8 DonBelle Looks In 2023 That Prove Their Style Star Status

Serving looks anywhere, everywhere.

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have traipsed runways and the world arm-in-arm this year, always lovely, and always in style.

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You can’t buy me love, but you can buy that DonBelle are loveteam royalty—and they dress like it, too. Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been booked and busy this year, what with traveling the world and starring in their new hit series Can’t Buy Me Love. But one thing they never fail to do despite their hectic schedule is serve looks every time, be it in an airport or at a gala, that compliment each other. These two artists can bring the heat in jeans or tuxedos, ballgowns or edgy leather dresses.

It was hard to choose which outfits they wore this year that were the most slay, because you can bet all their outfits are always massive joint slays, but we rounded up eight of their grandest, coolest, most stunning looks so far. No matter how amazing the pair looks this year, we know it only gets better from here.


donbelle asap

Is it hot in here? The outfits DonBelle wore when they performed the Can’t Buy Me Love theme song You’ll Be Safe Here on ASAP Natin ‘To is absolutely stunning. Donny’s oxblood leather jacket perfectly paired with Belle’s two-piece, lace-up top and skirt with matching heels makes for an alluring, swoon-worthy matchy-matchy moment.


DonBelle ABS-CBN Ball 2023


When you Google “red carpet looks,” this DonBelle moment at the ABS-CBN Ball deserves to be in the top images. Belle’s glittering, sequined gold Michael Leyva gown was a gorgeous contrast to Donny’s sleek, all-black Louis Vuitton look.


donbelle costume captain barbell and darna


donbelle costume captain barbell and darna


Suddenly, I need to be saved. For Halloween this year, Donny and Belle channeled classic Filipino komik superheroes Captain Barbell and Darna. Their dedication to the roles as well as the perfect balance of modernity and timelessness in their homage to the Filipino heroes easily earned them top spots on people’s Best Halloween Costumes lists.


donbelle nylon manila june fanzine cover

DonBelle brought bright, bold colors and youthful energy into our lives on the NYLON Manila fanzine issue last June! Styled by Adrianne Concepcion and John Lozano, Donny and Belle served main character realness on the cover.


donbelle star magical christmas 2023


Holiday Barbie and Ken showed up and showed out at the Star Magical Christmas event as Belle and Donny turned up the Christmas glam and channeled the spirit of the holidays in their bright and merry ‘fits.


donbelle airport


At the airport headed off to Europe, the two opted for classic, elevated casual looks. Belle’s two-piece pinstriped pantsuit and messy updo is style inspo fodder. This was before Can’t Buy Me Love even aired, but she was already giving Caroline Tiu energy. It’s trendy and to-die for, just like Donny’s knitted half-zip that looks like it’s cozy, perfect for a long flight.


donbelle can't buy me love launch


At a Can’t Buy Me Love press conference, the couple served monochromatic elegance in white and off-white outfits. Belle donned a shimmery, sparkly white top with a silky, bejeweled miniskirt while Donny looked ever-dapper in a crisp linen suit.


donbelle star magical prom

FACEBOOK/Nice Print Photography

Donny and Belle made bold, daring moves at the Star Magical Prom earlier this year, and it paid off! They looked like a million bucks (Belle’s Francis Libiran gown alone cost almost that much!). That night’s Prom King and Queen chose black-and-white for a classy, tried-and-true look, along with sheer lace and tiered ostrich feathers. Talk about head-turners.

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Book It: 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends In Seoul That Won’t Break the Bank

So when's the trip?

Seoul is a great destination for travelers, Hallyu enthusiasts, foodies, families and barkadas. Here are a few fun, unique, budget-friendly things to do in the capital of South Korea!

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I don’t know about you, but my favorite trips are the ones that aren’t so wild, crazy, and exhausting, but aren’t too relaxed either. I don’t want to camp or kayak, nor do I want to just spend all day lounging around in a hotel room. Exploring cities is where it’s at for me, and I assume for many people as well. Seoul was perfect then, in that it’s chill enough to warrant a simple stroll but busy enough to be enjoyably lively. South Korea has been steadily rising in popularity as a must-visit place, and whether you’re solo-tripping or spending time with family or friends, it’s a great place to put on your travel bucket list.

We spent five days in Seoul, staying in the Myeong-dong area—a busy, tourist-y area of the city that had plenty of shops, restaurants, landmarks, and places to explore. And while going to Seoul is the dream for many, the funds required to do so is no joke. Plane tickets, in this economy? But if you spent most of your money getting there, worry not, because while trips are expensive, there are plenty of things to do in Seoul that’s totally worth it but are definitely not a waste of money. Scroll down for some of them.


Everyone says to do it—and they’re right. Street food, particularly in Myeong-dong, offers a wide variety of excellent food from full meals to desserts, steak to tanghulu, chicken skewers to souffle pancakes, cheese tteok-kocchi to Korean marshmallow ice cream. When the streets come alive at night with lights, food stalls, locals, visitors, and all sorts of delicious scents waft through the air, you can bet you’ll find yourself walking around with armfuls of food and even little trinkets, stuffing your face with all the delicacies available.


seoul caricatures
acorn caricatures myeongdong seoul

Acorn Caricature (@uncles_painting on Instagram) has plenty of branches around Korea. I saw it go viral on social media before we went to Seoul, and luckily, I spotted one near where we stayed—a storefront and bench decorated with their signature yellow and bold marker caricatures on a small street in Myeong-dong.

There, my sister and I sat for at most five minutes as we got our caricatures done (9000 KRW per person or around 386 pesos) and chatted with the sweet Korean artist who mentioned that she visited Mactan, Cebu back in 2015. The caricatures were well-made and adorable, and it’s definitely a fun, cute experience to have!


Okay, maybe this one will do some damage to your wallet. But we won’t blame you if you spend hours shopping in Seoul’s underground malls, particularly in the Myeong-dong Underground Shopping Center. You can access the basement shopping center from the Myeong-dong Station Line 4 Exits. The “mall” offers everything from the latest Korean fashions to K-pop merchandise for affordable prices—definitely more affordable than the shops or department stores aboveground. Score deals here on trendy knitwear, shoes, down jackets, albums and photocards, and so much more.


What’s a Gen Z trip without endless new and creative ways to take photos? Photobooths dot the streets of the city (there’s even one up on Namsan Park near the N Seoul Tower), so you can take so many photos and get them designed however you want!

There are even photobooths with unique, distinct brandings like DON’T LXXK UP. There, the photos are taken from a high angle for an edgy, youthful set of photos where you can look your coolest. Photobooths cost around 3,000 to 6,000 KRW and have a variety of styles, concepts, and designs to choose from.


itaewon seoul
itaewon seoul

City nightlife in Seoul is marked with bright lights and chilly wind in the fall. Make the most of it by taking a quick trip to Itaewon or similar bustling areas to check out the sights, bars, and restaurants frequented by the young people of Seoul!


Whether it’s cycling along the Han River or eating at a famous restaurant, visiting places idols and actors have been to is a fun way for a K-pop or K-drama fan to spend some time in South Korea. Recreate your faves’ photos for selca days, or just for fun, and get a glimpse of why they love and enjoy these places in their home country.


n seoul tower
seoul fall

South Korea in the fall is stunningly picturesque. When the sun graces you with its presence and hits the green, yellow, orange, and red leaves just right, the city skyline is breathtaking. The N Seoul Tower in the heart of the city is a local landmark atop Namsan Mountain.

Did we get a little confused going there? Yes. Did we stumble upon a bridge that gave us a gorgeous view of the fall foliage and the tower without a lot of people around? Also yes. You can ride the subway or the bus to get to stations near the area and make your way up the mountain on foot (for free if you’re just planning on getting to the base of the tower), or take a taxi to get to the cable car station and ride up for around 14,000 KRW. There’s also a free shuttle from Myeong-dong Station Exit 1 or Seoul Station Exit 9. Get up there for panoramic views of the city and to see the “Locks of Love” placed around the plaza!

Photobooth photo in thumbnail used with permission.

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Find Your Next Travel Style Inspo From These Celebrities And Content Creators

See the world in style.

From Liza Soberano to Ciara Gan, take your travel outfits up a notch by grabbing some style inspiration from these fashionable celebrities and content creators!

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Packing outfits for a trip can be challenging. You have to take into consideration suitcase weight limits, how long you’re going to be gone for, the weather at your destination, and so much more. Not to mention having to ask yourself which fabrics won’t wrinkle, how many pairs of shoes to bring, and how much space you’re going to leave in your luggage for shopping.

And while travel isn’t all about the style (please don’t sacrifice comfort just for a few pics!), you 100% can look bomb while still being comfy when you’re on a trip. But you don’t have to settle for plain sweaters and jeans—just look at these young stars and content creators whose travel styles are to die for!

From Kathryn Bernardo to Marj Maroket, Bella Racelis to Andrea Brillantes, these young women know how to blend comfort, style, and practicality into an outfit that serves whether they’re walking the cobblestoned streets of Paris or shopping at Harajuku. Take note for future trips!


bella racelis travel style


Personally, I can’t stop thinking about YouTuber and content creator Bella Racelis’ Paris trip earlier this year. From casual ‘fits to structured dresses, her styling was top-notch, and this blue satin set was exquisite, perfect for a day at the fashion capital.


lovi poe travel style


Edgy meets preppy in this outfit Lovi Poe wore for her trip to London. The oversized leather jacket, pleated miniskirt, white sneakers, and headphones were such a good combination that Lovi posted pics of the outfit twice on her Instagram. If your destination is a little colder, add some tights or thigh-high socks!


kathryn travel style


A bright, monochrome-matchy outfit is perfect for the vibes of Seoul. The A Very Good Girl actress was the image of comfort and fun in her turquoise oversized tee and sneakers with turquoise accents.


marj maroket


If you want to add some color to your outfit (especially if the place you’re visiting is colder than the tropics), a funky jacket like what beauty influencer Marj Maroket wore to Switzerland is perfect. Her comfy yet stylish neutral set underneath is the perfect way to compliment it, too.


hannah pangilinan


The frequent traveler opted for a monochromatic, comfortable look with neutral pieces and a black bag as she visited the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. Sidenote, this outfit is the cutest way to style for the cold—the puffer vest and turtleneck combo can’t be beat when you’re in colder climates.


ac bonifacio travel style


Who says red hair clashes with outfits? AC Bonifacio’s Europe fashion was to die for, and here she is casually giving J-Lo green Versace dress vibes with this beige, black, and green slip dress that’s modern, edgy, and casual.


ciara gan


Content creator and student Ciara Gan is all about frilly, flowy, feminine ‘fits and Taylor Swift’s folklore-esque style. On her trips to New York, the young creator gives lower East Side vibes with long skirts and dresses, cowboy boots, and lacy camisoles.


rei germar travel style


Content creator and influencer Rei Germar’s been on a roll lately, checking off her bucket list destinations one after the other. The influencer dresses with simplicity, but with an air of elegance. Her airy, breathable outfit here was perfect for the weather of Türkiye and was anything but boring.


liza soberano


Style chameleon Liza Soberano was giving trendy, preppy, K-drama-inspired slay with a pleated miniskirt with matching oversized blazer, Mary Janes with ankle socks, and a headband on her recent trip to Seoul.


andrea brillantes


Andrea Brillantes served all kinds of casual glam during her trip to Europe, and this lace and leather jacket over a simple all-black outfit with a slicked-back ‘do and glasses proves you don’t need to go wild to look great abroad. You can be both comfy and stylish!

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Meet The Gen Z Fiber Artist Whose Work Has Been Worn By BINI, Nadine Lustre, And More

Gen Z girlies in the fashion industry? We're here for it!

Whoever said there’s ‘no future’ in art-related passions? Well, Erin Cervanez is here to totally debunk that myth. You’ve probably seen her crocheted creations on stars like BINI and Nadine Lustre!

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Coming from the traditional Filipino mindset, we were constantly bombarded with the notion that hobbies are primarily intended for leisure—like another way to de-stress after a grueling workweek of grinding. But this whole concept painted a big ‘X’ on art-related passions, implying that they were burning money. Gen Z is here to prove that this age-old sentiment is not a universal truth.

Meet Erin Cervanez, an exceptional Filipina fiber artist who has proven that passions combined with art are boundless. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s behind mmelc, the brand behind that viral crochet butterfly tops. This 21-year old has taken the art of crocheting—a craft often seen as a chill pastime—and turned it into a thriving small business. You’ve probably seen her crocheted creations on TV screens, worn by your favorite celebrities, content creators, and girl groups. Get to know her and her craft in our interview below.

Erin Cervanez | mmelc.ph

Introduce yourself.

I’m Erin Cervanez, a 21-year-old Filipina fiber artist. I am the creative mind behind my own brand, mmelc. Within my small startup, I specialize in the art of crocheting and knitting, weaving together threads for handmade pieces.

How did you get into the art and business of weaving threads together?

As a crafty kid who got her hands on loombands (the nostalgia! hahaha), I found myself enjoying the slow process of creating. It was almost a decade ago, and it’s also around that time when my Aunt (shoutout to you, Mommy Yeye) brought home the first crochet hooks and yarn that I own. I still have them with me, proving the longevity of crochet.

I’m self-taught; I started with online tutorials for basic techniques and then found free patterns for cute items. After that, I freehanded almost everything I crocheted. I stopped when I reached high school because it wasn’t considered a ‘cool’ hobby back then. It was associated with grandmas on television, doing it in their rocking chairs. I just left the materials under my drawer and never got rid of them.

After years, when the pandemic hit, I decided to get back into the hobby. The world was on pause, and I remembered how therapeutic crocheting is. I started creating again, but this time I shared it on my small platforms. Crochet wasn’t very popular in our generation during those times, but I received great feedback! With less than a P1k allowance, I invested in more yarn and started a page for my creations, turning it into a small business. That’s the foundation of where I am right now. Everything started from there, and I’m eternally grateful.

What’s the concept behind your business?

mmelc.ph is a pandemic baby. It was born from the ‘what if’ of a 17-year-old. We started with a one-woman team and have since grown to include student crocheters working with us. We specialize in selling garments made from knitted and crocheted textiles, with the majority of designs originating from my creative mind. We also cater to fellow crocheters by offering patterns for some of our designs. Patterns are essentially written tutorials on how to create specific items. mmelc.ph is a brand that emerged from a simple desire to share art. Today, it’s more than just a business; it’s a tradition and a lifestyle.

What was your biggest break?

It was way back in 2021 when we shared our own version of the crochet butterfly top. This beautiful gradient top features our outline that mimics butterfly wings. It became a global sensation, with orders pouring in from four corners of the globe. Not to mention the ongoing issue of our product pictures being stolen and shared without permission. Regardless, this design inspired numerous crocheters to create their own versions and even receive commissions for this handmade piece. It remains one of my most memorable breakthroughs.

When you’re creating countless looks for personalities, which project was your favorite and what was the experience like?

Catering to stars comes with its own set of hardships. We are a slow fashion brand, often working on rush orders to meet high demands, but BINI remains one of my favorite projects. I’m a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and supporting local artists. BINI is a group of incredibly talented women, and when Ica Villanueva, their stylist, approached mmelc.ph to create crochet pieces for them, I felt truly honored.

It was surreal to be part of performances I had only observed from a distance. My team and I crafted these pink crochet and knitted pieces for them, even giving birth to new looks. It was an iconic moment.

What was the inspiration behind the look?

While we had creative freedom for some pieces, BINI’s pink look inspiration was provided by their incredible stylist, Ica Villanueva. We carefully craft pieces based on stylist’s pegs and then witnessing them in action on stage or in photo shoots.

How did it feel when you started seeing your works on big platforms?

The excitement never stops. From creating the garments to today, even those around me unconsciously remind us of that moment. It still feels dreamlike, and I cherish these moments. One of my goals is to elevate wearable crochet to the level of clothing we see everywhere, whether it’s everyday wear or pieces for specific shoots and events. Collaborating with celebrities gives me hope that we can bring about this change with the help of their influence. Gratitude always remains at the forefront. Of course, it all boils down to the fangirl in me who never thought we would get this far.

What is your creative process like?

When I conceive a design, I sketch it right away. Visualizing everything is essential, and I learned this the hard way. Trust me, I’ve had numerous designs that went nowhere because I forgot about them. And when I create eyeballed and freehand pieces, I think of designs I’d personally love to wear—ones I’ve never seen before but believe are achievable. It could be something as simple as a tank top in my favorite color or a detailed dress with textured stitches.

I try to crochet every day, but I don’t pressure myself. Despite the prevalence of fast fashion, I remind myself that I have my own pace, my handmade art, and I’m not a factory. Also, a lot of iced coffee, tea, and pain relief patches – haha.

Could you share tips for anyone who wants to get into the business?

Starting a crochet business is a lesson rooted in experience. You’ll never know what it can become if you don’t give it a chance. Monetizing your hobby involves risk, but remember, you can always pivot or step back. Launching a small business means you become your own boss, so if it works out, you’ll look back with no regrets.

While many people have small businesses nowadays, don’t view them as competition. It’s easy to lose self-confidence when you constantly compare yourself to others. Set a goal and stay focused on it. No matter how many times you feel like giving up, you can adjust your approach, but never abandon the goal.

We have a wealth of learning resources available now, as almost everyone is engaged in e-commerce. This is the time to dream big. Keep creating, keep posting, and happy crocheting!

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10 Celebrities That Served Rockstar Realness at the Billboard Philippines Launch 

They went for loud and edgy.

These ‘Rock Chic’ ensembles at the Billboard Philippines Launch deserve a billboard of their own.

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The Billboard Philippines Launch was nothing short of a rockstar affair, with singers, emerging artists, and major names in the entertainment industry coming together to witness history in the making. The main event celebrated the country’s music scene with a ‘Rockstar Chic’ theme that set the tone for an evening of true talent and style, underlining the Philippines’ undeniable influence on the music stage.

Now that we’ve come, seen, and danced the night away, it’s time to declare the best-dressed personalities on the blue carpet at the Billboard Philippines Launch. Nobody disappointed, but these celebrities served rockstar realness.


A quarter of the girl group BINI made quite the entrance with their picture-perfect attire for the evening. Styled by Ica Villanueva, Mikah and Aiah captivated the crowd as they strutted down the blue carpet, with each ensemble making a unique statement while maintaining a cohesive sense of unity. Mikah commanded attention in a sleek, all-black outfit that showcased her edgy yet elegant persona. In contrast, Aiah embraced a complementary palette of white and red.


G22 doesn’t simply speak through P-Pop but also through their personal style. When asked about their look last night, members of the girl group described it as ‘very avant-garde and very G22. We agree because those all-black and color-coordinating sets deserve their own spotlight.


As SB19 made their grand entrance, the collective presence of these stars spoke volumes about their evolving image in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, leaving attendees and fans eagerly awaiting their next moves in the music scene. After becoming Billboard Philippines’ Maiden Issue cover stars, who knows what they’ll achieve next?

As if that isn’t enough, in a world where music and fashion collide, the Kings of P-Pop proved that they are not only masters of their craft but also influential icons who are shaping the future of men’s fashion. They totally brought their A-game to the event, showcasing the dashing dark blue and black ensembles.


We all know that BGYO has mastered performing and traveling in style, but Gelo and Nate’s bold blue carpet affair wouldn’t be left behind. Rocking mixed textures, prints, and accessories, they captured the essence of the night. Their ability to seamlessly blend various elements of fashion, from fabrics to patterns, showcased their knack for pushing the boundaries and redefining style. This fearless approach to fashion continues to be a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Ena Mori

Ena Mori, an emerging talent, offered a fresh perspective to the event. Her experimental and all-denim style revealed her willingness to push the boundaries and explore new avenues in fashion, just as she does in her music career. It’s no wonder why she won best-dressed last night.

Zild Benitez

Another awardee for best-dressed, Zild Benitez made a strong statement that was as powerful as his artistry. Wearing an-all black jersey matched with sunglasses and a choker, he’s serving rockstar realness with that fierce face and personality.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, known for her personal style and aesthetic, was nothing short of lustrous last night. The actress killed it with a red, RAFA WORLDWIDE leather skirt and a black bodice off-shoulder. If Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera’s style had a baby, it would look like this rockstar affair.


While we’re thinking of leather jackets and fringes for the event, Jayda took it to the next level with a red gown, gracing the blue carpet with elegance and a contemporary edge. While it was a departure from the expected all-black affair, it served as a refreshing reminder that fashion is a canvas for self-expression. Who knew that the fusion of elegance and rockstar flair could be equally show stopping as edgy ensembles?

Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual made a splash with a sophisticated all-white ‘fit. The actor and singer-songwriter’s tailored suit, accompanied by subtle accessories, exuded elegance and charisma. Needless to say, Inigo demonstrated the power of classic style with a modern twist, symbolizing a fusion of sophistication and youthfulness.

Regine Velasquez – Alcacid

A true icon in the Philippine music industry, Regine Velasquez displayed her timeless grace through this maximalist gem—think fur sleeves, mismatched patterns, and a statement necklace. With this bold fashion choice, Asia’s Songbird not only reaffirmed her status as a music legend but also showcased her flair for pushing the boundaries of style and making a lasting impression in the world of fashion.

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6 Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Friends

It's giving best-dressed barkada.

Looking to roll up at a party as an ~extra~ barkada but don’t have the time for elaborate costumes? We got you. Check out these group Halloween costume ideas!

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Some of the best parts about celebrating Halloween the way we do includes dressing up and being with your friends. So when you dress up with your friends, whether to trick-or-treat (because who’s too old for that?) or have a party all by yourselves, or just to take some cute pics together, you can bet it’s going to be a great time. But we don’t always have the luxury of time or money for complex, detail-accurate costumes. Still, don’t fret! You can still whip up some costumes for you and your barkada.

The group Halloween costumes below include a lot of pop culture references—perfect for the Gen Z costume-wearer of today. No one’s dressing up basic these days! References and cosplays add a whole new layer of fun to costumes, so take your pick below!


group costume Ideas: barbie

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/ELLE

Bust out those outfits you wore to the Barbie movie and dress up as a group of Barbies (or Kens) in shades of pink, plenty of accessories, and a dash of glitter. Sure, so many people will be dressed as Barbies and Kens this Halloween, but who cares? If the entire event, the entire city, or the world looks like Barbieland for one night, we’re not complaining!


group costume Ideas: 2521


Strut your stuff down a street clad in classic 90’s throwback garb and you’ve got the makings of the characters from hit K-drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One. If you’re keen, and can scrounge up a couple of fencing outfits real quick, why not take it a step further by dressing up as Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim?


Alright, someone bring out the adult-sized diaper. If someone’s willing to round out the squad by dressing up as the diaper-clad Tommy Pickles, the group costume should be done quite quickly and easily. Dress up as Chuckie, Angelica, Phil & Lil, Susie, Spike, Kimi, and maybe even the adults for a fun, nostalgic night.


group costume Ideas: kpop


Channel your inner K-pop or P-pop idols by dressing up in colorful, matching, layered outfits that could be seen on your favorite idols! Go for fresh summer comeback themes or dark, edgy ones and coordinate your outfits. Grab some microphones, put on some chains, layer plenty of very extra accessories, and commit to the bit by giving your group a name and a hand symbol (like GOT7’s or ITZY’s) for a unique yet easy barkada look for Halloween.


The second Shazam! movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) may not have had the best reception, but there’s no denying that the franchisee introduced us to some epic characters in the form of the Shazamily, six kids that turn into superheroes upon uttering the word “Shazam!” The costumes may look complicated, but honestly? Dress monochromatically in their respective colors, grab some sheets and DIY the logo, arm bands, and belts with some gold foil and you’re good to go.


group costume Ideas: phineas and ferb gang

Similar to Rugrats, this group costume of Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford is pretty casual and simple as long as you keep the color schemes, but you have to add a little bit of effort to hair, accessories, and demeanor. You can even ask some more friends to dress up as Candace, Stacy, Jeremy, and Vanessa as they also have pretty simple outfits. We’re a long way from summer, but this group costume will get people to remember how to spell the word for the plastic tip of a shoelace.

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5 Size-Inclusive Local Brands That Offer Custom-Made Minimalist Casual Wear

Literally tailored for you.

Championing size inclusivity in fashion, these five Filipino-owned brands allow you to customize your clothing to ensure you have pieces that fit you well and will absolutely love.

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Have you ever seen a style peg or an outfit you badly want to emulate, but once you get the items, they fit strange on you? Tops are too cropped, pants fit at the waist but not at the hips, sleeves are too short—we could go on and on. Not to mention all the clothes in stores that are only offered in sizes far too small for most body types. Thankfully, as this generation pioneers a more inclusive and conscious movement in fashion, more options to build a more sustainable and beloved wardrobe are available.

Call it bespoke or custom-made—this kind of practice allows people to cut back on spending on items that don’t fit, that they won’t wear, or that they only “like.” If you love a piece and it’s comfortable and timeless, wouldn’t you wear it more frequently? You don’t need the same neutral top from 3 different brands, just get one that you know will fit your exact measurements, was made with care and quality, and will last a long time. Check out the size-inclusive local brands below where you can do exactly that!


From Cassy Legaspi to Bella Racelis, stars and influencers alike have been seen wearing Miu The Label—and with good reason! With a wide selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and more in both neutral and bold colors, Miu The Label creates handmade-to-order pieces that you could reach for whenever you want to feel simple and stylish.


Cariño the Brand makes classic, timeless linen clothing with upcycled fabrics and inclusive sizing. You can get their pieces altered or customized to your size altogether, or you could even get a quote for a completely new design.


Minimalist does not mean bland or neutrals. Stay comfortable in Yōbi’s handmade “sunsuits,” overalls catered to every body. Cozy, breathable linen is offered in combinations of bold contrasting colors and fully-customizable sizes, with tied straps and and an eye-catching simplicity.


Beyond Collective prides itself as “the ultimate destination for locally-handcrafted, eco-conscious, and accessible pieces.” A woman-founded label, Beyond Collective sells ethically-made, elegant, multi-way, and customizable clothes perfect for the versatile young woman of today. The label often does pop-up shops, so keep an eye out!


Sustainably made in Manila, Maude Street lets you pre-order their minimalist, feminine pieces in custom sizes. Owned by two friends who wanted to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, the brand creates with purpose and ethical practices. They’ll also have an outlet sale at a pop-up on October 28-29 in Quezon City if you want to check them out.

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This Mid- to Plus-Size Clothes Swap Event Is Tailored Towards Inclusivity and Sustainability

Yes to inclusive, sustainable fashion.

Size Matters: A Mid- To Plus-Sized Clothes Swap, held on October 14, is an event that aims to champion inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in fashion.

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One of the most prominent concerns regarding sustainable fashion is that of inclusivity and accessibility. Fast fashion is cheaper, easier to access, and often carry bigger sizing. How many of us have ever wanted a sustainable, upcycled garment only to find out the brand carries it only in one size and it costs an arm and a leg? Often, the notion is that sustainable fashion is only for the skinny and privileged. But it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of initiatives and brands that addresses these concerns, and plenty of other ways to promote sustainable fashion.

One such initiative is the upcoming Size Matters: A Mid- To Plus-Sized Clothes Swap event organized by a set of young women championing change from Basically Borrowed, a Manila-based content and community platform focused on fashion sustainability, Hi Smithy! Body Acceptance Community, Likhaan Creative Lab & Collective, and Fat Girl Glow Photo by Elora Picson.

The event will be held on October 14 from 1:00-6:00 PM at Spotlight Creatives Studio in Quezon City. You can sign up to participate here.


Size Matters is a clothing swap event tailored specifically for people in the mid- to plus-size sizing range who are looking to give their clothing new life or refresh their wardrobe in a sustainable way. Jessie Jiang, founder of Basically Borrowed, says that the goals of the event were to “present a fun and accessible way for mid- and plus-sized individuals to participate in sustainable fashion” and “create a safe space that fosters authentic and intimate connections.”

At Size Matters, once you’ve signed up and contributed clothing for the swap, you simply show up at Spotlight Creatives Studio on October 14 and browse for size-inclusive secondhand clothing you want to take home. The event has a P500 initial registration fee, but you can take home up to 8 pieces free of charge.

According to Likhaan founder Kaitlyn Roque, there will also be a “panel discussion about personal styling with mid- to plus-size people from different creative industries.” Moreover, there will be snacks from a Centre Place Café stall and a a camera confidence workshop hosted by Elora Picson, who champions body-positive and body-empowerment photography.

The event is a direct response to conversations Jiang had with people facing challenges concerning size inclusivity and access to sustainable fashion options. Basically Borrowed held a swap party earlier in the year, but the community clamored for more size inclusivity in such initiatives. Size Matters is, more than just a unique “shopping” experience, essentially a gathering of people who love and advocate for body- and size-inclusive and sustainable fashion.


The organizers agree that unfortunately, sustainability and size-inclusivity don’t always go hand-in-hand. Sabina Yulo, founder of Hi Smithy!, says, “People are now looking for more sustainable options, but locally, mid- to plus-sizes are hard to come by.”

This is where secondhand clothes swaps come in. Besides being sustainable in that it can slow down and prolong the use of clothes that would have been discarded otherwise, as Roque says, it allows for people to easily find pieces that would fit them. Yulo adds that these days, “people are more empowered to find choices that actually fit, rather than changing their bodies to fit limited choices.”


A large part of inclusivity and sustainability efforts require participation, conversation, and community. Besides individuals making more intentional consumption choices, brands, communities, and organizations can come together to re-evaluate priorities and practices. The questions to ponder on: how can you, as a consumer, be more mindful with your purchases? How can you, as a brand, actually show that you care about your diverse set of consumers and the environment?

“There are genuine efforts, though, and the amount of that is growing—steadily and surely,” Roque remarks of the current state of fashion. “Secondhand clothes swap, albeit imperfect in how we can’t be sure of how the materials affect the environment, is a genuine way to practice sustainability.” Of course, there’s still a long way to go. Mindsets have to shift, processes and practices have to be re-examined, and difficult conversations need to be had if we want to move toward a more inclusive and sustainable state of fashion.

“To make sustainable fashion more inclusive, we need more community awareness and initiatives like the Size Matters clothes swap, but it’s also a major challenge for the entire fashion ecosystem,” Jiang notes. “We’d love to see more innovation in fabrics, design, and across the supply chain, more government support for the local fashion industry, more size-inclusive representation in media, to name a few!”

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These Celebs and Content Creators Were Head-Turners at BYS Fashion Week 2023


Nadine Lustre, Mimiyuuuh, James Reid, SB19, and more – we’re still not over the best-dressed celebs and content creators at BYS Fashion Week 2023.

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While some may look to the streets of Milan and Paris for the latest in style, the Filipino fashion scene is making its mark with our own models, runways, and artists. For its second edition, BYS Fashion Week showcased the biggest names in local fashion on its runways—plural.

Last weekend, celebrities and content creators gathered in celebration of Filipino fashion inspired by the multitude of a makeup palette. From larger-that-life statement details to scrap fabrics, we’re seeing the creations of Antonina, Ha.muRafa Worldwide, Neric BeltranCheetah Rivera, and Chris Nick here and there. Now, let’s look back to the best-dressed guests of BYS Fashion Week 2023.

Nadine Lustre

RAFA WORLDWIDE takes center stage with the debut of Hyperballad during BYS Fashion Week. With larger-than-life creations characterized by scrap materials and structured silhouettes, the final showstopper was a cherry dress worn by Nadine Lustre. Look closely, the beads were carefully crafted with recycled paper.


Mimiyuuuh walked the BYS Fashion Week runway back-to-back with Filipino fashion houses, RAFA WORLDWIDE and ḢA.MÜ. True to her style, the content creator took over Instagram with the caption ‘LIVING MY BELLA HADID DREAM kimmmmyyyyyyyy!‘ While donning one of the boldest looks from both collections with a fierce face, we couldn’t help but agree that she’s cooking Bella Hadid realness.

Marina Summers

Embodying elegance, Marina Summers wore a Chris Nick ensemble for BYS Fashion Week. With an all-black dress adorned with bows, the fan-favorite drag queen is serving sweet and sultry.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano had a proud sister moment while watching EJ Nacion open the show for Cheetah Rivera Studio. Well, that isn’t the only BYS Fashion Week moment we’re getting from the actress. Wearing an all-black jumper with thigh-high boots and a silver handbag, she’s definitely living in her star girl era, red hair included.


While performing at a runway show is a moment in itself, SB19 takes center stage with their Neric Beltran bespoke pieces. Drawing inspiration from the classic concept of ‘something blue,’ the Kings of P-Pop stepped onto the aisle, donning Beltran’s unconventional creations. Each ensemble is perfectly tailored to reflect their distinct personal styles; now, we’re obsessing over those larger-than-life bows, flat florals, and blooming bouquets. It’s a weird way to propose—but, yes.

Mika Salamanca

While the ‘little black dress’ has had its time in the spotlight over the years, Mika Salamanca is now giving white dresses their well-deserved moment. The content creator made appearances throughout the fashion weekend, but the standout fan-favorite is her Day 4 LWD look. Accessorized with pearls and a matching bow in her hair, we’re witnessing a different and stunning side of her personal style.

James Reid

Closing the rain and regret-themed show of ANTONINA, James Reid rolled down the runway in mesh, leather, and a pierced face. The Careless co-founder could add this event highlight to his long list of accomplishments. At this point, is there anything he can’t do?

Zoie Garcia

Whenever we think of fashion content creators, Zoie Garcia would always be on the list—and she proved just why with all these looks for BYS Fashion Week. If we could choose faves between a futuristic look and a babydoll dress, we’re going for this Sean Betco bandana top and patch skirt.

Justin Bangsil

If Britney Spears’ all-denim moment and Elle Fanning’s giant gold chain had a baby, it would look like Justin Bangsil’s bold choice for BYS Fashion Week. Wearing Mikael Edwardo, the content creator donned a larger-than-life denim chain with a matching denim tie top. If I only had one word to describe this? Iconic.

Cess Tan

The rundown of best-dressed personalities would be incomplete without Cess Tan. The content creator started the fashion weekend strong with a Mark Tamayo dress and pearl-embellished hair by Mark Rosales. This moment alone redefines mermaid realness.

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8 Chunky Loafers You Can Cop Right Now

For making statements—or loafing around.

Don’t resist the urge—check out a pair of the now-classic and stylish chunky loafers from any of these 8 brands and turn them into your best friend.

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Worn by our favorite blonde singer-songwriter, K-pop idols, and K-drama leads, chunky loafers are in style for their chic simplicity, ease of wear, and statement-making look. Classic loafers have been in style forever. They were initially designed for menswear, but in 2023, who really cares about who wears what kind of fashion? Exactly—no one should. Regardless, we’re all about the recent trend of chunky loafers on all kinds of people with all kinds of style. And while they seem like they’re clunky and heavy, chunky loafers could actually be very comfortable and versatile. You could just slip them on over your feet or over tall socks, and you’re instantly stylish.

You can find chunky loafers almost everywhere these days, but below are eight brands and stores that offer variations of the shoe that you can browse to find your perfect one. And let me tell you, when I found my perfect pair, I could not stop wearing them. So take the chance and get a new pair now—because we know you’ve been itching to.


CLN loafers

The CLN Cerus Chunky Loafers are perfect for school, the office, or a night out. The smooth edges of the rubber sole is a subtle change that makes this shoe distinct from other loafers. If you’re not into this smooth look, CLN also sells the Caelyn and Colombine loafers for you to choose from.


h&m loafers

Give off Taylor Swift in London vibes with these burgundy loafers with a gold chain detail. H&M’s chunky loafers offer that classic style in a deep, rich color that could make any outfit look a hundred times more expensive.


zara loafers

I don’t know why, but I feel like wearing these Zara fringed loafers would make you want to imitate a British accent immediately. The studs give an edgy, rocker vibe to the classic loafer silhouette, and would pair well with a leather jacket or a sleek all-black outfit.


london rag loafer

London Rag was able to seamlessly blend classic and modern in this heeled loafer design. The tassels, the white top detail, and the lug sole with a heel makes this shoe stand out while still giving a polished look. This shoe, along with plenty of other London Rag loafer options, is available on Zalora.


Talk about a shoe for everyone! Charles & Keith offers their Metallic Accent Chunky Platform Penny Loafers in a variety of colors, and they also have a wide range of loafer options of all heel heights and uppers.


aldo loafers

Nothing looks more classic than Aldo’s Bigplan Loafers. Minimalist and solid, this leather shoe is designed like a typical penny loafer, perfect for someone who’s just starting their collection. Also, did you know penny loafers are called so because the slot in the strap across the upper was used to hold pennies for payphones way back when? You learn something new everyday.


uniqlo loafers

Even Uniqlo joined in the trend! Their own shiny lug-soled Comfeel Touch Loafer is simple and sleek, perfectly on-brand with the comfort and minimalism the Japanese brand is well-known for.



Andanté is all about elegance, timeless pieces, and “classic leather footwear for a modern wardrobe.” Championing slow fashion, sustainability, quality, and fair trade, their shoes are handmade by artisans in Marikina. The Chunky Loafer in Cream is designed with long-lasting comfort and style in mind.

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