10 Filipino TikTok Stars We Want To See More Of This 2021

Which of these TikTok stars landed on your FYP?

This quarantine year has brought about many new things to keep us entertained. One of them is the social media platform, TikTok, where thousands of new creators are being discovered every day.

These stars on Tiktok can claim thousands to millions of followers simply by being themselves or showing off their special talents. With the For You page serving as an equal ground for small and big accounts alike, fame can be met in seconds by merely creating short videos that keep TikTok users entertained and wanting more.

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TikTok has also become a launchpad for some of the biggest trends in pop culture. Whether it be fashion, beauty, or music, this app has discovered and nurtured successful talents like Charli D’amelio, who has 105 million followers—the most followed on the app—and TikTok’s Ratatouille musical, which was formed through collaboration on the app in 2020. Some have had record deals, major movie roles, and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

Of course, there’s no shortage of now-famous Filipino content creators that started out on TikTok, too. And as we begin 2021 in search of new talents, we rounded up the rising stars and who we think will stay on our radar for this new year.

Dane Jeshorun Aguirre

Yes, we’ve seen plenty of impressive Ariana Grande and Cat Valentine impressions on the Internet. But have you ever seen one speak and sing in Tagalog? Introducing Dane Jeshorun, a music artist, and influencer-turned-TikTok-star. While she may resemble and is great at impersonating Queen Ari, she can also sing and write music herself.


Reply to @rossodcrimson HAHAHHAHA ETO NA NGA ##FYP ##PARODY ##foryoupage ##HNY HAHAHA

♬ original sound – danelle jeshorun aguirre


Rain Matienzo is here to stay and that’s because her conyo videos and storytime series are as authentic as can be, which is something our generation always appreciates when it comes to content creation. A complete natural in front of the camera, this host-turned-TikTok-star will definitely keep you entertained with her fun videos.


cold brew > frappe

♬ original sound – Rain Matienzo


As frank as they are funny, Sassagurl is the queen of the liptint generation, and is worth pressing that follow button for. Sassagurl can blend real-life issues with humor, bringing about the two personality traits that the Gen Z seem to agree upon: self-deprecating and socially-aware.


♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl


Aileen and Deven are the ultimate relationship goals, and if you don’t believe that, take a look at her account and see just how adorable these two are. Aileen frequently shares her conversations and pranks with Deven and it’s sure to make you awe. So, whether you’re into that lovey-dovey content or not, you’re sure to root for both of them.


It’s the disheveled hair, no pants, and confused look for me ? ##fyp ##couplesprank ##boyfriend ##reaction @devenchris IB: @foreverjamatians

♬ original sound – Aileenchristineee


Has TikTok influenced you to go on that next online shopping haul? Veronica Rivera provides simple style tips for the ones who are just starting to explore their style. It’s easy enough to recreate, but fair warning: she might be the next budol queen. Secure your wallets!


Reply to @shangeliq different knit vest outfits ? ##knitvest ##fyp ##tiktokph ##style##filipino ##Pinterestoutfits ##outfitinspo

♬ Dancing in My Room – 347aidan


Oliver, also known as Otakoyakisoba is best recognized for his videos with his Filipino mom and their Name That Celebrity series. Mama Lulu and Olly are the mother and son duo that will get you wheezing by the end of their videos.


♬ original sound – otakoyakisoba


Paolo, also known as Torvas, has this smoldering good looks that may have landed on your For You page at some point. Best known for his POV TikTok videos, he’s the boy you wish you had next door. Though he may look like a player you’ve stumbled in The Island, he’s got a soft side that will get you wanting to know him more…Or maybe that’s just me and his 3.2 million followers. Who knows?


Girls who read >>> ##fyp

♬ original sound – ⚡️???


According to GugeeData, Niana Guerrero is the most followed Filipino TikTok star to date. She now has 18.7 million followers on the app thanks to her dance videos, which sometimes features her adorable little sister Talia, and big brother, Ranz Kyle.


##duet with @nianaguerrero starting to know how this filter works lol ? dc: @kamronagee @yodamnmomma



Another TikTok dance star on the rise is Argie Roguero. Recognized by international artists like Rihanna and SZA who follows him on the app, only a fool will miss just how talented Argie is.


dc:@jeanvictorm @jeffxtingz

♬ Dc jeffxtingz and jeanvictorm – Jean-Victor


If you’re looking to follow more makeup-related videos, Abby Soniedo will take your breath away with her daring makeup looks on TikTok.


No I didn’t memorize it in 5 minutes ? ##makeup ##fypシ ##90s

♬ Ak47 – Jdm ?

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