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Girl Group Calista Puts The Pedal To The Metal With Their Debut, ‘Race Car’

The foot is not on the breaks.

Rookie P-pop girl group Calista channels their inner Fast & Furious as they speed towards the finish line with their single, Race Car.

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The new generation of P-pop groups are really starting to take some serious shape. Emerging in the mid-2010s, P-pop groups were not considered as serious in OPM or must-see acts. Oftentimes, the handful of boy and girl groups who debuted during this time rarely got the training and time it requires to really shine. But times have changed and now P-pop groups are slowly but surely being treated as legitimate artists with real production behind them.

Just take a look at rookie P-pop girl group Calista who just dropped the music video for their debut single Race Car. The group really said, “Tight budget? I don’t know her,” as they swung for the fences fresh off their debut. The end result is one of the most bombastic music videos released by a P-pop girl group yet.


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Calista is a six-member girl group composed of members Anne, Olive, Denise, Dein, Laiza, and Elle. Developed under Tyronne Escalante Artist Management (TEAM) and Merlion Events Production, Inc., the group has been known for a while now, but they just recently made their mark in the industry when they dropped their debut single, Race Car, on February 14, 2022. But a love song Race Car is not. Instead, their debut track is a hard-hitting pop song about reaching for the top and aiming to be the best. In essence, the roaring release is like the embodiment of the goals and ambitions of the group. As they say in the song, they live life on the fast lane as they aim to reach their dreams and leave the haters in the dust. It’s an empowering anthem that that fits both the vocals and raps of the group well.


Aside from the song itself, the race car motif is also present in its music video and at first viewing, it’s clear that Calista and their management made sure to give us production for their debut music video. Filmed at the Clark International Speedway, Aerospace airplane hanger in the NAIA Complex, and the rooftop bar at the I’M Hotel in Makati, the video captures the adrenaline and vibe from the song.

We see fast cars speed by on a raceway. There are also shots of the girls dancing around expensive cars. They even get to go behind the wheel at one point. Meanwhile, other scenes see the group dance right on the race track and inside a hanger beside a private jet. And if that wasn’t enough, Calista also dances on a rooftop with a helicopter flying in the background. Released on International Women’s Day, it’s a concept that’s on-point as it captures the fast life and confident aura that Calista were trying to portray for their first time out.

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The only thing that could have made the music video better though was if its dance break was a couple of notches more exciting. A hype song like Race Car a marked motion equally as hyped up. But aside from this, the group did not hold back. In fact, their media launch and showcase even had them perform alongside Billy Crawford and the social media superstar herself, Niana Guerrero. It will definitely be exciting to see what Calista has to offer in the coming months and years. And we won’t have to wait long as they’ll be having their first concert on April 26 at the Araneta Coliseum which will be aired on TV5. Hopefully their race car has enough gas in the tank for a long ride.

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