11 Times When Bretman Rock Showed Pinoy Pride

Bretman Rock has always been proud of his Filipino heritage.

We list down some of our favorite moments when Bretman Rock wasn’t afraid to show the world his Filipino side.

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Bretman Rock is a singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, and scientist on the side. He’s the star of the crystal of the dayayayyayaayy, a coconut water connoisseur, and the newest MTV star. But he is also a Filipino, a fact that he isn’t afraid to show off. Throughout Bretman’s career, he has always shown shades of his Filipino side and is open to showing the country’s culture to his many followers. He is a definition of Pinoy pride, a successful story who isn’t afraid to be who he really is, Filipino and gay that is. Here are 11 times when Bretman Rock let his inner Pinoy shine.

When he tried singing Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo is an iconic Filipino song that most, if not all, Filipinos know. You probably learned about it in school and even if you don’t know all the lyrics, you may know how the tune goes. Bretman Rock tried to sing the song, and it was one of the funniest things he’s ever done. He has sung the song a few times, but we most love the one where he added an Ariana Grande-esque yuh and added new lyrics like Bulalo and Sinigang.

When he dressed up as Darna for Halloween

Bretman Rock has delivered some stunning Halloween looks over the years. But one of his most memorable costumes was when he dressed up as Darna for Halloween in 2018. Bretman has described Darna as one of his gay Filipino icons and he did her justice. The make-up was on point, the wig was perfect, and the costume was spot-on. He even went a step further and put on padding and wore red thigh-high boots. The whole look was just so well put together and screamed strong Filipino woman.

When he had a Filipino food mukbang featuring food from his mom’s food truck

Back in December 2020, Bretman uploaded a video of him and Princess having a mukbang with Filipino food. But it wasn’t any ordinary Filipino food as it food cooked by their mother and older brother for their food truck, MamaMerce’s Kitchen. Bretman and Princess feasted on classic Filipino foods such as beefsteak, Bicol express, chicken adobo, dinuguan, squid guisado, chicken tinola, pinakbet, pancit bihon, and Lechon kawali. Bretman also talked about his favorite Filipino food and how happy he is that his family is able to share Filipino food to different of the world.

When he wore Filipino designs for his Architectural Digest video

Bretman Rock was recently featured in a video for Architectural Digest where he showed off his new house. Aside from the fact that his house is a great reflection of his personality and features many pieces from local artists, Bretman also wore Filipino designs for the video. He wore a black and gold malong designed by Daily Malong, a Pinay-owned and American-based fashion brand, and a replica of Catriona Gray’s “Three Stars and the Sun“ ear cuff.

When he showed love for Trese

Not only was Trese an important milestone for Filipino komiks, but it was an important milestone for Filipinos in general since it was Netflix’s first anime adaptation set in the Philippines. Filipinos around the world watched the show and so to did Bretman Rock. In one of his Instagram stories, he talked about the show and implored his followers to watch as well. He even tried to speak Tagalog and comically failed (he understands it fully, but can’t speak it fluently).

When he cooked Filipino food with his mom

Bretman Rock has a great relationship with his mom and that was on full display when the two of them made Filipino food They first made their version of chicken adobo and in another video, they made pinakbet. Plus points for the fact that in both videos, Bretman and his mom were wearing matching shirts.

When he showed off Filipino pride in his collaboration with ColourPop Cosmetics

Over the years, Bretman Rock has collaborated with many brands, most recently with Nike. But one of our favorite ones he did was his collaboration with ColourPop Cosmetics in 2018. The collection was inspired by his Filipino roots, and it showed. For the campaign, Bretman dressed up in both barong Tagalog and Filipiniana. He gave both looks a modern Bretman twist and slayed both outfits. “I poured my heart and soul into this project and I hope you guys love it as much I do. The collection is totally inspired by my heritage.”

There are a few things you need to expect in a Filipino household. One of those things is a cookie container filled not with cookies, but a sewing kit. You probably remember having a blue cookie canister filled with sewing materials that you or your parents use to fix your clothes. The same can be said for Bretman Rock as during an episode of his MTV reality show, he and Princess were making Leis and a cookie canister filled with sewing kits was visible on the table.

When he and Bella Poarch spoke Tagalog and Ilocano

Earlier in the year, Bretman Rock and fellow young Filipino personality Bella Poarch went live while on the beach in Hawaii. During the live, Bretman told Bella that he’ll speak Ilocano to her, and she’ll respond in Tagalog. We already knew that Bretman was fluent in Ilocano but hearing Bella’s Tagalog caught us by surprise because she sounds like a regular Filipina girl you would meet in school. Hearing and watching these two young Filipino stars speak in their native tongue was so much fun.

When he had a Jollibee mukbang with the cast of his reality show

Before the premiere of his MTV reality show, Following Bretman Rock, he had a mukbang with the cast of the show, Princess Mae, Keifer, and Larry, and they had Filipino fast-food staple, Jollibee. They had ChickenJoy, burger steak, spaghetti, pancit palabok, peach mango pie, and pineapple juice. While Bretman has done Jollibee mukbangs in the past, this one was special because it was with his sister and close friends.

When he ate Pancit Canton with his sister

Back in May 2020, Bretman Rock released uploaded a video of him and Princess catching up on their lives while eating Pancit Canton, a food both of them ate growing up. Watching them make it really hit us because no matter where you are in the world or how far you make it, Pancit Canton is always there.

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