What The Launch Of 1Z Entertainment Means For The Future Of SB19

From artists to businessmen.

Expect everything you love about SB19 to continue but with an even more hands-on and personal touch to it.

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October isn’t just Halloween season. For SB19 and their fans, October serves as a celebration as it’s the group’s anniversary month. And this 2023, SB19 is celebrating their fifth anniversary and they are commemorating the milestone with a whole host of activities. As announced by the members in a video last Sunday night, the group will be dropping their first-ever podcast on Spotify called ATIN ATIN LANG, releasing new episodes for Show Break 5, announced dates for the Asia leg of PAGTATAG World Tour, and will have a fanmeet in Araneta Coliseum on October 28.

But aside from these events to mark the moment, the boys also announced what may well be one of their most significant career moves yet, the official launch of 1Z Entertainment. While the name 1Z Entertainment has been present in SB19’s videos and projects in the past few months, only now did the members talk about the company in detail as they realized a dream they’ve been hoping for since their trainee days. It’s undoubtedly a big move for SB19, but one that also promises even greater things for the P-pop kings.  


SB19 1Z Entertainment launch


If you know SB19, then you know that the members have a big say in their projects. From composition to choreography, creative direction, and more, SB19 is there at nearly every step of the way. 1Z Entertainment is the group’s latest endeavor to realize even further their creative control over their careers.

“1Z is a play on the word zone. The Zone is our dojo where we work on ourselves and our talents and In The Zone is our state of being where we put our 100% in everything we do,” they explained in the video. The company, where Pablo serves as the CEO, means the guys are now self-managed and have the agency to further pursue other career avenues, whether that be locally or aborad. “We were just so focused on our goal, on the vision that we want to achieve. That’s why we couldn’t just blindly follow the things that we were told to do… Since this is also our future, gusto naming hands-on kami sa ginagawa namin.”

SB19 isn’t the first artist to establish their own company nor would they be the last, but it serves as a reminder that people deserve to be allowed to choose their paths and have greater autonomy in the things they love doing. Not to mention this also sets a blueprint for other P-pop artists who are thinking of it that such a career move is possible. Who knows what exciting new projects we can expect from this new chapter.




SB19 has made it no secret that they have ambitions and goals that go beyond the local OPM scene. They want to help uplift P-pop and Filipino talent in general to a bigger stage globally. As much as SB19 continues to flex local talent on international stages, so too will their new company as it begins churning the wheels of a platform for Filipinos to have a global audience.

“Siguro five years ago when SB19 was just starting, together we had a dream. That dream was to have Filipino music, Filipino talent, and the whole Filipino culture to be pinned onto the world map. Sobrang laking pangarap noon para sa amin and we felt like a lot of people din na nakapaligid sa amin, they think that the dream was so big na they feel like we couldn’t achieve it,” the group expressed. Clearly, that dream is achievable as they begin their mission to have Filipino artists flourish, not just in the Philippines, but around the world.




What you love about SB19 will still be there and probably get even better. But what’s exciting about 1Z Entertainment is that it will serve as a new hub for young talents to hone their skills as the company will also sign, nurture, and work with other artists aside from SB19. As they said in the video, 1Z Entertainment will “hone breakthrough artists who express their limitless creativity and passion the groundbreaking music, arts, and entertainment in an ecosystem we call – the zone.” Soon, we will be seeing a new generation of stars who share the same passion as SB19 in the industry.

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