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These 10 Personalities Have Been Slaying in their Wigs

"Weave me alone" they said.

Here’s a better idea: Just weave them be.

Wigs have played a major part in history for as long as we can remember, starting from the Egyptians. While they’re mostly used for self-expression, wigs have also been used for protection—giving the natural hair a break from all the heat damage of styling it (better than being bald FR). From Blythe’s Birth of Venus look to drag queen Min Ortiz killing each beauty look (not to mention the custom wigs!), here’s a rundown of our faves who aren’t afraid to play with wigs and weaves!

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Redhead Blythe, come through! This overall beauty look lives in our minds rent-free, red brows included.

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Fil-Am rapper Saweetie loves her wigs too much, she finally gave in to being blonde for real. She even wore a rainbow-colored buzzcut wig in one of her shoots.

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The cosplay queen herself, Alodia Gosiengfiao, is no stranger to wigs, given she’s been making her own costumes in the past. The question is, how does she pull off each look every single time?


Probably the first time we’ve seen Liza wearing a wig, she pays homage to Jennie of Blackpink’s look in How You Like That. Blonde Liza, when?

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AC’s hairstyles are one of her defining features, given that she’s a dancer who’s very expressive of herself. NGL, the lavender pigtails are our favorite!

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For Mimiyuuuh’s birthday shoot last year, the social media store wore long goddess-like waves to match that stunning gold outfit. A different look than the usual blunt bob Mimiyuuuh’s been known for.


Makeup artist, drag queen, and performer, Min Ortiz always keeps it fresh. How on earth do you perfect a beat like that? This rising artist also makes custom wigs, an art form not many can execute well.


Of course, we just had to include our cover girl Nadine Lustre. The multi-hyphenate has already tried several hairstyles including a mullet, a bob, and caramel highlights, but her blonde look was her craziest by far.

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Like a living painting, Mona Lisa over here looks peachy in a pink wig. This lowkey reminds us of Lava Girl.

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You’re a mean old one, Mr. Grinch and Doja Cat says so. The matching colored liners and manicure gave so much life to this neon green wig.