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7 Things You Need To Know Before Going To The BTS Pop-Up Store In Metro Manila

I checked my map of the soul and it led me straight to the BTS Pop-Up store.

Concerts and world tours may be postponed but that won’t stop the BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase to tour in Metro Manila.

That’s right, ARMYs! The BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL has reached the city and it opened its doors starting today, May 29, 2021, at one of the country’s premier shopping centers, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City at the third level of Mega Fashion Hall.

For those who need catching up, HYBE IP (formerly Big Hit IP), an independent corporation that leads HYBE’s IP business, previously operated a new form of experiential space complex under the name “BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS” in October 2019. This time, it draws concepts from BTS’ fourth studio album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, released in February of 2020.

The 190-sqm pop-up store showcases over 400 products ranging from apparel to stationery and household items. So, ready to pay a visit? Here are a few things you need to know to have an amazing and smooth experience when you go to the BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase in Megamall!

How to secure a slot at the BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase

Register on the MorningKall website in advance to secure a schedule. Admission guidelines such as physical distancing and crowd control will be enforced to ensure safety of its patrons. Every Wednesday, the website will open slots at the pop-up store, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Can guests walk-in?

Yes. There will be a separate queue for those who don’t get a slot, but it’s highly recommended to schedule a slot so that you don’t have to wait too long! Those with a scheduled slot will be prioritized.

How many tickets are being sold?

There are a total of 30 tickets available per timeslot, starting at 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Each day will have a total of 13 timeslots with 30 tickets available for reservation.

What are the items being sold?

With MAP OF THE SOUL:7 as its central theme, the official products feature songs from the album such as Black Swan and ON. But don’t worry if you don’t get what you came for. New products are scheduled to be released every two weeks that you can anticipate.

Prices range from:

  • P200-P800+ for the small accessories
  • P700- P1,000+ for TinyTan merch
  • P2,000+ for t-shirts, bags, and totes
  • P4,600+ for hoodies and sweatshirts

(Side note, because we got asked this a lot: So far, there were no Mikrokosmos lollipops (we suspect Jungkook hoarded them all… just kidding), no photocards, and no ARMY Bombs.)

Do you have to purchase anything to enter the store?

No, but it’s definitely hard to resist the merch when you see it. The store is like a gold mine for ARMYs! But if you want to visit purely for the experience, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. The pop-up store features photo zones for fans and customers to enjoy the full BTS: MAP OF THE SOUL experience.


A sneak peek of the ##bts ##popup store in Megamall!

♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

How long will the pop-up store be in Metro Manila?

The BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL showcase will be operational until August 29, 2021. It is slated to launch in Malaysia and Taiwan in the coming months. Just like a concert, the store is touring the world!

Pro tip: Ready your Manda tracker before entering the mall

To avoid delays, register for a Mandaluyong tracker prior to going to the mall so that you can easily show your QR code upon entering the Megamall building. They will require a QR code and a temperature scan at the entrance before you can proceed to your destination.

To find out more about BTS POP-UP: MAP OF THE SOUL Showcase in Metro Manila, please follow @morningKall on Twitter and Instagram or stay tuned for announcements through SM Megamall’s social media pages.

friends reunion

The One Where Everyone Remembers: How The Friends Reunion Proved That Nostalgia Will Always Matter

So, no one told you life was gonna to be this way?

As the conversation of the Friends reunion lingers, much like the hugs they exchanged in what seemed to be a look into an intimate reconnection, we discuss the power of nostalgia that made this all possible.

This isn’t a story about the surprisingly warm and winsome special that is the Friends Reunion. Well, at least not entirely.

After years of dodging the incessant badgering of will-they-or-won’t-they, you know, just as Ross and Rachel have tight-roped in the decade-long run of Friends, the cast of the beloved sitcom finally reunited. Unlike a remake, reboot or a revival, the Friends reunion was a coming together on their own terms. As if insulating us from our own expectations, evidenced by the bouts of uproar online prior to the premiere, the special was preceded by the concise prologue that read: “the six cast members of Friends have been in a room only once…until today.”

A literal walk down memory lane that was surprisingly far from being saccharine and sickeningly indulgent, the revisit built on what it has done best in the landscape of sitcoms and television—carefully balancing the charm and comedy and charging it with unsuspecting emotions. With its legendary ten-season tenure in the 90s and the turn of the new millennium, the magic was not at all lost. If not betrayed by their appearances, one would actually believe that no time had gone by between their finale and the Friends reunion that HBO Max has blessed us with. In fact, despite being obviously and understandably overcome with sentiment, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Matthew Perry are as sharp as they were, falling in and out of their nuances as their TV alter egos, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Chandler. 


Finally, The Friends Reunion

In its fragments of funny and feelings, the Friends reunion did not only take us back to that famous velvet couch of Central Perk in 1994 where the unique assemblage of acquaintances and relationships would eventually become each other’s chosen family, but it has reintroduced us to another friend that was there all along, in high-definition streaming glory, nostalgia.

There is no denying it, the Friends reunion was driven by the nostalgia of its loyal viewers, as well as of the many who have stumbled upon it in their many escapes and exhales amid the pandemic. Sure, it was an idea that was hammered down on the cast and creators for many years, a one-episode special or even a movie among many other ideas on the internet, but aside from the time not being right for each of them, there hasn’t been a time where longing for what once was has never been more pronounced, and dare we say, much-needed, than in this chapter of our collective lives. Yes, no one told us life was going to be this way, but just when it mattered, Friends was there for us.

Nostalgia will always be a big thing in pop culture, with the zeitgeist resurfacing every few years, orbiting from point of special interest to unparalleled phenomenon. However, over the past year, with a lot of time accorded to the admittedly privileged, the fixation over the past has unearthed among many things, long forgotten fashion trends, really good music, and the glory days of television.

Decoding The Past

Watch friends the reunion nostalgia

In a period plagued by dislocation, detachment, and depression, nostalgia has smothered us with a sense of comfort. From reconnecting with old friends or yet another virtual table read of the many signifiers of our childhood (Lizzie McGuire, The Nanny, Community, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Mean Girls, Back To The Future), wallowing in memories was what made the endless days of fear, worry, and uncertainty a bit better. 

“Nostalgia makes us a bit more human,” declares Dr. Constantine Sedikides, a Professor of Social and Personality Psychology and Director of the Centre For Research On Self Identity at the University of Southampton, in an interview with the New York Times. “Nostalgia made me feel that my life had roots and continuity. It made me feel good about myself and my relationships. It provided a texture to my life and gave me strength to move forward.”

Worn down by sadness, loss, and grief in different capacities, the easiest access to a sense of normal turned out to be nostalgia. Whether it be a penchant for the 80s filters on social media, playing old songs on repeat, or re-watching that warm and fuzzy rom-com or sitcom, this perceived cheeriness of a time gone by, are anchors of the existential sort. “It brings to mind cherished experiences that assure us we are valued people who have meaningful lives,” explains Dr. Clay Routledge in the same dialogue. “Some of our research shows that people who regularly engage in nostalgia are better at coping with concerns about death.”

The Responsibility of Nostalgia

While speaking in extremes, the affinity for nostalgia can easily be parlayed into many matters of melancholy, which has been made clear as both reflective and restorative. So, that feeling of familiar while watching Disney films for the nth time or reminiscing all the good, the bad, and the jokes that didn’t age well in the Friends reunion? There’s more to it than just the laughs.

“Nostalgia can have many positive effects: It increases a sense of social connectedness, it boosts self-esteem, it imbues life with meaning, it fosters a sense of continuity across time,” says Tim Wildschut, associate professor at the University of Southampton in Grazia. There is something inherently satisfying about the subversion of these sentimental imprints of a bygone era. An emotional tug as they inherently are, it also functions as an interrogation of introspection that is refreshing revealing with what is hopefully more distilled and grown-up.

It’s a lot less of being stubborn and stuck in the past, but more harnessing a shred of affiliation and assurance, especially when everything else around is seemingly more uncertain. “Nostalgia can be a poetic creation, an individual mechanism of survival, a countercultural practice, a poison, and a cure, says the late playwright and novelist, Svetlana Boym. “It is up to us to take responsibility of our nostalgia and not let others ‘prefabricate’ it for us.”

No Mere Child’s Play

Friends reunion

Perhaps not surprisingly, the exercise of the personal and of passion that is nostalgia can be divisive, with many dismissing it as mere child’s play or inappropriate for the times. An issue of perception and reception, the conduits of pop culture will differ as a matter of preference, but the fact still remains: we all subscribe to some form of nostalgia. Yes, even to the most future-obsessed. This isn’t a matter of not being able to let go, but rather a recurrence of a deep-seated connection that refreshes when necessary.

There’s a reason why retrospectives or extensions of what used to color our world as young’uns prove to be a source of marketing and commercial success. It isn’t always critically well-received, but hey, nostalgia isn’t meant for everyone. But despite a constant antagonizing, whether it be whining about the Sex and the City reboot or gatekeeping every remix, remake, and reissue, the fact is, it works because there lies an emotional investment. So, if you want to play the discography of Britney Spears, dress up like your favorite Y2K starlet, then by all means, go ahead.

The point is, nostalgia can exist and even thrive in the present. It is this constant yearning for the yesteryears and the clamor for change that has informed and inspired many generations, more so now. And this couldn’t have been made clearer than in the Friends reunion special. Instead of being swayed by the desire to bring back their fictional selves to life, they simply came together and reminisced about their time together, framing the entire thing as if we were eavesdropping in quite the intimate conversation among friends. The wonder was still there, but this time with a lot more wisdom laced in their laughter and lingering hugs.

I’ll Be There For You

With nostalgia more than underscored in the nearly two-hour run of the Friends reunion, the question everyone has asked and still asks gets thrown to the crew of six: Will they be open to something more down the line?

“I once heard them say, and I completely agree, that they ended the show very nicely. Everyone’s lives are very nice and they would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories,” says Lisa Kudrow, referring to the firm headspace of creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman. “Yeah, I don’t want everyone’s happy ending unraveled.”

Friends reunion

Everyone seems to agree, and just as the Friends reunion has finally become a reality, it seems about right. For what it’s worth, the yank in the string of stories that make up the lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe was all that we needed and more, especially when it hasn’t been our day, our week, our month or even our year. But you know what? Even after all this, you know they will be there for you.

See, nostalgia isn’t a bad thing.


GUESS’s Latest Collab Is the All-Smiles Aesthetic of the Summer


The GUESS x FriendsWithYou Capsule Collection was built for the spring fever, but we believe rocking it under the summer sun will feel just as breezy

Guess Greater China Brand Ambassador Oho Ou

GUESS is pulling out all the stops for its latest campaign with art collaborative FriendsWithYou. While the all-smiles collection was tailored for the Californian springtime, we can’t help but be reminded of an ardently warmer, but equally blissful vacation season on this side of the planet, at this time of the year. Let’s unravel the chic summer wardrobe that we can finally assemble with GUESS’s freshest team-up of 2021.

Built For The Heat

Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth, and of course, spring break. These are concepts that the collection embodies tactfully in its plucky use of childlike colors and kidswear-inspired designs. In this manner, the #GUESSxFriendsWithYou collection also manages to mirror the traits of spring’s warmer cousin, summer—well, the Phillippine summer to be exact. Don’t believe us? Here are a couple of quirks we found.

This baby yellow Cloud Tote fits as a matchable, cute hand-carry for your next summer trip. Cross your fingers that your next vacation won’t be ordinary, but rather a trip to any of the Philippines’s captivating collection of beaches.

Tagging along this beach escapade concept, this darling pair of rainbow-drenched Striped Shorts is the perfect choice of bottoms to frolic around the white sands with. 

A summer vacation may also mean snuggling at home; controller or remote in-hand, while you blast the cool winds of the air-conditioner on. These cloud-covered hoodies will do the trick in keeping you feeling cozy and looking cool at the same time.

The Trademark Boldness Remains

GUESS is no stranger to campaigns with intrepid statements. In this collaboration, the method to the Los Angeles-based collective’s madness was renewed with more subtle sensibilities.

Guess Greater China Brand Ambassador Oho Ou

Donning the hashtag of #TheLoveCollection, GUESS aims to incorporate the 19-year old collaborative’s powerful positivity philosophy, founded upon the pillars of Magic, Luck, and Friendship. Something noteworthy in this incorporation is that the collection was also able to express the freedom of Philippine summer to a tee. Here are a couple of our favorites that really capture the parallel:

This cartoon-laced Cropped Tee and Camp Shirt made us reminisce of the giddy, innocent bliss that every child felt in their stomach whenever school had ended in April.

The clouds and rainbows adorning this Tie-Dye Baby Tee, on the other hand, may symbolize the seasonal transitions of spring; but to us, it also captivates the untainted joy of playgrounds.

Taking Collabs To The Next Level

From 88rising to Blackpink, GUESS has placed itself at the forefront of fashion’s blurred borders with music and art, being unafraid to create entire collections that represent underground cultures like no other. With J Balvin suiting up for GUESS once again, this collab doubles down even further on the loose, groovy swagger that the Colombian reggaeton star’s signature sounds ooze in. This is no less visible with this dreamy Tie-Dye Crewneck & Jogger combination.

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This Stripe Logo Patch Tee not only looks like the perfect T-shirt for a hangout with your friends, but it also reminds us of the iconic tees brandished in GUESS’s first collaboration with New York rapper A$AP Rocky.

With a complete collection that yet again stretches the boundaries of streetwear creativity, GUESS establishes its foothold yet again in what has been a dynamic era in streetwear for 2021.

The GUESS x FriendsWithYou will launch this summer, and will be available at all GUESS stores nationwide and at the GUESS online store. To stay up to date, follow GUESS over at their Instagram and Facebook pages.

We Tried The New Blackpink Love Sweet Donuts And This Is What We Think

Bet You Wanna try these donuts.

Just like the name promises, the new Blackpink Love Sweet donuts are both sweet, and you’re going to love them as if it’s your last.

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In under five years, Blackpink has dominated, growing to be one of the biggest girl groups in the world. Even if you don’t regularly listen to their music, you for sure have heard at least come across one of their songs. Their influence isn’t just limited to the music industry, however. They have also made a splash in the fashion world by being the faces of luxury brands. The girls have numerous endorsements and commercials. They even are slowly making a mark in the movie industry. With that being said, their latest endeavor may just be our favorite yet.

Love Sweet Series

A couple of weeks ago, Krispy Kreme Philippines teased that they had something Blackpink related coming soon. Last week, they revealed that they were releasing the limited edition Love Sweet Series donuts that went on sale on May 21 in select stores. We love Blackpink and the promo pictures made the donuts look great, but we wanted to know whether the hype was real or if it’s just smoke and mirrors. So, we ordered a box to try them out. Here is what we think.

We ordered one Love Sweet Box of 6 Doughnuts (365 pesos), which came with six donuts, three black and three pink. Note, if you want to buy these donuts, you also need to buy at least one limited edition Pepsi can (each can has the face of one of the members on it, so at least it’s on-theme). And no, these donuts do not come with a photocard.

Visually, the donuts look great. They come in the signature black and pink color scheme. The colors match well together, and they don’t look worn out or faded.

Black Donut

Both Love Sweet donuts use Krispy Kreme’s dark chocolate glaze donuts as a base. We first tried the black donut. For the black donut, it is a chocolate donut topped with chocolate icing made with Malagos Chocolate and pink sprinkles. It is also filled with strawberry cream.

When we cut into the donut, we were slightly disappointed that the cream was not as noticeable as it was in the pictures. It was there, you just needed to dig a little deeper.

The donut, however, tastes amazing. The chocolate donut is soft and has the right amount of chew. The chocolate glaze is delicious, and the pink sprinkles were a nice touch. The cream, however, was the star of the show. It was rich and creamy and was sweet, but not in an overpowering type of sweet. If they sold the cream separately, we will be buying it.

Pink Donut

We then moved on to the pink donut of the Love Sweet set. Same as the black donut, this was had a chocolate donut base. But unlike the black, the entire pink donut was covered in a chocolate shell/glaze. It was topped off with pink strawberry chocolate icing and pink sprinkles.

When we cut into the donut, the crème was also not that visible, which was a disappointment. But the donut still tasted great. The chocolate glaze’s taste was on-point. The pink glaze had the right amount of sweetness. And the crème was amazing as expected. This one was definitely the messier of the two to eat though since it was mostly covered in chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we loved the Love Sweet donuts. They look great and they taste great, too. All the components come together for a tasty donut. And the strawberry crème is just *chef’s kiss*. Our only disappointment is that cream should have been more prominent when we cut into the donut. We shouldn’t be digging into the donut to find where the cream is hiding. Aside from this, the Love Sweet donuts make a great snack, merienda, or dessert and should definitely be on the blinks’ radar.

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summertime glow

Get Your Su-Su-Summertime Skin Glow Up With These Routine Must-Dos

Are you prepared to make the summer switch?

In the tradition of the constant that is change, even skincare has to adjust and adapt with the singular goal of meeting the basic needs, and well, a desired glow up.

Just as the skin is nuanced to every person, it therefore follows that no skincare is alike. Preferences aside, however, the way we we’ve been reared to understand it has been through categories that while it works to a certain extent, it doesn’t truly commit to what your skin actually needs. “We’re learning that everyone’s skin has a unique fingerprint—the bacteria living on your skin and even epigenetics affect how your skin looks,” explains Whitney Bowe, a New York-based dermatologist in an interview with Allure.

And as it is a canvas of life itself, it has to adapt to many conditions, circumstances, and changes. It no longer follows that if you file yourself as dry, oily, or a combination of both, then that becomes the rigor of your skincare for life. Much like how you ebb and flow to the times, so does your skin, especially in extremes or when you know, a summertime glow up is in order.

With the sun in full blast at the height of summer, it calls for an update in one’s skincare routine. Just like the clothes you wear, what works for other months won’t necessarily function as well as now. Adjustments have to be made with the singular goal of treating the skin right for its glow up moment. Factoring in the punishing heat and persistent humidity, certain products have to take a backseat for a while, with season-ready updates that will deliver the best results.


Scale, Swap, Switch

To really get into the glow up of your dreams, careful consideration is of utmost importance. This means really focusing on a mindful approach to skincare, preferences be damned. It may seem like an effort, scaling things back and swapping products around, especially when you’ve gotten comfortable to a routine, but experts assure that this switch will prove beneficial in the long run. “Making simple changes to your skincare habits and managing your stress could change your skin’s genetic destiny,” quips Bowe.

Unfortunately, skincare isn’t a one size fits all, nor is it a tick in the box. It is a lifelong process of being conscious of what the skin needs at a given period. So, if you want a glow up, and honestly, everyone wants to, complacency should be the farthest thing on your mind. Whether that means modifying moisturizers or skipping the trendy releases for tried and tested hydrating classics for summer, it has to be done. Otherwise, you run the risk of complicating things by messing with nature and her ways. I mean, if you react differently at a specific context, what more your skin, right?

This change might be off-putting at first, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of things. You can’t argue with science here, because when it works, boy does it do so in wonders.

Ready for a glow up by way of a timely and necessary skincare amendment? Well, look no further because here are some ways to make that summer switch.

First, Simplify

In the interest of summertime glow up, the skincare routine has to be simplified. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the bare minimum, but rather a considerate paring down. With the basics in place, this method of modification includes incorporating additions that are dual-purpose. Functioning as both an eye cream and total anti-aging treatment, the AHC Luminous Glow Eye Cream For Face is the latest innovation that fights multiple concerns, including skin brightening, firming, moisture improvement, and wrinkle reduction in 14 days. Gentle, as is a must for the eyes, but highly effective, like it means for anti-aging, the delicate yet fast-absorbing emollient works to give a healthy radiance just like its ambassador, Cho Hye Joo.

Lighten Up On The Creams

With the sun violently piercing through and the heat dialed up to an infernal level, the one point of concern to really address during the summer is hydration, or more specifically, the lack thereof. To counter dryness, clogging of pores due to sweat and oil build up, and inflamed skin, a sensible moisturizer is needed to strengthen that protective layer against harmful pollutants, chemicals, and aggressors.

Skip the heavy creams, because it runs the risk of weighing the skin down in more ways than one. Instead, pick up a lightweight version such as the Bioten Skin Moisture 24-Hour Moisturizing Gel Cream, a saffron-charged, satin-like formulation that drapes on the skin as if it were water. Not only does it deliver maximum hydration to parched skin, it also is committed to conscious beauty, with the brand being vegan-friendly, natural and sustainable, and responsibly sourced.

When It Comes To Oils, Keep The Essential

Contrary to popular belief, not all oils are to be steered clear from during the summer, especially when used accordingly and sparingly. Upholding centuries-old tradition of healing, the potency of these oils can do anything from treat acne scars to wrinkles, as well as create a sense of calm with its aromatherapy benefits. Aside from its pure form, the same benefits can be derived from essential oils integrated in products that are part of your daily routine.

Inching closer to a kinder world—to the self, to others, and to the planet—the up-and-coming local beauty brand, For Keeps, launches its premise of radically honest body care with its range of daily essentials formulated with cold pressed coconut, extra virgin olive oil, and 100% pure essential oils. With clean and honest beauty to its name, the brand introduces its body care collections of cleansing bar soap, hand and body wash, hand liquid soap, and hand sanitizer, namely the Cleanse: Refresh + New and Protect: Defend + Hydrate (tea tree, peppermint, and lemongrass essentials oils), Arise: Energize + Uplift (citrus essential oils), and Unwind: Reset + Relax (lavender essential oil).

You Want The Glow Up? Exfoliate

What should already be part of your skincare routine, exfoliating cannot be emphasized enough in the summer. You still shouldn’t overdo the sloughing away, but because of the layers of patchy, dry skin and deep-seated congestion in the skin, a gentle exfoliant, preferably in a light foam is increasingly imperative in the seasonal transition. If you are into hardworking, multi-functional products, then the Deoproce Green Caviar Facial Cleanser is your best bet. With its introduction of sea jewel, this import from Korea carefully buffs out the skin of old waste and dead skin cells, boosting skin moisture, creating clear, glowing skin.

Never Forget: Sunscreen

At this point, there is no excuse, putting on sun protection is an absolute must—all year round, every few hours, and even indoors. To shield oneself from UVA and UVB rays, maintain skin in optimal condition, and assuage aging, experts agree on liberal applications of SPF 30 or higher on exposed skin. A standout in the recently launched BYS Skin line, the silky and absorbent Extra Effortless Pore Perfecting Sunblock does all that defending and more, blending protective ingredients, PA++++ (the gold standard in sun protection), and oil controlling properties. Even more? You can use it as an effective, multitasking primer before proceeding with another manifestation of a glow up through makeup.

The Tried And Trusted Wins, Always

When it comes to a conundrum, you can claim your faith on the good ‘ol classics, especially where the skin is concerned. If a glow up is the goal, then nothing beats the essentials that have been known to work consistently over time. Tracing its trajectory of tenure from the legendary apothecary in New York to a skincare cult-favorite, Kiehl’s has withstood the test of time with its commitment for personalized service, 170 years and going strong, in fact.

To celebrate the legacy of its heritage, as well as of its portfolio of high-quality formulas, emphasis on customer relationships, and excellent service, Kiehl’s introduces two milestone markers of its all-time favorite products in limited-edition packaging: the Commemorative Collection and Heritage Collection. With the former, you can achieve smooth and refreshed skin with the brand’s bestsellers, including the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner, Ultra Facial Cream, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Meanwhile, with the latter, a skin-soothing selection is offered by reissuing classics such as the Heritage French Rosewater Toner, Essence Oils in Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking, and Jinx-Removing and Glycerin Scented and Unscented Soaps. A commitment to quality, these unique formulas and effective products, all housed in beautiful white and gold packaging and a cabinet-shaped box, which further the dedication to its mission and vision since 1851.

From the month of May, the Commemorative and Heritage Collections will be available in all stores, on the official website, and on the Kiehl’s store on Lazada. For more deals and exclusives, join the Super Brand Day of Kiehl’s.



The Gold Squad Are Back With CLICK, LIKE, SHARE, And It’s Nothing Like You’ve Seen Them In Before

The Gold Squad is set to take on the perils of social media.

CLICK, LIKE, SHARE sees Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz, and Kyle Echarri reunite in this social media-centric drama-thriller.

In 2018, Philippine television saw the debut of Kadenang Ginto, a show that soon blew up to be one of the most talked-about shows in recent years. Among the many things the show became known for, the four young leads were the ones that got a lot of attention. Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri rocketed to be some of the hottest young stars of the new generation. The four of them led to the creation of two love teams (SethDrea and KyCine) as well as the formation of The Gold Squad. We’ve been curious to see what other collective projects they will take on, and now we know thanks to the release of the CLICK, LIKE, SHARE. From what we’ve seen, the show promises to show a whole different side of the four of them.

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The Premise

CLICK, LIKE, SHARE is a four-episode anthology series that will “explore the dangerous consequences of irresponsible social media use through a unique way of storytelling.” Each episode is meant to explore a certain aspect of social media and the role it plays in the everyday lives of people, especially young people. The show will also shine a spotlight on how social media can be used to negatively impact people.

Based on the trailer, CLICK, LIKE, SHARE is giving us slight Black Mirror vibes, and we honestly don’t mind it at all. We’re interested to see what this show has to offer. This show looks to give each member of the Gold Squad their most mature role to date. We also like how each actor gets their own individual episode to show off their acting skills and shine. It’s also nice that the message of the show is something that needs to be told in this day and age.


Episode 1 of CLICK, LIKE, SHARE is called Reroute and focuses on a young man named Brennan (Kyle Echarri). The trailer shows him being addicted to an app called Aria that he uses for a lot of things in his life from using it as an alarm clock to navigating his route when driving. Brennan’s obsession with the app is causing a strain between him and his girlfriend (Danica Ontengco), but things turn for a worse when Arya falls in love with Brennan.


Episode 2, called Cancelledt, revolves around Karen (Francine Diaz), a young woman obsessed with posting pictures on her social media account. One day, she finds that she’s getting hundreds of thousands of likes and followers, but that brings some unexpected consequences to the real world.

Episode 3 of CLICK, LIKE, SHARE is called Trending, which will follow the story of “Cocoy” (Seth Fedelin). He is a motorcycle driver who gets into an accident with another driver (played by Jimuel Pacquiao). “Cocoy” records the encounter on his phone but manipulates the truth when his story goes viral. Now, he has to face the consequences of his actions.


Finally, Episode 4, called Poser, revolves around a young woman named Beth (Andrea Brillantes). She has pimples all over her face, but an app called YouMorphMe applies a filter on her face and removes all her imperfections, and makes her look beautiful. But using the app causes a clone of Beth to come to life and tries to replace Beth in her life.

CLICK, LIKE, SHARE will premier on June 5. Each episode after will be released every Saturday at 6 PM on and iWantTFC.

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cruella poison ivy harley

It’s Not All Evil: Deconstructing The Beauty Of Female Villains

Spine-tingling stunners in their own right, there’s more to them than their chilling cackles.

Thin, arched eyebrows? Sunken cheekbones? A bold red lip? These are your standard signatures of a definitive villain. Here, we dive deep into these looks you can try on for that added dash of irreverence and courage.

As evil as they appear to be, the true beauty of villains lies in their backstories. Understandably, the culture of fear instilled in us when we were kids never really leaves even when we grow older. To this day, we still shiver and shudder at the thought of the antagonist. Think: Maleficent, Kill Bill’s O-ren Ishii, and Harley Quinn.

Learning more about their stories, however, we find out what turned them into the villains they are. We then sympathize and start to see them in a different light. This coming May 28, thanks to Disney, I have a strong feeling that another villain will be added to the aforementioned list of well, understanding—Cruella de Vil.

Speaking of the beauty of villains, in conjunction with Disney’s Cruella, a live-action film that explores Cruella De Vil’s backstory, MAC Cosmetics has released a bold, edgy, and glamorous nine-piece collection that celebrates the iconic villain. With this in mind, I couldn’t help but shift the focus towards a different facet of their beauty—makeup. How are villains portrayed through makeup? How do we perceive villains through their makeup?

In an attempt to answer those questions, here we have a deconstruction of the makeup looks of some of the most infamous and iconic female villains. Let’s go over them one by one, shall we?


Thin, arched, and raised eyebrows  

disney villain

Eyebrows frame the face, and villains exemplify that more than anyone. Do you remember the animated Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and the Evil Queen from Snow White? Their thin, arched, and raised eyebrows establish their villainous nature and heighten the impact of their facial expressions. Also, I’d like to believe that the thin eyebrows create space for my next point.   

A statement eye

Whether it’s colorful like Harley Quinn or intensely graphic like Nina from Black Swan, a statement eye is the perfect real estate for a villain to sow fear without just a look. When a villain needs to say something through her eyes, a bold eye look does all the talking. (Trembles.

Defined cheekbones


Maleficent’s Angelina Jolie is the poster child for defined cheekbones in the assemblage of anti-heroes. Doing so to one’s cheekbones adds structure and angles, which eliminates the softness of the face. Can you imagine a villain with a soft face? Possible, but typically, they like to go in on the shadows and sullen expression.

Pink blush

From contouring the cheekbones, we now go to the pink blush, which is seen on Regina George and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. A pink blush adds a touch of innocence—perfect for Regina George’s seemingly sweet character and Poison Ivy’s allure. This proves deceptive, especially when the villains navigate their way into the narrative with their inherent sense of cunning.   

A beauty mark


Seen on Ursula, Baby Jane (Bette Davis from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?), and now on Cruella’s Emma Stone, a beauty mark draws attention to the character and adds a bit of attraction and mystery. It’s also fun signature to do when recreating their makeup looks. 

The bold red lip


Last but not the least, a bold red lip, of course! Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella De Vil, Catwoman, Helen Sharp from Death Becomes Her—the list goes on and on. A bold red lip is basically a villain trope, which is rightfully so. Just like any villain, a bold red lip commands attention, symbolizes power, and exudes confidence. 

There you have it: six makeup looks that exude and evoke the beauty of female villains. By the way, I have one more thing to add about the beauty of villains. They may be decidedly despicable, but they teach us confidence, especially one that encourages an expression of our true, unapologetic selves through makeup.

Witness Manila Luzon, Gottmik, And Gigi Goode Unleash Their Most Wicked Cruella De Vil-Inspired Drag

No fur spotted here, just wonderfully-wicked looks across the board.

Before we meet the legendary villainess who notoriously went mad for spots (woof, woof), see how drag queens, Manila Luzon, Gigi Goode, and Gottmik take on the absolutely wretched, downright despicable, and dressed to kill, Cruella de Vil.

With a massive cream-colored fur overcoat hanging from her wiry figure, a gaunt expression further made malevolent by the sharp contours of her already bony face, and a perfect ratio of stark and startling black and white hair twisted and perched on her head, Cruella De Vil is impossibly petrifying at a glance. With her deranged, demonic, and despicable obsession for fashion and fur, she stands to be that archetype of a classic Disney villain without regrets and remorse. Spine-chilling with her every drawl and puff of smoke, Cruella de Vil is a character that despite the inherent and unapologetic evil that courses through her veins is so fascinating to many, especially to drag queens.

Wicked and wretched in her ways, there exists an almost odd sense of respect and reverence to Cruella de Vil, inspiring the many extensions of pop culture, the riotous and riveting world of drag included. Come to think of it, just like Maleficent, Ursula, and Yzma, there is something deliciously campy about Cruella de Vil that compels one to turn the caricature into a living, breathing character, for entertainment, of course.

In fact, these textbook villains have long informed and inspired the looks and performances of drag, even when it was still thriving in the underbelly of the nightlife. You know, before it got the glistening, post-Vaseline filter edit through the persisting pummelling of RuPaul’s Drag Race on mainstream TV. Today, the disruptive art of drag has become such a cornerstone of culture that a beauty tutorial featuring drag queens is no longer of special interest. It has, at this point, assimilated to a status once occupied by run-of-the-mill celebrities and tired rockstars. Yes, queen!


Cruella, Cruella de Vil

There seems to be no getting rid or dare we say, getting enough of the emphasis of evil, because while we may have seen the last of Cruella de Vil in the Disney animated classic or in the live action film starring the incomparable Glenn Close, the next coming of her asinine anarchy looms with the origin story tracing her beginnings from brilliance to big time baddie in 1970s punk rock London. Starring the enigmatic Emma Stone, who by early accounts is exceedingly eccentric and scarily sinister as a pre-infamy Cruella, the yet-to-be-released telling is hotly and highly anticipated.

To celebrate the resurrection of the beloved antagonist, several drag queens have come together to unleash their most eerie and evocative Cruella de Vil-inspired makeup transformations. Taking liberties from the cartoon to the contemporary iteration, Manila Luzon, Gigi Goode, and Gottmik sat down and got their arched, almost evil, kind of mad looks on, ripping, tearing, and deconstructing their own points-of-view to combine with the sensibilities of the character. “It’s a little bit disruptive and I’m cool with that. I mean, that’s what we want our villains to be, right?,” ponders Manila Luzon as she lays the foundation of her face with smears of neutrals. Realizing the close ties of Cruella de Vil to drag, the Filipino queen says, “The transformation from mousy and reserved to the fiercenss, reminds me of the transition you go through putting all your makeup for drag.”

The Drag And Disney Villain Disruption

With her signature streak of blonde, cartoon-like expressions, and towering presence, Manila Luzon can be pretty much described as the Cruella of drag, sans the irrevocable evil, obviously. She does give a good cackle though. In fact, and perhaps not so much surprising her first time in drag happened to be feeling her Cruella fantasy. “My first time ever going out as manila in drag, I was dressed as Cruella de Vil. I was a baby drag queen. I looked a little crunchy, and so now, you know, several years later, I am now getting to revisit this iconic character that has inspired me for years and years,” she recalls.

In this exercise of expression, Manila Luzon piles and pins an updated version of her original Cruella wig, complete with tendrils coming undone to show that she has gone mad. Without a moment to spare, she emerges as her spin on Cruella de Vil, cinched and clothed in a Victorian-esque gown festooned with safety pins, tape measures, and other familiar fixtures of sewing.

Bringing in more Cruella, Gigi Goode circles back to her own beginnings with makeup, using paints and paintbrushes, arguing that this is after all a lot more artistry-driven. Where Manila Luzon went sooty and smudgy, Miss Good colored in her mug with a rising of red from the blush to precise and optic graphic on the eyelids.

“When I think of Cruella, I think of a misunderstood villain who is a mad genius. I can relate,” reveals Gigi Goode. “I relate to Cruella’s need to turn heads.” Continuing the more mod-leaning retro inspiration, the final beat was splashed with a dominantly white and red lava lamp look, complete with a nest-like swirly wig crowned firmly on her head. Retro and ready to go alright.  

A Wicked Time

Finally, rounding out the Cruella-inspired get ready with me series on YouTube is Gottmik, the first trans man to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race. “There’s a lot of storyline here people that we’re gonna have to unpack,” says Gottmik, who admits that the trailer of the film got her good in all its grungy, black and white, and punk glory. And if there is anything to go by, that is totally the vibe of  this bold queen. With a standard base of clown white, Gottmik operates with scales of gray and black to define the face, before drawing thin, wispy brows, and creating a crease in red and black.

“Seeing Estelle getting this fashion moment and her whole vibe changing, that’s very my vibe. I feel like that’s my life I’m watching,” Gottmik shares, detailing how in the movie, there is an element of being seen that is resonant. “All she needs to do is lose on RuPaul’s drag race and we’d probably be the same.”

And in a fitting flourish, one that is uniquely Gottmik, the wildly popular queen steps out in a look that is reminiscent of the era of the film, Cruella. Decked out in a leather jacket dress moment with a contrasted wig teased to the high heavens, Gottmik totally commits to the spirit of Cruella de Vil, once again crashing the cis-tem like it’s nobody’s business.

While the curl of her lips, the ice in her stare, definitely had all the innocent children beware, for this vampire bat, this inhuman beast that Roger crooned to be locked up and never released, there is a lot more to look out for with the wily woman you love to hate and hate to love, Cruella, Cruella de Vil.


rienne music

Meet rienne, A New Artist Whose Ready To Tell Their Truth

rienne is ready to make their mark in the music industry.

Even though rienne has only been in the music industry for a few months, they are not afraid to be open and truthful in their music.

For most people in their early 20s, knowing what you want to do or be in your life is not set in stone. There is still that phase where you are still trying to discover yourself and see what you truly want to be. For rienne however, the situation is the opposite. At only 20-years-old, the singer-songwriter, who prefers the pronouns they/them, has already set their sights on creating music that speaks to them and to a lot of young people, music that isn’t afraid to tackle rienne’s own hardships. rienne sat down for an interview with NYLON Manila to discuss their life, their music, and what they want their message to be.

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How They Got Into Making Music

Born and raised in Manila, rienne lived in Pasig all their life until September 2020 when their mom, a nurse, was assigned overseas to the US. They then moved to West Virginia and they have been living there ever since. Moving all the way to West Virginia, especially during a pandemic, has actually not been that hard on rienne. “It’s been really good. There’s a lot of nice people here and I like the people around me.”

Musically, rienne started writing since they were 11 years old. By the time they were 13, they were already making their owns songs. Music and singing isn’t something new for rienne as they were born into a musical family, but singing was not natural for them. “I felt like my voice wasn’t that good enough,” they say. “So, I always, like stayed away from the family gatherings when they sing.” They further add, “This whole singing thing is like self-taught. I just tried to sing, and I guess it happened.”

What pushed rienne to start pursuing music more seriously was the support of their friend in school. “I had a friend who loves music, too. So, we both bonded over music and then she really helped me write songs like do poetry and stuff.”

Making Music and Getting Signed

When it comes to writing music, rienne, who knows how to play the guitar, says they take inspiration wherever they can. “I don’t really care [where I write music]. Like, if I find inspiration I write it down, I just keep writing until I have nothing else to say.” And when it comes to what makes for a good lyric for their songs, rienne thinks that it’s in the way the lyrics hit you. “I just get the catchy lyrics that have meaning to me. Because I really have a bad memory. Like, honestly, I cannot remember things for my life. So, yeah, I have to repeat it and make sure it’s catchy but deep.”

They also say that they write songs better when they’re sad. “I feel like when I’m sad, I just focus more on the people’s words. Like, I just get more focused on what happened in the situation. So, when I’m sad, I just get through, like, think about stuff more clearly. And I can say things better.”

rienne’s journey to becoming a signed artist was actually more of a spontaneous moment. “Well, I was not expecting it like at all because I was really about to give up on looking for a record label. Because I tried before and it wasn’t really successful. And yeah, I just saw [Off The Record] on Instagram. So, I asked if they were record label and then suddenly, my mentor Jensen Gomez, he messaged me, and that’s when we started talking about that.” One thing lead to another and soon, rienne was a signed artist for Off The Record PH.

What They Bring As A New Artist

It’s not easy to break out in the music industry. For every Billie Eilish who manages to rise from indie roots to global superstardom, there are dozens of musicians who can’t really make it big the same way. rienne feels though that their authenticity and honesty is what will help them stand out as a musician. “I just don’t really care about what other people think. I just do it for myself. Honestly, I do it for the sake of me being myself and being true to myself. I haven’t been really that honest to other people and myself the past few years. I want to be me so other people can perceive me and respect me because that’s what I feel like what I deserve.”

To be honest and open at the young age of 20 can be scary, especially since most people around rienne’s age aren’t always open to talking about their feelings. But letting the world hear their truth is something rienne is not afraid of. “I mean, for me, it’s like, I want to be open as much as possible…they deserve to know like, the main parts of who I am and like the message that I want to get across.”

That truthfulness includes rienne’s struggles with their own personal demons, such as their battle with depression. rienne was diagnosed with depression in 2017. But what rienne wants people to know that if you really want to sympathize with people who are battling depression, you need to see things in their shoes.

“I feel like being diagnosed with depression sometimes when other people tell me like, you know, other people who aren’t diagnosed when they tell me that you can get through it. And I mean, sometimes I believe in that, but when I’m not feeling okay, it just feels like, it’s insensitive for me. But I get the spirit and like, you know, that they’re going to help,” they explain. “But they should know that, you know, you should put yourself in that person’s shoes first before you guys say anything because it could, you know, be more detrimental to their health, I guess. If you treat them that way.”

Try Again

Try Again is rienne’s debut single which dropped in April. The first installment in a planned trilogy of songs, the mostly self-produced track is a tender tribute that both delves into one of rienne’s most recent experiences and expresses their perspective on love. The song’s message is in line with what rienne hopes their music to give off; music that provides safety and comfort to those dealing with the same concerns, and builds a sense of emotional closeness and community.

The music video, which was shot by rienne’s dad on their iPhone, sees rienne in different scenic spots around their new home of West Virginia while they play the guitar. The single art, meanwhile, features rienne in a green sweater holding some flowers. But while the cover may look simple, it actually has a deeper meaning. “I wanted the flowers to be like the main, you know, attraction. It’s like me, you know? Like, should I give this to you? Like, should they dry again? Or should they just like, throw it in the trash or something? I actually shot the single cover outside our condo and you can kinda see the dumpster in the back. Should they go to you? Or should they just, you know, stop crying again? Yeah, that’s pretty much while I’m holding your flowers in their face.”

Plans For The Future

In our interview with rienne, it became clear that being a new artist at just 20 years old was not a deterrent for them to be a successful artist. “Honestly, I feel like I’m at the right age, because other people get into it, like really young, and they don’t really have power over their decisions. And they can’t really grow from it that well. But, I’m really lucky to already have the mindset of like, what to do, like, how to navigate things. And thankfully, like, people who helped me out. Yeah, so I feel like I have a good shot and like, doing the right things.”

For the time being, rienne is getting ready to put out more music. But rienne also wants to achieve things any 20-year-old would like to do when they move to a new place. They say that one of their goals for 2021 is to make more new friends since they do not know a lot of people in West Virginia. rienne also, like quite a few young people, also has a second job which is sweeping hair in a salon, but that too is also something they don’t mind. “That pays kinda well, I think better than like, you know, typical. So yeah, I enjoy my job here.” And of course, rienne has an opinion on a question that has divided a generation. “I’m not that picky about pineapples on pizza. But, if that’s the only food there, I wouldn’t mind eating it. I don’t really care.”

rienne adds that they would like to return to Manila soon to do some live gigs. “I’ve gotten messages from people I don’t know. They’re like, can you come to Manila? I really want to hear you singing. I want to do that, yeah. When everything’s like, back to normal.”

Their Message

As a new artist, what rienne wants people to feel when they hear their music is the feeling of being seen and accepted. “I just want to let people know and have that message in my music that they’re not alone, and that they can do it. Because I have struggled through a lot of attempts of like ending it. And, yeah, I’m still here. And I can still do it. Even though I feel like sometimes I don’t want to. I just want them to know that, you know, they’re better days ahead. Even though you don’t see it.”

“When people see me I just want them to see hope and being true to yourself and doing it for you. Because you know, when you do it for other people, you sometimes won’t be happy. Always do it for yourself and prioritize your self-worth.” rienne says at the end of our interview.

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cats broadway musical

Learn How To Dance To Your Favorite Broadway Songs By Musical Theater Professionals In These Online Workshops

Ever wanted to learn the routines of your favorite Broadway songs? Now you can!

A portion of the musical theater workshops’ proceeds will go to Open House, a fund that helps displaced workers in the local performing arts community.

There’s nothing like the feeling of watching a live entertainment, especially a musical play. The singing, dancing, costumes, set design, and more come together to make musical theater feel special. Even if you have never seen a musical play live, you may have heard or love songs that came from Broadway plays. You might have even spent hours trying to memorize your favorite songs or learn your favorite routines. But due to the pandemic, most musical theaters are closed and it’s not easy to travel to a place where they are open. Luckily, GMG Productions, in partnership with the Open House Fundraiser and the Artists’ Welfare Project, Inc. are launching a new project that is sure to delight musical theater fans.

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The Workshops

Workshop Series will see four Broadway professionals, who have performed in Manila, give you personal lessons on how to sing and dance to a chosen Broadway classic. Each week will feature a new musical theater song and a new mentor. This way, you get to bring a piece of Broadway into your own home. The best part is that a portion of the workshops’ proceeds will go to Open House as well as five workshop scholarships per week that shall be extended to qualified beneficiaries as part of additional revenue-generating measures for the Open House Fundraiser. So not only will you be able to learn the songs from professionals, but you will also be able to help out local musical theater workers.

The Mentors

The four musical theater mentors will be Darren Greef who worked as the resident director and choreographer of international productions Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Evita, and Chicago The Musical, Alex O’Reilly who has been in productions of Mamma Mia and Hairspray, Brian O’Muiri who, among other things, is a CATS International touring member, and Louisa Talbot, associate and resident choreographer on West Side Story, Grease, Rocky Horror Show, and Matilda.

Each week will focus on a different musical theater production. Week one will see Darren Greeff teach the song Hot Honey Rag from Chicago The Musical. Week two will have Alex O’Reilly teach Mamma Mia from Mamma Mia! The Musical. Week 3 is when Brian O’Muiri will teach Jellicle Ball from Cats The Musical. Week 4 will have Louisa Talbot teach Cool from West Side Story.

Details and Mechanics

The musical theater workshop fee is 3500 pesos per week. Each week will have 3 sessions, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, that start at 3 PM.  Each session will last around one hour and will be held via Zoom. Aside from the classes, you will also get the chance to hang out with the cast of the musicals and have a Q&A session with them. Enrollment is ongoing with the first workshop set to take place on June 7, 3 PM. Make sure to check out GMG Productions’ website to see the full list of details and how you can apply.

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