Querubin Llavore Really Went From Viral Sensation To International Meme Queen

Maris Racal, Querubin is coming for your crown sis.

In February 2022, Querubin Llavore unintentionally gave one of the best and most relatable new memes of the year, one that has gone international.

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Remember Querubin Llavore? The meme queen who gave us a reaction video that could be passed off as an embodiment of the Gen Z personality? In case you forgot, the TikTok star shot to internet fame after they competed on Tawag Ng Tanghalan during its February 12 episode. They performed Rivermaya’s 241 and did an amazing job. To their surprise, they won that round, which caused them to get emotional and shed tears. But Querubin’s true moment of stardom came when they caught the camera and quickly went from crying to sticking their tongue out. (A true baddie indeed.) As if they was going through five different emotions at the same time. The clip quickly went viral on social media and entered the 2022 meme directory.

But proving just how relatable the meme is, that clip and more of Querubin caught the attention of people not just in the Philippines, but internationally as well, because since then, the clip has been co-opted globally. While memes sometimes come and go, Querubin’s didn’t, which speaks to its universality. That’s the nature of internet humor, what with its ability to transcend languages and boarders. One day you’ll use a meme based off your favorite K-pop idol and the next is a clip from a Nigerian movie. From regular users to music stars, Oscar winning directors and more, check out how far the Querubin’s reactions and memes have gone since embarking on a world tour.

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