10 Times When Bretman Rock Spoke Up On Important Issues

Bretman Rock is an influencer who isn't afraid to speak up and use his voice.

Here are some of the moments when Bretman Rock used his platform and his voice to speak up about important issues.

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When Bretman Rock says that he’s an activist, he means it. Not only is Bretman an incredibly fun person to watch, but he also uses his platform to talk about important and pressing social issues. He’s not afraid to use his voice to speak up and raise awareness about certain topics. While some personalities and influencers would prefer to keep quiet, Bretman will be there to make sure his opinion is known and advocate for just causes. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. Here are 10 times when Bretman Rock spoke up about important issues.

When he called out body shaming

Over the past year or so, Bretman Rock has been working out more and gaining muscle along the way. His new look is a perfect mix of masculine and feminine energy. But for some people, it looks as if Bretman was losing too much weight and he wasn’t having it. Bretman shared a DM he got from someone who told him to stop losing weight and he responded by saying that he still weighs the same, he just lost more fat and gained muscle. He also asked the person to stop commenting on people’s weight. “I would respectfully ask you to make this the first and last time you ever make a comment about my body or anyone’s body at that.”

When he called out people for body shaming his sister

Not only did Bretman Rock call out people who body-shamed him, but he also called out people who were fat-shaming his sister. When Princess Mae was pregnant, she tweeted that people were still fat-shaming her. Bretman came to his sister’s defense and clapped back at her haters. “How the hell do y’all fat shame someone who’s pregnant…”

When he spoke up about Black Lives Matter

Among the many, many people who spoke up about Black Lives Matter, Bretman Rock was one of them. He retweeted so many tweets about everything and anything BLM for greater exposure, also getting educated more about the movement along the way. He also has a highlight on his Instagram dedicated to BLM where he talked about how it was wrong for him to stay silent with everything that has been happening. “You do not have to be black to support Black Lives Matter.” He and his sister also attended a BLM protest.

When he called out his racist neighbors

At only 23 years old, Bretman Rock has achieved so much in his life. But despite all his success, he still faces racism in his daily life, and that was on display when he called out his racist neighbors. Back when Bretman used to live in his old home in Hawaii, he posted a series of IG stories that showed white HOAs (homeowners association) taking pictures of his house. Despite the fact that he was leaving soon, they were still spying on his house as if he was doing something bad. He then talked about how he thinks his white neighbors think lowly of him and his family because they are Filipinos. In another incident, Bretman spotted that his “Karen” neighbor pointed a CCTV camera at his room. So for revenge, he twerked and stripped in front of the camera.

When he talked about why he stopped associating himself with the beauty community

In one of Bretman’s famous Instagram stories, he called out people who said that he stopped wearing makeup and gained muscle to fit the beauty standards and to have more boys like him. He said that that was further from the truth, and he still wears makeup. He also spoke facts when he said that he doesn’t want to be tied to the beauty community anymore because white people ruined the community. Considering that most of the drama in the beauty community involves white people, it was refreshing to see Bretman Rock speak up about that.

When he raised awareness for typhons that hit the Philippines in 2020

2020 was not a good year for the Philippines. Aside from COVID-19, the country was hit by a succession of powerful typhoons that killed dozens and left thousands homeless. Bretman Rock took to Twitter to raise awareness for the country following the typhoons’ devastation and even included a #prayforcagayan and retweeted a tweet asking for help for the people of Cagayan.

When he said being gay is not a choice

Despite what some people may say, being gay is not a choice. It is not a switch that people turn on and off inside their brain to be gay or not. This is something Bretman Rock addressed in his latest mukbang with his sister, Princess Mae. During the video, Bretman was talking about if he could be born again in the world, what gender he would choose. He then said that being gay is not a choice and that he didn’t choose one day to be gay. “I didn’t choose to be gay. I didn’t wake up one day and was like, oh my god, I’m gay starting today.”

When he defended his mom for not speaking fluent English

During a video where Bretman and his mom cooked chicken Adobo, Bretman revealed that his mom was initially hesitant to film with him because she felt that people would make fun of her English. Bretman then defended her mom saying that when foreigners travel to the Philippines and they try to learn the language, we don’t make fun of them and instead encourage them. But when immigrants in general travel to the US and try to speak English, they get made fun of it. He then told people who were just there to make fun of her mom or anyone else to “get the f*ck out.” Always expect Bretman to speak straight facts when it comes to the realities of the immigrant experience.

When he addressed his past problematic videos

It’s a scenario we’ve seen time and time again. A famous celebrity’s problematic past is brought up. People rightfully call out that person’s past actions. The celebrity then ignores the controversy or responds to it in such a way that makes the situation worse. That doesn’t apply to Bretman Rock though as he openly addressed his past problematic videos. He openly acknowledged what he did and he still continues to apologize and more importantly, learn from his mistakes. “That’s not a reflection of who I am now. If you wanna cancel me, cancel 15-year-old Bretman. Let me learn & grow & mature please.”

When he called out homophobic TikTokers

With the rise of TikTok also came the rise of TikTok-based personalities. But one issue to arise from this was male TikTok personalities who did challenges that saw them act gay or in a feminine way, but at the same time, say homophobic comments or disrespect towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Bretman Rock was not here for that mess and rightfully called them out.

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