Better Than The Original: 9 Celebs Who Recreated Their Iconic Memes

Unafraid to reference or not reference.

You can’t outdo the doer.

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These days, a star can’t call themselves a true multi-hyphenate if they don’t have a viral meme to call their own. While many celebs and personalities try to set up meme-worthy moments, the best ones are those that come organically and can relate to many people. But while it’s one thing for memes to be used in a mountain of jokes, it’s another thing when the person behind it gets in on the joke.

And that’s exactly what these following stars did when they decided to go meta by recreating their viral memes. In the process, they gave us a new take on the memes and jokes we saved on our Favorites album. Here are some of those self-referencing famous faces.


@awrabriguela Oh! Ayan na spaghetti nyo 🍝 #viceganda #unkabogableday ♬ My Spaghetti – ABSstarcinema

One of the most memorable scenes from 2016’s The Super Parental Guardians sees Vice Ganda and Awra’s characters, Arci and Megan, serve spaghetti to a group of construction workers. What follows next is a bit of a mother-off as the two argue who had the better spaghetti. Over the years, the scene’s over-the-top and quotable lines understandably became a meme on social media. And this 2023 saw the two stars reuniting to give their updated take on the viral scene. We still think both spaghettis are amazing.


Actress, singer, and meme generator, Maris Racal can do it all. And among her many memes, a favorite is the one where she’s typing on her laptop while serving emotions. It went so viral, it even became a widely used meme in Thailand for a while. As such, Maris blessed us with an updated take on it when she referenced the meme during a scene from her Pumila Ka music video. Queen of typing on laptops.


Nadine is a woman of the people. Not only does she want the youth to care for the environment, but she also reminds people what year it is. Her “Come on guys. It’s 2017” launched a thousand memes. And every year since, Nadine has given us a new edition of the moment. The most recent edition came when she reminded everyone on the cusp of New Year 2023 that “2023 na amaccana accla”.  


@screammovies I have a job, and it slays. 🔪 #ScreamVI 🎥: @guywithamoviecamera ♬ Still Alive – Demi Lovato

A scroll on Stan Twitter will show you that fans have an arsenal of memes at their disposal. But one everlasting meme is Demi Lovato’s iconic “Get A Job!” and “Stay Away From Her!” Instagram comments. The meme bore out of IG comments Demi left in 2016 when she came across a post of a Demi superfan and stalker hanging out with her younger sister.

To this day, many still quote the meme, including Demi herself. As part of the Scream VI promotions, the studio posted a video of the film’s star, Jenna Ortega, getting a call from Ghostface. That is, until, Demi, who made an original song for the film, grabs the phone and tells him to get a job and stay away from her. Who would have guessed that it was Ghostface who could get Demi Lovato to say her legendary meme once more? At least the famous killer is doing something right. 


Aside from their moving vocals and emotion-stirring tracks, one thing many love about Ben&Ben’s Paolo and Miguel Benjamin is their long hair. It reached a point where netzines turned their flowy locks into a meme as they jokingly felt that it was good enough to front the cover of a shampoo bottle. But in a moment of manifestation, Paolo, Benjamin, and their enviable hair did land on the cover of Cream Silk shampoo bottles in 2021 as the brand’s first male ambassadors.    



YOU CAN OUT DO THE DOER! kimmmyyyy! 🦖

♬ original sound – mimiyuuuh

You know a meme made it’s mark on pop culture when it becomes a template on CapCut. That’s a situation Mimiyuuuh can relate to as the iconic video of her dancing to Insomnia is a TikTok favorite used all over the world. Years later, the YouTube star decided to treat us with her updated take on the moves, yellow shirt and all.


The Wednesday dance was everywhere at the end of 2022 as the meme ricocheted off social media at a break-neck pace. It was a pop culture moment you couldn’t miss. Naturally, many hoped Wednesday star Jenna Ortega would do the dance in real life. And that moment came when she did the much-copied routine with the comedy troupe Please Don’t Destroy as part of a promo video for her hosting SNL in March 2023.


In the immortal words of Dr. Jill Ilustre, “Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part.” While that confrontation scene in The Broken Marriage Vow already hit the right spots, it reached even greater heights when AC Soriano remixed it during his Jodi Sta. Maria Rusical. The meme quickly made the rounds on social media, and you can bet Jodi wasn’t going to miss the moment. Not only did she meet AC in person, but Jodi also recreated the meme, head bop included.

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