6 Moments From SB19’s WYAT Tour Kickoff Concert That Felt Right

Thinking about their cover of Attention.

SB19’s WYAT World Tour has officially commenced and the boys (and A’TIN) kicked things off memorably.

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Well, it has finally begun. On September 17, SB19 embarked on their biggest tour to date, which opened with a sold out show at the Araneta Coliseum. The WYAT Tour Kickoff saw thousands of A’TIN watch SB19 begin a tour that not only reflected how the boys continue to get better with every performance, but also the band’s growing global ambitions. As the boys prepare to bring the WYAT Tour to cities across the country and abroad, here are just a few highlights from the night.


One thing we love about SB19’s fans, A’TIN, is how they do the most for the boys in the best way possible. Case in point: before the concert started, some fans held a surprise flash mob outside the venue where they danced to WYAT. It really takes the utmost dedication for fans to go out of their way to do these kinds of things. From blue oceans, sing alongs, flash mobs, respecting each other, and more, A’TIN stay winning.


@velaberry_ ATTENTION COVER BY SB19 (My POV) PS. Don’t repost without watermark #sb19 #attention #sb19_stell #sb19_ken #sb19_justin #sb19_josh #sb19_pablo #wyattour #fyp #fypシ #velaberry_ ♬ Attention – Charlie Puth

In a night that included many powerful performances for songs like What?, Mana, Bazinga, and many more, the group’s cover of Attention was a definitive highlight. Their take on the Charlie Puth hit gave everything that needed to be given with stage presence that matched the sensual energy of the track. Justin in particular caught our eye with the confidence he projected. No doubt SB19 left the audience shook that night.


@superiorkntl OKAY KENTELL 😏 #kentell #sb19 #sb19_stell #sb19_ken ♬ Attention – Charlie Puth

For all the shippers out there, the ship definitely set sail during the WYAT concert with KenTell fans eating good that night. Fans spotted these fun and sweet moments between the two members that got out hearts fluttering.


@ishpensher @ALAMAT @bgyo_ph @bini_ph @kaiaofficialph @vxonofficial @sbtalentcamp watching WYAT Kick Off concert in Araneta! #ppoprise ♬ original sound – spencer_cayabyab

While some fans would rather flame the fan wars between P-pop groups, the idols themselves have nothing but love for each other. Many of your fave P-pop idols are friends and hold immense respect for their fellow idols. And that bond was on display when fans spotted numerous P-pop groups and members watching the concert. Members from BGYO, BINI, VXON, ALAMAT, KAIA, and more were present to show their love to their P-pop seniors.


@officialsb19 Maraming salamat sa lahat ng bumubuo ng #WYAT #WhereYouAt #SB19 ♬ Dancing Queen – ABBA

We love a trendsetter. SB19 posted on their official TikTok account the boys along with their staff dancing to Dancing Queen. While most looked like they were having fun, eagle-eyed fans spotted Ken facing the wall as he danced instead of the rest of the group. Low-key, it was a mood and soon enough, some A’TIN started their own mini-trend of the Ken Suson Challenge.



♬ original sound – J O S H 🚀

SB19 has given so much to their fans over the years that it only felt right for them to give the boys something in return. Near the end of the concert, A’TIN had a sweet and special surprise video message for the group. And it wasn’t just Filipino A’TIN in the video, it was their fans from all over the world. It really puts into perspective just how far the group has come with how global A’TIN came to cheer on the boys as they embark on their world tour.  

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