Independent Singer-Songwriter Denise Julia Is Ready For A New Era Of Love And Music

She's killing it.

Denise Julia proves the immense potential of local talent on the global stage by being bold, finding her sound, and connecting with her audience.

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With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, hundreds of millions of streams, and a whole slew of musical achievements under her belt, young Filipino singer-songwriter Denise Julia is blazing her way through the local and international music scene. Music has always been a part of her life, ever since she was young, and the 21-year old found musical success when her single NVMD skyrocketed in streams after going viral on TikTok. 

singer-songwriter denise julia

A homegrown local talent that writes, produces, and markets her own music, Denise harbors a dedication and a deep passion for her craft. Now, she’s reaching for the stars with new music, bigger dreams, and a whole lot of heart. The solo act, true to her music and her style, promises music for all the independent baddies, the romantics, the heartbroken, and the girls who just want to have fun. As Filipino talent makes waves all over the world, Denise Julia aspires to reach far and wide with her music and artistry.


independent artist denise julia

Confident in her skin and bold in her decisions, the singer-songwriter has captured the attention of many–from her relatable TikToks about getting into (and out of) situationships, to her stellar sound. Her vocal ability is undeniable, and her songs are the kind that’s impossible to not bop your head to. The magnetism of her music draws you in, offering authenticity, resonance, and something we all agree we enjoy: the vibes. 

The independent artist has achieved so much on her own, from earning a solo Spotify billboard ad on Times Square in New York to performing all over Southeast Asia.

Writing and singing about all the joys, mysteries, and heartbreaks of youth, Denise Julia navigates her life with music by her side and wants to share her art with all those willing to listen. She’s the perfect example of the new age of social media being able to put talent from all over the world into the spotlight–and she’s the perfect example of someone who’s smart about using social media not just to promote herself and her music, but also to connect with people.


Speaking of success in the new age, this Gen Z artist also managed to find herself embroiled in a love story on top of all the wins she’s been amassing. If you’re not tuned in to the modern-age romance (of sorts) between content creator Regie Macalino, let’s catch you up. 

The whole thing started with Regie posting a TikTok of him lip syncing to the lyrics of Denise’s track Butterflies and insinuating the song was about him. Since then, they’ve gone back and forth with one another, posting videos and photos together when Regie flew to the Philippines. The streams of Butterflies shot up, endearing listeners to the talent of the songstress.


who’s excited for the album cos i am

♬ b.a.d. denise julia ft. p.lo – denise julia

These days, though, amongst the subtle little digs in each of their TikToks, like when Denise posted this one referencing flirting despite attachment issues (while wearing a butterfly shirt!), people who have been following their flirtation for sure have their interests piqued. Regardless of what’s going on with the two, Denise asserts that she’s ready for a new era: her Denise Julia era. 


With her new single B.A.D. dropping this October, Denise Julia’s all set to reach towards new heights. B.A.D., the lead single of her upcoming album, is a fusion of R&B and hip-hop, made in collaboration with rapper P-Lo. The rapper is based in the Bay Area and shares Denise’s dreams of showcasing Filipino music and talent to the world. 

The artist dropped the intro teaser to the single on October 9, and it already sounds like the perfect song to vibe to. The intro is mysterious and clearly leading towards a beat drop that’ll resound all across the world, fitting for a song all about how a young woman takes control of herself and her life. B.A.D. is quintessential Denise Julia, but with a twist as the songstress brings together all her new experiences and learnings into a new album for baddies that are trying to make something of themselves.

The international artist has a lot of plans to roll out soon, including an independently produced music video. Denise Julia’s got big dreams and big plans—and with her drive, talent, passion for music, and the way she’s able to relate to her listeners, she’s promised a bright, bold future ahead.

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