeat playlist like it is on mine, I hope the bittersweet feeling of losing touch with your youth isn’t debilitating, but instead a reminder that what everything you’ve ever loved and learned is what lets you grow and move forward.


Hope is always beautiful to hold on to. And if you’re second-guessing taking the chance of a lifetime, stop. Learn from the person who inspired this Ben&Ben song and take the leap. Getting the opportunity to find happiness or the push to move on is always better than just wondering what if.


Did someone say sad songs? If you’re struggling with finding your passions and purpose, don’t ever feel like you have to figure out everything immediately. Reflecting on who you are and what you want to do is always good practice, but take some advice from Billie: you may not know how to feel, but someday, you might.


Thank you for your service, martyr. I hope you end up as happy as they are—or even happier. And may you, like Moira said herself, come out of the darkness free and ready to love again.


South Korean band The Rose reminds us in this gorgeous ballad that no matter how much it feels like you’re drowning, you are not alone. “It’s better to be held than holding on,” so don’t be afraid to rely on the people that love and support you.


One of the most sawi sad songs out there. this track teaches us that, as much as love is worth waiting for, you shouldn’t let your life stand still because of someone who doesn’t love you back.


I feel like we as a society severely underestimate the value of just trying. You don’t have to do everything perfectly immediately, but, like Taylor Swift herself, taking the initiative to try—to try to do better, try to heal, try to forgive—is always better than the alternative.


This cover of an Eraserheads original is sentimental and wistful as it looks back at a history of a friendship long gone. Time is unintentionally cruel sometimes, and some friendships can never be the way they were before. But hold on to the memories. They’re lovely, and they’re yours to keep.


It’s difficult to be in a new place—literally or metaphorically. This vulnerable ballad allows you to recognize that which gives you strength, a reason, and something to believe in. It doesn’t have to be romantic, but just a reminder: people are there and will always be there for you, no matter how far away you feel.


This ballad written by Woozi and performed by disbanded girl group I.O.I is a great reminder to let yourself feel whatever it is that you feel about the artists you love. Contrary to popular belief, they really aren’t just celebrities or artists to the people that support them. Whether it’s I.O.I or One Direction, I’m sorry your favorite group didn’t last forever. But the memories, along with the love and joy that radiated throughout the time they were together and the music and magic they created will live on.


Miley paints an emotional portrait of her past in this song, and those of of us who grew up with her on our screens understand all too well how differently life turns out when we grow up. Time finds us shifting and changing, and we look back with a jumbled mess of emotions. We all used to be young, and it’s easy to cling on to regrets, but it would prove a kindness to yourself if you celebrate how much you’ve changed and how far you’ve come.

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5 Ways SB19 Is Ushering In A New Era Together With Their Fans

Reaching new heights.

This 2023, SB19 has made some big changes and hit several milestones as they continue to blaze their way through the world. As their 5th anniversary nears, here’s how they’re coming into an exciting new era.

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There’s no doubt that five-member Filipino pop group SB19 continues to be an unstoppable force of nature. Championing Filipino talent going global, the group is achieving milestone after milestone as they continue to chase their dreams and pave the way for local acts.

This year, from the release of their second EP Pagtatag! to their new, personal podcast, SB19 has embarked on another journey as a unit and as musicians—and they show no signs of slowing down. Half a decade in the business has not dulled their artistry, their love for their fans, and their desire to tell their story. As they near their fifth anniversary, the group is reaching towards new heights while remaining grounded to who they are. So this October, Pablo, Stell, Justin, Ken, and Josh promise an entire month of events celebrating how far they’ve come, and how much farther they’re going to go.


@officialsb19 1 day ‘til the release of PAGTATAG! EP. Mag GENTO GENTO muna tayo while waiting. 🫣 #SB19PAGTATAG #PAGTATAG #SB19 #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

What else signifies going bigger and bolder than SB19’s absolute hit Gento? The song, which went staggeringly viral, was covered by a whole slew of K-Pop idols and reached two Billboard charts. There’s no doubt it marked a full-circle moment for the group given that they were inspired and influenced by global acts. The success of Gento was also accompanied by the success of their second international tour across the Philippines and North America.


In a video all about the new direction SB19 is taking to achieve their dreams, the band explained that starting their own company 1Z Entertainment was a move to take control of their work and their future. The band has always been hands-on with their projects, and this move ensures they have more of a say in their craft. 1Z Entertainment isn’t just something for SB19, though—they envision it as a way to make changes in the Filipino music industry.


It’s fitting that one of SB19’s events this October was Pepsi Pulse 2023, a launch aptly themed Be Part Of A New Era. The group headlined the event, performing in their usual explosive manner. As they celebrated a new era with the brand, one can’t help but think about how the band itself was celebrating their own new era after they left old management and started down their own path.


One of the major October events the group has in store is the One Zone: SB19 Half a Decade Celebration Fanmeet! On October 28, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum the band will host a special anniversary fanmeet for their beloved A’TINs to celebrate all that they’ve achieved in the last five years and everything more to come.


SB19 podcast


As fans, we mostly see our idols performing or joking around in variety shows. It’s always special when they take time to share their honest thoughts and opinions, perspectives, and advice, whether through a livestream or episodes from Mindset by DIVE Studios. Similarly, another October special from SB19 features a peek into the members’ lives and minds as they start their own podcast, Atin Atin Lang, where they’ll be having open and honest conversations about “life, career, and everything else amongst themselves” every Monday this October on Spotify. The first episode is all about “Finding and Losing Relationships,” a relevant subject befitting those of us who are embarking on new journeys ourselves.

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All The Moments You Missed From Rex Orange County’s First Concert in Manila

BRB, still in my feels.

After the canceled tour in 2020, Rex Orange County finally had his much-awaited concert in Manila. Feeling FOMO? Here’s what went down.

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Whether or not you’re into Rex Orange County, chances are you’ve experienced LSS with fan-favorite tracks like The Shade, Best Friend, and the TikTok sensation Amazing. And ICYDK, the British multi-instrumentalist was was officially scheduled to perform in the Philippines back in 2020—then the pandemic hit. For three years, Filipino fans made several requests through social media for a Live in Asia Tour in the country. And those prayers were finally answered.

Along with the promised performances of Sunflower and Television / So Far So Good, the hype was real considering that his highly anticipated concert completely sold out as thousands packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sunday. In case you’re feeling FOMO, here are all the moments you missed from Rex Orange County’s first concert in Manila.

From West Sydney, With Love

Fans were in for an extra special treat as a Filipino-Australian singer and songwriter from Western Sydney made a homecoming appearance as the opening act for Rex Orange County. As if we weren’t excited enough, the electric tracks of Grant Perez, which weave stories of love, lust, and coming of age, set the pitch-perfect tone for the main event. And when he performed Cherry Wine? The crowd went wild!

Rex Orange County Playing Fan-Favorite Tracks

While we already had an idea of Rex Orange County’s tracklist for the tour, we couldn’t help but fall in love again when he serenaded the crowd with Happiness and Loving is Easy. When we turn 81 and forget things, this feeling will always be one of those we’ll remember.

Filipino Fans Proving to ROC That We’re the Best Concert Crowd

We were lucky enough to give Rex Orange County some sunflowers, but a fan took it to the next level with a hand-drawn portrait. To top it all off, we illuminated the big dome with a sea of orange lights as we danced the night away to the last few songs. Well, ROC said it himself; he approves of what he heard about Manila having the best concert crowds.

It’s A Secret

I should’ve stayed at home… Nope, I’m more than happy to be singing along to Best Friend late at night. Now, Rex Orange County and a few fans have a secret (and are we becoming best friends?). Don’t worry, here’s what went down.

As the song starts playing, the 21-year-old wanted all phones down so we could all be in the moment together—like besties with a secret. Surprisingly, everyone agreed, and it was one of the most genuine concert moments I’ve ever encountered.

Surprise Song!

Rex Orange County had initially planned to conclude with It’s Not The Same Anymore, but the Filipino fans had one specific song in mind—Pluto Projector. Given that we’re the best crowd, even ROC couldn’t say no after fans passionately sang the entire song a cappella. Encore? It’s more like a core memory.

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All The Pinoy Rom-Com Movie References in Rob Deniel’s New Music Video ‘RomCom’

All the classics.

Rising young star Rob Deniel channels old-school vibes and classic Pinoy romantic comedies in his newest music video RomCom with special guests Vladia, BINI’s Maloi, Hyacinth Callado, and Sam Benwick.

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There’s nothing like love in a romantic comedy. Let’s be honest—which of us hasn’t formed our ideas of love based on a foundation of cheesy (admittedly, often problematic) rom-coms and classic love story tropes? There’s something so magnetic about romantic comedies, from their timelessness to toothache-inducing fluff. And one young artist embodies such notions of everlasting romance in his music and artistry.

Rob Deniel is a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose song Ulap quickly became a hit in 2020. Known for the love stories he tells through his retro-inspired music, Rob Deniel has captured the heart of many with his talent. An old soul, the artist has mentioned that he is inspired by the likes of Apo Hiking Society and Rey Valera. As a Gen Z artist leaning towards an old-school sound, Rob brings a fresh take to lyrical musings about love and romance.

And to celebrate his 20th birthday, he dropped a romantic music video for his newest single RomCom, an upbeat track referencing age-old stories about love told through film. Re-enacting iconic scenes from Filipino rom-coms Kita Kita, A Very Special Love, Diary Ng Panget, FLAMES: The Movie, Rob is joined by fellow young artists and musicians Vladia Disuanco, Maloi of BINI, Hyacinth Callado, and Sam Benwick.


kita kita rob deniel poster

The music video first shows Rob as Tonyo (Empoy Marquez in the film) and Vladia Discuanco as Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) re-enacting the ramen scene from the hit rom-com-drama Kita Kita. Kita Kita is about a temporarily-blind woman living in Japan who witnessed her husband cheating and meets Tonyo, her neighbor who accompanies her as she’s navigating the new changes in her life.


a very special love rob deniel movie poster

Maloi Ricalde from P-pop girl group BINI joins Rob in the A Very Special Love segment of the music video. The two enact the door-locking misunderstanding between Miggy (John LLoyd Cruz), a hotshot magazine executive and Laida (Sarah Geronimo), his new editorial assistant. The two leads in this film (which spawned an entire succesful trilogy) start off incredibly rocky and then come to embody the eye-roll-inducing and yet entertaining “I can change him!” trope.


diary ng panget rob deniel movie poster

The JaDine starrer Diary ng Panget is a Cinderella story based on a Wattpad tale. That already says a lot, but the cult-classic also features a tense and rocky relationship between the stubborn Cross (James Reid) and the grounded and romantic Eya (Nadine Lustre). Rob and artist Hyacinth Callado perfectly channel Cross’ recklessness and Eya’s war with her feelings from the film.


flames rob deniel poster

What’s more classic than a “you’ve got something on your face” scene in a 90’s movie based on a compatibility game FLAMES? FLAMES: The Movie, based on the series, is a film all about how two young and in love couples try to find their way in the world together. It stars Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin (Rob also name-drops them in the song!) as well as Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan.

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Sabrina Claudio Glows In First Philippine Show—Here’s What Went Down

Confidently grooving.

Sabrina Claudio’s first-ever concert in Manila was marked with silky, intimate music, strong female energy, and a lovely crowd of music enthusiasts.

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American singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio headlined a night of music and artistry last October 5 as part of the newly-minted Insignia Concert Series by Insignia Presents. Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila was held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier and featured musicians in their element as well as a whole lot of love.

“It’s my very first time here, ever,” the R&B artist said to the crowd. “What an honor! I’m so happy to be here with you guys.” Twenty-seven-year old Sabrina Claudio found fame with an ethereal, sensual artistry that marks her music. Her biggest hits include Confidently Lost and Rumors (feat. Zayn), which she performed at the show along with Unravel Me, Frozen, Stand Still, Moan, and more. With her soulful ballads and unabashedly vulnerable lyrics, Sabrina makes music that’s resonant.

Intimate and sensual, her first concert in the Philippines opened with some beats from Filipino DJ Butta B and songs from Australian artist Jess Connelly. You could see couples of all ages, friend groups, and individuals dressed in chic outfits vibe to the music, drinks or cameras in hand. If you missed the show or simply want to relive it, here are some standout moments from Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila.


@insignia.presents Mother @Sabrina Claudio singing Frozen at the #InsignaConcertSeries #ICSSabrinaClaudio #SabrinaClaudioinManila #SabrinaClaudio #Frozen #mother #concert #concertsph #livemusic #philippines #fyp ♬ original sound – Insignia Presents

Sabrina performed with strong vocals and an alluring stage presence. From the bewitching music to her long dark hair and simple beige dress, Sabrina Claudio was a siren on stage, almost gliding across, captivating the crowd with every note, every sway, and every word.


With Jess Connelly and DJ Butta B joining Sabrina, female energy absolutely radiated throughout the Hall and all throughout the night.


sabrina claudio 3

All throughout the show, Sabrina humbly expressed how shocked she was that the audience actually knew her and her songs. “This is crazy that y’all even know who I am!” The songstress remarked. “Do you know how far I away I live?” Her disbelief and humility endeared the audience, getting them to laugh reassuringly, throw hand and finger hearts, and yell back I love yous.


@insignia.presents about last night… ✨ #InsigniaConcertSeries #ICSSabrinaClaudio #SabrinaClaudioinManila #SabrinaClaudio #confidentlylost #concert #concertph #livemusic #fyp ♬ original sound – Insignia Presents

One of the most amazing parts of a concert is hearing the crowd sing back an artist’s own words to them in a show of love and support. When the singer-songwriter would point the mic to the crowd, especially during Confidently Lost and Frozen, they’d sing back with such emotion and fervor—and they sounded amazing! She also joked around, returned finger hearts, and even conversed a little bit with some audience members.


sabrina claudio 2
sabrina claudio 1

At Samsung Hall, everyone was feeling the vibes of Sabrina’s artistry. The intimacy of her music and the close-knit feeling of an open area pit, in contrast to the wild and energetic crowds we’re used to at concerts, made for a lovely, personal experience.

Sabrina Claudio Live in Manila was held thanks to Insignia Presents, who brought in international acts like UMI and Rex Orange County, and are set to bring in more like Bebe Rexha, Charlie Burg, and JOJI. For additional information, visit their website or social media pages @insigniapresents.

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Dilaw Orasa

Chasing Stars: Dilaw Deals With Being Away from Home and Out of Comfort Zones in Pursuit of the Big Stage

Well said

You can grow in comfort.

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Now that we’re adulting, one of the steps some of us are taking is moving out of our family homes. While the idea of living on your own is thrilling, it becomes scary, lonely, and exhausting after a month, not to mention expensive. The comforts of home-cooked meals, familiar faces, and the feeling of security are now replaced with the uncertainty of a life in a new city. Before you even realize it, you’re living out of unpacked suitcases and in deafening silence. Well, what we’re feeling is the reality of OPM collective, Dilaw.

Coming down from Baguio City, this talented group of musicians has always shared a common dream—to make it big in the music industry. Thanks to Uhaw, Dilaw blossomed into a fully-fledged band. However, that meant leaving behind the comfort of their homes, families, and setting out on a career brimming with uncertainty. But with back-to-back releases and the launch of Orasa, we can all agree that they are stars in the making. We got a chance to chat with the OPM band as they share a message for everyone who’s moving away to chase dreams.

Where are you from, and where are you living now?

Leon: Born and raised in Baguio, currently living in Metro Manila.

What’s the cultural difference between a small town and the big city?

Leon: Well, everything moves at a faster pace here. There’s a tight schedule for everything and everyone; once you mess up, your whole day is f-ed up. Basically, back in Baguio, we had more control of our time. We had a laidback lifestyle, and we were never in a rush to get somewhere or do something. Sometimes it’s a crutch because you don’t want to be stuck resting your whole life, but if you’ve been living in a city that never sleeps—hustling and bustling 24/7—for the past six months, a little bit of rest would’ve been nice.”

What is something that you miss the most back home?

Wayne: Baguio. We miss home.

En: Shout out to my cat!

Wayne: My bed, my mom, my neighbors na chismosa.

Leon: Our chismosa friends.

Do you think everyone needs to move out of their comfort zone in pursuit of their dreams and careers?

Leon: I don’t think so. I feel like there are people who thrive outside of their comfort zone and try all of these things. While I always recommend breaking free from your comfort zone, there are other ways to do things that don’t require you to move to the big city. You know, how everyone says that you have to move out to Manila and away from the province to get these opportunities. Everyone has a different path, so if you want to chase that dream somewhere far from home and be busy all the time, go ahead. It can be fun, like what we’re feeling right now, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your time.

Wayne: Tama, tayo ay mag chill lang.

Leon: I mean, as long as you’re responsible enough to get whatever you need done, then there’s no rush. There’s no reason to force yourself into an uncomfortable situation just to grow. Like, you can grow in comfort.

What are your tips for anyone who’s planning to move out of their homes?

Leon: Keep in touch with the people you love. You’re not going to miss the house, you’re not going to miss the view back home, but you’re going to miss the people around you. If you can make close connections where you’re going, and whenever you get the chance to visit and reestablish lost connections—take them. And have fun, please. Just because you’re out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.

What’s your message to anyone who’s chasing their dream careers?

Leon: We’re all on the same boat. We’ll see you at the end, we’ll see you on the way, we’re all in this together.

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Meet The 17-Year-Old Pinay from Hawai’i Who Got 4-Chair Turns on The Voice US Season 24

Go slay, Kaylee!

Hailing from a big Filipino family, Hawai’i native Kaylee Shimizu earned 4-chair turns and a standing ovation on the newest season of The Voice US!

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Reality singing competition The Voice has showcased a Filipino talent in its 24th season that you want to pay attention to. Hawai’i native Kaylee Shimizu delivered a show-stopping rendition of the Beatles’ Golden Slumbers on the Blind Auditions and had her pick of all four coaches afterward. All four judges—John Legend, returning champ Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and new judge Reba McIntyre—turned for the young artist and were rendered speechless by her performance.

Filipinos have gone far on the singing competition before. Just in the last couple of years, singer Jej Vinson was able to compete on The Voice twice, first as a solo artist on Season 16, where his Passionfruit performance garnered millions of views and praise and acclaim from the judges and the audience, and second as part of a trio called Sheer Element. The first time, he made it to the top 13, and the second time, Sheer Element made it to the Battle Rounds.

Kaylee looks to be a crowd favorite. Her dazzling vocals, presence, creativity, and control were lauded by the judges as they fought for her after her stellar performance. Here’s what you need to know about this talented young star.


kaylee shimizu the voice


“I grew up singing karaoke…Filipino family, so I’ve been singing for my whole life,” Kayla shares before she enthusiastically brings up her family with her on stage after her audition. The close-knit family is based in Ewa Beach in Oahu, Hawai’i, and they all love to sing (besides her father!). She chose Golden Slumbers in honor of her late great-grandfather, who was her biggest supporter.

The seventeen-year-old loves soulful R&B, so it made sense for her to choose to be on Team Legend. With the beginning of the Battle Rounds nearing, we’re seated to see how far she goes.


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There’s a running joke on social media asking what’s in the Philippine waters given the abundance of singing talent among Filipinos. People often ask why are Filipinos so good at singing? Regardless if you fit the bill or not (I know I don’t), there’s an ever-increasing visibility of Filipino talent all over the world. The connections between cities, countries, and continents have never been more clear nor more deeply-rooted.

Both mainland and diaspora Filipino artists make their way to the global stage, whether as emerging musicians or through competitions like The Voice. Think Bruno Mars or Jessica Sanchez (who Kaylee even covered!). Now, as more cultures intersect and more identities are represented on screens, there’s no doubt that Filipino talent continues to shine on the international level.

And this isn’t just a case of wanting to yell “Pinoy pride!” to the world. Kaylee is of Filipino heritage, but also a Hawai’i native. She is undoubtedly of a multicultural upbringing. But there’s no need for identity wars here.

While the discourse and criticism on “Pinoy pride” is long-standing and relevant, there’s no reason not to celebrate her culture and identity when she herself made sure to mention her family and her roots. Her visibility and achievements are hers to own, no matter how much she identifies with the different cultures that are part of her life, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating them with her. And it’s amazing to see people of different cultures—especially ours—strive to reach their dreams on such a big scale. With Kaylee’s talent, story, and drive, she’s definitely one to watch.

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