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He’s Into Her Episode 3: Taguro vs. Sensui Recap

The feud continues in episode 3 of He's Into Her.

Episode 3 deals with the fallout on the delivery prank on Max, as well as of Deib’s first encounter with Randall Echavez.

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A prank gone wrong, feelings of regret, an unlikely pairing, and an impromptu basketball game. Episode 3 of He’s Into Her, Taguro vs. Sensui, is finally out so here is a recap of the episode (Warning: Spoilers Ahead).

Confronting Deib

Episode 3 kicks off following the student’s delivery prank on Max. She goes to the school and throws the food at Deib’s car. Max then confronts him about the prank and says that she knows she is being bullied but that they should leave her job alone since that money is for her lola. She then leaves with Deib looking visibly upset.

As Max arrives home, she is confronted by her father who asks why she is home so late. She explains that she came from work and is saving money to send to her family back in Mindoro. Max’s dad tells her that she shouldn’t let her part-time job ruin her schoolwork and is willing to send money to her family. Max tells him that she will pay him back, but he says no and explains to her that he wants to be the best father that he can be to her.

All the while, his new wife is listening to the conversation and is not liking what she is hearing. She tries to make Max feel bad by telling her that her father’s parents may not like her because they did not like it when their son married Max’s mother. This then causes Max to open up that if she had her way, she would just stay in Mindoro and that she is only going to finish the school year and then move back.

Anti-Bullying Project

Episode 3 reveals that Deib may not be as stone cold as he is since he is still thinking about what Max said to him. He looks upset by the situation and in the school cafeteria the next day, he thinks about paying Max the 10,000 pesos she owes. He stands up to go to Max but before he reaches the table, Naih accidentally uploads an audio recording of Max talking badly about Deib on the Benison Batch 2020 chat. Deib gets angry and walks away while the students throw food at Max and her friends.

Later on in episode 3, it is revealed that the Benison Bears barely won against the Westridge Warthogs in the semi-finals by a score of 81-80 which causes the other students to blame Max for ruining Deib’s performance. Post-game, Max is talking to her lola and she tells her that instead of fighting him, she should learn to understand him. Deib visits his brother and opens up about his feelings, saying that even though Max embarrassed him like that, she is right, and his own mom doesn’t even like him.

The next day, Deib “bumps” into Max which causes her bra to fall off from her backpack. Deib picks it up and teases Max about it. They are caught by the headmaster, and he threatens to suspend them. But he also offers them an alternative that they have to work together on an anti-bullying project over the weekend and present it on Monday. Initially hesitant about the idea, they both agree to do it and compromise with Max going to Deib’s house for the project.

Deib vs. Randall

Afterward, Max and Deib are with their respective friends talking about the project. Max is informed by what happened with Deib’s brother, that he was involved in a carnapping incident and was shot and is implored by her friends to make nice with him. Deib, meanwhile, tells his friends that he chose his house because it’s a homecourt advantage and she has to follow his rules.

Episode 3 is when the Alpha 3 finally encounters the Southbay Sharks team captain Randall and two of his teammates. The situation immediately gets tense as the two teams agree to have a game, first to 21 wins. It was a heated match as both teams showed their skills, but in the end, it was Randy and his team that won.

Later in the day, Max arrives at Deib’s house and tries to look for a washroom. She gets lost and accidentally enters Deib’s room. Deib exits his bathroom half-naked which causes Max to panic, but she fails to open the door.

Build-Up To The Real Action

Out of the three episodes so far, episode 3 stands out the least, not because it’s a bad episode, but because it feels more like a build-up to the real action. Nothing too substantial happens in this episode and is just setting up the building blocks for Deib and Max to finally have their alone time together. Max’s friends are supposedly hated by the other students for what they did, but the rest of the episode doesn’t make it feel like they are pariahs. It’s only Max who gets the brunt of the blame.

With that being said, there were some memorable moments like the game between the Alpha 3 and the Southbay Sharks. We also got to see a bit more character development of Deib as he opened up about feeling unwanted by his mother and seeing how close he is to his brother. Finally, that scene where Max tries but fails to open to door to leave Deib’s room was quite funny.

Based on the preview, episode 4 also looks to be a special episode that will finally give us the special moments that we want to see between Max and Deib. Overall, episode 3 is a good, but not great episode.

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