SB19’s GENTO Is Taking Over TikTok—As It Should

We love a viral moment.

From local creators to international stars, everyone’s doing the catchy choreography of SB19’s GENTO.

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If there was any doubt that SB19’s GENTO would underperform expectations, just look at how it’s doing on the Billboard charts. Just recently, the song landed on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart at number eight, making the top 10 placement their first appearance on the chart. And if that wasn’t enough, their first single off their upcoming PAGTATAG! EP has been making the rounds on social media, particularly n TikTok.

The Jay Joseph Roncesvalles-made choreography has become the newest dance challenge on the platform as people give their rendition of the sharp moves during the chorus. Over 90,000 videos and counting have used the song as audio, and in that growing list is a mix of local stars and international personalities. When a song is a bop, it’s a bop that transcends borders. Check out the famous faces who struck gold with SB19’s moves.



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♬ GENTO – SB19

GENTO really caught the attention of the global dance community. Mind you, Aiki did this as a warm-up during practice. Petition for the other Street Woman Fighter dancers to do the GENTO dance challenge.


@nianaguerrero GENTOOOO!!! #sb19 kuyas killing it as always 😴🔥 (dc @jayjoseph.j2x) #sb19gento ♬ GENTO – SB19

We’re here for these Niana x SB19 moments.


@lea_navvab Tried it!!!! This is really hard 😢 but!! Fun💛@SB19 Official ♬ GENTO – SB19

You know a song’s a hit when K-pop royalty is dancing to it on TikTok. Who knows, we might even see Bahiyyih and Hueningkai doing the dance challenge (and we’re hoping for it).


@vivoree kagigil ror @SB19 Official #gento #gentodancechallenge ♬ GENTO – SB19

FYI, aside from being an actress and singer, Vivoree is also a talented dancer, as this cover shows.


@darrenespanto Last minute TikTok before we went on stage! Salamat sa pag turo, @josh_cullen_s! #Gento ♬ GENTO – SB19

We don’t know what we’re more amazed by; seeing Darren and Josh in the same frame, or the fact that Josh taught Darren the dance last minute.


@itschachigonzales To all my Filipinos in the comments who requested this…thank you for turning me on to this song 🔥💃🏻 🇵🇭 #Gento #gentochallenge #fyp @SB19 Official ♬ GENTO – SB19

Chachi ate down with her cover, but are we that surprised? Shoutout as well to the A’TIN who got Chachi’s attention for the song. It’s giving international promo.


@bini_sheena solid choreo 🙌🏻 #SB19 #GENTO #bini ♬ GENTO – SB19

Sheena could do the choreography with her eyes closed, and she’d still slay harder than most.


@_minzy_mz 🇵🇭Gento 100% version #gento #sb19 ♬ GENTO – SB19

Minzy slayed that, no surprise there. But the fact that it was Sandara Park who introduced the song to her makes this a real win for Filipino fans. Dara Gento challenge when?



eto na pooooo

♬ GENTO – SB19

Just another casual day for AC as she bodies another dance challenge in a matching hoodie and joggers that we want to cop ASAP.


@officialsb19 VICE GENTO @Vice Ganda 🔥⚠️ #NewMusic #SB19 #PAGTATAG #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

We’re gonna let it slide that Vice was on easy mode for the GENTO dance challenge given the angas he was giving.


@zephanieofficial gento lang kaya ko mga kuya @SB19 Official 🥲 #SB19 #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

Serving in the vocals and dancing department? Zephanie did that!


@officialsb19 Thanks for having us on the AOS stage! GENTO kasi ‘yon! 🔥⚠️ @Rayver cruz @Julie Anne San Jose #SB19 #PAGTATAG #SB19PAGTATAG #SB19GENTO #GENTO #NewMusic ♬ GENTO – SB19

And that’s on a septuplet slay.


@dasurichoi__ Ganda ng comeback!! Congrats @SB19 Official #SB19GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

That outfit with Dasuri’s confidence is the perfect combo for this song.


@maxinetrinidad_ GENTO!!! Miss you kuyas and always looking up to you. 🙌🏻❤️‍🔥@SB19 Official #Sb19 #gentochallenge #gentosb19 #maxinetrinidad_ #maxinetrinidad ♬ GENTO – SB19

Maxine was feeling herself with those hip thrusts and moves.

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