Bratz chunky boots

You Need To Add These Bratz Shoes To Your Wardrobe ASAP

Here are some local shops where you can get them!

If you’re lacking in the height department or you just wanna feel like a Bratz doll, chunky boots are the answer.

There are some things from the 2000s that we can’t just let go of (except for the creepers/tsinelas hybrid), fully manifesting in a current unhealthy obsession with chunky boots. Ever since Prada released their own version two years ago, everyone from Gigi Hadid to Rihanna couldn’t stop wearing them.

Not only are they comfy, they also add a few inches to your height. We also love how versatile they are as you can wear them with absolutely anything. An oversized hoodie, mini skirt, a suit or even pants, they make stomping look 10x better. Take it from the OG baddies, aka the Bratz dolls Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade. Just look at their fits—they made “clown shoes” look stunning. Despite the warm weather in Manila, we were able to find five local shops that sell them (took us a while TBH). So, lace up, dress up, and embrace your inner Bratz doll with these chunky boots.

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We’ve found this hidden gem of a shop that sells different chunky boots and platforms that look pretty and affordable. Yasmin would approve.


If creepers or platforms aren’t your thing or you’re just really blessed with height, this shop also carries combat boots.


Originally a signature of Lolita Dolls and goth girls, chunky boots aren’t only made for dark clothes. Take it away, Jade!


Who said they don’t look good in white? Imagine these in pink though.


Next to the Prada monoliths, Dr. Martens has a lot of styles to choose from. If you’re feeling like a sci-fi character, a little punk or just want that extra attitude, better add all of these to cart.