Choreographies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made By SB19’s Stell

Singer, dancer, comedian, and choreographer.

In case you didn’t know, Stell Ajero has had a hand in choreographing most of SB19’s dances.

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It’s no secret that one of the key pillars to the success of SB19 is the talent that each member brings to the table. In Stell’s case, he’s a multi-hyphenate who not only has the looks and one of the best voices in OPM, but also a talented dancer who has used his skills to form some of SB19’s most iconic dances, and often with the help of the other members. SB19 is very hands on when it comes to their artistry, such as with Pablo writing the lyrics and Justin contributing to the creative direction, and that also applies for Stell who is credited as the choreographer behind some of their dances.

ICYDK, before he became a P-pop idol, Stell used to be in a dance team with Josh and was at one point a choreographer to children. So, he’s a pro on the mic and the dance floor. Needless to say, if you Google talent, you’ll probably find a picture of Stell. Scroll down for some of SB19’s songs that were brought to life by Stell’s choreography.


When SB19 was given the honor of remaking Binibining Pilipinas’ classic theme song for today, the group could have just given us the new version of the song and called it a day. But this is SB19 we’re talking about, so they went above and beyond by also making their own choreography to the track, courtesy of Stell. And, during the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Grand Coronation, it was Stell who taught the contestants the moves before they did their performance. Considering that Stell used to be a professional dance teacher, this probably was just second-nature to him.


One of their biggest and most ambitious music videos to date, SB19’s What? is a five-minute tour de force that showed the members in their own different worlds, and showed how you can turn things around for yourself with hard work, while being proud of your roots. And helping bring to life the inspiring narrative is Stell’s hard-hitting choreography that takes no prisoners and embodies the passion passion, grit, and glory of the song. That dance break? Stell did that!


Choreography isn’t just meant to make a group look good, but it should also convey the meaning of the song. And that is something Stell did in spades when he made the choreo for WYAT. The time-travelling disco bop sees the boys go to different decades as they lay down the message of the importance of living in the here and now. And you get to see this dynamic energy during the chorus as the group express how the heart and soul become one through their hand choreography. The symbolism on display here is what takes the track to new heights.


Sure, SB19 can go hard on the dance floor when they have to. But their music can also touch on the fun side of life. Such is the case with SLMT, their wholesome bop that serves as their musical thanks to all their supporters. And Stell’s imbues the song with lighthearted and playful choreography that matches its energy. The guys wanted to have fun here and Stell’s moves do just that.


The queen herself. The rent was due and the eviction notice was on their door. SB19 needed to come up with something real quick and they did just that. And one of the main reasons why Go Up did so well was its viral choreography, which was made Stell with the help of the members. The symbolism, synchronization, and formations on display here is insane as the group visualized their determination to make it big.

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