Here’s How to Create Your Own Skincare Smoothie

What's your secret recipe?

An approach popularized on social media, a skincare smoothie is the next self care layering.

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In the ever-evolving world of Instagram beauty gurus and TikTok skincare hacks, we’re being introduced to skincare smoothies. An approach popularized on social media, a skincare smoothie is the next skincare layering. Imagine creams, moisturizers, and serums—all of your skincare must-haves—carefully concocted into a handful (or more accurately, a glob) of product.

And when skincare smoothies are mentioned, one beauty brand comes to mind: Drunk Elephant. I would wager that you’ve spotted those pop-colored products somewhere, whether in the store or on social media. ICYDK, these are clean and minimalist skincare products that are supposedly suitable for every skin type. I recently started trying their products and I must say that I’m obsessed (and a little overwhelmed as a beginner). If you’re like me, here’s what you should know about skincare smoothies and must-try recipes.

What are Skincare Smoothies, Exactly?

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When you’re feeling tired the morning after a wild party, there’s a hangover smoothie for faster recovery. Then there’s pre-workout smoothies and your daily dose of morning smoothies for energy boost. Like choosing ingredients for your beverage based on what your body craves, you should select products for your skincare smoothies based on your skin’s needs.

Imagine a new day, new smoothie—blend products with your skin type in mind. Nevertheless, I always advise people to consider their skin’s concerns as well. I concoct my skincare smoothies depending on what my skin feels that day. While it’s naturally oily, it could sometimes feel dehydrated in a cold room or become balanced after my period. Listen to your skin, it doesn’t always require the same treatment.

Skincare Layering vs. Skincare Smoothies

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Generally (and I mean very generally) speaking, skincare layering is a suggested sequence for applying skincare products: cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and then sunscreen. But before overthink your skincare routine, I can’t stress enough that there is no correct amount of products. Whether your routine consists of two steps, three steps, or five steps— the choice is yours.

Between layering and skincare smoothies, the deal-breaker here is the time spent on your skincare sesh. With beauty brands like Drunk Elephant, some skincare products are formulated for a one-step only routine. As an on-the-go girlie, those extra minutes are a life saver.

Are there any skincare ingredients that should NOT be mixed together?

@bellamaddd highly requested vid: what ingredients to mix and what NOT to mix in skincare 😤 #skincare #skincareph #skincaretips ♬ original sound – Bella🔅@isabellieeee (IG) – Bella ♡

Creating your very own skincare smoothies and trying these various cocktails is a skin-loving type of fun. While there aren’t rigid guidelines and rules, be cautious when combining active ingredients like AHAs, BHAs, and Retinols. Also, don’t blend sunscreens and skin tints into your skincare smoothie as well. The bottom line is—unless the skincare products are explicitly formulated by the manufacturers to be mixed, then don’t.

With Drunk Elephant products, creams, serums, and oils can become a skincare smoothie in the palms of your hands, allowing you to apply them all at the same time. Take note that the long list of recipes doesn’t include C – Firma Fresh Day Serum and T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, with one formulated for nighttime use and the other for your morning routine. Then again, apply the Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 last. Remember, the protective zinc sits on the skin’s surface and should always be the last step in your daily skincare routine.

Skincare Smoothie Recipes

@leanne_page Replying to @stella drunk elephant skincare smoothie 🤍 what routine should I do next? #drunkelephant #skincaresmoothie #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareasmr ♬ stargirl – lana del rey

Recall the basic lesson from skincare 101: it’s dry, oily, or sensitive skin. But here’s the thing: our skin needs are constantly changing depending on the products, the weather, and our overall lifestyle. Disclaimer: these recipes are mere recommendations for specific skin types. Feel free to mix and match them depending on your skin concerns.

Dry Skin: Lala Retro Whipped Cream + B-Hydra Intensive Hydrating Serum + Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

Oily Skin: Protini Polypeptide Cream + T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum + T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

Sensitive Skin: Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser + Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray + F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial

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Beauty Beat: Best Beauty Launches Of August 2023 

Right on time for the ber months.

The best beauty launches this month from ISSY, Strokes Beauty Lab, and many more.

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Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but the August 2023 releases from these beauty brands are making the prospect a little more exciting. Fan favorites like GRWM Cosmetics, Issy, and Strokes Beauty Lab are bringing newness to back-to-school szn. No worries at all if you’re running low on makeup must-haves, lip care, and fragrances— we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re in the mood for splurging on a whole collection or simply investing in a do-it-all product, we’ve carefully curated the best beauty launches of this month. Are your kikay kits ready?


Issy & Co. can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s been recently reintroduced with an all-new identity— Issy. After a hiatus on all social media platforms, the brand came back better, bolder, and bigger with a 54-piece collection.

Personally, I’m guilty of purchasing palettes with 10 different shades but ending up using the same six eyeshadows. If you’re relating to this, it’s time to mix and match with the Issy Customizable Eye & Face Palette. Choose from inserts including blush, contour, highlighter, and eyeshadow shades—your palette, your rules.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with these options, here’s my palette combo: 1 blush insert in the shade Sunburn, 1 contour insert in the shade Storm, 1 highlighter insert in the shade Blonde, and four eyeshadow singles in Flax, Inferno, Rosebud, and Spice.

Strokes Beauty Lab

If you’re stuck in a rut with your base routine, consider giving your makeup bag a makeover. Strokes Beauty Lab has introduced the Complexion Veil collection, which includes a priming sunscreen, foundation, concealer, setting powder, and a cooling mist. I mean, what more could you ask for? It’s a one-stop-shop for base makeup products, perfect for the back-to-school season. After all, we’ll be concealing those dark circles from an all-nighter soon enough.

I’ve personally tried and tested these products, and they worked well for my oily skin. Within this collection, picking favorites is a challenge—  I’m equally obsessed with every single one of them. However, it’s safe to say that the Skin Veil Cooling Mist is something entirely new in the F-Beauty scene.

Ever Bilena

If chapped lips are one of your skincare concerns, this tinted lip balm from Ever Bilena is calling your name. And ICYDK, the EB Plus Serum Tinted Lip Balm is Park Chanyeol’s personal pick. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E, this tinted balm will hydrate your luscious lips one swipe at a time.

EB Plus Serum Tinted Lip Balm comes in four shades: Bloom, Latte, Naked, and Toast of New York. As a morena, my fresh faves are Naked and Toast of New York.

GRWM Cosmetics

We’ve all gone through that brow phase in 2016—bold, blocky, and super black. As we try to forget that era existed, we’re embracing natural, laminated, and brushed-up brows. That said, there’s a an ‘all-in-one brow bestie I’m currently obsessing over: GRWM Cosmetics’ Browlift Pro. It features a dual-sided gel for laminating and grooming, no fuss. Personally, I recommend applying the Browlift Pro on bare skin for a stronger hold.

So… Fragrance

ICYMI, SO… Fragrance is finally in the Philippines. I know what you’re thinking: are body mists still a thing? No worries, we’re no longer those teens craving sweet scents that came in aerosol sprays.

Whether you’re into wearing a signature scent or rotating fragrances, the London-based brand has iconic scents ranging from the tropical and rich, to the floral and fruity. As a rotation girlie, I’m travelling through scents with Bali Breeze, Ibiza Dreams, and Mykonos Nights.

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Introducing the Newest Face of Ever Bilena, Park Chanyeol of EXO

It's the Chanyeol comeback we've all been waiting for.

You’ll totally feel FOMO because one of Chanyeol’s four picks from Ever Bilena isn’t even on the beauty shelves yet.

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Are you ready, Yeolmaes? It’s official! Park Chanyeol from EXO is now the fresh face of our beloved local beauty brand, Ever Bilena.

At a youthful age of 30, Chanyeol has become a household name. ICYDK, his ride into the limelight kicked off as a member of EXO—the powerhouse K-pop group that has taken the music scene by storm. His killer vocals and powerful presence immediately made him a total standout. And clearly, Chanyeol’s skills stretch beyond rapping and songwriting.

In the constantly changing landscape of the entertainment industry, only a few performers effortlessly transition between music, acting, and modeling as smoothly as Park Chanyeol does. Needless to say, he’s more than this and that. Right now, Chanyeol is the first international endorser and male face of Ever Bilena. Who would’ve seen this as a Chanyeol comeback?

Chanyeol’s Picks

“Ever Bilena is a proudly Filipino brand. So when selecting a global ambassador, we wanted it to be someone with world-wide appeal but also resonated to Filipino beauty. Park Chanyeol has always been vocal about how much he loves the Philippines. Moreover, his heart and positive personality is both aspirational and relatable. Which is important to us for Ever Bilena as a brand,” the CSMO of Ever Bilena, Denice Sy, shares with NYLON Manila.

It’s no surprise that Ever Bilena chose Chanyeol. I mean, who wouldn’t? But like the K-Pop idol himself, the local beauty brand is a household name. I would wager that every beauty girlie has an Ever Bilena makeup product stashed in their kikay kits. And there’s a good reason for it—they seriously serve top-notch quality. Personally, I’m still all about their lippies. But let’s not make this about me. Let’s dive deep into Chanyeol’s picks and discover new faves from Ever Bilena.

EB Plus Fearless Serum Skin Foundation

Want that effortlessly fresh and flawless skin? Well, the Ever Bilena Plus Fearless Serum Skin Foundation is a legit game-changer! This super lightweight, medium coverage foundation is loaded with skin-loving stuff like Glycerin and Vitamin E that’ll keep your skin hydrated and smooth AF.

 EB Plus Shape & Set Brow Duo

Next up: we’ve got the tea on the Ever Bilena Plus Shape and Set Brow Serum Duo. Trust me, it’s your next brow besties with a brow pencil on one end and a clear brow gel on the other. You can totally customize your brow style—from bold to natural, it’s your call.

Oh, guess what? It’s all about giving your brows bomb looks, this bad boy is also packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Keratin. It’s time to give your brow hairs and skin some TLC.

EB Plus Two Way Cake Serum Foundation

Ever Bilena’s iconic Two-Way Cake Serum Foundation got a killer upgrade—it’s got not one, but two broad spectrum sunscreen filters on lock. Whether you’re serving a fresh-out-the-gym glow or that easy everyday look, it’s the perfect product for on-the-go girles (and guys).

EB Plus Serum Tinted Lip Balm

You’ll totally feel FOMO because this Chanyeol pick from Ever Bilena isn’t even on the beauty shelves yet. No stress, it’s dropping soon. But be prepped because it’s time to upgrade your glow game with the EB Plus Serum Tinted Lip Balm. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E, these babies won’t weigh you down.

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Manifesting That Bouncy Glow? Try This Papaya Soothing Gel

Lucky girl syndrome? We only know glowing girl syndrome.

Let’s dive deep into the benefits of papaya extract, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide—the three powerhouse skincare ingredients that are in Ever Organics’ Papaya Soothing Gel. 

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Perfecting the natural-looking glow is an achievement. Trust me, I’ve dedicated years to the pursuit of recreating the no-makeup allure of celebrities’ skin. At some point, it seems that these lucky girls are just born with a total glow-up going on—with a radiant complexion that oozes health and luminosity. To imitate this bouncy glow, I have every highlighting makeup item imaginable from the beauty market. Still, I’m actively searching for formulations that won’t accentuate my bumps and oily skin.

With highlighters out of the question, I had to reconsider my skincare routine. Now, I’d bet that all beauty girlies have an assortment of partially-used serums, gels, and creams currently gathering dust on their bathroom counters. I totally get it—we’ve all been on the lookout for facial moisturizers that give hydration and a glowing radiance from within. Well, perhaps it’s time to also look into what’s inside our skincare products. That being said, I finally found the exact moisturizer for that bouncy glow. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of papaya extract, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide—the three powerhouse skincare ingredients that are in Ever Organics’ Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. 

Papaya Extract

Ever Organics' Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. 

We love papaya in our fruit salad, and yes, we love papaya on our faces too! Papaya extract is a Filipino household staple for skincare regimens. With our Nanays, Titas, and Lolas recommending it for ages, we never really questioned how it’s actually beneficial for the skin. ICYDK, papaya extract is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that keep your skin bright, radiant, and healthy. How? Well, papaya is mildly acidic by nature. Along with its mild exfoliating abilities, the vitamins, enzymes, and beta-carotene contains skin-brightening properties that reduce dark patches and post-acne blemishes.

Thankfully, the benefits of papaya can be enjoyed not only as a dessert but also with Ever Organics’ Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. This alcohol-free soothing gel gently exfoliates, fades stubborn spots, and boosts the skin’s natural glow.


Ever Organics' Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. 

In recent years, niacinamide has been largely-considered a holy-grail solution for common skin issues. Hailed as the IT-skincare ingredient, niacinamide itself is a Tiktok sensation. I must say, it’s trending for a reason. Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that works with the natural substances of our skin to minimize pores and restore skin’s defenses against moisture loss.

Guess what? The Ever Organics Papaya Serum Soothing Gel comes packed with niacinamide. In its long list of perks, it’s been proven to enhance skin radiance and texture, soothe inflammation and redness, and reduce the visibility of pores. I’m saying it again because let’s be real, who likes large pores? Not me.

Hyaluronic Acid

Ever Organics' Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. 

Hyaluronic acid might be a tongue twister to pronounce (and a challenge to spell), but this skincare superstar is a common player in our go-to serums, sheet masks, and moisturizers. If you haven’t tried moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, you’re missing out. Hyaluronic acid does wonders in hydrating the skin. When applied, it forms a shield on your skin, sealing in hydration and enhancing its texture.

Alongside papaya extract and niacinamide, hyaluronic acid stands as the third powerhouse ingredient in the blend of Ever Organics’ Papaya Serum Soothing Gel. Imagine naturally glowing skin, reduced stubborn spots, and hydration. Finally, we manifested that bouncy glow.

The Ever Organics Papaya Sooting Gel is available online and at leading department stores nationwide.

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Strike A Pose: Here’s What Went Down At The Vogue Philippines Launch Party

Party at the club, but make it Vogue.

Here’s your sneak peek at the exclusive Vogue Philippines launch party that was all forms of fashion, fun, and festive.

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And just like that, the ship has set sail on its maiden voyage. When we first broke the news that Vogue Philippines was coming all the way back in January 2022, many speculated with excitement as to how the country’s fashion bible will look like. Team Vogue PH has been working tirelessly for months on their inaugural issue, and all their hard work paid off with the launch over the weekend. Featuring model Chloe Magno on the cover, the first issue is proudly Pinoy as Vogue Philippines tells the story of the country, its fashion, and culture to the world.

And to help celebrate the launch, Vogue Philippines held an exclusive party on August 28. The party was strictly invite only, but we here at NYLON Manila aren’t fans of gatekeeping. So, we come bearing the inside scoop on what went down at one of the most fashionable parties in town.


Held at XYLO At The Palace, the party saw guests from all walks of the Philippine fashion, beauty, and pop culture stratosphere descended for a night of fashion, fun, and celebration. With the theme of Rewear, guests and attendees showed up and showed out in their best reworked fits that can pass off as its own original look. Subtle wasn’t on the docket at the party as guests glammed up to serve a look fitting for a Vogue Philippines’ welcome. After getting their pictures taken at the Vogue PH wall, attendees made their way inside the venue where they were greeted by a large Vogue Philippines sign right at the center of the stage.

Attendees mingled with each other and helped themselves to the open bar to grab a drink or two or more. Meta was also on-hand with their very own photo booth filled with bright lights and balloons where guests could take their pics and film IG reels. As you can expect, the Meta booth was one of the hottest spots of the night as people made sure to strike a pose, Vogue style. No matter where you looked, a whos who of personalities mingled, chatted, caught up, drank, and made new connections. In area, you could spot celebrities like Kyline Alcantara, Mavy Legaspi, Darren Espanto, Gabbi Garcia, and Kyle Echarri. In another, social media stars like Pipay and Benedict Cua interacted with each other.

Models, influencers, sports stars, noted fashion personalities, designers, and everyone in between were all present. This being Vogue PH, some of the country’s brightest and most promising Philippine fashion stars were also on attendance like BJ Pascual, Jude Macasinag, and HaMu. It was a diverse crowd of gorgeous faces that reflected the diversity of Philippine fashion. Also present at the party were esteemed guests from Conde Nast who, for the past months. have been working closely with team Philippines for this debut.


As the clock neared 12 AM, a short program kicked off in high energy and spirits as led by Joey Mead King. After getting the crowd hyped, the top model and host shared how exciting it is for Vogue Philippines to finally launch and for the country to have its very own fashion bible. She then introduced a few speakers to share some words such as Philippa Morgan, the Global Director of Content Management & Editorial Director, Licensing at Conde Nast who spoke via video and narrated the nearly two year journey of Vogue Philippines and welcomed them as the 28th international title of the Vogue family. Of course, Vogue Philippines’ Editor-In-Chief Bea Valdes shared some words, as well and commended her talented team for working as hard as they did.

Joey Mead King then compelled the crowd to a countdown, ushering in when Vogue Philippines’ social media accounts will go live, which led to a flurry of confetti marking the occasion. With Vogue Philippines now officially live, the DJ pumped beats well into the night as guests danced the night away in celebration. The energy was palpable, the fashion was popping, and the vibes were giving as those in XYLO helped welcome and celebrate the launch of what sure is to be a major voice for Philippine fashion.

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New Wave Queen: Get To Know Christina Nadin, The Newest It-Girl On Our Shores

She’s back in her Asian homeland for more than a splash

The proud member of the Belo family is making waves in the international scene.

Growing up in a multicultural upbringing opens one to a world unlike any other. Straddling different traditions and points-of-view, one tries to fit in a place where you sort of belong and seemingly don’t at the same time. It can be so complex and only people who were brought up in the same way would know exactly what that means. However, even with this set-up, third culture kids thrive and become a bridge to the peculiarity of the world.

It’s a feeling all too familiar for international model and digital content creator, Christina Nadin, who, at a young age was able to immerse herself and swim in two different seas harmoniously, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

A Siren’s Tale

It’s a typical trip for 27-year-old Christina Nadin—visiting the Philippines, basking and frolicking in its tropical glory, and rediscovering more of her roots through yearly visits to her mom’s and grandmother’s ancestral home in Southern Luzon. 

In between this sojourn, the international model would always find herself hopping from one remote Philippine island to the hectic yet energetic vibe of Manila, and then springing onto the hottest international destination with longtime friends in tow.

A life of non-stop discoveries and appreciation for the world before her isn’t totally foreign to the half-Filipina. The way it has been for the doe-eyed, freckled beauty was building a world unique in her gaze; through familiarizing and discovering new and interesting places and diverse cultures. Oftentimes, this young lady is at-the-ready to share her world with anyone she encounters as she is brimming with colorful experiences from her jet-setting ways.

Born in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, this fierce Piscean was born to an Irish-Dutch father and Filipino mother who hails from Legazpi, Albay. From childhood to her young adult life, most of her fond memories were spent in the quintessentially English village of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in England. But summers? They were best reserved for another facet of her mixed upbringing and what makes Christina Nadin a natural stand out in her British hometown, embracing her Filipino heritage.

From crushing on fellow Filipino halfie singer and songwriter Enrique Iglesias and knowing how to eat with her hands, to espousing our well-kept traditions and values wherever she goes, the part-Bicolana exactly knows how to embrace her Southeast Asian side.

“I just can’t get enough of the Philippines because I love the people, the culture, and I really did grow up very Filipino because I actually spent the summers of my youth in Legazpi City in Albay,” shares Christina Nadin. The digital creative also relates how learning the basics of Filipino values was something that has been instilled in her by her mother.

A Face That Launched A Thousand Searches

A life of travel and being in front of the cameras was always in the cards for this laidback babe. Scouted in Westfield, London at the age of 17, Christina Nadin was ready to get up and move into the world of fashion, learning the ropes far too quickly and impeccably. And so, from one fashion capital to another, the ever-versatile model now finds herself with a new homestead, the bustling and vibrant city of Los Angeles.

In recent years, the half-Filipino, half-Irish stunner has gained a massive social media presence with a healthy global fan base to boot. All thanks to a variety of beauty content that showcases her quirkiness, her know-how with skincare and makeup, and behind-the-scenes of her blooming career to her growing 656,000 Instagram followers and a couple hundred thousand more on TikTok, the international model is becoming an undeniable force in social media.

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that she’s basically everywhere. One quick search on Google, Twitter, and Pinterest and you’ll be welcomed by a barrage of comments, tweets, and pins fawning and raving about her hazel brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and stunning bod.

Her portfolio, however, is a different story with a multitude of global brands enlisting her to be front and center of various campaigns such as Alo, Fendi, Gucci Beauty, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, COACH, Kenzo, Coca-Cola, Smashbox, and Sephora. Even local companies have caught on to her wave with established beauty brands, such as Belo Beauty, giving her the spotlight to show off her beauty in their campaigns.

“One of my little dreams was to be on a billboard in the Philippines just so my lola would be able to see me in a local mall,”

Christina sharing one of her many dreams as a model

Girl Just Wanna Have Sun

In the many years she’s been traveling back and forth to her Asian homeland, her undeniable love for the luscious southern Philippine island, Siargao, has been so apparent with the model surfing to her heart’s desire, eating her absolute fave Philippine mangoes, and getting to know the small community of the surfing capital of the country.

Every major activity she’s done on the idyllic island always involved the warmth and rays of the Orient Sun. As much as there’s a fondness for her tropical routine, the beauty maven also had her share of inevitable skin issues from being under the sun for longer periods of time. Even if she dared not miss her much-needed dose of SPF, Christina Nadin noticed how her skin felt dehydrated and dull, and was in dire need of a facial.

As happy coincidences are a thing to the rising international model, stumbling into the Belo-verse and subsequently becoming their newest brand ambassador was definitely kismet. As soon as Christina returned to Manila from her many beach trips, the Universe was in full swing to make the connection take place.

“I first got to Manila, I met up with my friend, Jess [Wilson] (also a fellow Belo baby), and I really needed a facial because of my flights. My face was very dry and she mentioned Belo.” Christina Nadin continues, “I’ve had Doc Hayden [Kho] on Instagram for a few years now. I popped into Belo and now I’m a Belo baby.”

On Her Beauty Secrets

It didn’t take long for Dr. Hayden Kho to determine what Christina needed exactly for her skin woes. The other half of Dr. Vicki Belo immediately prescribed to her one of the aesthetic clinic’s Sensational Signature treatments, the Mermaid Facial.

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The much-raved treatment deeply hydrates skin leaving it with a glass-like finish. Through a patented deep wash technology that creates “micro-bubbles,” your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped for exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

The LA-based charmer soon realized how she stumbled upon a gem of a skin treat and became an instant fan. “It is honestly my favorite facial I’ve had! I was glowing for days.” Soon enough, she found out that her beloved facial treatment also has one made for the body. Christina Nadin was definitely on board to maintain that glowing sun-kissed skin that she’s known for.

Aside from working hard on her physique, the Mermaid Body has been Christina’s go-to form of self-care. Through its all-in-one approach to body care, the hydrating treatment cleanses and exfoliates your skin, infusing it with antioxidants and peptides to make you supple and glowing.

“Looking after my skin and body helps me with my self-confidence. When you treat yourself right, you feel better about yourself. Whenever my skin is at its best, I feel most confident.”

Christina Nadin on how taking care of her skin and body is vital to her well-being

Between hopping from one city to another and working as a model and ambassador for well-known fashion and beauty brands, Christina Nadin knows why she’s exactly where she wants to be in the scheme of things. Through her unique upbringing, she gets the best of both worlds and understands that life is pretty much how you make it, she shares in an interview, “My dad’s second language is Dutch and he always says this, ‘Doe het rustig aan.’ It means ‘take it easy.’”

Dive into healthy dewy skin and book an appointment for Mermaid Body by clicking here or calling (02) 8819-BELO (2356).

Start ‘Em Young: The Advanced Youth Series From Y.O.U Beauty Is Your New Holy Grail

You’re never too young for this

Backed up by science and nature, you can definitely start your journey to anti-aging skincare even in your 20s

It’s a common thing for us to try and test every single thing we see or hear about when it comes to skincare. At a young age, it’s better for us to discover what works for our skin and what doesn’t so that in the long run, we won’t have that much trouble anymore. 

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There are a few hits and misses along the way, but once we finally get to tell ourselves that such products actually provide excellent results, it’s a relief like no other. It’s always better to get a head start on what may happen to our skin, and the Y.O.U Beauty Advanced Youth Series definitely knows how to kick it up a notch so you won’t have to worry about the early signs of aging.

Future-Proof Your Skin

Gone were the days when anti-aging meant it was only for people who have mature skin. As we’ve been cooped up in the last two years stressing about the many things happening in the world—specifically in health—younger people have been paying more attention to how they can practice self-care.

If there’s anyone who has reaped the benefits of future-proofing their skin, it’s none other than Korean actor, Kim Soo Hyun

According to a report by Forbes, our Chinese neighbors’ very own millennials and Gen-Z are the biggest consumers when it comes to anti-aging products with 39% of women between the age of 20 to 24 using anti-aging skincare products. A lot of the products they’ve incorporated into their skincare regimen are those that fight wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Just because you’re not part of an aging population yet, it doesn’t mean you’re not immune to premature skin aging problems. We’re prone to exposure to harsh elements after all. These are the likes of UVA/UVB rays, unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor sleeping habits, and stress. The key to future-proofing your skin and having that coveted youthful glow is to start your anti-aging regimen in your early 20s. 

The Next Gen-Z Must-Haves

While aging is a natural process we all go through, the end goal of adding premature-aging products into your skincare routine isn’t to look younger, but come out looking like your freshest and glowing version of yourself.

Achieve a healthy glow and look fresher than ever with Y.O.U Beauty’s science-backed and nature-derived products

To achieve that healthy glow, skincare innovators Y.O.U Beauty brings you the Advanced Youth Series, a trio of science-backed products that can jumpstart your journey to fight premature aging through a new technology they developed called Plantide X™. This new tech they’ve developed is a combination of the world’s first plant-derived peptide with M3000 Peptides that does all the work to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance.

The three products in the series—that will soon be in your must-haves—include Advanced Youth Revitalizing Micro Essence, Advanced Youth Peptide Serum, and Advanced Youth Peptide Eye Cream. These products are the perfect trio to add to your skincare regimen as they are lightweight and target different skin aging concerns like fine lines, reduced skin elasticity, and eye puffiness.

The Advanced Youth Revitalizing Micro Essence is powered by ingredients that can give you bright and fresh skin for days

First on the list, the Advanced Youth Revitalizing Micro Essence strengthens your skin’s barrier and supports its elasticity. Thanks to its myriad of powerful ingredients like Bifida Ferment Lysate, 4D Hyaluronic Acid, and French Yarrow Extract you’re sure to have bright and fresh skin for days.

The Advanced Youth Intensive Peptide Serum is formulated with Plantide X™, French Yarrow Extract, and seven plant extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even out skin texture

Second, the Advanced Youth Pepite Serum will be your next go-to as it contains the plant-derived Plantide X™ and French Yarrow Extract. This combo helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, and evens out skin texture.

Your peepers reveal the first signs of aging, using an eye cream like the Advanced Youth’s Peptide Eye Cream can reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines

Lastly, the skincare product that gets a lot of hype on social media, the eye cream. As our peepers are one of the first to reveal the signs of aging, Y.O.U Beauty’s very own Advanced Youth Peptide Eye Cream is something you shouldn’t miss. It’s formulated with caffeine, Plantide X™, and Niacinamide to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines around the area. To add a relaxing finish to your skincare, the tube comes with a ceramic applicator that is perfectly paired for that delicate area.

Achieve fresh glowing skin with Y.O.U Beauty Advanced Youth Series available in select Watsons, SM Beauty Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, TikTok Shop, Shopee, and Lazada. Follow Y.O.U Beauty on Instagram, Facebook, and Shopee and visit their website for more information.

A Top Priority: iWhite Korea is a Skincare Brand That Puts Us First

We’re choosing ourselves this time around! ?

There’s no turning back! It’s time we make ourselves our number one priority, which iWhite Korea already does

Contrary to popular belief, we should always put ourselves first. Yes, selflessness is a great and admirable quality to have, but it’s never wrong to take a step back and realize that we’re spreading ourselves too thin in trying to prioritize the needs, wants, and even feelings of everyone else. There are many ways that can help us choose ourselves, and skincare is one of them. It forces us to take a break from everything and just do whatever it is we need to do for the betterment of our skin, and iWhite Korea stands by that completely as they also put us and our skin concerns first.

Me, myself, and I

iWhite Korea, one of the first Korean skincare brands that landed in the Philippines in the 90s, wants nothing more than for us to put ourselves first. It’s already at the beginning of the name itself as the “i” signifies exactly that. Meanwhile, the addition of “White” is to emphasize finding solace in the purity of nature that brings this feeling of clarity, which stems from the Korean term Malg-eum. Lastly, placing “Korea” at the end simply highlights their East Asian roots.

Self-care through skincare

As a brand, iWhite Korea hopes to rekindle our experience of receiving, opening, and trying out our first Korean skincare, which is very easy to achieve through their three product lines: Daily Skincare Line, Acne+ Skincare Line, and Power Brightening Line.

The iWhite Korea Daily Skincare Line that consists of the Facial Wash Whitening Vita, Extra Pure Toner Essence Whitening Vita, and Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita creates a cool and hydrated feeling after each use. Ideal for all skin types, this skincare line provides a deep cleansing to remove excess oil, increases the skin’s moisture level, and protects the skin from cellular damage.

For a calmer feel and more soothing skin, the Acne+ Skincare Line is the right way to go. Its Acne+ Facial Wash, Acne+ Toner Essence, and Acne+ Aqua Moisturizer help calm our skin that’s being irritated by impurities like blackheads and pimples. Used daily, these iWhite Korea products also detoxify the pores to help control sebum or oil build-up, as well as smoothen the skin to keep it acne-free.

Last but certainly not least, iWhite Korea’s Power Brightening Line ultimately creates a more glowing complexion. Thanks to its Glow-Up Whip Wash, Glow-Up Toner Essence, and Aqua Moisturizer Glow, this skincare line essentially reveals the skin’s brighter glow by revitalizing and strengthening it, all while preventing the formulation of dark spots. Ideal for dull and tired-looking skin, these products help in releasing our natural glow from within.

Put yourself first with a skincare brand that does the exact same thing. Available on Lazada and BeautyMNL, you can also follow iWhite Korea on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to know more.

Creative Direction GARI SY

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

Beauty Direction PEACHES GARCIA and GARI SY




Shoot Coordination ERICA LUNA, MAE TALAID, and MJ ALMERO

Love at First Skincare: iWhite Korea Makes Us Fall in Love With Each Use

Nobody forgets their first love. ?

iWhite Korea, one of the first Korean skincare brands in the Philippines, has our hearts skipping a beat every single time

There’s nothing quite like falling in love for the first time. The butterflies in our stomach, the goosebumps on our skin, and the incandescent feeling of getting swept off our feet–it’s something we all want to experience and relive over and over again. A similar situation happens when we finally discover a skincare brand that gives us the same heartwarming feeling because of its effective products. iWhite Korea, rooted in its concept of Cheot-sarang or the feeling of experiencing our first love, makes us believe that even love can come in the form of good quality skincare.

Tugging on our heartstrings

As a skincare brand that prides itself on being our first love, iWhite Korea backs that up by being dependable through its products that can help us get through our good and bad days, which is a quality that a significant other should also possess. With three skincare lines, iWhite Korea puts our hearts on our sleeves without making us afraid to show it.

Flash your green eyes at me

Jealousy is a powerful feeling, but there’s no point in becoming the green-eyed monster with iWhite Korea by our side. The Acne+ Skincare Line, with the help of the Acne+ Facial Wash, Acne+ Toner Essence, and Acne+ Aqua Moisturizer, calms not only our minds, but our skin as well. It strengthens the skin by fighting impurities like acne and blackheads, as well as detoxifying our pores while controlling oil and sebum build-up.

Under pink skies, hearts are starting to show

It’s inevitable that our cheeks turn that rosy shade of pink when we have that tingling feeling of happiness because of a special someone. While our skin won’t turn pink because of it, the Power Brightening Skincare Line from iWhite Korea does make it look plumper and more refreshed for that glow from within to shine. Ideal for dull skin, the Glow-Up Whip Wash, Glow-Up Toner Essence, and Aqua Moisturizer Glow leave it brighter and more vibrant than ever.

Don’t want no other shade of blue but you

We may not be huge fans of cold hearts, but the iWhite Korea Daily Skincare Line does give our skin a cool, oil-free, and hydrated feeling after each use. Featuring the Facial Wash Whitening Vita, Extra Pure Toner Essence Whitening Vita, and Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita, this line lightens, rejuvenates, and improves our skin’s condition to reveal its innermost radiance. It also has a very lightweight and non-greasy formula that refreshes and recharges the skin every single time.

Experience your first love over and over again with iWhite Korea that’s available on Lazada. Follow them on Facebook for more information.

Creative Direction GARI SY

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

Beauty Direction PEACHES GARCIA and GARI SY




Shoot Coordination ERICA LUNA, MAE TALAID, and MJ ALMERO

By Y.O.U, For You: Long-Lasting Beauty is Now More Attainable Than Ever

No, we're not joking! Y.O.U Beauty has got it all covered.

International makeup brand Y.O.U Beauty ensures we reach the kind of beauty we want and deserve

While “beauty” is a subjective term, there are still some days where we don’t feel our best. Even if people tell us otherwise, it’s undeniable that we sometimes don’t see ourselves as beautiful in spite of all the things we do to enhance our beauty, whether it’s through makeup or skincare. One of the reasons why we still end up feeling this way is because the products we use don’t exactly give us the outcome we initially thought we would get. Long-lasting beauty may take a while to reach, but it’s far from impossible! Y.O.U Beauty continuously researches the various needs and wants of makeup users all across Southeast Asia in order for us to achieve the long-lasting beauty we deserve.

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Top-of-the-line technology

Driven by the desire to meet consumers’ needs, Y.O.U Beauty has been constantly tapping on the latest technology through their Open Lab R&D system that aims to inspire us to go beyond our limits in embracing beauty.

This all-around research process that starts with their unshakeable partnership with BeautyStreams, a global go-to beauty industry reference, provides the brand the latest insights on trends, all from the perspective of industry experts. Through this, Y.O.U Beauty exceeds our expectations in meeting our specialized needs with all the data they receive. They transport these data to a team of top-notch cosmetic scientists who have a keen eye in developing the brand’s products with materials from world-class suppliers.

Collaborating with the world’s top suppliers that originate from places such as CRODA in Great Britain, DOW in the United States, and Taiyo Kagaku in Japan; as well as their International Certification, Y.O.U Beauty ensures outstanding quality for all their products, which ultimately lead to everyone’s goal of achieving long-lasting beauty. These products such as their best sellers like the Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum that is infused with SK-INFLUX®, as well as the Litestay™ Technology in the new NoutriWear™ series that consist of base makeup products like foundation, concealer, loose powder, and setting spray are all developed carefully and with the intent to cause no harm to the skin. This leads to having a much easier way for us to meet the long-lasting beauty we aspire to reach.

Elevated radiance

With all of their efforts in research and development, Y.O.U Beauty continues to meet their own commitment in giving all of us access to good quality beauty products that match our individual styles. The brand aims to create experiences that exceed expectations every time each product is used. They encourage and empower us to not only embrace, but also be proud of the long-lasting beauty we attain as well.

To know more about Y.O.U Beauty, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Y.O.U Beauty is now available online at Shopee and Lazada, and soon in all major retail stores nationwide.