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Nadine Lustre’s Hairstylist Used Up A Whole Hairspray Can To Keep Her Waves Steady For Her Concert Shoot

It took a whole hairspray can to make it look THAT good.

When you’re like Nadine Lustre who does everything for sake of art, everything has to be perfect.

Nadine Lustre’s been booked and busy for the most part of the pandemic. After creating her stunning visual album, she now explores theatre and takes her performances to another level with Absolute Madness—her upcoming concert on July 3rd via streaming platform Kumu.

The official poster has already been revealed a few days ago and shows Nadine in some sort of mystical madhouse. Lensed by top photographer BJ Pascual with art direction by Careless’ creative director Zonlee, makeup artist Raffy So, and hairstylist Carlo Roblico, Nadine’s vision was brought to life. But one thing we can’t stop talking about is Nadine Lustre’s overall look. Luckily, we were able to have a little catchup with Raffy (who did Blythe’s makeup for her first NYLON Manila cover) and Carlo, on how they created Nadine’s 1920’s inspired beat for the Absolute Madness concert poster.

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Before the shoot began, Nadine was also browsing makeup pegs and she suddenly remembered a look that Euphoria star Alexa Demie had in a shoot. She had micro bangs, bleached brows and dramatic contour. She shows Raffy and says, “try natin?” To which he happily obliged, perfecting her soft matte skin, applied a darker shade of blush and a nude overlined lip.

NYLON MANILA: How is it working with Nadine Lustre?

Nadine Lustre Absolute madness concert fashion beauty makeup

RAFFY: Nadine was really fun to work with! I remember in a previous shoot she was showing me memes. I didn’t expect na ganun siya because ‘yung image niya is very intimidating pero sobrang bait and chill niya lang as a person. Naalala ko pa na pinupush niya ko to use individual lashes that day kasi nga ‘yun ‘yung weakness ko and sobrang supportive niya sa aking goal na maging magaling maglagay ng individual lashes. I am really thankful to Miss Nadine because who would have thought that one day I’d be able to do her makeup. I really appreciate na sinu-support niya ‘yung new and upcoming talents sa industry.

NM: How was the experience working with fellow creatives who were part of the shoot?

R: I was really nervous at first kasi siyempre as a newcomer sa industry tapos makaka-work mo si BJ Pascual. Dream photog ko kasi na maka-work si BJ so I am really thankful to Miss Nadine for giving the opportunity to tick off one of my goals. Na-feel ko na “official makeup artist” na ako kasi naka-work ko na sila. Naaalala ko sobrang pawis ako while doing Miss Nadine’s makeup kasi sobrang kabado ako and nervous at the same time, pero chinichika niya ko and ine-encourage ako to do better kaya nawala ‘yung kaba ko.



We usually see Nadine Lustre wearing her hair long and almost nymph-like, but this time, she goes back in time and dons finger waves that are usually seen on the runway. It’s definitely not for everyone but she nails the look with the help of hairstylist Carlo Roblico.

NYLON MANILA: What convinced Nadine to have her hair styled in finger waves?

Nadine Lustre Absolute madness concert fashion beauty makeup

CARLO: To be honest, sobrang na-shock ako kung gaano ka-game si Miss Nadine to try out new looks kasi let’s be honest, the finger waved hair is not her personal aesthetic naman, pero she really slayed the look. And sobrang funny because she said, “ang tibay naman nitonung ginawa ko ‘yung finger waves. Totoo naman na sobrang hard ng texture nung hair na parang helmet. It took one big can of hairspray to secure it!

NM: How was the experience working with fellow creatives who were part of the shoot?

C: It was super chillax and no pressure. Bj just allowed us to express our own artistry and I got to work with my dream artist and creatives! 

Photography/Creative Direction BJ Pascual
Art Direction Zonlee
Production Design Princess Barretto
Styling Lyn Alumno
Makeup Raffy So
Hair Carlo Roblico
Fashion Eyepatch and glove bra by Neric Beltran, Leather underbust corset by Chris Nick, Catsuit by La Glamour Queen
Nails Elinails.Co

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