8 Golden Highlights From SB19’s PAGTATAG World Tour Kickoff In Manila

What a kickoff.

SB19 + Araneta Coliseum = Magic.

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While their music videos and live performances will always give, seeing SB19 in concert is a whole different beast. An SB19 concert is the pinnacle of who they are as performers with talent that was meant for the stage. Over the years, the group consistently delivers when it comes to their concerts, from their pandemic-era livestreams in 2021 and their return to the live stage in 2022. And this year sees the group evolve into their next chapter with the recent kickoff of their PAGTATAG World Tour.

Held across two days in Araneta Coliseum (a favorite location for the group and their fans), the concerts proved again that SB19 will always command that stage. From the looks, choreography, production, live vocals, storytelling, and more, our P-pop kings rocked the Big Dome, as they should. As they continue the tour in a couple of cities across the Philippines and then head overseas, let’s look back at the moments that we still are thinking about.  


While some would say that A’TIN are OA or overreacting, they just don’t know what it means to be dedicated. Their passion and support for SB19 is something else, and it was felt on both nights. The hype was real.


A’TIN will always understand the assignment. We can only imagine what goes through the boys’ minds whenever they look out to the sea of blue in Araneta.


In case you didn’t know, the imagery of a fair means a lot to the group because SBTown’s Filipino staff (who still work with the group today) brought them to a fair to relax when the members thought that SB19 was about to be over. Now, here they are, projecting the carousel on their sold-out show in Araneta Coliseum.


Now who told SB19 to hurt us like this? TBH, if you weren’t listening closely, you wouldn’t catch the shift, which shows how subtle it was. Two of their earliest ballads came together to get us in our feels.


Aside from being their second world tour, PAGTATAG also marks the first time the boys are holding a concert after the majority of them released their solo music. So, it was only right that PAGTATAG would have each member do their solo stages. From Ken, Josh, and Pablo wowing the crowd with their hits to Stell and Justin delivering moving covers, the boys did that. That’s what happens when you can shine as a group and as individuals.


At this point, SB19 has performed in Araneta Coliseum many times, constantly bringing in crowds for their sold-out shows. This is something the venue’s management recognized, which is why, as an acknowledgment of their feat, they gifted SB19 their very own mural before the show to join the other local and international legends who have performed at the famed venue. It’s giving icon behavior.


If you know SB19, then it’s expected that they wouldn’t hesitate to get wild. From Stell taking his shirt off at the finale to Josh throwing his jacket, they know how to get the crowd riled up. But what we didn’t expect was seeing Justin shed his pureboy image by showing off his dance moves for I WANT YOU and having an almost reveal when he wore a gold crop top.


SB19 gave us quality for their PAGTATAG kickoff, but that’s to be expected. What we would like to also point out is that it was also a locally-made production. Now that SB19 is under self-management, what they gave us for the concert was the group and their teams’ vision come to life. SB19 showing us once again that local talent is worth supporting.

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