he's into her episode 4

He’s Into Her Episode 4: Friend Request Accepted? Recap

If you've ever been victimized by Deib Enrile, please stand up.

Episode 4 of He’s Into Her sees Max and Deib work on their anti-bullying project and hopefully put an end to their feud.

Is it possible that you can go from enemies to friends and even lovers? That’s the question episode 4 of He’s Into Her, entitled Friend Request Accepted?, tries to answer as Max and Deib work together on an anti-bullying project and discover that they have more in common with each other than they realize. Here is a recap of episode 4.

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A Game of Billiards

he's into her episode 4

Episode 4 starts with Max in Deib’s bedroom. Deib tells her that she can use his bathroom to change, which she does. Before she goes out, she asks Deib if he is wearing clothes and he clowns her by saying that he’s usually topless at home, but since she is bothered by it, he’ll wear a shirt. The two then take a selfie together for proof and Deib tells Max to go home. Max refuses and tells Deib that she wants to stay because she does not trust him. Max then tells Deib that they should play a game of billiards, if Max wins, she stays, if Deib wins, Max leaves.

Deib may be talented in basketball, but that doesn’t translate to billiards as he gets smoked by Max in round 1. He tells Max that he wants round 2, which Max obliges and she shows off her billiard skills. Deib asks Max why she is so talented in the game and Max replies that she’s the number one player from Mindoro.

Dinner With Deib’s Mom

he's into her episode 4

At the end of their game, Deib’s mom arrives and Deib introduces Max to her. Deib tells his mom that Max is going to leave, but his mom insists that she stay for dinner. During dinner, Deib’s mom asks what the two of them were doing and Max replies that they’re working on an anti-bullying project for school as extra credit. Deib’s mom then says that Deib has a reputation in Benison, but Max saves the conversation by saying that Deib is such a good and smart student in school, that they became fast friends when they first met and even encourages her to attend Deib’s game. Deib’s mom likes what she hears and is happy Deib is friends with a good person and also saves Deib from being embarrassed at the dinner table.

Opening Up and The Rise Of New Couples

he's into her episode 4

Later on in episode 4, the two are working on the project when Deib pays back Max the 10,000 he owed for the prank and thanks her for not ratting him out to his mom. The two then slightly open up to one another as Max talks about how fear is usually what drives the both of them, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Elsewhere, Naih, Michiko, and Migz are on their shifts at The Barb when Tob, Lee, and Lorde arrive. At this moment, the seeds of future relationships are planted. Naih takes Lee’s order and slips up by asking if he can take her out instead of his order. Lee, Tob, and Lorde order iced coffees, but the moment is ruined because Lorde decides to drink it first to see if it wasn’t poisoned or anything. Meanwhile, Tob asks Barb if they have a red velvet macaron while occasionally glancing at Michiko which makes her smile.

Back at Deib’s house, the two open up more to each other and we get to learn a few new things. Deib has been friends with Lee, Tob, and Lorde since the first grade while Lorde is the Deib family’s scholar. Max then accidentally comes across a picture of Kim, Deib’s ex and we get to learn that he doesn’t like talking about her because she cheated on him. With a bit of prodding by Deib, Max says that she too knows what it feels like to be heartbroken because she was ghosted by her ex, RJ. Deib then tells Max that if he and RJ were to meet, he would play him one-on-one in basketball and that he would win it for Max.

Anti-Bullying Project

he's into her episode 4

Episode 4 then skips to Monday at the school auditorium for Deib and Max’s presentation. Tob sits next to Michiko, and she lets him try out a new red velvet flavored pastry she made. Naih, meanwhile, sits next to Lee and compliments him on his drawing which looks very similar to Naih. Even Lorde gets in on the action when he sits next to Khloe.

The presentation starts and Deib opens it by saying that he is a bully. Max then says that she is his victim. Deib says that he bullied those who were weak and vulnerable while Max admits that she fought back and became the thing that she was against. The two talk about how they and their classmates just want to be accepted for who they are. Deib then says that he has a responsibility to make sure that his classmates aren’t always in a cycle of hate. He then deletes Project Blocked.

Right before the presentation ends, Deib goes one step further and in a scene reminiscent of Mean Girls, asks all his classmates who were victimized by Project Blocked to stand up. He then apologizes to all of them for his actions. Max then apologizes to her classmates for judging them so quickly. Everyone then in the auditorium apologizes to one another. It seems though that all is well in Benison and people are happier now. Of course, that is until Aimee pulls Max’s hair in the last scene.

The Best One Yet?

he's into her episode 4

If episode 3 felt more like the build-up to the action, episode 4 was the action and the wait was worth it. We finally got an episode where Max and Deib could have their one-on-one time and like their chemistry shine. Belle and Donny have great chemistry together and this episode was a showcase of that not just through their physical interactions, but also how they talk to one another. We got to see their playful and more teasing side, but we also got to see their more serious side as well.

Deib arguably is the one who benefits the most from this episode. We get to see that he really isn’t the big and cold bully, but a young man who has his own demons to fight. Despite looking so tough, his relationship with his mother is on the rocks, and is unsure of how he could fix it. He also cares for the people around him and is starting to show emotion and feelings towards Max.

It was also nice to see Naih, Michiko, Lee, and Tob get their moment to shine and we’re excited to see how their relationships develop. The only problem this episode has is the plot hole of Michiko, Naih, and Migz working at The Barb since it was never established, or it wasn’t clear, that the three of them took a job at the restaurant. Episode 4 felt like the beginning of a new chapter for the show which makes it one of the best episodes of He’s Into Her so far.

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