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It’s Lit! Here Are Some Unique Candles To Spice Up Your Room Decor

Adding those Butter Candles to cart ASAP.

Always wanted to know what the world of Studio Ghibli smelled like? Look no further from this curated list mostly inspired by pop culture.

It’s funny when you think about how you’ve spent most of 2020 and 2021 inside your room. But whether you’re a homebody or more of an outgoing person, it’s important to make our rooms a sanctuary and safe place to stay. Switching up the wallpapers, picking new furnitures, and disposing old stuff may sound like a chore when enlisting the things to do, but there’s always something therapeutic about letting go and starting anew. Don’t know where to begin? Start with choosing your room accents like these unique candles we’ve found on Instagram. Scroll down below for our top picks from sneaker-shaped to BTS’ Butter designs. Support small businesses, check!

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For all the sneaker heads out there, Creative Department’s got you covered with their design that’s inspired by the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. It’s a timeless shoe that lead to a historical dynasty of the 90s Chicago Bulls and became a success story not only in the sports world, which is why Creative Department chose to release this for their first drop.

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Smooth like butter, Candles by Can.Dela released these limited-edition candles inspired by the BTS song. Served on a glass in heart shape form, it was the brand’s first ever color-changing design. They’ve also released pieces inspired by Korean shows like Vincenzo, Kingdom, and Netflix show, Trese.


Cast a spell with these whimsical candles by The Good Scent inspired by your favorite Studio Ghibli Films. If you’ve ever wanted to know what Howl, Totoro or the breathtaking world of Spirited Away smells like, then these goodies are especially made for you. They’re pet-safe and eco-friendly, too!


If you’ve always wanted to experiment with magic, these candles by Mystical Candles will make you feel like a modern day witch. Take your pick from skulls, crystals, or even scented ones inspired by Medusa and Aphrodite.


Just because most of us are keeping safe in quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t bring the island vibes to our homes. Vintage Candles PH has been selling these calming soy wax ones that just make us miss the beach waves a little more.


A small business based in Cagayan de Oro, Greek Candle Co sells Scandinavian and Nordic designs with a rich aroma. Mostly shaped like the Parthenon columns, the Nephelai and the Gordian Knot their pieces made us want to re-read about the scandalous tales from Greek Mythology again.

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The New Music Releases Of The Past Week

Here are some of our picks of the new music releases of the past week.

From Doja Cat to Ed Sheeran, Maris Racal, and more, here are some of the new music releases from the past week that should go on your playlist.

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Another week has past and with it more music releases. Some artists dropped highly anticipated releases, and some released new music that is a far cry from their usual sound. Here are our picks of some of the new music releases of the past week.

Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is back with new music and a new sound. Bad Habits is a departure from his previous work as it features a very pop-heavy sound.

You Right – Doja Cat and The Weeknd

Doja Cat has finally released her highly anticipated 3rd studio album Planet Her. You Right serves as the album’s latest single while the album contains its fair share of bangers like I Don’t Do Drugs featuring Ariana Grande.

Neverland – Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual has new music out with the release of his second full-length studio album, Options.

Ate Sandali – Maris Racal

Maris Racal has new music out with the release of her latest single, Ate Sandali, a song about leaving a toxic relationship. The song features a pop sound that Maris doesn’t normally do, but it fits her well.

Lipstick – WILLOW

WILLOW continues her successful foray into the rock genre with the release of her latest single, Lipstick. The song proves that WILLOW knows exactly what’s she’s doing in this new era.

Distorted Light Beam – Bastille

Bastille has new music out with the release of their newest single, Distorted Light Beam. The song is heavily influenced by electronic pop with shades of cyberpunk, especially in the chorus.

dancing in the kitchen – LANY

Following the release of I Quit Drinking, LANY has another new single out called dancing in the kitchen, a song that will make you dance in the kitchen.

Don’t Blame It On Love – Yuna and Pink Sweat$

Malaysian superstar Yuna teams up with Pink Sweat$ for Don’t Blame It On Love. Their voices sound so good and their vocals blend so well in the song.

JUGGERNAUT – Tyler, The Creator, Lil Uzi Vert, and Pharrell Williams

Tyler, The Creator has new music out as he just released his latest studio album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, an album that is as good as you hope it would be.

Tokyo Nights – Logic and Like

Speaking of surprise releases, Logic surprised his fans last week when he announced that he was dropping YS Collection Vol.1 at the end of the week. The collection is compiled with songs from the Young Sinatra mixtape series.

Fallen – Lola Amour

OPM band Lola Amour have new music out with the release of their newest single, Fallen.

Cologne – beabadobee

Beabadoobee just released her new EP called Our Extended Play as well as the release of her newest single Cologne. The album was actually written and produced with Matty Healy and George Daniel of The 1975.

stranger to me – Zachary Knowles  

Zachary Knowles just released his newest song called stranger to me. The upbeat pop song serves as the second single for his upcoming debut album, tendency to be a loner, due out August 6, 2021.

Aboniki – Chvkey

Serving as Chvkey’s first single, Aboniki uses urban Afro beats and lyrics inspired by Afro Culture to create a unique sound. 

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Nadine Lustre drag queen lgbt pride

See How Nadine Lustre Transformed Into A Drag Queen To Give Back to the Golden Gays

Any drag queen names you can suggest? Mizz Betty Boom Boom? Wdyt?

As pride month comes to a close, Nadine Lustre honors the LGBTQIA+ community by staging a performance for the Golden Gays.

Nadine Lustre as a drag queen? Who would’ve ever thought. Vocal and supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community, Nadine has partnered with TaskUs to hold a concert for the benefit of the cornerstones of the community, the Golden Gays. Most of the older drag artists and elderly folks have been affected by the pandemic and with a platform as strong as Nadine’s, this was her way of not only supporting their trailblazing artistry, but also to actually give back to them and help them build a forever home.

You’d think it would end there? Always up to task, she enlisted the help of drag queen, Min Ortiz, to do her makeup was beat for the gods, as well as hairstylist Paul Nebres to make sure her weave was snatched. Meanwhile, a pool of Filipino designers from the community were enlisted to create her outfits. Below, we take you through the process of Nadine Lustre unleashing her inner drag queen for a day.

Embellished mesh jumpsuit by NERIC BELTRAN

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Nadine Lustre Drag queen transformation
Hairstylist Paul Nebres sculpting the blonde wig

If the blonde inches look familiar, it’s because hairstylist Paul Nebres used the exact wig from Nadine’s NYLON Manila cover shoot. Paul shares that initially, there was going to be a wig reveal ala Brooke Lynn Hytes in RuPaul’s Drag Race, but the time didn’t permit, so instead, he secured the blonde wig on Nadine all throughout.

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Nadine Lustre Drag queen transformation
Nadine Lustre’s drag transformation sends an important message

As for makeup artist Min Ortiz, giving Nadine that experience of being in drag made him feel proud and grateful. As a drag queen, Min shares, “I’m grateful because she explored the art of drag, which made me or us feel that what we do matters.”

Nadine Lustre Drag queen transformation
It was the second time makeup artist Min Ortiz painted Nadine Lustre’s face.

In this mini concert experience that Nadine Lustre has graced us with, she knew it was part of her responsibility to fight for these causes just like how her favorite icon Lady Gaga once said she wanted to “inject gay culture into the mainstream” as it is not an underground tool for the artist. Nadine herself has professed her love countless times to the community by attending pride march pre-COVID and donating to the organization.

Feathered hat by USHI SATO, Heart corset by CLOSET BY MIKA, Sequinned pants by H&M

As cliché and overused as it sounds, pride isn’t all rainbow flags and glamour. For Paul, “pride month for me is not just the celebration of all the LGBTQIA+ but also a fight for equality that’s being deprived specially to us Filipinos.” It’s a movement that isn’t only reserved for a month, it’s an everyday protest. For Min, it’s a “reminder that everyone has the ability and freedom to be who they truly are and openly love the person they choose to love. Pride shouldn’t only be celebrated and remembered every June, it should be every single day.” And for Nadine Lustre, raising the flag is and will always be part of her greater cause.

Embellished mesh catsuit by NERIC BELTRAN
Purple feathered bolero by DIDU, Printed catsuit by ROBERT ANDREW HIYAS

You can donate to the Golden Gays through this account:

BPI Family Savings Bank

Account Name: Ramon C. Busa

Account Number: 5626764705

Corporate Name: Home for the Golden Gays, Inc.

Photography ED ENCLONA

Styling LYN ALUMNO assisted by GEE JOCSON



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Watch Bretman Rock Slay His Cover Shoot For NYLON Manila

Watch Bretman deliver serve after serve in the behind-the-scenes videos of his cover shoot.

Bretman Rock showed up and showed out for his cover shoot. Check out the 4-part behind-the-scenes video series to see how the shoot came to be.

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Having Bretman Rock on this quarter’s cover of NYLON Manila was a dream come true, not only for us, but probably for Bretman as well. We envisioned this cover to be about pride, and in Bretman’s case, pride in being part of the LGBTQIA+ community and pride in being a Filipino. It’s clear that the covers and photos made a great impression on a lot of people. It also warmed our hearts to see Bretman get emotional on seeing himself on the cover given that it is his love letter to queer Filipino kids.

In all the covers, we see him rocking Filipino and other Asian designers. He also had make-up inspired by the Philippine flag. We also got to learn more about the man behind the persona and learn what moves and inspires him.

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Being the social media superstar that he is, we also talked about some of Bretman Rock’s most iconic moments like his best clapbacks, him showing Pinoy Pride, and when he used his platform to speak up on important issues.

The best part about all of this is that the entire shoot was done by a team of all Filipinos. If you were wondering how the shoot came to be, wonder no more as we’ve got you covered. Watch the 4-part video series on his cover shoot and see how it came to be, from the hair to the make-up, fashion, looks, and everything in between.

Check out the videos below and make sure to subscribe to NYLON Manila’s YouTube channel.

Fashion Film

Behind The Scenes Of Cover Shoot

Bretman Rock’s Philippine Flag-Inspired Makeup Look

Bretman Rock’s Hair Story

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he's into her episode 5

He’s Into Her Episode 5: Friend Request Denied! Recap

Back to square one.

Episode 5 of He’s Into Her not only sees Deib realize his feelings for Max, but that there are challenges facing their potential relationship.

Deib and Max are finally friends…Or are they? In Episode 5 of He’s Into Her, Max and Deib enter a new chapter of their relationship, one that brings with it new experiences, feelings, and challenges. While it might look like both of them have made up, it looks as though it’s stormy seas ahead. Here is a recap of He’s Into Her Episode 5, Friend Request Denied!. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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Friends At Last

Episode 5 starts with the aftermath of Aimee pulling Max’s hair. Deib goes to help Max and tells Aimee to apologize. Aimee refuses and reminds Deib of the time she comforted him when he just broke up with Kim and they almost kissed. Their fellow classmates start to murmur as Deib denies what happened and pretends to not know her. Aimee and her friends leave the scene.

Later on, Max and her friends meet up with Deib and his friends. Deib tells Lorde to tell the other students to stop calling Max Taguro while Max tells her friends to stop calling Deib Sensui.

More Than Friends?

With the success of the anti-bullying project, Deib and Max are finally friends, but it looks like Deib may be feeling more for Max. During English class, both of them say that it’s possible for enemies to turn into lovers. While in the library, Deib helps Max reach a book on the top shelf. During PE class, Max and Deib are paired up and play around for a little bit. Their PE teacher then tells them that they are being called to the Headmaster’s office.

In the office, the two of them initially think that they are in trouble, but in reality, the headmaster wants to congratulate them on a job well done for the anti-bullying project. He then asks them to do a special project for the janitors, security, and other support staff of Benison. Both of them agree to do it.

Later that night, Max and Deib are texting and we learn that Deib has a list of notes on Max when he learns that her favorite food is fried chicken. While Deib is getting excited, Max tells herself that Deib is just a friend and will not make the same mistake he did with her ex.

Falling Out

The next day, Max, Deib, and their friends prepare for the event, but Deib shows up late which annoys Max and she ignores him. But the both of them have a special moment when Deib catches Max when she slips. Later in the day, the karaoke machine is set and they decide to try it out. Max and Deib have a duet together and when the song is done, Deib tells Max he likes her. In the most pivotal scene of the episode, Hunter tells Max that he wanted to collab with her, but that he knows her MU, Deib, can get jealous. Max gets confused and doesn’t understand why he would call Deib her MU. At the moment, Deib decides to pass it off as a joke which gets Max angry and she walks out.

Afterward, Lorde invites Naih, Michiko, Ysay, and Migz onto his vlog as they recap past events. It then delves into what they think happened between Max and Deib over the past 4 episodes and whether or not they’ll make-up or not.

Following the event, the group meets at the basketball court to discuss the after-event report and it’s still clear that Max is angry at Deib for what he did. The two then have a heated argument which ends in Deib telling Max that if she doesn’t want to be friends, then they are not. And just like that, they are back to square one.

From enemies to friends to enemies

While episode 4 felt like the show was entering a new chapter, episode 5 is there to say that Deib and Max are still feuding, which makes for an interesting episode. It’s understandable that Max would act that way when Deib told her he liked her. With only 5 episodes left, it will be interesting to see how the show manages to patch up their relationship.

Deib’s character continues to show growth and you can tell that the way Donny plays him has changed from episode 1 to now. He’s showing more vulnerability and emotion. Meanwhile, it’s also nice to see that the mean girls are given more backstory as to why they act the way they act. Elle is resentful towards Max for entering her family while Aimee feels betrayed that Deib would treat her that way given what she has done for him in the past. Only Khloe so far isn’t given a reason as to why she hates Max other than because her friends do.

But one thing that episode 5 falters in is in the other love teams. Aside from having their short moments, Michiko and Tob, and Naih and Lee do not have that much character development. They aren’t the stars of the show, but they also shouldn’t be treated like one-offs. We would like to see more character growth in the next episodes. And we’re not saying they should get their own episode, but it would definitely help if their pairings were treated more than just cardboard cutouts.

Halfway There

As we reach the second half of He’s Into Her, Deib and Max are definitely the main pull of the show and we’re excited to see what will happen to them. We are also hopeful that the show will talk about other plotlines it touched upon like who hurt Deib’s brother and developing the other relationships further.

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SB19 And Ben&Ben Team Up For An Epic Collaboration For The Band Version Of MAPA

Only good things can come out of an SB19 and Ben&Ben collaboration.

SB19 and Ben&Ben collaborating on a song? And it’s for a new version of MAPA? It’s like a dream come true.

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SB19 is one of the, if not the biggest P-Pop group in the Philippines and a fast-rising act in general. Meanwhile, Ben&Ben is one of the most popular Pinoy acts in the Philippines, making us feel things with their heart-tugging songs. For a while, a collaboration between SB19 and Ben&Ben, affectionally called #SBen19, was something that people, including us, wanted, but felt more like a dream.

But all our hopes were answered when both groups made a surprise announcement that they would release a new version of MAPA last June 18. The announcement led thousands of A’TIN and Liwanag to celebrate in joy. It also quickly sent #SB19BenAndBen and #SBEN19MAPA to the top of the Twitter trending topics at #1 and #2 respectively. In the lead-up to the song’s release, they even released concept photos of not only the SB19 members, but also the band members of Ben&Ben.

So, what happens then when you combine both groups together for a collaboration? Only greatness and that was what we got when they released their highly anticipated re-recording of SB19’s hit single, MAPA.

How It Came To Be

MAPA already was quite impactful when SB19 first released the song back in May. The ballad was a love letter to the boys’ parents for their hard work and sacrifice. With Ben&Ben in the mix, it not only made MAPA that much better, but the inspirational message of honoring loving and hardworking parents cut that much deeper.

According to Sony Music Philippines General Manager Roslyn Pineda, the idea first came from SB19. “SB19 had an idea, a band version of MAPA. And Ben&Ben said yes in a heartbeat, which perhaps shouldn’t have come as a surprise given their ‘Ma, may ___ na kami’ captions on social media that make their devotion to their parents public knowledge.”

Asking Ben&Ben to be in the band version for MAPA was a no-brainer for SB19 as the group loved the band and even when they were still trainees, wanted to work with them. “It was really nice because while working, we were able to share stories and experiences that brought us closer. Also, during the shoot of our video, we were encouraging each other to gain confidence and just enjoy the performance.”

Ben&Ben’s Take On MAPA

Musically, the original version of MAPA was quite beautiful. But Ben&Ben came in to take the song’s musicality to the next level such as by adding jazzy, orchestral details, smooth harmonies, and expansive arrangements. SB19 actually gave permission to Ben&Ben to rearrange the song. “We were 100% involved with the process. They gave us free liberty to arrange the song, only giving us additional comments to help make some parts flow better. Pablo and Pat were directly coordinating and constantly giving updates. The suggestions he gave greatly helped us during the final recording sessions,” said the group.

The band also revealed that all of the band members were creatively responsible for their individual parts. But the entire arrangement was mainly conceptualized and spearheaded by Pat and Poch. “They’re two of the most technically proficient in the band when it comes to arranging intricate sections, and they wanted to add that to support the powerful message of the original song. Arrangement-wise, we wanted to make it distinct from the original, adding fun rhythms and grand sections. We felt that doing this added weight and served to support the powerful vocal performance of both acts.”

“We want people to have a different vibe about the song. The original version is more mellow, while this version gives it a rich, well-rounded, and a happy feeling—put together in such a way that it makes listeners feel more uplifted when they hear the song,” adds Pablo.

Performance Video

To make things that much better, the performance video for the band version of MAPA, which sees everyone dressed in beige tones, was shot at the historic Manila Metropolitan Theatre. Not only is the Manila Metropolitan Theater an important national cultural landmark, but it is also the only existing art deco building of its size and look in Asia. SB19 and Ben&Ben were actually the first artists to be on the stage of the iconic theater after six years under restoration and renovation. Talk about a cultural moment.

While we enjoy SB19 and Ben&Ben’s amazing version of MAPA, we also have our fingers crossed that the two groups could release original music together in the future.

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The Simple Yet Oh So Satisfying Satisfaction Of Study With Me Vlogs

There's something so pleasing about watching someone study.

As YouTubers like Alyanna Ross and Mar Fortuno show, there’s something so simple yet fulfilling about the study with me vlogs that gets you in the mood to study and be productive.

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With the pandemic forcing most face-to-face interactions to be halted, schools around the country closed, which made millions of students convert to online learning. For the past year, gone were the days of going to school and meeting up with friends. Now, most students just study at home and go to school online. The set-up has had its problems, which have then led to the issue of feeling burnout and unmotivated to study. But something positive to come out of this is the study with me vlog.

It is a trend that has blown up in the past year and if you search study with me vlog on YouTube, you’ll get dozens of results. Local YouTubers like Mar Fortuno, Alyanna Ross, ahnyeongs, and Aly’s Notes have gained followings on social media for their study vlogs and other school adjacent content. From the outside looking in, you might think that study with me vlogs has little purpose. It’s just people studying, who would want to watch that. Apparently, a lot of people, and there are a few reasons as to why.

Relatable Content

Every person in his/her life will study. If not for school, then for work or other activities. Studying is something that you will have to do at least once in your life. It is an experience a lot of people can relate to. This is one reason why study with me vlogs are so popular because they are relatable. Take Alyanna Ross’s videos for example. She is a 21-year-old Filipina who has been vlogging for a couple of years now. She usually documents her experience as a BS Comtech major from Ateneo.

Most of her recent videos have been her doing online school and doing other things related to school like preparing for finals or organizing her notes. When you watch her vlogs, you see that she is doing things you most likely do at home, too. As a viewer, you can relate to her and what she is doing because you either used to or currently in school. We like it when we can relate to other people, and at the end of the day, these vlogs are just regular people doing things that we can relate to. You may know exactly what the person is going through or have experienced something the person has done.

A Peek Into How Other People Study

We know what it means to study, but how exactly do you do it. In school, studying is a natural part of life, but it is also interesting to see how other people approach the topic. There are many different ways to study and it’s a subjective topic. These vlogs offer us a glimpse into their private lives and how they go about doing their schoolwork. Because in a way, seeing how a person study shows us who the person is.

Does the person like to use handwritten notes or all on the computer? Do they prefer color-coded notes or a different system? Do they watch anime or K-Drama in between their school work? It’s interesting to see how other people study because the viewer could use that as inspiration for their own studying habits or just be exposed to different forms of studying. You can already know so much about a person by the way she studies. There is just something so satisfactory of seeing someone study and do it well because it shows that the person has her life or priorities in order.

Comforting and Relaxing

Studying isn’t always the most appealing activity. Having to read through hundreds of pages for readings, going over math formulas, or preparing for exams can take its toll on you. More often than not, you would rather do something else than study. There is also the fact that school can be a stressful and hectic environment. But for study with me vlogs, there’s something about them that makes them so relaxing to watch and that’s most likely due to how they are edited. Most of these videos are not bombastic effects-driven videos, but simple slice-of-life videos that show normal people do normal things and usually done so in an aesthetically pleasing manner. These videos turn studying from a scary activity into something that you might look forward to doing.

Study with me vlogs are calming videos that you can watch as a whole or leave in the background while you study. Mar Fortuno, a 19-year old biology major from UP occasionally uploads hour-long videos of her just studying. It’s just raw footage of her just studying, but they are popular because it’s so relaxing to see someone study on a neat table with organized notes.

If you’re feeling stressed about school, try watching as a study with me vlog to calm you down. There is a calmness to these videos that make the experience relaxing. Even if you don’t have school anymore, these vlogs have are just so appealing to look at. These videos have a certain chill aesthetic to them that makes doing schoolwork a calm and appealing activity.

Tips and Inspiration

Finally, these vlogs serve as a source of inspiration, especially for students. If you’re feeling down or unmotivated to study, maybe watch a couple of study with me vlogs to give you that motivation to be productive. Some of the things you see in these vlogs could be applied to your study routine to make it better or more manageable.

When you watch someone like Aly’s Notes, her videos are noted for their clean edits and Pinterest levels of aesthetic. She peppers her videos with ideas or tips that can be useful for your own situation. ahnyeongs, whose real name is Cedie, is an 18-year-old 1st-year college student whose videos are known for their simple, yet aesthetically pleasing visuals. She too does things in her videos that you may want to emulate for your studying style.

Feel that your workstation is not conducive to studying? Try watching a few of these videos and see how they do it. You may get some tips or advice that may prove useful to your situation. The people who make these kinds of videos are also open about what apps, gadgets, and websites they use. It’s either stated in the vlog itself or in the description so if you see something you like, you can also get it.

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filipino haircut hairstyles

8 Haircuts That Forever Changed The Lives Of These Personalities

Snip, snip, snip. ✂️

Celebrities usually have a formula they stick to, but these individuals went against the flow and chopped their long locks.

Getting a haircut could probably be one of the most powerful things a person can experience. It symbolizes a lot of things, whether they’re moving onto better things, celebrating a milestone, or dealing with heartbreak. Choosing to go for a more drastic like a pixie or subtle with a textured hairstyle can be tricky at times, so we rounded up the best haircuts that forever changed the lives of these personalities.

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Sarah Geronimo’s freshly cut pixie is perhaps her most daring length yet. But more than the drastic change, which she debuted in a performance wearing a pink suit, the haircut was probably Sarah’s way of saying that at the end of the day, it’s her life to live and we can’t tell her nothing—even if it meant chopping her signature long locks off. Well, the fact of the matter is, she not looks damn good, but incredibly happy, too.


Leila Alcasid’s been wearing her hair long since forever, but when she cut it into a lob with curtain bangs, we were all tempted to do the same. Either way, we think this green-eyed beauty nails both!


The moment Liza Soberano walked the Star Magic red carpet in 2016 with curtain bangs, most girls wanted to give themselves a fringe. The nonchalance of the face-framing bangs pretty much helps in contouring some features.


A real life doll, Sue Ramirez left us all in shock when she debuted her pixie cut on Instagram two years ago. She showed the versatility of the her ‘do by accessorizing it with clips, rhinestones, statement jewelry, and having it slicked back at times.


The low ponytail may be Maine Mendoza’s signature hairstyle, but her Brigitte Bardot-inspired bangs will always be of-the-moment. Just It-girl things.


Showing her edgier side, Blythe looks sleek and ferocious in a textured bob. She also styled it with a bow and experimented with the side parts.


Who would’ve thought that a salon mishap could convince Angel Locsin to finally cut her hair short? Back in 2017, Darna got our hearts racing when she unveiled her pixie. Here’s to hoping Angel would bring it back again one of these days.


From a mullet to a bowl cut real quick, KZ Tandingan is surely keeping up with the times. She can rock any hairstyle from braids to curly bangs. But remember the first time she chopped her hair? It was such a moment, and she always said she’s never felt more free.

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bretman rock fashion filipino

Da Baddest Looking the Most, Bretman Rock Flexes Filipino Fashion In His Cover

Bretman really be doing the most for rising creatives.

Wearing mostly Filipino brands, Bretman Rock not only puts the spotlight on his culture, but also on rising Asian designers from various parts of the world.

Bretman Rock in Michael Cinco for his NYLON Manila cover was a pleasant treat to see. Just like in his house tour episode for Architectural Digest, he’s no stranger to supporting local and emerging artists. Aside from the all-Filipino team that put the shoot together, so did the fashion direction and the designers that were picked. It was a non-negotiable factor to shine a light on Filipino fashion. NYLON Manila’s Editor-in-Chief, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, shares, “If it wasn’t Filipino, it needed to be Asian or from a young, up-and-coming brand, all in the true irreverent core of the NYLON brand.” It was a coming together of AAPIs through and through. From Rhude by Rhuigi Villaseñor to Jewelmer, here are the Filipino and Asian brands that Bretman flexed on his cover shoot.

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Bomber Jacket and Pleated Dress by RHUDE, Sequinned Flare Pants by MARCELL VON BERLIN, Ring by MISARAHA JEWELRY

RHUDE was founded by Filipino American Rhuigi Villaseñor and has already dressed Hollywood’s finest including Jay-Z, Kendall Jenner, Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Rocky. Bretman Rock wears the pleated dress and bomber skirt from the Fall/Winter 2021 collection looking like the flyest bird in town. The sequinned flared trousers by Marcell von Berlin added more texture and lengthened his frame.

Bomber Jacket and Pleated Dress by RHUDE, Sequinned Flare Pants by MARCELL VON BERLIN, Ring by MISARAHA JEWELRY


Bretman Rock Cover
White Embellished Coat and Pants by MICHAEL CINCO, Pearl Necklace and Earrings by JEWELMER

Bretman’s Filipino prince look is in full effect with this heavily embellished jacket and trousers by notable fashion designer Michael Cinco. Decked out like royalty, the designer’s painstakingly-beaded look is further accentuated by Jewelmer’s Philippine pearls.

Bretman Rock Cover
White Embellished Coat and Pants by MICHAEL CINCO, Pearl Necklace and Earrings by JEWELMER


Pink hat by GLADYS MILLINERY, Sequinned Crop Top by HOUSE OF MUAMUA, Deconstructed jeans by NIKITA KARIZMA, Earrings by GERMAN KABIRSKI, Multi-colored platforms by GUCCI

Rocking the freshest up-and-coming designers, Bretman Rock really said, “taste the rainbow.” If his personality would be put together in one outfit, it would be this “Whatever” cropped top by House of Muamua, deconstructed jeans by Nikita Karizma, earrings by German Kabirski, and multi-colored platforms by Gucci with the pink hat by Gladys Millinery. Don’t you just love looking the most? Most of these designers have already dressed celebrities like Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa to name a few.

Pink hat by GLADYS MILLINERY, Sequinned Crop Top by HOUSE OF MUAMUA, Deconstructed jeans by NIKITA KARIZMA, Earrings by GERMAN KABIRSKI


Gold blazer and jewelry by DSQUARED2

Stylist Nikko Panti revealed that Italian brand DSQUARED2 allowed Bretman to be the first one to wear the whole look straight from the fall/winter runway. The gold blazer, stacked jewelry, and square-toed biker boots is literally us stepping outside when the pandemic is over. Moreno Bretman just jumped out!

Gold blazer and jewelry by DSQUARED2


Oversized cow-printed blazer, tank top, panelled denim jeans and white chunky boots by GCDS

Bretman Rock really out here giving us 90s Jackie Chan and we aren’t even complaining. Italian streetwear brand GCDS dresses him in a full look with an oversized cow-printed blazer, tank top, panelled denim jeans and white chunky boots, flown straight out of the fashion capital, no less. 10 out of 10 would wear this outfit in the country side.

Tank top, panelled denim jeans and white chunky boots by GCDS


Bretman Rock dressed in a Prabal Gurung polka dotted top and pants matched with Indonesian designer Monica Ivena’s organza top is all kinds of romantic, but made extra. Two Asian designers on an Asian boy is too much to handle.


Bretman Rock Cover
Fringed hat by ALABAMA BLONDE, Denim vest and sequinned pants by MARCELL VON BERLIN

Worn by Kim Kardashian and Saweetie, LA-based designer Alabama Blonde created this fringed cowboy hat that looked stunning in Bretman. The denim vest by Marcell von Berlin in this outfit was also worn by Lady Gaga in the past. Bretman Rock and Haus Labs collab, when?

Bretman Rock Cover
Fringed hat by ALABAMA BLONDE, Denim vest and sequinned pants by MARCELL VON BERLIN


Bretman Rock Cover
Denim tube, pants and corset by SUBIN HAHN, Sequinned coat by KIMIA ARYA

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim look may be memorable, but Bretman Rock in all denim by Korean designer Subin Hahn is the 90s popstar look we’ve always dreamed of. While sustainable designer Kimia Arya finished off the look with her sequinned trench coat.

Bretman Rock Cover
Denim tube, pants and corset by SUBIN HAHN, Sequinned coat by KIMIA ARYA


Pink feather coat by MALAN BRETON, Red trousers by SORAPOL LONDON, Rings by SHINE LIKE ME

Doflamingo of One Piece be hitting different this time around. Showing off his fresh and piping hot pandesal, Bretman wears a pink feathered coat by Taiwanese designer Malan Breton. He’s already been worn by Darren Criss and Janelle Monae. The red hot flared trousers on the other hand are by Bangkok-born designer Sorapol.

Pink feather coat by MALAN BRETON, Red trousers by SORAPOL LONDON, Rings by SHINE LIKE ME

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10 Times When Bretman Rock Spoke Up On Important Issues

Bretman Rock is an influencer who isn't afraid to speak up and use his voice.

Here are some of the moments when Bretman Rock used his platform and his voice to speak up about important issues.

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When Bretman Rock says that he’s an activist, he means it. Not only is Bretman an incredibly fun person to watch, but he also uses his platform to talk about important and pressing social issues. He’s not afraid to use his voice to speak up and raise awareness about certain topics. While some personalities and influencers would prefer to keep quiet, Bretman will be there to make sure his opinion is known and advocate for just causes. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. Here are 10 times when Bretman Rock spoke up about important issues.

When he called out body shaming

Over the past year or so, Bretman Rock has been working out more and gaining muscle along the way. His new look is a perfect mix of masculine and feminine energy. But for some people, it looks as if Bretman was losing too much weight and he wasn’t having it. Bretman shared a DM he got from someone who told him to stop losing weight and he responded by saying that he still weighs the same, he just lost more fat and gained muscle. He also asked the person to stop commenting on people’s weight. “I would respectfully ask you to make this the first and last time you ever make a comment about my body or anyone’s body at that.”

When he called out people for body shaming his sister

Not only did Bretman Rock call out people who body-shamed him, but he also called out people who were fat-shaming his sister. When Princess Mae was pregnant, she tweeted that people were still fat-shaming her. Bretman came to his sister’s defense and clapped back at her haters. “How the hell do y’all fat shame someone who’s pregnant…”

When he spoke up about Black Lives Matter

Among the many, many people who spoke up about Black Lives Matter, Bretman Rock was one of them. He retweeted so many tweets about everything and anything BLM for greater exposure, also getting educated more about the movement along the way. He also has a highlight on his Instagram dedicated to BLM where he talked about how it was wrong for him to stay silent with everything that has been happening. “You do not have to be black to support Black Lives Matter.” He and his sister also attended a BLM protest.

When he called out his racist neighbors

At only 23 years old, Bretman Rock has achieved so much in his life. But despite all his success, he still faces racism in his daily life, and that was on display when he called out his racist neighbors. Back when Bretman used to live in his old home in Hawaii, he posted a series of IG stories that showed white HOAs (homeowners association) taking pictures of his house. Despite the fact that he was leaving soon, they were still spying on his house as if he was doing something bad. He then talked about how he thinks his white neighbors think lowly of him and his family because they are Filipinos. In another incident, Bretman spotted that his “Karen” neighbor pointed a CCTV camera at his room. So for revenge, he twerked and stripped in front of the camera.

When he talked about why he stopped associating himself with the beauty community

In one of Bretman’s famous Instagram stories, he called out people who said that he stopped wearing makeup and gained muscle to fit the beauty standards and to have more boys like him. He said that that was further from the truth, and he still wears makeup. He also spoke facts when he said that he doesn’t want to be tied to the beauty community anymore because white people ruined the community. Considering that most of the drama in the beauty community involves white people, it was refreshing to see Bretman Rock speak up about that.

When he raised awareness for typhons that hit the Philippines in 2020

2020 was not a good year for the Philippines. Aside from COVID-19, the country was hit by a succession of powerful typhoons that killed dozens and left thousands homeless. Bretman Rock took to Twitter to raise awareness for the country following the typhoons’ devastation and even included a #prayforcagayan and retweeted a tweet asking for help for the people of Cagayan.

When he said being gay is not a choice

Despite what some people may say, being gay is not a choice. It is not a switch that people turn on and off inside their brain to be gay or not. This is something Bretman Rock addressed in his latest mukbang with his sister, Princess Mae. During the video, Bretman was talking about if he could be born again in the world, what gender he would choose. He then said that being gay is not a choice and that he didn’t choose one day to be gay. “I didn’t choose to be gay. I didn’t wake up one day and was like, oh my god, I’m gay starting today.”

When he defended his mom for not speaking fluent English

During a video where Bretman and his mom cooked chicken Adobo, Bretman revealed that his mom was initially hesitant to film with him because she felt that people would make fun of her English. Bretman then defended her mom saying that when foreigners travel to the Philippines and they try to learn the language, we don’t make fun of them and instead encourage them. But when immigrants in general travel to the US and try to speak English, they get made fun of it. He then told people who were just there to make fun of her mom or anyone else to “get the f*ck out.” Always expect Bretman to speak straight facts when it comes to the realities of the immigrant experience.

When he addressed his past problematic videos

It’s a scenario we’ve seen time and time again. A famous celebrity’s problematic past is brought up. People rightfully call out that person’s past actions. The celebrity then ignores the controversy or responds to it in such a way that makes the situation worse. That doesn’t apply to Bretman Rock though as he openly addressed his past problematic videos. He openly acknowledged what he did and he still continues to apologize and more importantly, learn from his mistakes. “That’s not a reflection of who I am now. If you wanna cancel me, cancel 15-year-old Bretman. Let me learn & grow & mature please.”

When he called out homophobic TikTokers

With the rise of TikTok also came the rise of TikTok-based personalities. But one issue to arise from this was male TikTok personalities who did challenges that saw them act gay or in a feminine way, but at the same time, say homophobic comments or disrespect towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Bretman Rock was not here for that mess and rightfully called them out.

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