Guess What? You Get To Live Out Your Moonchild Fantasy With This Limited-Edition NIKI Collab

She's over the moon, and so will you be.

In a unique coming together, the Indonesian powerhouse strikes an out-of-this-world collaboration with the GUESS Originals x NIKI Moonchild limited-edition collection.


There is nothing quite like the ritual of listening in the wee hours of the morning. With your body sprawled like the Vitruvian Man on the crinkle of your bedsheets, your eyes wander the pitch of black, the steady rhythm of the heart rising at every blink as your ears search for even the faintest of sounds to offset the spell of anxiety, stress, and all sorts of emotions that are attempting to take over your entire being at an ideal state of rest. Finally, in a last-ditch attempt to rein this solitary situation in, you decide to give this internal struggle a fair fight by plugging in your trusty earphones and pressing play on whatever music fits your mood. Like some stroke of magic, the dread and distress starts to lift as the notes string together to form a melody and the lyrics begin to articulate what was inexplicable to begin with.

Here lies the magic of music, which digs deeper at every orchestration, ultimately striking a connection between artist and listener. A universal way to communicate personal feelings, music conveys emotions, thoughts, and feelings into a particular sound that just gets you. In this narrative of songs, you find a comforting and compelling kinship that somehow just makes everything at the very least okay. Leaning into this unique sense of lyricism, Indonesian singer and songwriter NIKI weaves her story and her journey to music, which charms and captivates, much like the figure of the moon that she is perpetually inspired by.

Whether you listen to her music at random or you really get into it through the singularly focused telling of her latest release, Moonchild, there is always a feeling of calm she emanates. Powered by some sort of lunar gravitational force, she has since charted a steady pace in the orbit of her career, which has seen her open for Taylor Swift in concert and be signed into the fold of 88rising, the creative incubator that stands as the revolutionary cultural link bridging the diverse and dynamic sound of the East to the bigger platform across the pond to the West. And now, as a testament to the impression of the album, which strings music, art, and culture, NIKI strikes another pinch-me-is-this-real milestone with an out-of-this-world partnership with the classic brand, GUESS.

The Moonchild Phase

In the 9-piece collaboration with GUESS Originals, NIKI is in disbelief that all this is happening. A full circle moment for the artist, one that has seen the singer playing dress-up in her mom’s GUESS shoes and handbags when she was a little girl. “To have my own GUESS Originals x NIKI ‘Moonchild’ collection is like a fever dream!” expresses NIKI.

Recently launched online and in-stores, the GUESS Originals x NIKI Moonchild collection traverses an otherworldly space with its decidedly easy and comfort-driven street-ready realization. A clear contrast, the wistful musicality that is definitive of her, the singer is offering a selection of oversized monochromatic streetwear paired with skin-hugging biker shorts that underscores a point of comfort, which makes you want to settle into it as Moonchild plays on a loop.

But more than the domination of street-ready imprints such as purple and black separates, hoodies and shirts with lunar-themed insignia, a top and biker shorts in a dazzling constellation print, and a must-have baseball cap, the collection is proof of the impact that Niki has, a female Asian artist taking command of the music scene with her multi-disciplinary approach and thought to the craft. The collection also exemplifies a meaningful coming together of aesthetics, aspiration, and artistry.

“NIKI is a young and energetic artist from the 88rising team that we have been excited to work with over the past three years,” details Director of Brand Partnerships, Nicolai Marciano. “Even before the album was complete, Sean of 88rising and everyone else was very confident in NIKI as an artist. The first time NIKI had an in-store appearance for us, her presence created pandemonium with fans. Once there was more music, I was able to check it out at the studio and she immediately impressed me with her sound and vision to market the album. To see it come full circle through our partnership is really meaningful for both brands.”

Guess What

Just like the wickedly delightful exposition of Moonchild, which is a story meant to be listened to from start to finish in its foretold phases, this coming together of NIKI and GUESS Originals seems to have been fated by the universe. “To see an album that I worked on for two years take on a new life in fashion is a dream come true,” she says, overcome with excitement. Having an artist-led merchandise is one thing, but for it to have the stamp of a heritage brand such as GUESS just launches it to a whole new level.

So, what better way to revisit her realm of fantasy than to slip into the selections from the GUESS Originals x NIKI Moonchild limited-edition collection, and press play. Notice how things just feel different, lighter even. NIKI gets you, she really does.

You can now own a piece of the #GUESSOriginals x NIKI ‘Moonchild’ limited-edition collection, which is available on the GUESS website now and in-store on December 19.