Chunky boots

NYLON Manila Fit Picks: Chunky Boots

And we dare say: Step. On. Us.

Whether you want to look like a real life Bratz doll or a rockstar, these personalities show us how to wear chunky boots.

A shoe that makes you feel like a supermodel, a baddie and covers up for what you’re lacking in the height department? Meet your new bff, the chunky boots. We used to just see animé girls wear it (especially the badass main character), or those who are a part of the Gothic Lolita subculture, but we’re happy to see the beloved boots getting more air time. From Mother Monster to Gen-Z singer Olivia Rodrigo, here are our favorite fit picks of the week.

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There’s a new It Girl in town and she knows it. The Good 4 U singer unleashes her dark side with some chunky boots and a plaid mini dress.


We’re feeling the main character energy in this one very much. But also, we love this print on print moment. Very. Much.


Known for her bold fashion choices, Nadine Lustre’s shoe collection will always be enviable—especially these chunky ones!


Taylor Swift may be the queen of cottage core, but this edgy look she sported for a previous shoot is still unmatched. The ultra chunky boots by Marc Jacobs, the metallic dress, the platinum bob—we’re taking notes.


A living Bratz doll, Blythe wears her knee high chunky boots in contrast with a pastel mini dress. New outfit idea alert!


It’s the punk rock attitude for us. Charli XCX is making us want to live our rockstar dreams by styling chunky boots with an all-leather everything outfit.


Model and fashion designer Justine Llarena shows us how it’s done in kickass boots and some red flaming hot shades.


Bella Hadid can step up on us anytime any day with those sky high boots. The chunky platforms made it even hotter than hell.


For her new single About Her Space, our girl Kakie is a vision in pink latex boots. We can’t decide what we love more—her tweed outfit or the chunky boots!


A drag enthusiast who makes wigs and clothes, Vero Valentine plays the devil’s advocate in nothing but those damn boots. Sheesh.


The queen of towering boots herself, Lady Gaga takes a photo with her moon man trophies at the MTV awards with ultra chunky footwear. We’re pretty sure she can run on these if her life depended on it.