7 Highlights From BamBam’s AREA 52 Concert In Manila That Gave Big Filipino Energy

Shot puno!

Thai idol BamBam gave fans the experience of their lives at his first solo concert in Manila—earning honorary Filipino status along the way. Read on to find out why.

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Solo artist and GOT7 member BamBam is embarking on his first solo world tour AREA 52! His first stop outside of South Korea was Manila, where Double B doubled down on the fanservice and fun performances. He made sure he absorbed as much of Manila as Manila absorbed of him by immersing himself in the musical culture of the Philippines (he asked what surprise Filipino song to perform) and adopting Filipino slang, jokes, and phrases.

This has now become standard for each country, as the Thai artist also asked Malaysian fans which song they’d like for him to perform at his Kuala Lumpur show. BamBam is sweet for preparing a nice surprise for each stop, making sure each country’s culture and his fans are uniquely involved in the show. It’s giving Mr. Worldwide!

Ever since his early days in GOT7, BamBam has been dipping his toes in Filipino culture, singing Ronnie Liang’s Ngiti in concerts, and more recently, turning “shot puno!” into his trademark catchphrase. And after AREA 52 in Manila, he’s solidified his honorary Filipino status—here’s why!


BamBam and Sandara Park at AREA 52 concert


BamBam featured special guest, “pambansang krung-krung” Sandara Park, at AREA 52, performing alongside his close friend and labelmate. Did you know they also went to Gerry’s Grill together back in 2022? Dara, as an honorary Filipina darling herself, was the perfect guest to join BamBam, matching his funny, enthusiastic energy perfectly. Dara performed her new songs Festival and Dara Dara, as well as 2NE1 classic I Am The Best.


Filipino Ahgases do stay winning! Fans got BamBam to dance the SB19 global hit twice with Dara, after they also got him to sing Raining in Manila twice. More importantly, of course, they killed it.


After asking what surprise song he should perform at AREA 52, and getting a ton of responses, BamBam ultimately chose the Lola Amour hit Raining in Manila (and his favorite, Ngiti by Ronnie Liang). More than that, instead of just performing it at the concert, the singer also posted a full cover on his X account—and his pronunciation, accent, and vibe were on point! BamBam Batumbakal indeed.


The superstar also shared some cute social media interactions with Lola Amour on X after the band listened to BamBam’s cover. We’re slowly watching a friendship form, people! A friendship that could lead to a collab, if things fall into place. The artist also channeled a Filipino-style hugot in replying to the band. Who hurt you, BamBam?


@gail.ugc bambam is so funny 😭 his concert is just sooooo the best in manila 😭 #bambam #got7 #got7bambam #bambamgot7 #bambamarea52 #bambaminmanila #bambam1a #bambamxabyss #bambam_tour_area52 #bambamarea52tourmanila #kpopfyp #foryoupage #fypシ゚viral #hallyutalkph #hallyu ♬ original sound – eka Lifestyle and Kpop UGC

Seloso BamBam strikes again! The artist hilariously called out his fans for checking out his dancers instead of him, saying they should only pay attention to him. “You like my ate?” He said with no hesitation. Called out in English and Filipino! Don’t worry BamBam, plenty of eyes are just on you.


Unbeknownst to BamBam until after the show, Ronnie Liang himself attended the concert, showing his support for the idol. Clearly, he knows all about how Bam loves his song!


Still in glam, Double B ended his great night with a pint and his favorite catchphrase. Like with “skrrt skrrt,” he’s owning the use of “shot puno” and helping it become a global catchphrase. Hopefully the idol comes back sooner rather than later and checks off the next things off his Philippines checklist. If he doesn’t have one yet, we’ll make one for him. We’re waiting for that Lola Amour collab (and maybe a Poblacion pub crawl?)

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5 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN’s New Comeback Has Us Hyped For Their Upcoming Philippine Concert

Say the name!

SEVENTEEN’s new album Seventeenth Heaven is getting us way excited for new songs, new promo, and fun visuals, some of which we’ll get to hear and see at their upcoming FOLLOW concert in the Philippines!

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SEVENTEEN’s right here once again as the world-famous, record-breaking 13-member K-pop group announced a new album, a new comeback, and a new Asia tour with a stop in the Philippines all in one month! Their 11th mini album, titled Seventeenth Heaven, will drop on October 23, 2023 in all its bright, funky, amazingly SEVENTEEN glory. Get ready for a month of teasers, promo, and killer visuals with the comeback calendar below! And no doubt, the album will feature new songs that they’ll perform at their biggest, grandest, most iconic tour yet: the FOLLOW To Asia tour, with stops in Bangkok, Bulacan, and Macao!

Seventeen follow to asia tour poster


Seventeen seventeenth heaven comeback scheduler


As their fandom CARATs marveled at the promise of the new comeback, the buzz of their much-anticipated concert grew louder and more intense. After three successful Philippine shows last year at their Be The Sun concerts in October and December, the supergroup is coming back big with their Philippine show at the Philippine Sports Stadium on January 13, 2024. Before then, though, here are some reasons why their new album is garnering so much hype around it and the upcoming concert!


Seventeenth heaven main album concept photo


The promos for Seventeenth Heaven are bright, fun, and colorful, a different creative direction set apart from their previews albums such as FML and Face the Sun. It signals, perhaps, the comeback of “freshteen,” a fun, fresh, and upbeat branding they’ve been known to have. Regardless of the type of music or aesthetic the new album will have, and given that SEVENTEEN has excelled in the different genres they’ve explored, we predict that it’s going to be a banger in all aspects.


The band already embarked on their new FOLLOW tour before the announcement of their 11th mini album, so we mostly know what the setlist is going to be at FOLLOW in Bulacan. The setlist echoes that of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour’s as it included a mix of songs from all of their past eras and albums, such as Pinwheel from their 2017 album Teen, Age and their 2015 debut song Adore U. Now, with Seventeenth Heaven giving us a handful of new tracks, we can’t wait to see how the setlist changes with a new title track and b-sides!


Who doesn’t love the little trinkets that come with K-Pop albums? Whether you’re excited about the usual inclusions like the photobook, photocards, stickers, posters, or the CD itself, or whatever idol groups cook up to include in their albums like bookmarks or keychains, album inclusions are a staple in the K-pop experience. This time, the members are giving CARATs another art project like the weaving kit in their Semicolon album in the form of a “paper art kit.”


Seventeenth heaven album versions

If you’re a CARAT, you might find something familiar about the names of each Seventeenth Heaven album version. That’s right—they’re dates that mean something to the band, their fandom, and the album. 5/26 is SEVENTEEN’s debut date, May 26. 2/14, February 14, is CARATs’ “birthday,” the day they were given their fandom name. 10/23 is the release date of the album. It drops on 10/23/2023. What do you get when you add those digits together? 1+0+2+3+2+0+2+3 = 13, the number of members in the group. Intentional or not, that’s some Taylor Swift levels of easter eggs.


Given the album art, the festival wristband teaser and album inclusion, and the copious amount of spoilers about “festivals” during the band’s FOLLOW concert in Seoul, Seventeenth Heaven seems like it’s going to channel big party vibes, outdoor music celebrations, and endless fun. With FOLLOW in Bulacan being held at the Philippine Sports Stadium, it’s sure to be a blast—rain or shine. 17-hour long Aju Nice encore anyone?

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8 Highlights from ATEEZ’s The Fellowship: Break The Wall Concert In Manila

Big moments at the Big Dome.

K-Pop powerhouse ATEEZ came back to the Philippines for the finale show of their The Fellowship: Break The Wall world tour and shared some funny, heartwarming, and incredible moments with their Filipino ATINYs!

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When 8-member K-Pop boy group ATEEZ first performed here in the Philippines last year, they brought the house down. As a headliner for the 2022 K-Pop Masterz Ep. 2, ATEEZ brought their signature intensity to the stage and made it impossible not to want them back. And come back they did—in a huge way! Last September 16th, at their The Fellowship: Break The Wall concert, the band all but tore down the walls of Araneta Coliseum in an epic celebration of their first solo concert in the Philippines. The trends even included the epic hashtag #ATEEZBreaksTheBigDome!

The concert was the finale show of their third world tour, as they traveled all over the globe performing and making memories with their fans. From endless laughter to idol-audience interaction, Break the Wall in Manila was something special as Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, and Wooyoung (member Jongho was unable to make it due to an injury) exhibited their performance prowess and strengthened their bond with Filipino ATINYs at their first solo show, showing all of us that 8 (and thousands of loving fans) truly makes 1 team. Here are some highlights from the night.


When Filipino ATINYs sang their hearts out to Say My Name even before the concert started, that’s when everyone knew how hyped the show was going to be. And no one disappointed—ATEEZ and their fans matched energies as they performed a diverse roster of songs. Their setlist included the high-powered and anthemic Answer, fun and catchy Wave, and the emotional ballad Mist. No doubt, they proved to everyone exactly why they’re renowned performance kings.


The likes of NCT’s Taeyong, SHINEE’s Minho, and Lapillus’ Bessie and Haeun have done the Bouncy TikTok challenge, but Filipino ATINYs ate as they moved like a flash mob, synced up to perform the dance challenge as ATEEZ cheered them on.


Maknae and vocal powerhouse Jongho was unable to attend due to a leg injury, but ATEEZ and ATINYs offered their unbridled support for the singer, as seen in the loud cheers and singing of his parts during their opener HALA HALA. Get well soon, Jongho!


Honestly, what’s a boy group without all of their hilarious dogshow moments? The boys are no stranger to playful teasing and rousing laughter. When Wooyoung had a little slip-up during a quick ment during their performance of The Real, leader Hongjoong (mistakenly written in the original post as Mingi) teased him about it seconds after, and even after the show long ended.


Many a K-Pop fan has dreamt of their idol taking their phone and filming themselves with it during a concert, so we can only imagine how this fan felt when Yeosang in all his glowing glory took their phone and filmed himself blowing a kiss. That ATINY’s life has forever been blessed!


In an adorable mistake, the members took away “namin kayo” from “mahal namin kayo” and cheered it back to their fans as an expression of love. No one correct them, please. “I love you” in the ATEEZ and ATINY community is “namin kayo” now!


Sunrise is a beautiful, slower song by ATEEZ that encourages people to just keep it up—to keep going no matter what anybody thinks or says. With Seonghwa acknowledging that he almost cried during the performance, its heartfelt lyrics, and joined by ATINYs singing along, it’s clear that Sunrise made for a special moment between band and fans.


Member San has mentioned before that he went to Cebu with his father when he was younger, and while he’s forgotten that visit, he’s glad to have made new memories in the Philippines with his beloved ATINYs. Fingers crossed he and ATEEZ get to make many more in the future!

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Filipino Fans Proved That We Have the Best Concert Crowds During Kodaline’s Return to Manila

It was a moment, to say the least.

Here’s the thing about Filipino concert crowds, artists don’t serenade us—we sing to them.

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No matter how old or young you may be, Kodaline won’t just ring a bell—they’ll tug at your heartstrings, even if you’re just hearing them on the radio for the first time. If you allow their music in, it could heal a broken heart. Imagine hearing them serenade you live?

Since Wanderland 2018, it’s been five years since Kodaline’s last visit to Manila. The palpable excitement for their comeback was clear in the sold-out, jam-packed Filinvest Tent. And just when I thought Kodaline would be serenading the crowd, we were the ones singing to the band—and Kodaline loved it. In case you’re feeling FOMO, here’s what went down. These were the moments when Filipino fans proved that we have the best concert crowds during Kodaline’s return to Manila.

Ten Seconds and We Were Already Wildin’

It only took ten seconds to understand why we boast one of the best concert crowds. Last night, as Kodaline stepped onto the stage, the crowd went wild. The tent erupted into a symphony of chants and screams that could be heard from miles away. It wasn’t just about giving them a warm welcome, but the fact that they also opened the night with a fan fave, Wherever You Are.

Ocean of Lights

A beautiful sight to behold, every Filipino concert crowd transforms into an ocean of lights during slow songs, and last night was no exception. As Kodaline began singing The One, there was no need to ask – every phone was swaying, creating a breathtaking sea of lights. This moment perfectly encapsulates the emotional connection between Filipino fans and artists.

“Manila, That’s Beautiful”

One of the most heartwarming moments for Filipino concert crowds is when artists openly express admiration. Over the years, performers have paused mid-performance to listen to the passionate voices of Filipino fans, never hesitating to compliment our singing skills. Last night, during High Hopes, Kodaline paused to say, “Manila, that’s some beautiful singing.” Well, it’s been a day and I’m definitely still kilig.

The Best Crowd

Kodaline complimented the crowd not once, but twice. As the night drew to a close, Steve said, “You guys are one of the best crowds we’ve ever played for.” I’ve been to a couple of concerts over the years, and this was one of the most genuine compliments I’ve ever heard. I’ve never been prouder to be part of something.

No Words, Just High Hopes (and Encore)

Kodaline had originally planned to wrap with Love Will Set You Free, but the Filipino fans had one specific song in mind—All I Want. As everyone passionately sang the entire song acapella, the band couldn’t resist the heartfelt request and graciously granted it. This moment is a testament to the undeniable energy and unconditional love that fans bring to every concert. It’s no wonder why every artist and collective falls head over heels for our concert crowds.

Surprise! They Have A Message for Every Filipino Fan

Before their concert, we had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to chat with Vinny May, the drummer of Kodaline. As it turns out, they’re not just looking forward to eating Filipino food—they have a message for fans as well. “Thank you so much for all the support. The Philippines has always been one of the most welcoming places. The people are great, the food is great, and the weather is always nice. We’re grateful that you’re allowing us to perform here over the years. It’s incredible being back. I hope you guys have as much fun as we do,” he shared.

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How To Get Early Access To K-Pop Concert Tickets Using Weverse

It's worth it.

Did you know that K-Pop artists on Weverse often offer a membership that can help you get early access to their concert tickets if they have fan club presales? Here’s how you can get ahead and secure those seats!

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With concerts and music festivals back in full force, the clamor for seats, tickets, and chances to see their favorite artists rock the stage live has never been hotter. But with the desire of many to watch their faves live also comes the pressure and competition to secure tickets. Just look at how hard it can get to buy tickets to K-pop concerts. But luckily, there are ways to make the process easier. When HYBE introduced community platform Weverse in 2019, and added not just the artists managed by its subsidiaries like BTS and SEVENTEEN, but also other Korean and international artists, they were able to change the game of communicating with stars as well as buying concert tickets.

Weverse logo banner

ICYDK, being a paying member of an artist’s Weverse community gives you access to early ticket pre-sales and a better chance to secure tickets for a concert. Here’s how to do it!


It’s free to sign up for a Weverse account and join the community of your favorite artists, but there’s also a paid “fan club” membership tier where artists can post content (posts, media, etc.) exclusive to those who paid for the membership.

BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, TXT, and more have utilized the paid subscription to give fan club members early access to concert tickets. This means concert organizers and ticket outlets release a certain amount of tickets that can only be bought online if people have a registered membership number.


Join Weverse membership screenshot

While a Weverse membership doesn’t guarantee a ticket, you’ll still be among the first to the sale. You will be competing with less people for the tickets, and you’ll have the entire seat plan available to choose from. It’s a great benefit to have for a membership that costs more or less P1000. Interested? Follow the steps below!


1. Sign up for Weverse and SM Tickets accounts.

You’ll need your email to sign up for a Weverse account on the website or the app (iOS, Google Play), as well as on SM Tickets (the ticketing outlet that usually offers and honors Weverse fan club presales here in the Philippines). On Weverse, join the community you want, then use your Weverse account to also log into the Weverse shop, which can also be downloaded as an app. You may also need to have an account on the concert organizer’s website since they may ask you to access the website for the presale link.

2. Purchase a Weverse membership in your idols’ respective community.

On Weverse shop, you can select English as the language. On the main menu, select the artist and their “GLOBAL” shop. Not all artists have memberships, so make sure you read your concert organizer’s instructions carefully. If the artist will have a fan club presale, select “Membership” under “Products” and choose the [Fandom] Membership listing. Read the Weverse instructions carefully. Buying it means paying a one-time payment for one year of membership.

Upon checkout, fill out the necessary details and choose your payment method. If you choose Eximbay, you can pay through GCash. Here’s a trick: set your Weverse shop currency to Japanese Yen. The membership will cost way less than if you bought it in US dollars and a little less than if you bought it in Korean won.

Eximbay payment checkout screenshot

Once paid and confirmed, save your membership number. A membership number is usually 11 characters with the first two characters being letters and the rest numbers (XX000000000). The whole thing serves as your code for the presale. It helps to make a shortcut for it.

3. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to register your membership.

Sample presale registration confirmation for SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun Concert in Bulacan in 2022

Sample presale registration confirmation for SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Concert in Bulacan in 2022

Artists and organizers will have a registration period separate from the presale. This is usually a period of a few days where you will use your Weverse account to confirm registration for the ticketing presale. The artist and organizer will announce and post the link for registration on Weverse when it starts. If you have a Weverse membership but did not register for the presale, your membership number will not be honored during the presale.

4. Take note of when the Weverse presale is happening.

The Weverse fan/fanclub presale often happens a day or two earlier than the general sale of tickets. It’s the same process online as the general sale.

5. During ticketing, make sure your SM Ticket account details, payment method details, and Weverse membership details are locked and loaded.

There are instances where SM Tickets will log you out initially when you enter the site. Make sure your log in details are onhand (make a shortcut for them, too!). Once you’re logged in, select your concert day (if applicable) and seats. Once you click “ADD,” SM Tickets will ask for your code (the Weverse membership number with no spaces and no dashes). Proceed with checking out your tickets.


  • A Weverse membership does not guarantee a ticket.
  • There’s a limit to how many tickets you can buy (usually 2) per Weverse membership code.
  • Stay updated on the concert organizer’s socials—they’ll post FAQs and respond to queries.
  • You can transfer ownership of the code. For SEVENTEEN’s Be the Sun concert encore in Bulacan, fans were lending their membership numbers to their friends or people who were willing to pay for it. You only need the number.
  • There are more benefits to a membership that just presale benefits, so make the most of it!

Good luck and may you secure those tickets!

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Meet The Talented Performers For The Return Of Linya-Linya Land 2023

See you there.

If you’re looking for another reason to purchase those tickets, we’re introducing the most sought-after artists from the local scene who will be performing at Linya-Linya Land 2023.

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The stage is set for the much-awaited return of Linya-Linya Land. On Saturday, they’re taking puns to a celebration of music and culture with a larger lineup. While Linya-Linya Land has been rocking with their sick lineup of artists, this year is seriously breaking the record. Ready for the scoop? This time around, they’re bringing out the biggest names in art and stand-up comedy as well. As the countdown begins, it’s time to introduce the talented performers who will be gracing the stage at Linya-Linya Land 2023.


Back in the early 2010s, when Filipino pop-rock bands were blowing up the scene, Autotelic stepped up as a total front-runner in the local landscape. Fast forward to 2023, Autotelic’s music still hits home. I mean, I’m still singing along to Takipsilim, Laguyin, and Laro after all those gigs I’ve been to in college.


After Hakbang, Kapit, and Accidents, who isn’t a fan of Cheats? What started as a collective of couch potatoes, their music is now making people dance all night—then cry on the ride home.

Ebe Dancel

With critically acclaimed albums, sold-out concerts, and chart-topping tracks in his pocket, Ebe Dancel is one of the top names in OPM. ICYDK, he is the voice behind Burnout, Mariposa, and Prom. I remember crying on the walk home from UP Fair because of Ebe Dancel. Yes, his music will trigger those feels. That said, my heart isn’t ready for Saturday.

Johnoy Danao

Johnoy Danao – with the acoustic guitar and vocals that alternately soar and sigh – is mostly known for the type of music you would play on a Sunday afternoon with the love of your life. Yes, I’m all about Ikaw at Ako. I’m crossing my fingers that this song, along with Buntong Hiniga, is part of his setlist.

Nica del Rosario

As a Kakampink, I’m looking forward to hearing the powerful voice behind Rosas. While songwriter Nica del Rosario’s collaboration with Leni Robredo’s 2022 presidential campaign propelled her into singing stardom, she was already an icon in the industry with her stable of hits she’s written for other artists, such as Sarah Geronimo’s Tala. Will she perform that too? I mean, she should.

Comedy and Art

Saturday’s lineup is lit with not just a bunch of side-splitting standup comedians like Victor Anastacio, Nonong Ballinan, GB Labrador, and James Caraan, but also bringing the heat are the big shots in the Philippine art scene – Manix Abrera, Rob Cham, and Pol Medina. At this point, Linya-Linya Land has everything covered. So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare yourself for an amazing Saturday with Linya-Linya.

Tickets are available online at PHP 900 for Early Bird Regular (raffle stub and general admission) and PHP 1,700 for Early Bird VIP (general admission, raffle stub, swag bag, and limited-edition poster). Yes, walk-ins are welcome. See you there?

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I Went To The Maroon 5 Concert And It Healed My Inner Child

And the memories bring back, memories bring back you.

On the Philippine leg of their 2022 World Tour, Maroon 5 celebrates their 20th anniversary with a night of music and nostalgia.

There’s just something about music of your youth that takes you on a journey back in time. Whether it’s about a certain situation or a person, I could always find a song to match what I am/was feeling at a certain period of my life. For as long as I could remember, music was a gateway to my memories, and my self-made playlists were a photo album that I can look through depending on my mood. 

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Maroon 5 was one of the bands that I listened to during my elementary and high school days— back when printing off lyrics organized in clear books, and singing to music and lyric videos were my form of entertainment. Fans all over the world can relate when I say that Maroon 5 has a song for any scenario, which is why their music reached different parts of the globe. And after three years, Adam Levine and his crew came back to serenade us all on their world tour. 

Last December 9, 2022, Maroon 5 gave a performance at the Mall of Asia Arena that took me on a trip back to memory lane.


@smh070707 MAROON 5 LIVE IN MANILA 2022 INTRO #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #moveslikejagger ♬ original sound – smh0707

Starting off strong was an intense introduction of Moves Like Jagger where you can feel the beat course through your body like a ticking time bomb. It was a visual and auditory feast for the fans, even I felt goosebumps. 


Adam Levine Guitar Solo Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Aside from his good looks and wild vocal range, Adam Levine’s got the talent for guitar solos, too. Performing their second song This Love, the frontman himself took the stage with his black electric guitar, showing off his musicality while everyone watches him in awe. 

@yuminho69 #Maroon5 #Maroon5WorldToud2022 #adamlevine #thislove #maroonfive #maroon5worldtour2022th ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Yu Min Ho

A band known for diverse sound, Maroon 5 showcased their eras of experimenting with music through their setlist. Somehow, it all balanced out; from a rock and roll number and danceable pop hits to a sentimental and chill acoustic act, it was a concert dedicated to all fans, young and old. 


After a set of jumping and dancing to their pop hits such as One More Night, Animals, Love Somebody, among many others, the band prepped for their acoustic act, and Adam Levine had to show his appreciation to all his Filipino fans. “There are many reasons, but the number one reason we like to come here is because we know how much you guys love to sing,” the lead vocalist revealed. 

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

“Just so you know, this is a special place [the Philippines] for us because we know every time we come here, first of all, crowds seem to get bigger and bigger. You guys love to be in it with us. You guys sing louder. You guys sing louder than anyone else in the world!” The crowd went wild as lead guitarist and backup vocalist James Valentine and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmicheal both nodded their heads and agreed with Adam’s speech.

@smh070707 NOSTALGIC 😭 SULIT TICKET MAROON 5 #maroon5inmanila2022 #maroon5concert #payphone #payphonemaroon5 #concertmanila #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – smh0707

Fans felt teary eyed while emotions filled the concert arena. “I’m telling you, from me and the rest of us, we love you!” shouted Adam, and as the crowd returned the love, the band proceeded to perform an acoustic version of a Maroon 5 classic: Payphone


Lights flashed in red as the band performed Girls Like You, with female rapper Cardi B projected on the screen serving as the backing track during the performance. After the song, fans thought the concert was over as the lights shut off and Maroon 5 left the stage. Little did we know that the band had something bigger and brighter in store for us, as they ran back on stage to sing Daylight. 


Following the encore, Maroon 5 performed big hits like Memories and Lost Stars, followed by everyone’s favorite, an acoustic version of She Will Be Loved. The crowd looked left and right, spotting fans singing to their partners in embrace. 

@pinkfebruary94 #maroon5 #worldtour2022 #maroon5worldtour2022 #maroon5challenge #adamlavigne #shewillbelovedmaroon5 ♬ original sound – February

The band started strong and ended strong too. To close the nostalgia-filled night, Adam Levine sang Sugar at the top of his lungs and gave a performance of a lifetime. We were all praying that their set would last longer, but like all good things, it must come to an end.

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Hearing them perform the songs I used to listen to when I was younger healed my inner child, and I’m sure in some ways, it healed everyone else’s too. While the two hours flew by like a speed of light, indeed, their concert was definitely a night to remember.

Photography and art direction by Kenneth Dimaano

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