Expect A Year-Long Celebration of Komiks And Art With Komiket 2024

Art lovers rise.

Get your fill of art, komiks, stickers, and even friendships at Komiket 2024, one of the most anticipated art celebrations in the nation!

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Looking to expand your sticker and art prints collection or meet your favorite Filipino artists? Well, you have plenty of chances, what with art fairs growing more and more popular as of late. From booths at conventions to events dedicated to having local artists showcase and sell their art, local art and artists are having their time—and love and support for local art and artists are growing exponentially. One of such events is Komiket, a series of events organized by its namesake non-profit organization.

This 2023, Komiket isn’t even done yet, what with its always-stacked lineup of events. But the organization has recently released its 2024 calendar, where one can see that the komiks and arts collective and organization has a year jam-packed with events almost every month. Artists are already preparing to showcase and sell their art, and everyone else is eagerly awaiting if their favorite artists and the art they want to cop will be there.


Komiket is an organization primarily dedicated to giving local komik artists and artists of all kinds a platform to share or sell their artwork. Given the rich history of Philippine komiks, they also aim to provide accessible and affordable komiks markets, where creators can showcase their work. They also strive to protect and champion creators by publishing komiks and graphic novels, discover and promote new artists, and be a bridge for Filipino art and komiks to reach the world.

Komiket events feature artists showcasing and selling their work in a wide variety of forms like comics, stickers, postcards, posters, tote bags, keychains, and more. People also often do cosplay, play games, meet their favorite creators, and more! Some artists also sell their work for discounted prices compared to in their online stores—that’s why some people are curious to see if their favorite artists will have a table at the next Komiket. Entrance fees to Komiket events are usually 100 PHP.


komiket 2024 calendar

The 2024 rendition of the event is spread out all over Metro Manila all 12 months of the year. But pick your events wisely, as a few Komiket events have faced criticism for logistics, handling, and organization. For instance, participants and users on X called out the latest Komiket partnership with Cebu Literary Festival or CebuLitFest for concerns regarding logistics and lack of proper communication. Also, earlier this year, at Komiket Pride, the organization was criticized for controversial remarks about the LGBTQIA+ community. They have since apologized.

Previous events of an organization being criticized does not mean people should no longer patronize future events, though. This criticism opens doors for organizers and handlers to do better and provide a better experience for both exhibitors and patrons.

So this year, take your pick from Komiket 2024’s almost-monthly selection of events. Some events are themed or have a specific goal, such as Komiket Pride in June (Pride Month), which highlights local queer artists and their work or the Philippine International Comics Festival in July. Watch out for which ones your favorite artists will attend or choose the one nearest to you! Or, if you’re a really avid fan, attend all the Komiket events and hoard prints, stickers, posters, komiks, and experiences.

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7 Gen Z Artists That Will Bring Color and Maximalism To Your Feed and Your Life

No such thing as boring in here.

Armed with an eye for color and a love for brightness and fun, these seven young artists express themselves through art that’s bold, beautiful, and eye-catching.

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If you were to visualize this generation’s energy, it’s definitely going to look like something from the artists below. Bold designs and vivid colors fill up every inch of these artists’ work, making a statement with every line, texture, and shape. Their art is vibrant and maximalist, able to make you feel warm, excited, and optimistic, and make your eyes jump from one corner of the image to anotheras you try to take every detail in.

“The common Filipino is a maximalist,” art professor FM De Leon Jr. said. “Filling up every available space with forms and things. It springs from an expressive exuberance deeply rooted in emotional sensitivity and the strong urge to connect.” These Gen Z artists exemplify these traits as they create art to express themselves and to share their craft and themselves with the world. And they do it in a manner that’s bright, unique, and tailored to their interests and personal style. Check out these artists and their work below!


mural art by sidsspace.art

Sid’s Mural Art (Instagram/sidsspace.art)

Sid Gonzales of sidsspace.art is an illustrator with a love for the way children’s books can vividly express a story. “I use pictures that I create to speak for me,” he says. “To tell my daydreams, my fears, my stories, and the ideas that I simply can’t keep to myself, hoping it connects to other people too.” He describes his art style as loose, whimsical, and friendly. They exude a colorful warmth that’s busy and fun to look at.


photoart by mm art


The art of twenty-three-year old illustrator Miguel Martillano of Photo Art by MM features bright colors contrasted with deep jewel tones, gradients, and adorable cartoonish subjects. He enjoys experimenting with colors, typography, and dreamy colors. He shares that his art matches his personality “as a foodie, an animation/cartoon fanatic, and someone who loves to play with colors.”


koalanov art

INSTAGRAM / koalanov

Ivee Pendo, or Koalanov, creates art influenced by anime and manga that’s instantly eye-catching. Her work is detailed, contemporary, and often unusual. Her use of unique effects and techniques bring something fresh to the artwork, filling it with different colors, tactile textures, and an enigmatic energy.


Chinny Basinang art


Chinny Basinang’s vivid art almost burns through print and screen, making your eyes go from one point to another. A heat almost palpably emanates from their work, driven by their use of “psychedelic patterns and saturated hues.” Chinny’s posters aren’t just visually pleasing—they also express the fire Chinny has for their advocacies.


habunny artist art


Habunny creates art primarily to creatively express their thoughts, interests, and inspirations, drawing from local culture and psyche. He also wants to make people happy and appreciative of the nuance of being Filipino with his art and his persona, “Habunny.” Recently, Japanese design and illustration has been a source of inspiration for him. “I like researching different ideas I can mix and match that show up in my art. Some of these are the time period, influential artists’ styles I like, and similar visual aesthetics and ephemeras.”


ukay ukay art cyrill, gen z artists

Ukay-ukay (X/awkwardbutable)

“I express my emotions and all the things I love and care through my illustrations.” Cyrill Acuña’s artwork is inspired by old encyclopedia illustrations, children’s books, and 90’s-era cartoons. “The textures and the kitschy-ness grab my attention,” he says. Exuding a vintage vibe but with very modern elements, his artwork highlights mundane Filipino life and superficial imagery.


“I make art to document everything I see and love.” Graphic designer Althea or theirfieldnotes take inspiration from “everyday things that we often overlook such as product packagings we see in sari-sari stores, trinkets, and signages.” Turning the mundane into visual representations of love and joy, they share their perspective of the world with people ready to appreciate it.

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Meet The Final 7 Members of The Girl Group Project

Go off, queens!

The final members of the upcoming girl group pix!e from The Girl Group Project have been making the rounds on social media, and after months of training and evaluations, they’re almost ready to take on the P-Pop stage.

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If you were on TikTok the last few weeks, then you definitely have come across the “I Wanna Go Back” dance trend set to a sped-up version of Do It Again by Pia Mia. Well, did you know that the creators of the trend are young Filipino trainees getting ready to debut as members of a new, upcoming P-pop girl group?

@ggprojectmedia boy can we go back? 🤷🏻‍♀️ dc: jezrene 🐝 & nicole 🐣 #fyp #ppoprise ♬ do it again – ᶜ ʰ ˡ ˡ ˣ ᵉ ᵈ ⁱ ᵗ ˢ

That’s right, dancers and artists Jezrene and Nicole, whose names you may have seen credited under TikToks of the trend, are members of a new girl group formed by DreamCloud Media Productions, who in October revealed the group name to be pix!e! DreamCloud recognized the immense potential of Filipinos in the pop music industry, and so, in early 2023, they started The Girl Group Project. It was a passion project, an initiative to select, train, and evaluate talented young girls to form a group ready to take the P-pop world by storm.

After the final evaluation at Eton Centris last July 30, seven trainees were selected to debut. It’ll take some more time, work, and decisions before they make it big, but for now, let’s meet the young girls of pix!e who have made it steps closer to living their dreams.


Nicole from the girl group project

1/2 of the pioneers of the “I Wanna Go Back” trend, Nicole is The Girl Group Project’s center, and has shown her prowess in singing, dancing, and playing the ukulele—which she’s been playing since she was in high school. She’s driven by her desire to show the world her talent. She’s a Virgo, and her MBTI is ESFP-T.


Jezrene of the girl group project

The other half of the TikTok trend’s creators, 19-year old Jezrene is a strong singer, which got her the position of lead vocalist. A true introvert but with a powerful voice, she’s a Gemini, an INFP, and, like most of us, her hobbies include sleeping. She’s been inspired by K-pop since she was young, and pushed through some mental and physical challenges before she got to where she is now.


Hana of of the girl group project

Keen-eyed girl group enthusiasts may recognize the 22-year-old as a former center of idol group MNL48! Her stage name used to be Aly, and she can be seen in MNL48’s videos like Ikaw Ang Melody. Hana is the group’s lead rapper, visual, and sub-vocalist. She’s a Capricorn, INFJ, and she likes playing mobile games.


Jane of the girl group project

Jane is the group’s main rapper and a lead vocalist. She’s a Capricorn and an INFJ-T, often in dark clothing and makeup to match her fierce and independent spirit. She likes to sing, cook, and watch anime. She made, sold, and delivered food to help out her sick parents all while studying and trying hard for her dreams.


kath of the girl group project pix!e

Kath was the first trainee to be announced as part of The Girl Group Project. The 20-year old is the group’s main dancer and lead rapper while also being a diligent university student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She’s got grit and stage presence for days, and is a Taurus and ISFJ-T.


Mita of the girl group project

Lead vocalist and dancer Sushmita, or Mita for short, is a proud Taurus and INTJ. She loves cats and owns a handful of them—18 to be precise. A multi-talented performer, Mita was influenced by her aunt to get into music.


Pearl of the girl group project

The ever-fashionable Pearl is the group’s main vocalist and resident baton twirler. A Taurus and INFP-T, she was the last trainee to complete The Girl Group Project. She also loves to design clothes. Emotional during her last interview before making the final lineup, Pearl is driven and determined to reach her dreams.

Stay tuned on The Girl Group Project’s social media accounts (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram) to keep up with these talented Gen Z artists! Do you have a bias yet?

Photos courtesy of Jionor Verona for The Girl Group Project/Facebook

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BGYO outlaws nylon manila album

10 New Songs That We’re Adding To Our Playlist

Take a look at all our latest song discoveries and the artists worth listening to!

On the lookout for more Filipino music to appreciate? We collated newly-released songs from young rising artists—along with musicians we know and love—to add to our playlist.

If there’s anything we, Filipinos, can get along with, it’s that sense of Filipino pride whenever we see talented people thriving in their passion for music. There’s undeniable talent everywhere and it’s important to appreciate them every once in a while.

It’s not easy producing and recording music at a time like this. While most have taken a break from tours, concerts, and music in general, these artists are coming through with new tracks that will surely get you vibing.

Here are the rising Filipino artists and the new music releases that are worth adding to your playlist.

Outlaws – Nameless Kids

Nameless Kids is a pop-indie band comprised of five multi-talented individuals, Nhiko Viktor Sabiniano, Kyle Perry, Jason de Mesa, Kim Allen, and Imay Alconaba. Their first single, Outlaws, was inspired by the popular biker gang TV series, Sons of Anarchy

Cake 4 Breakfast – Annette, Subzylla

You know you’ve had a good time when you’re having cake for breakfast. This track by Annette and Subzylla is a slow R&B jam that’s perfect for chill listening.

Kyusi – Zild

Singer-songwriter Zild Benitez is emerging as his own person away from IV of Spades with his recent track, Kyusi. It’s a refreshing track that will take you back to the simpler days. Read our full, exlusive interview with Zild here.

The Light – BGYO

By now, you would already know that we’re raving about BGYO’s debut single, The Light. And it’s definitely on repeat on our playlist. Take a look at our review of the song here, and an exclusive interview with the BGYO boys here.

Giddyup – 13C

13C is a three-piece band comprised of Davy, Ichi, and Flo. These Cebuano musicians are definitely the new band you need to watch out for. Take a listen to their song, Giddyup.

Luna – DonWilson

DonWilson is a young, emerging musician from Lipa. His latest release, Luna is our personal favorite when we just want to sit back, relax, and listen to chill music.

til forever – firegod

We’re loving til forever by the dynamic duo, firegod (Fern Tan and Justin Punzalan). It’s sure to guarantee LSS and frankly? We don’t even mind one bit. It’s a stripped back song that will get you mindlessly swaying.

Tama Ni Dzai – Edray Tedroso

Edray Tedroso sure knows how to release bops we can sing along with. Her recent release, Tama Ni Dzai perfectly explains what it’s like to fall in love.

Kwentuhan – Autotelic

Autotelic reminds us of the importance of human connection with their new track, Kwentuhan. It’s a song that will make you feel a sense of nostalgia and a reminder that good communication is the key to maneuvering in the new normal.

How Many – Guapdad 4000, !llmind

Guapdad 4000 is a Fil-Am hip hop artist who was the first signed artist of PARADISE RISING (88rising’s sister label.) And we can’t forget to mention that he’s a Grammy nominee! Show some love for his single, How Many with fellow Filipino, !llmind.

New Generation Of Music: 10 Filipino Artists On Our Radar

You'll be clicking "add to playlist" in no time.

We’re so ready to add new music to our everyday playlists, starting with these Filipino music artists on the rise.

This year is already off to a good start for music. As fast-rising stars like Fil-Am musician, Olivia Rodrigo–who just released her first single drivers license–proved that it’s not too early to be considered the 2021 song of the year, we’re hopeful that more Filipino musicians will be recognized for their talents as well. We’ve picked out a fresh array of Filipino artists you should be streaming now so that this time next year, you can proudly say that you were one of the OGs.

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Rob Deniel

The artist behind the hit song, Ulap, is Rob Deniel; a 17-year-old singer-songwriter. Ulap, which has about 2 million streams on Spotify was apparently single-handedly written, produced, and arranged by Rob on the app, Garageband. Gen Zs, am I right?


Fern. is coming back with a new album and we’re excited for the new sound he has to offer. Mark our words, people. You’ll be seeing his name everywhere soon. While you wait for his comeback, have a listen to his latest single, Want U Bad.


Without spoiling anything about their debut on January 29, we can confidently say that BGYO is the next P-Pop boy group you’ll be raving about.

…. Let’s just say that once you hear their song, you’ll be seeing the light as to why they have such a strong fanbase already.

Nathan & Mercury

Welcome to the indie scene as we welcome the band, Nathan & Mercury, composed of Nathan Huang on guitar and vocals, Angelo Sison on bass, Alex Samonte on guitars, and Daniel Monong on drums. You might have heard their single, Fools, while watching Gaya sa Pelikula. So, if you like the sound, then you should check out their discography.

Zack Tabudlo

Zack Tabudlo is a promising musician in the alt-pop and R&B landscape. His song, Nangangamba is almost at 1 million streams on Spotify and an insider tells us that he’ll be releasing more music soon. Don’t miss out!

Darren Espanto

You’re obviously no stranger to the powerhouse voice and charming good looks of the one and only Darren Espanto. He’s releasing new music real soon, so while you wait, feel free to jam to his hit songs.

Lala Vinzon

Is it just us or does Lala Vinzon give you superstar vibes, too? She’s got the face of a leading lady and the voice of a pop star in the making. Our personal favorite is her latest release, Pansamantala.


Huhsmile is a fantastic songwriter and her latest song feels like it came straight out of a kilig rom-com series. Have a listen to Kung Pwede Lang by huhsmile!


If you’re into R&B, then check out the upcoming R&B singer, J-Nine. You’ll love her aesthetic and let’s face it: undeniable beauty. To all the gamers out there, this one’s for you. Listen to GG by King Promdi, featuring J-Nine.

Alexa Ilacad

She’s not just a veteran actress, but an up and coming musician as well. You’ll be having Love At First Sight when you listen to this rising star‘s latest single.