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If You Like To Listen In On Conversations, Press Play On These Filipino Podcasts

This time, we’re finally listening.

From the incessant demands of well-meaning friends, we finally relent to the gospel of podcasts with these proudly Filipino selections for your listening pleasure.


“You should listen to this podcast.”

“I’ve stumbled on this podcast—it’s amazing.”

“Why aren’t you listening to my podcast suggestions?”

And so goes the usual dramatic litany of a friend who is really into his podcasts. Listen, it’s not as if I am actively avoiding podcasts, but I figured, with everything there is still to consume and plug into, the rather straightforward and no-fuss premise of the purely audible experience sounded a little bit disconnected to me. Preferring something more tactile and visceral, this is also the same reason why I cannot seem to get into the convenience of audio books. (Relax your brows, people. I have tried it several times and it just isn’t the same as the religious experience of cracking open a spine of a new book and flipping each page devouring each word printed in ink.)

This doesn’t mean I detest it by any means, because after all, I am just like most of you—permanently in my bubble with earphones practically part of my body. Whether it’s new music on Spotify, a Netflix series, or an autoplay of late night interview clips on YouTube, it would usually just run in the background as I go about my day. Along with 85% of Filipinos in 2020, tuning in was and still is a way to cope with the meandering day-to-day that swings from mundane to manic at a whim. So, before running out of things to entertain myself with, I’ve slowly accustomed myself to the ease and entertainment of listening to podcasts.

What’s So Special About The Podcast?

In detail, a podcast is a series of episodic conversations rendered as audio files that populate the internet. With topics that run the gamut from relationships, pop culture, economics, politics, and sex among others, this access to easy listening is one that informs through osmosis of discussion. Much like a function of eavesdropping, except one that is excused, these podcasts are meant to enhance and engage dialogue to further enrich our points-of-view. Yes, it is the sound of pure pleasure, but it also leans toward productivity because since it is audio-based, you can juggle tasks while listening to a podcast of your choosing.

Blazing through your daily deliverables as you work from home? Press play on a podcast. Working out a sweat session to induce endorphins? Press play on a podcast. Checking out chores and errands on your to-do list? Press play on a podcast. Going about your business on your white ceramic throne in the tiled room? Press play on a podcast. Drowning out racing thoughts as you lull yourself to sleep? Press play on a podcast. With this alternative listening experience, the possibilities are endless, really.

Sans the bells and whistles of a pristinely and precisely produced offshoot of amusement, there’s a lot of thrill to take from podcasts. Taking you far off places and with topics that are truly diverse and unique, it truly is worth your while for at a few minutes to full on hours of chit chat. Filling in the gaps of your day or fractions of silence, it doesn’t require the most gleaming of creations, too. All you need is a compelling subject of conversation, a command of the language, and the authenticity to keep things going, and you’re good to go.

Filipino Made Podcasts

In fact, in the Philippines, there is a growing community of podcasts with dedicated Filipino creators expanding the discussion on the local sound stage. From independent minds to studio collectives, there is a lot to discover on whatever platform you subscribe to for streaming. Offering fresh title to obsess over, the first ever Filipino Spotify Original Podcasts was launched recently. From gaming, wellness, and queen things, this slate of Filipino-made shows will navigate everything that we should know of and understand in our lives today.

Joining the ranks of Michelle Obama and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seven distinctly homegrown Filipino figures that are set to dominate this permutation of internet radio. Say goodbye to long-drawn out silences or unnecessary noise by tuning into the selection of Filipino Spotify Original Podcasts such as Between Us Queens (Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, and Carla Lizardo), Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na? (Donnalyn Bartolome), The Raid With Alodia & Ashley (Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao), Superhuman (Wil Dasovich), Huwag ‘Tong Makakalabas (Juan Miguel Severo), Payaman Insider (Junnieboy, RogerRaker, Peachy Twice, and Boss Tryke), and Growing Up With Ben And Kris (Benedict Cua and Kristian Somera).

With a whole lot to choose from, the dull and dreary in-between will well be a thing of the past. And one that is decidedly and distinctly made for the Filipino audience? Finally, we can relate a whole lot more and perhaps make the local culture of Filipino podcasts a pop cultural zeitgeist as it has done so across the pond.

Just Listen

As a convert of this school of substantive and often subversive sound, I understand now why my friend was stubbornly unyielding with the gospel of podcasts. A whole world in itself, it is quite the adventure to hop from show to show, getting my fair share of information and inspiration. Besides, whether we like to admit it or not, we like to listen in on things that are beyond our scope. (Or in Filipino, chismis.) So, it works well, because this time, there is a purpose to the pursuit.

Sure, we’ve always heard of it, popping in conversations from time to time. But this time, with a more compelling Filipino slant, we can finally listen.

Now, while you’re here, you might want to give these other Filipino podcasts a spin in your spare time. Trust us, you will want to give these topical titles a go:

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