How Philippine Concerts Became Everyone’s Go-To Source For Concerts In The Country

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More than just an updates account, Philippine Concerts is all about showing love to the live music scene and is run by a passionate team of music lovers. 

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It’s no secret that Filipinos love a good concert. It’s a natural extension of the country’s love for music. Every week, a concert is happening somewhere in this country, whether it be from a K-pop group, an international star, or a gig by local bands and acts. Concerts were, are, and will continue to be part of the music experience. And when it comes to concerts, many fans will most likely be familiar with the near-mythical updates account that is Philippine Concerts.

Their signature icon of a hand holding up a mic has become a familiar presence to many fans looking for that next gig to watch. But what’s even more impressive about the success of Philippine Concerts is that the team who runs it turned a passion into a full-time career, a true definition of doing what you love.


As their name suggests, Philippine Concerts is the place for updates on all things concerts in the country. “We act as a calendar and centralized source of information for live entertainment events occurring throughout the Philippines, featuring both foreign and local performers,” shares the team behind Philippine Concerts in an interview with NYLON Manila. Whether it be on their website or social media pages, Philippine Concerts gives fans all the details on local concerts, fan meetings, and live performances. “We like to think that throughout the years, we have evolved into the public’s go-to information source, a valuable partner for concert promoters and organizers in the promotion of their concerts, and a component of people’s daily social media experience.”

It was over a decade ago, 2010 to be precise, that Philippine Concerts first began. And the birth of the online publication was driven by, above all, their team’s love of music. “Our team members are ardent music fans that enjoy attending concerts. We want to share our enthusiasm and love through an accessible platform that will allow us to interact with others who share our passion.” So, what is it exactly that they love about concerts? “The moment — the feeling of being there, breathing the same air as the artist you admire the most, singing your lungs out, being carefree, totally letting loose, and belting in and out of a tune. It’s the best feeling ever!”

From seeing your faves live to the diverse group of people coming together for a common love, it’s a feeling few events can replicate. “One of our favorite parts of every event is when fans join together to sing and raise their hands or lightsticks – those actions of unity. It is lovely and heartwarming. You experience a different kind of escape and feel so vibrant. But even though everyone was there, everyone’s memories and experiences were unique. It’s remarkable how one event may trigger various memories in many people. So you get to see it from many perspectives.”


While Philippine Concerts has made its bread and butter by updating fans on newly announced concerts, what they do goes beyond that. Given how diverse the live entertainment industry is, there’s no set schedule for the team. “Due to promotions and event announcements, it can become hectic. We can be rushing to meet deadlines while producing content to assist various events’ promotional efforts. We don’t really settle into a set [number] of hours.”

But what is set for them is covering most, if not all, live events in the country. “We also take fan feedback and current trends into account. It is determined by what individuals engage with the most. We make an effort to be a fact-based community that double-checks information, and since we are fans too, we aim to show compassion in every post. We are conscious that there have been mistakes and that we need to do better. Part of our [day-to-day] is making every effort to help the industry and the public through relevant information on these topics.”

While at least one concert, fanmeet, or festival lands on the country’s shores, there was a time not too long ago when concerts were about to become an endangered species. The pandemic fundamentally changed the concert-going experience. But for Philippine Concerts, the concert experience has always been changing well before the pandemic arrived. Back when they first began in 2010, concerts were a dime a dozen in the country. Now, it’s a frequent event, one that people are more willing to spend for.

“The pandemic made us aware that, despite the current frequency of concerts, there is always a chance that the world will once again come to a standstill. People used to be conservative about the shows they wanted to watch before the pandemic, but now everyone is living the “you only live once” mentality – never knowing when “next time” might be, we can’t afford to wait for it.”

While attending concerts is just a regular weekend for Philippine Concerts, they know that going to a concert is a big moment for many people. It’s an event that lasts well beyond the two or so hour set. “For many concertgoers, attending a concert has become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is now so much preparation involved. There are fan initiatives, cup sleeve events, and so on. Fans have taken an active role in the concert experience. They play a crucial role in the event’s success and offer a unique concert experience for both the performer and the other attendees.”


Philippine Concerts isn’t the only local publication or account that updates netizens on the latest goings-on in the local live entertainment industry. But they are one of the biggest and arguably one of the most trusted. Need to know what’s on the calendar, what’s happening at a concert, or a review of how a concert went? Philippine Concerts is usually at the top of the list of sources. Over their years of operation, they have built a familiarity and brand recognition that has garnered Philippine Concerts over a million followers on Facebook alone.

Their growth and position in the industry is a development they didn’t see coming. “We are consistently astounded and continue to be pleasantly appreciative by the degree of site engagement we witness every day. It did not happen overnight, either, but we are pleased to be constantly growing. Additionally, we are appreciative of the value that people place on our work and thankful that we are recognized as the go-to update account to follow.”

They credit their activeness and longevity in the industry as the main reason why Philippine Concerts is what it is today. “We think it’s because we have been present. For more than a decade now, we have become part of the public’s concert experience as we are there from the announcement to the event itself, and even after.”

Naturally, being as big as they are, the team understands the impact they have and the pressure that comes with that. And while they have made some mistakes and errors along the way, they also make sure to put in the work to better themselves. “We’ve grown more aware of people’s comments on our postings and strive to take them as helpful criticism. As a result, we must exercise caution in what we put out because people are watching us. We are not a flawless media outlet. We do make mistakes. We make an effort to consider every post from the perspectives of our viewers, our partners, and the broader public.”


It is often said that Filipinos are some of the best fans in the world, especially when it comes to music. Viral videos and artists’ confessions have reinforced how a Filipino crowd at a concert is a top-tier one. It’s this aspect of the local concert scene that the team holds in a special place in their heart. “A crowd shot is among our favorite subjects to photograph. Seeing them illuminate the venue, hearing them sing the song, and sensing their genuine enjoyment of the performance bring fantastic and heartwarming feelings. The audience in the Philippines is unlike any other. We completely agree with artists when they say Manila has the best crowd.”

But given how the team has been doing this for 13 years and counting, they’ve seen the unsavory side of the local concert scene. While they acknowledge the positive strides the local industry has gone through over the years, it can still be improved. “More support must be given to local artists so they can perform solo shows at larger venues. The vast majority of the acts playing in the top venues in the nation right now, based on the events we have going on, are from abroad. Therefore, we anticipate seeing more regional artists filling larger concert halls. We anticipate soon witnessing history being made by our very own performers since no local musician has yet to hold a solo concert at the Philippine Arena.”

They add, “[W]e must undoubtedly upgrade concert venues to enhance the whole performance experience. This may be done by ensuring that these locations are easier to access and that the facilities are better. Furthermore, we need to improve the ticketing experience. Many fans are concerned about the selling of tickets because of website glitches, the presence of scalpers, and other factors.” And, of course, concert etiquette should always remain a top priority.


Love and passion are central pillars that guide the music industry, both for artists and their fans. It’s these pillars that also motivate Philippine concerts to do what they do. In 2010, they came together and turned a shared passion and hobby into not only a livelihood but also a useful tool for many Filipinos. From frequent updates to the content on their website, Philippine Concerts hopes to positively impact the growth and discourse on concert-going in the Philippines.

“We want to be a source of reliable information that will help others to form informed opinions. We want that what we put out on our pages and website will help trace or contribute to the writing of the history of the Philippine music scene/ concert scene. We are still learning. We are trying to be what we hope for, and we do hope that is also in line with the expectations we have of ourselves and the expectations of others, especially those who trusted us as a source of information and an avenue for the live event community to form discussions.”

Finally, for those looking to attend a concert, festival, or fanmeet in the future, these concert veterans shared a few key tips to make for the best kind of experience. First, be considerate of other people. “Concerts are shared experiences. Your fellow concertgoer also paid to attend that event. Enjoy the show without negatively affecting others’ concertgoing experiences.” Second, enjoy the concert how you want, as long as it’s not against the rules. “Different people enjoy and live experiences in different ways. Enjoy the concert any way you want, as long as you don’t ruin it for anyone else.” Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself. “Always put your health and safety first. There is no concert worth risking your life for.”

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