10 Celebrities That Served Rockstar Realness at the Billboard Philippines Launch 

They went for loud and edgy.

These ‘Rock Chic’ ensembles at the Billboard Philippines Launch deserve a billboard of their own.

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The Billboard Philippines Launch was nothing short of a rockstar affair, with singers, emerging artists, and major names in the entertainment industry coming together to witness history in the making. The main event celebrated the country’s music scene with a ‘Rockstar Chic’ theme that set the tone for an evening of true talent and style, underlining the Philippines’ undeniable influence on the music stage.

Now that we’ve come, seen, and danced the night away, it’s time to declare the best-dressed personalities on the blue carpet at the Billboard Philippines Launch. Nobody disappointed, but these celebrities served rockstar realness.


A quarter of the girl group BINI made quite the entrance with their picture-perfect attire for the evening. Styled by Ica Villanueva, Mikah and Aiah captivated the crowd as they strutted down the blue carpet, with each ensemble making a unique statement while maintaining a cohesive sense of unity. Mikah commanded attention in a sleek, all-black outfit that showcased her edgy yet elegant persona. In contrast, Aiah embraced a complementary palette of white and red.


G22 doesn’t simply speak through P-Pop but also through their personal style. When asked about their look last night, members of the girl group described it as ‘very avant-garde and very G22. We agree because those all-black and color-coordinating sets deserve their own spotlight.


As SB19 made their grand entrance, the collective presence of these stars spoke volumes about their evolving image in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, leaving attendees and fans eagerly awaiting their next moves in the music scene. After becoming Billboard Philippines’ Maiden Issue cover stars, who knows what they’ll achieve next?

As if that isn’t enough, in a world where music and fashion collide, the Kings of P-Pop proved that they are not only masters of their craft but also influential icons who are shaping the future of men’s fashion. They totally brought their A-game to the event, showcasing the dashing dark blue and black ensembles.


We all know that BGYO has mastered performing and traveling in style, but Gelo and Nate’s bold blue carpet affair wouldn’t be left behind. Rocking mixed textures, prints, and accessories, they captured the essence of the night. Their ability to seamlessly blend various elements of fashion, from fabrics to patterns, showcased their knack for pushing the boundaries and redefining style. This fearless approach to fashion continues to be a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Ena Mori

Ena Mori, an emerging talent, offered a fresh perspective to the event. Her experimental and all-denim style revealed her willingness to push the boundaries and explore new avenues in fashion, just as she does in her music career. It’s no wonder why she won best-dressed last night.

Zild Benitez

Another awardee for best-dressed, Zild Benitez made a strong statement that was as powerful as his artistry. Wearing an-all black jersey matched with sunglasses and a choker, he’s serving rockstar realness with that fierce face and personality.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, known for her personal style and aesthetic, was nothing short of lustrous last night. The actress killed it with a red, RAFA WORLDWIDE leather skirt and a black bodice off-shoulder. If Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera’s style had a baby, it would look like this rockstar affair.


While we’re thinking of leather jackets and fringes for the event, Jayda took it to the next level with a red gown, gracing the blue carpet with elegance and a contemporary edge. While it was a departure from the expected all-black affair, it served as a refreshing reminder that fashion is a canvas for self-expression. Who knew that the fusion of elegance and rockstar flair could be equally show stopping as edgy ensembles?

Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual made a splash with a sophisticated all-white ‘fit. The actor and singer-songwriter’s tailored suit, accompanied by subtle accessories, exuded elegance and charisma. Needless to say, Inigo demonstrated the power of classic style with a modern twist, symbolizing a fusion of sophistication and youthfulness.

Regine Velasquez – Alcacid

A true icon in the Philippine music industry, Regine Velasquez displayed her timeless grace through this maximalist gem—think fur sleeves, mismatched patterns, and a statement necklace. With this bold fashion choice, Asia’s Songbird not only reaffirmed her status as a music legend but also showcased her flair for pushing the boundaries of style and making a lasting impression in the world of fashion.

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5 Size-Inclusive Local Brands That Offer Custom-Made Minimalist Casual Wear

Literally tailored for you.

Championing size inclusivity in fashion, these five Filipino-owned brands allow you to customize your clothing to ensure you have pieces that fit you well and will absolutely love.

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Have you ever seen a style peg or an outfit you badly want to emulate, but once you get the items, they fit strange on you? Tops are too cropped, pants fit at the waist but not at the hips, sleeves are too short—we could go on and on. Not to mention all the clothes in stores that are only offered in sizes far too small for most body types. Thankfully, as this generation pioneers a more inclusive and conscious movement in fashion, more options to build a more sustainable and beloved wardrobe are available.

Call it bespoke or custom-made—this kind of practice allows people to cut back on spending on items that don’t fit, that they won’t wear, or that they only “like.” If you love a piece and it’s comfortable and timeless, wouldn’t you wear it more frequently? You don’t need the same neutral top from 3 different brands, just get one that you know will fit your exact measurements, was made with care and quality, and will last a long time. Check out the size-inclusive local brands below where you can do exactly that!


From Cassy Legaspi to Bella Racelis, stars and influencers alike have been seen wearing Miu The Label—and with good reason! With a wide selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and more in both neutral and bold colors, Miu The Label creates handmade-to-order pieces that you could reach for whenever you want to feel simple and stylish.


Cariño the Brand makes classic, timeless linen clothing with upcycled fabrics and inclusive sizing. You can get their pieces altered or customized to your size altogether, or you could even get a quote for a completely new design.


Minimalist does not mean bland or neutrals. Stay comfortable in Yōbi’s handmade “sunsuits,” overalls catered to every body. Cozy, breathable linen is offered in combinations of bold contrasting colors and fully-customizable sizes, with tied straps and and an eye-catching simplicity.


Beyond Collective prides itself as “the ultimate destination for locally-handcrafted, eco-conscious, and accessible pieces.” A woman-founded label, Beyond Collective sells ethically-made, elegant, multi-way, and customizable clothes perfect for the versatile young woman of today. The label often does pop-up shops, so keep an eye out!


Sustainably made in Manila, Maude Street lets you pre-order their minimalist, feminine pieces in custom sizes. Owned by two friends who wanted to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, the brand creates with purpose and ethical practices. They’ll also have an outlet sale at a pop-up on October 28-29 in Quezon City if you want to check them out.

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If You Like These 11 Sad Songs, I Have Some Advice To Give

For the feels.

We all have our reasons to enjoy sad, heart-wrenching music. If you like these songs in particular, maybe you’d like to hear some advice or words of comfort?

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We listen to sad songs for a myriad of reasons. Grief, breakups, a longing for a person or a time long gone—all valid reasons to hit play on all those sad songs. Did you know listening to sad music can actually help you process your emotions as it influences your mood? Sad music allows us to feel a sense of connectedness and draw out some of those feelings that have been dormant within you for however long. It can also direct us toward a path of healing and fuel a hope for something better. You can make a sad song your own as it intertwines with your very soul and lets you feel, remember, and imagine.

Now, I may not be a wisened old sage with so much life lived, but I’d love to impart some wisdom you may need to hear if you’re listening to these songs over and over. Hopefully you find some semblance of comfort or validation, some good advice or a reality check. Or, if you’re looking for some new sad songs to add to your rotation, you’ll find some here.


Who isn’t mourning the loss of their youth these days? If Ribs is on your On Repeat playlist like it is on mine, I hope the bittersweet feeling of losing touch with your youth isn’t debilitating, but instead a reminder that what everything you’ve ever loved and learned is what lets you grow and move forward.


Hope is always beautiful to hold on to. And if you’re second-guessing taking the chance of a lifetime, stop. Learn from the person who inspired this Ben&Ben song and take the leap. Getting the opportunity to find happiness or the push to move on is always better than just wondering what if.


Did someone say sad songs? If you’re struggling with finding your passions and purpose, don’t ever feel like you have to figure out everything immediately. Reflecting on who you are and what you want to do is always good practice, but take some advice from Billie: you may not know how to feel, but someday, you might.


Thank you for your service, martyr. I hope you end up as happy as they are—or even happier. And may you, like Moira said herself, come out of the darkness free and ready to love again.


South Korean band The Rose reminds us in this gorgeous ballad that no matter how much it feels like you’re drowning, you are not alone. “It’s better to be held than holding on,” so don’t be afraid to rely on the people that love and support you.


One of the most sawi sad songs out there. this track teaches us that, as much as love is worth waiting for, you shouldn’t let your life stand still because of someone who doesn’t love you back.


I feel like we as a society severely underestimate the value of just trying. You don’t have to do everything perfectly immediately, but, like Taylor Swift herself, taking the initiative to try—to try to do better, try to heal, try to forgive—is always better than the alternative.


This cover of an Eraserheads original is sentimental and wistful as it looks back at a history of a friendship long gone. Time is unintentionally cruel sometimes, and some friendships can never be the way they were before. But hold on to the memories. They’re lovely, and they’re yours to keep.


It’s difficult to be in a new place—literally or metaphorically. This vulnerable ballad allows you to recognize that which gives you strength, a reason, and something to believe in. It doesn’t have to be romantic, but just a reminder: people are there and will always be there for you, no matter how far away you feel.


This ballad written by Woozi and performed by disbanded girl group I.O.I is a great reminder to let yourself feel whatever it is that you feel about the artists you love. Contrary to popular belief, they really aren’t just celebrities or artists to the people that support them. Whether it’s I.O.I or One Direction, I’m sorry your favorite group didn’t last forever. But the memories, along with the love and joy that radiated throughout the time they were together and the music and magic they created will live on.


Miley paints an emotional portrait of her past in this song, and those of of us who grew up with her on our screens understand all too well how differently life turns out when we grow up. Time finds us shifting and changing, and we look back with a jumbled mess of emotions. We all used to be young, and it’s easy to cling on to regrets, but it would prove a kindness to yourself if you celebrate how much you’ve changed and how far you’ve come.

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This Mid- to Plus-Size Clothes Swap Event Is Tailored Towards Inclusivity and Sustainability

Yes to inclusive, sustainable fashion.

Size Matters: A Mid- To Plus-Sized Clothes Swap, held on October 14, is an event that aims to champion inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in fashion.

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One of the most prominent concerns regarding sustainable fashion is that of inclusivity and accessibility. Fast fashion is cheaper, easier to access, and often carry bigger sizing. How many of us have ever wanted a sustainable, upcycled garment only to find out the brand carries it only in one size and it costs an arm and a leg? Often, the notion is that sustainable fashion is only for the skinny and privileged. But it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of initiatives and brands that addresses these concerns, and plenty of other ways to promote sustainable fashion.

One such initiative is the upcoming Size Matters: A Mid- To Plus-Sized Clothes Swap event organized by a set of young women championing change from Basically Borrowed, a Manila-based content and community platform focused on fashion sustainability, Hi Smithy! Body Acceptance Community, Likhaan Creative Lab & Collective, and Fat Girl Glow Photo by Elora Picson.

The event will be held on October 14 from 1:00-6:00 PM at Spotlight Creatives Studio in Quezon City. You can sign up to participate here.


Size Matters is a clothing swap event tailored specifically for people in the mid- to plus-size sizing range who are looking to give their clothing new life or refresh their wardrobe in a sustainable way. Jessie Jiang, founder of Basically Borrowed, says that the goals of the event were to “present a fun and accessible way for mid- and plus-sized individuals to participate in sustainable fashion” and “create a safe space that fosters authentic and intimate connections.”

At Size Matters, once you’ve signed up and contributed clothing for the swap, you simply show up at Spotlight Creatives Studio on October 14 and browse for size-inclusive secondhand clothing you want to take home. The event has a P500 initial registration fee, but you can take home up to 8 pieces free of charge.

According to Likhaan founder Kaitlyn Roque, there will also be a “panel discussion about personal styling with mid- to plus-size people from different creative industries.” Moreover, there will be snacks from a Centre Place Café stall and a a camera confidence workshop hosted by Elora Picson, who champions body-positive and body-empowerment photography.

The event is a direct response to conversations Jiang had with people facing challenges concerning size inclusivity and access to sustainable fashion options. Basically Borrowed held a swap party earlier in the year, but the community clamored for more size inclusivity in such initiatives. Size Matters is, more than just a unique “shopping” experience, essentially a gathering of people who love and advocate for body- and size-inclusive and sustainable fashion.


The organizers agree that unfortunately, sustainability and size-inclusivity don’t always go hand-in-hand. Sabina Yulo, founder of Hi Smithy!, says, “People are now looking for more sustainable options, but locally, mid- to plus-sizes are hard to come by.”

This is where secondhand clothes swaps come in. Besides being sustainable in that it can slow down and prolong the use of clothes that would have been discarded otherwise, as Roque says, it allows for people to easily find pieces that would fit them. Yulo adds that these days, “people are more empowered to find choices that actually fit, rather than changing their bodies to fit limited choices.”


A large part of inclusivity and sustainability efforts require participation, conversation, and community. Besides individuals making more intentional consumption choices, brands, communities, and organizations can come together to re-evaluate priorities and practices. The questions to ponder on: how can you, as a consumer, be more mindful with your purchases? How can you, as a brand, actually show that you care about your diverse set of consumers and the environment?

“There are genuine efforts, though, and the amount of that is growing—steadily and surely,” Roque remarks of the current state of fashion. “Secondhand clothes swap, albeit imperfect in how we can’t be sure of how the materials affect the environment, is a genuine way to practice sustainability.” Of course, there’s still a long way to go. Mindsets have to shift, processes and practices have to be re-examined, and difficult conversations need to be had if we want to move toward a more inclusive and sustainable state of fashion.

“To make sustainable fashion more inclusive, we need more community awareness and initiatives like the Size Matters clothes swap, but it’s also a major challenge for the entire fashion ecosystem,” Jiang notes. “We’d love to see more innovation in fabrics, design, and across the supply chain, more government support for the local fashion industry, more size-inclusive representation in media, to name a few!”

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Meet Mavi: The Team Payaman Kid Who’s Fast-Becoming Our Next Favorite Meme

Trust me, he's THAT funny.

With Maris Racal as the ‘Meme Queen,’ maybe Mavi Velasquez will soon take over the throne.

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If you’re not following Team Payaman, why not? We all know that once you click on their videos, there’s no coming back. Like those who’ve been fans since their humble beginnings, you might recall the series Sampung Utos and game streaming with Tier One. Back then, it was just friends having fun, and their family started to grow with their success as content creators.

Besides being one of the most unproblematic groups you should follow ASAP, another reason to stan Team Payaman is the Team Payaman kids—starting with Mavi Velasquez. Like any other celebrity baby, this five-year-old practically grew up in the limelight. At this point, we’ve seen him become a Kuya and a schoolboy all while taking over social media with his meme-worthy mood and adorable personality. Scroll down to witness some of Mavi’s funniest moments, further proving that this kid was born to become a meme.

A Gentle Reminder

@payamansion_ ang bait bait naman ni taklero e #mavi #payamansion_ #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Itlog

For those who can’t seem to stop smoking flavored air, Mavi has a gentle reminder for you: ‘Bawal mag-vape‘ because it’s ‘bad sa lungs.’

Like Mother, Like Son

@graaace27 “sad ako kasi miss ko siya” 🥹 Same, Mavi, same 🥲 #fyp #TP #Mavi #vieniligan #TeamPayaman #foryoupage #trend #miss #CongTV ♬ original sound – MTB – LG

Clearly taking after his parents, Marlon Velasquez (AKA Junnie Boy, now Junnie Dad) and Vien Iligan-Velasquez, Mavi is humor trapped in a human’s body—and this conversation proves just that. With quick comedic banter between this mother and son duo, the real question is: bakit hindi niya ako miss?

Mood 24/7 

@alyyy_dump me and my backlogs hahahaha #fypシ #mavi #teampayaman #fyp #vieniligan #funnyvideos ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Same, Mavi, same. Whether it’s academics, freelancing, or your 9-5 workload, we’re all Mavi at this point. It’s like one task after another, and then everything turns into ~tomorrow’s problem.~

POV: Seeing your crushie at school with someone else…

@viylinemediagroup Yung kabado ka pero ang Daddy mo ay si Junnie Boy! 😂😂 Cute Mavi! 🥰 #junnieboy #mavi #teampayaman #tiktok #trending #viral #fyp #fypage ♬ original sound – Viyline Media Group

My heart‘ is one of Mavi’s most meme-worthy reactions, and I can’t decide if it’s cute-funny or sad-funny. Maybe it’s both, because this is how everyone feels when their campus crush is with someone else. Did you feel that? Because I totally felt that.

To Every Ate and Kuya

As an only child, I can’t relate to this one. However, I fact-checked with every Ate and Kuya that I know, and they actually agree. People will move mountains for their siblings, but sometimes it’s like this—there’s no in-between.

Mavi Core

I can’t stop laughing while writing this story, and it’s safe to say that TikTok agrees. With people following his funny videos, some have even created edits of ‘Mavi Core.’ Need a laugh as well? Just watch this video.

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If You Want to Start Saving, Here Are a Few Things That You Should Stop Buying

No you don't need it.

Since we’re just starting to build better saving habits, I won’t include your daily dose of caffeine on the list… for now.

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In today’s fast-paced world, we easily fall into the trap of instant gratification. We’ve all been there – whether it’s spontaneous mall trips or a scroll through TikTok shops, we find ourselves swiping credit cards, paychecks, and allowances with alarming speed. At this point, we’re living the same story: we don’t even stop to think through our purchases, and we don’t consider the consequences. Before realizing the damage, our bank balance is ‘below minimum,’ and Kuya Delivery is already knocking on our front door.

Now, let’s make something clear. Buying ~ this and that ~ after a hellish week at school or a hectic stretch at work is well-deserved, but it’s time for a reality check. Unless you make six figures or live off generational wealth, we’re adults who can’t afford another purchase from a content creator’s yellow basket. If you’re all about crushing those #TravelGoals, creating that emergency fund, and adult things, it’s important to establish a healthier relationship with your finances. For starters, here are a few things that you should stop buying.

It’s the Same Shade!

As a beauty girlie, I’m most guilty about purchasing the same shades of makeup products. The worst part is I’m not the only one with this problem. Sure, we finally found the palette and scheme that works—which is great, BTW—and that’s why we keep gravitating towards the same reds, pinks, and browns. Then again, what we’re doing is cutting down those beauty buys.

Let’s consider the time it takes to finish that bottle of liquid blush. By then, what will you do with the extras? This unhealthy habit results in a cluttered vanity and a stash of unused products—aka wasted money and makeup.

New Clothes

As a teenager, ‘you don’t need new clothes‘ was a hard piece of advice I can’t seem to follow. Now that I find myself working in a professional setting, it’s even harder to stop spending on outfits, a trending top, and a pair of chunky shoes. With every purchase, I’m starting to feel like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic—without the consequences, yet.

Given that I take the phrase ‘passion for fashion‘ literally, here’s some advice: you don’t need to stop shopping for clothes. We know, it’s ironic for the story, but it works by setting proper rules. Only purchase new things with the money you’ll earn from selling pre-loved pieces. There’s Carousell, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram. Imagine decluttering with a new dress coming your way. It’s a win-win.

Over-the-Top Costumes

As the calendar turns toward the spooky season and the twinkling lights of Christmas, it’s time to reconsider over-the-top costumes. In recent years, the trendiest and coolest costumes have become a staple of both Halloween and holiday parties, with people competing to outshine one another with the most Instagram-worthy OOTDs. These same outfits will make an appearance only once, then be tucked away in the closet forever. That said, it’s time to embrace a more minimalistic and mindful approach for these events, with DIY costumes, re-wearing last year’s not-so-scary look, and saving yourself from unnecessary spending while keeping things sustainable.

It’s Called ‘Cheap’ Jewelry for a Reason

‘Affordable’ jewelry and accessories lack the quality and longevity of their ‘more expensive’ counterparts, which means they’re prone to tarnishing, fading, and even breaking. While that ₱299 necklace might seem like a bargain, these budget-friendly baubles can quickly turn into expensive regrets.

Don’t stress; you don’t have to invest in real-real jewelry that could potentially pay off your future home, but consider higher-quality bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that come with a heftier price tag. It’s called an investment because they are your best bet in the long run. Now, before you start doing some girl math to calculate the cost-per-wear and reach for that too-good-to-be-true purchase, remember the old adage: ‘You get what you pay for.’

Tiny Trinkets and Novelty Items

Look around your home. How much stuff have you accumulated? Now, identify which ones are actually functional. From trinkets to little novelties, you may find that you’re surrounded by objects that do nothing more than clutter your living space.

I remember that Shrek butt because I thought ‘cute, add to cart.’ Now, it’s lurking somewhere in my bathroom, contributing nothing but a non-functional touch. Like, leaving your toothpaste out in the open for the sake of showcasing a grinning green ogre isn’t the most hygienic choice. The same goes for those trendy novelty items on social media—they may look funky, but they lack any practical purpose.

Nope, Not Another Phone Case

Coming in different designs, phone cases are basically accessories. I don’t know about you, but I’ve color-coordinated outfits with the cutest cases for a picture-perfect mirror selfie. Now, you’re probably wondering why it’s included on the list. Like, what’s the harm in purchasing a ₱100 phone protection that doubles as a statement piece?

With girl math, it doesn’t seem expensive, but phone cases are far from affordable IRL. One wrong money move, and that ₱100 turns into ₱1000. That said, imagine ten things you’ll probably throw out once you upgrade to the next phone plan.

Cute Socks

Just like phone cases—they’re cute, but you don’t need another pair of socks. After all, most people won’t look at your feet. Trust me, they won’t even notice whether your socks have detailed designs or holes.

Spontaneous Fast Food Deliveries

Food deliveries are justifiable when you’re tired, far from a joint, or can’t cook, but those spontaneous scrolls through Grab Food and Food Panda can lead to unnecessary purchases. That overpriced fast food with an additional shipping fee could be spent on something else entirely. If we’re doing the math, getting up, grabbing a pan, and cooking a homemade meal can make you ₱350 richer.

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All The Moments You Missed From Rex Orange County’s First Concert in Manila

BRB, still in my feels.

After the canceled tour in 2020, Rex Orange County finally had his much-awaited concert in Manila. Feeling FOMO? Here’s what went down.

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Whether or not you’re into Rex Orange County, chances are you’ve experienced LSS with fan-favorite tracks like The Shade, Best Friend, and the TikTok sensation Amazing. And ICYDK, the British multi-instrumentalist was was officially scheduled to perform in the Philippines back in 2020—then the pandemic hit. For three years, Filipino fans made several requests through social media for a Live in Asia Tour in the country. And those prayers were finally answered.

Along with the promised performances of Sunflower and Television / So Far So Good, the hype was real considering that his highly anticipated concert completely sold out as thousands packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sunday. In case you’re feeling FOMO, here are all the moments you missed from Rex Orange County’s first concert in Manila.

From West Sydney, With Love

Fans were in for an extra special treat as a Filipino-Australian singer and songwriter from Western Sydney made a homecoming appearance as the opening act for Rex Orange County. As if we weren’t excited enough, the electric tracks of Grant Perez, which weave stories of love, lust, and coming of age, set the pitch-perfect tone for the main event. And when he performed Cherry Wine? The crowd went wild!

Rex Orange County Playing Fan-Favorite Tracks

While we already had an idea of Rex Orange County’s tracklist for the tour, we couldn’t help but fall in love again when he serenaded the crowd with Happiness and Loving is Easy. When we turn 81 and forget things, this feeling will always be one of those we’ll remember.

Filipino Fans Proving to ROC That We’re the Best Concert Crowd

We were lucky enough to give Rex Orange County some sunflowers, but a fan took it to the next level with a hand-drawn portrait. To top it all off, we illuminated the big dome with a sea of orange lights as we danced the night away to the last few songs. Well, ROC said it himself; he approves of what he heard about Manila having the best concert crowds.

It’s A Secret

I should’ve stayed at home… Nope, I’m more than happy to be singing along to Best Friend late at night. Now, Rex Orange County and a few fans have a secret (and are we becoming best friends?). Don’t worry, here’s what went down.

As the song starts playing, the 21-year-old wanted all phones down so we could all be in the moment together—like besties with a secret. Surprisingly, everyone agreed, and it was one of the most genuine concert moments I’ve ever encountered.

Surprise Song!

Rex Orange County had initially planned to conclude with It’s Not The Same Anymore, but the Filipino fans had one specific song in mind—Pluto Projector. Given that we’re the best crowd, even ROC couldn’t say no after fans passionately sang the entire song a cappella. Encore? It’s more like a core memory.

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These Celebs and Content Creators Were Head-Turners at BYS Fashion Week 2023


Nadine Lustre, Mimiyuuuh, James Reid, SB19, and more – we’re still not over the best-dressed celebs and content creators at BYS Fashion Week 2023.

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While some may look to the streets of Milan and Paris for the latest in style, the Filipino fashion scene is making its mark with our own models, runways, and artists. For its second edition, BYS Fashion Week showcased the biggest names in local fashion on its runways—plural.

Last weekend, celebrities and content creators gathered in celebration of Filipino fashion inspired by the multitude of a makeup palette. From larger-that-life statement details to scrap fabrics, we’re seeing the creations of Antonina, Ha.muRafa Worldwide, Neric BeltranCheetah Rivera, and Chris Nick here and there. Now, let’s look back to the best-dressed guests of BYS Fashion Week 2023.

Nadine Lustre

RAFA WORLDWIDE takes center stage with the debut of Hyperballad during BYS Fashion Week. With larger-than-life creations characterized by scrap materials and structured silhouettes, the final showstopper was a cherry dress worn by Nadine Lustre. Look closely, the beads were carefully crafted with recycled paper.


Mimiyuuuh walked the BYS Fashion Week runway back-to-back with Filipino fashion houses, RAFA WORLDWIDE and ḢA.MÜ. True to her style, the content creator took over Instagram with the caption ‘LIVING MY BELLA HADID DREAM kimmmmyyyyyyyy!‘ While donning one of the boldest looks from both collections with a fierce face, we couldn’t help but agree that she’s cooking Bella Hadid realness.

Marina Summers

Embodying elegance, Marina Summers wore a Chris Nick ensemble for BYS Fashion Week. With an all-black dress adorned with bows, the fan-favorite drag queen is serving sweet and sultry.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano had a proud sister moment while watching EJ Nacion open the show for Cheetah Rivera Studio. Well, that isn’t the only BYS Fashion Week moment we’re getting from the actress. Wearing an all-black jumper with thigh-high boots and a silver handbag, she’s definitely living in her star girl era, red hair included.


While performing at a runway show is a moment in itself, SB19 takes center stage with their Neric Beltran bespoke pieces. Drawing inspiration from the classic concept of ‘something blue,’ the Kings of P-Pop stepped onto the aisle, donning Beltran’s unconventional creations. Each ensemble is perfectly tailored to reflect their distinct personal styles; now, we’re obsessing over those larger-than-life bows, flat florals, and blooming bouquets. It’s a weird way to propose—but, yes.

Mika Salamanca

While the ‘little black dress’ has had its time in the spotlight over the years, Mika Salamanca is now giving white dresses their well-deserved moment. The content creator made appearances throughout the fashion weekend, but the standout fan-favorite is her Day 4 LWD look. Accessorized with pearls and a matching bow in her hair, we’re witnessing a different and stunning side of her personal style.

James Reid

Closing the rain and regret-themed show of ANTONINA, James Reid rolled down the runway in mesh, leather, and a pierced face. The Careless co-founder could add this event highlight to his long list of accomplishments. At this point, is there anything he can’t do?

Zoie Garcia

Whenever we think of fashion content creators, Zoie Garcia would always be on the list—and she proved just why with all these looks for BYS Fashion Week. If we could choose faves between a futuristic look and a babydoll dress, we’re going for this Sean Betco bandana top and patch skirt.

Justin Bangsil

If Britney Spears’ all-denim moment and Elle Fanning’s giant gold chain had a baby, it would look like Justin Bangsil’s bold choice for BYS Fashion Week. Wearing Mikael Edwardo, the content creator donned a larger-than-life denim chain with a matching denim tie top. If I only had one word to describe this? Iconic.

Cess Tan

The rundown of best-dressed personalities would be incomplete without Cess Tan. The content creator started the fashion weekend strong with a Mark Tamayo dress and pearl-embellished hair by Mark Rosales. This moment alone redefines mermaid realness.

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Jam Ponce

Here’s How This Gen Z Med Student And Content Creator Achieves Work-Life Balance


Gentle reminder: You’re not your job.

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Whether you’re a recent graduate experiencing the 9-5 grind for the first time or three years into a career that offers little room for growth, at some point, it will feel like all you do is work. For the most part, you’ll worry: parents pressuring you to get your life together, bills piling up on your kitchen counter, and the desire to travel, move out, and have a day off, but you can’t.

The 24 hours in a day look different for everyone, but most of us struggle with the same stark reality—we can’t control our professional lives as we want, need, and deserve, and as a result, we often feel trapped. And the sad truth is not everyone is in a position to realistically make changes that would improve their professional (and personal) lives.

But, it is important to know that you are not your job. It’s time to consider the boundaries between who you are and what you do for a living. And while we’re all about work-life balance, how do you figure out what works and how exactly does that look like? These are questions Jam Ponce, a Gen Z med student, Bene Meritus awardee, content creator, pageant queen, and travel junkie rolled into one, seemed to have figured out. We got to chance to chat with her as she opens up about how she manages to do it all. Here’s how she balances work with her personal life.

Jam Ponce

Introduce yourself.

I’m Jam Ponce, a recent graduate with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Santo Tomas. Currently, I’m serving as an intern at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, where I rotate through different specialties to explore potential areas of specialization for my future career. An intern is essentially a medical graduate who has not yet obtained a license; it’s a prerequisite before taking the licensure exam and pursuing a residency, if desired. My responsibilities change every other month, depending on the specialty I am assigned to. For example, during my time in Pediatrics, I may be involved in tasks like delivering babies or conducting pediatric check-ups. PGH offers rotations in 12 different specialties, although this can vary from hospital to hospital.

Between medical school, pageantry, and content creation, how do you balance these responsibilities with your personal life?

Honestly, it’s been tough. I’ve had to make sacrifices along the way, giving up precious time I could have spent with loved ones, missing out on opportunities, sacrificing sleep, and even parting ways with people I once held dear. It all comes down to prioritizing what you believe is best for you in the present moment. Deciding which priorities to place first is the challenging part because in doing so, you often have to make sacrifices in other areas of your life. I learned this the hard way, and I’ve made some bad decisions along the journey, but I believe it’s all part of the learning process in life. Of course, none of this would have been possible without God’s blessings and guidance in my life, along with the unwavering support of my loved ones.

Jam Ponce

What’s your daily routine?

Believe it or not, I actually don’t have a fixed routine! I just go with the flow every day. However, with our fully packed hospital schedule, I’ve been following a strict routine. I’m practically living in the hospital now. I only go home to take a bath and nap before returning for my duty.

When you’re feeling lazy, how do you find motivation?

I start by praying, then I read the comments my followers leave on my posts. When I have time, I check my inbox and interact with my followers. Lastly, I talk to and seek advice from my family, friends, and partner.

What are your hobbies, interests, and passions outside of work and academics?

I’m a big travel junkie! I find traveling and exploring new places incredibly enjoyable. I also have a passion for food trips, adventures, beach life, and discovering new things; all of these bring me joy!

Jam Ponce

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

‘To always have faith in God no matter what and trust in His plan.’

What’s your message for anyone who’s still trying to figure themselves out?

My advice is to be patient and seek guidance from the people you trust. Pray for what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to take risks, but at the same time, be prepared for the consequences. If all else fails, treat it as a learning experience.

What are five healthy habits you think everyone should practice?

1. Service to the people in need.

2. Being prayerful.

3. Working hard THEN playing hard.

4. Self care!

5. Spending quality time with your loved ones.

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7 Gen Z Artists That Will Bring Color and Maximalism To Your Feed and Your Life

No such thing as boring in here.

Armed with an eye for color and a love for brightness and fun, these seven young artists express themselves through art that’s bold, beautiful, and eye-catching.

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If you were to visualize this generation’s energy, it’s definitely going to look like something from the artists below. Bold designs and vivid colors fill up every inch of these artists’ work, making a statement with every line, texture, and shape. Their art is vibrant and maximalist, able to make you feel warm, excited, and optimistic, and make your eyes jump from one corner of the image to anotheras you try to take every detail in.

“The common Filipino is a maximalist,” art professor FM De Leon Jr. said. “Filling up every available space with forms and things. It springs from an expressive exuberance deeply rooted in emotional sensitivity and the strong urge to connect.” These Gen Z artists exemplify these traits as they create art to express themselves and to share their craft and themselves with the world. And they do it in a manner that’s bright, unique, and tailored to their interests and personal style. Check out these artists and their work below!


mural art by sidsspace.art

Sid’s Mural Art (Instagram/sidsspace.art)

Sid Gonzales of sidsspace.art is an illustrator with a love for the way children’s books can vividly express a story. “I use pictures that I create to speak for me,” he says. “To tell my daydreams, my fears, my stories, and the ideas that I simply can’t keep to myself, hoping it connects to other people too.” He describes his art style as loose, whimsical, and friendly. They exude a colorful warmth that’s busy and fun to look at.


photoart by mm art


The art of twenty-three-year old illustrator Miguel Martillano of Photo Art by MM features bright colors contrasted with deep jewel tones, gradients, and adorable cartoonish subjects. He enjoys experimenting with colors, typography, and dreamy colors. He shares that his art matches his personality “as a foodie, an animation/cartoon fanatic, and someone who loves to play with colors.”


koalanov art

INSTAGRAM / koalanov

Ivee Pendo, or Koalanov, creates art influenced by anime and manga that’s instantly eye-catching. Her work is detailed, contemporary, and often unusual. Her use of unique effects and techniques bring something fresh to the artwork, filling it with different colors, tactile textures, and an enigmatic energy.


Chinny Basinang art


Chinny Basinang’s vivid art almost burns through print and screen, making your eyes go from one point to another. A heat almost palpably emanates from their work, driven by their use of “psychedelic patterns and saturated hues.” Chinny’s posters aren’t just visually pleasing—they also express the fire Chinny has for their advocacies.


habunny artist art


Habunny creates art primarily to creatively express their thoughts, interests, and inspirations, drawing from local culture and psyche. He also wants to make people happy and appreciative of the nuance of being Filipino with his art and his persona, “Habunny.” Recently, Japanese design and illustration has been a source of inspiration for him. “I like researching different ideas I can mix and match that show up in my art. Some of these are the time period, influential artists’ styles I like, and similar visual aesthetics and ephemeras.”


ukay ukay art cyrill, gen z artists

Ukay-ukay (X/awkwardbutable)

“I express my emotions and all the things I love and care through my illustrations.” Cyrill Acuña’s artwork is inspired by old encyclopedia illustrations, children’s books, and 90’s-era cartoons. “The textures and the kitschy-ness grab my attention,” he says. Exuding a vintage vibe but with very modern elements, his artwork highlights mundane Filipino life and superficial imagery.


“I make art to document everything I see and love.” Graphic designer Althea or theirfieldnotes take inspiration from “everyday things that we often overlook such as product packagings we see in sari-sari stores, trinkets, and signages.” Turning the mundane into visual representations of love and joy, they share their perspective of the world with people ready to appreciate it.

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