10 of The Best Y2K Fashion Moments in Teen Movies

From fetch to least fetch ~lewks~ that you can still wear today.

What most people would call the questionable decade in style, the 2000s were filled with trends that are both cringe-worthy and memorable. Most probably because in the early aughts, everyone wanted to re-define what sophistication really meant. Sparkles, flip flops, and low-rise jeans anyone?

In the Y2K, American teen movies were the melting pot of style choices. Mini dresses over pants, multi-colored sweat bands, and belly button rings were just a few make-or-break trends that were all the rage from the era. From Lindsay Lohan in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen to the Olsen Twins in Passport in Paris, here’s a look back at the 10 of the most iconic fashion moments of cinematic history at the turn of the new millennium.

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elle woods y2k

The perfectly pink wardrobe of sorority-girl-turned-law-student Elle Woods will never not give us sartorial envy. We’re still torn between her Harvard entrance look in pink leather coordinates and her fur jacket and sparkly bikini outfit that Ariana Grande paid homage to in her Thank U Next music video.


jenna rink 13 going on 30 y2k

Who else had a fan girl moment when the actress who portrayed Young Jenna recreated her iconic look upon turning 30? Yes THAT dress. It was also revealed by the costume designer in an interview that it was actually a Versace look that almost didn’t happen. And can we please appreciate her cardigan set when she pitched for Big Time magazine?


lola steppe, confessions of a drama queen style

Must be hard moving to the suburbs when you’re New York’s It-Girl. At her teen queen prime, Lindsay Lohan wears a lot of show-stopping looks from boho, grunge, to glam. Let’s not forget Megan Fox wearing a Dior tee and her girl gang wearing matching Burberry outfits in this film.


josie and the pussycats fashion

When will we admit that Josie and the Pussycats perfected glam rock? Long before everyone sported kitty ears, the trio was ahead of their time. We were still reeling from the 90s, so it made a lot of sense that fashion was still undergoing a metamorphosis in this film. Everything was studded, there were lots of visible lingerie, velvet and chunky platform boots that are also currently having its moment.


coyote ugly fashion

Arguably, the plot of Coyote Ugly isn’t for everyone. But the fashion? None would look out of place in the today’s style radar. With big, stomping feminine energy, the film is supercharged with cowgirl looks, animal prints, leather belts, and midriff-baring tops. Can’t fight the moonlight indeed.


porter twins style

Long before they were sullen and decked in swathes of archival designer pieces, the Olsen Twins have always been fashion royalty. The micro sunglasses, crystal hair clips, camisole tops, and playful chokers were as dazzling as it is now. Eat your heart out, Bella Hadid.


lizzie mcguire

Of course we would never leave Lizzie, our ~unproblematic teen queen~, out of this list. Not only were her hairstyles iconic, but her bandanas, beaded necklaces, butterfly clips, and the aqua vs. lime green monochrome looks in the finale duet performance with Isabella will forever live in our heads rent-free.


suki fashion y2k

The action movie may not be a teen film, but no Y2K style list would be complete without Devon Aoki in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Her appearance as the car racer Suki was brief, but all the looks and her pink Honda S2000 stole the show even if she disappeared for almost a decade after the series.


mean girls

While Damian’s incognito look remains a classic halloween staple, almost all of the outfits for each character had their own movie moment. Gretchen’s preppy looks, Cady’s Plastics transformation, Regina’s “A Little Bit Dramatic Tee” and Mrs. George’s “cool mom” tracksuit are still pretty much talked about—and copied—until today.


sharpay evans

Growing up into a hopefully mature adult means realizing Sharpay Evans deserved better. She was driven and tried her best to help Troy with his career while he was too busy trying to antagonize her. Sorry, but we only stan independently fabulous girls in this house.

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