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How To Nail The Buzzcut According To These Cool Kids

This is your sign to shave your head!

If you’re still looking for a sign to shave your head and get a buzzcut, this is it.

Sure, the mullet was a moment, but the buzzcut gives you more possibilities to style your hair. Matching your hair color to your outfit gives it a whole new meaning as you’re literally wearing art on your head. One of the first people to make colored buzzcuts popular was of course, Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman who wore his in bold hues, prints, and even statements. Obviously, the influence is still strong, especially in 2021. (A word of caution though, dye at your own risk as the bleach might burn the scalp, especially since the strands are tiny.) Scroll down below for some of our favorite colored buzzcuts and how to style it.

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Fresh from the Upper East Side, Filipino-American Evan Mock is one of the characters in the new Gossip Girl reboot. Not gonna lie, he might steal the spotlight from Serena and Blair soon enough with his pink buzzcut.


Dennis Rodman, aka The Worm from the 90s Chicago Bulls team along with Michael Jordan probably has one of the freshest styles in NBA History. We’re looking at you, Kyle Kuzma.


If you’re still not following Sef Loseo for the best fits, maybe now you should cause that buzzcut is the real deal and not everyone can pull it off effortlessly.


Always switching up her hairstyles, Issa Pressman in a purple buzzcut left us wanting to dye our hair in a grapefruit shade.


DJ and dancer Bea Alonsote, aka Butta B, completely blew our minds when she revealed her newest hairstyle. We couldn’t ignore how stunning that beat is, too!


While model Philippe Magalona often wears his curls long and luscious, he shaved his hair off this summer and even dyed it in leopard prints.


Jaden Smith for NYLON Manila, when? The ICON singer nails any hairstyle whether it’s in dreads or a buzzcut and we’re with him when he said, “NYLON Cover, five minutes.”


Sam Salazar, mostly known as Squashimi on TikTok often changes her hair colors but this queen of hearts look and the Bikini Bottom dye is a scene-stealer.


We just wanna be friends with Icy Girl Saweetie ’cause of the many killer wigs that she owns, including this rainbow buzzcut.


Halsey takes us back to the badlands with her wild buzzcut in green, yellow and blue. Quarantine cut of the year, yes?

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