5 SB19 Clapbacks That Hit As Hard As Their Music

And that's on bars!

When the haters come for SB19, you can expect our Mahalima to handle it with class, and a little bit of sass, too.

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These days, SB19 is widely regarded as not only one of the most successful new-gen P-pop groups in the scene but also a trailblazer when it comes to having the new era of P-pop be more accepted by a wider audience. But this industry-leading status didn’t come easily. Before they became P-pop kings, they were just rookies who dealt with an unnecessary amount of haters. Even to this day, SB19 still has its fair share of bashers.

And while they often ignore or don’t pay their critics too much mind, that doesn’t mean they won’t respond when they need to. If their hard-hitting tracks and powerful stage presence are anything to go by, SB19 isn’t afraid to take on the toxicity that’s thrown their way. Take a look at some of the moments where the members weren’t having it with the trolls and bashers.  


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The bond that the members have with their fans is one of the tightest among all the Philippine fandoms. But sadly, some don’t get the memo that, while there is room for love and adoration, there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Such is the case when one delulu Stell fan was saying on social media that she and the SB19 member had a special relationship, which wasn’t true. During one of his TikTok lives, Stell addressed the issue and made it known that it was wrong for people to make up stories on social media. He then asked fans not to tolerate and ignore the toxic behavior. That one was for all the delusional stans out there.


It’s no secret that Ken is passionate about his Bisaya roots, such as including Bisaya lyrics in his songs. Not only does it help his craft stand out, but it also serves as another form of Bisaya representation in mainstream media. But some still discriminate against those who don’t come from the Metro. Following Ken’s appearance at PPOP CON 2023, “Crazy Marilyn” left a comment that not only insulted Ken’s hosting skills but also his Bisaya roots, calling people who come from the Visayas region “taong bundok.” Clearly, Ken wasn’t having it when he called out the comment on his IG stories. At least, we got some inspo for fire bars for Ken’s next solo effort.


When SB19 first debuted, a sticking point for many was how they felt SB19 was just an inferior Filipino clone to K-pop, which is not the case. And while bashers can keep that backward mindset, there was a point where the boys were directly confronted by it. During the group’s Go Up press conference in 2019, SB19 was asked a series of insensitive questions about their identity as Filipinos and other insulting . The inquiries were so questionable that it even got Liza Soberano fuming. But like the true professionals they are, SB19 handled each question with grace and composure. That reporter probably is feeling pretty dumb right now.  


Our anger issues could never. We applaud SB19 for how they nonchalantly reacted to their hate comments.


What SB19 doesn’t say with words, they let their music do the talking. And when it came to Bazinga, it served as their magnum opus on their bashers who wrongly thought they wouldn’t amount to anything. The whole song can be considered as one big clapback as they rise above the hate with bars like “Hate nyo’y gasilona.”

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