6 Moments Proving AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto Were The Definition Of BFFs In Milan

Young, beautiful, talented, and friends.

Long-time BFFs AC Bonifacio and Darren Espanto, along with other stars, recently went to Italy for ASAP Milan, and the duo showed everyone just how fun, vibey, and funny their friendship is!

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Darren Espanto and AC Bonifcaio have been friends for almost a decade now, after first meeting in 2015. Both hailing from Canada, the two bonded over their shared roots and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. The multi-talented duo can sing, dance, and act! It’s giving triple threat.

After all of that, it’s true that they have chemistry—but not in the way you think! Because even if people do ship them together, the two have repeatedly firmly established that they are just great friends. Their energy together is always fun, fresh, and playful, and it’s always refreshing to see wholesome platonic friendships in an industry that always wants male and female stars to get together.

And that was on full display when they, along with a slew of Kapamilya stars, went to Milan for ASAP Milan had tons of fun. From orchestrating group TikToks with icons like Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez to pretending to be IG livesellers, best friends AC and Darren totally made the most of their trip to Italy! So, to show off this great friendship, we compiled a few moments to show you what these besties were up to in their European adventures.


Darren and AC opened up Instagram Live for a few minutes on September 13 and pretended to sell products live in an outlet store in Milan, imitating live sellers that were surprisingly doing it for real in the same store. The two showed off shoes, hats, bags, and joked around the exact way friends goofing off do, complete with Darren showing off a pink gradient bag and comparing it to AC’s own currently red hair (he even called her “bes“)!


AC and Darren selfie on a plane as BFF


BFFs AC and Darren selfie in Milan


What’s a trip without countless selfies? AC showed off her .5 photo-taking skills in both of their Instagrams, showing everyone first their comfortable digs on the plane and then the ornate surroundings and skyline of Milan.



one more time in the air

♬ walshy bae owns this sound – RECXRDDEAL

Even before the pair landed in Milan, Darren and AC were already having fun filming TikToks and taking photos on the plane. A clear favorite, they did the famous “Sandy Super Bass” TikTok trend again while in the air—their third time in three weeks!


BFFs AC and Darren selfie, Darren is cropped out


Listen, when you look this good, sometimes you just need to crop your bestie out of the photo. Kidding aside, this cropping is such a bestie move and so representative of Darren and AC’s playful friendship.



we forgot to film a bunch of times so enjoy!!! HAHAHAH

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

You can always count on young artists like Darren and AC to have absolutely fire drip. Their outfits in Milan, often matching and always set against the beautiful backdrop of Italy, were the epitome of casual chic, and the pair showed them off the with, what else, a TikTok.




♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

In a dig at all those shippers, Darren and AC made a TikTok proving to everyone that guys and girls, especially in the showbiz industry, can just be friends. AC even shut down a commenter under the TikTok who said “No I want you guys to be [a] couple 😢” by responding “sana ok ka lang.” The pair have shared before that they really never had feelings for each other, and that they’re more like siblings—they know everything about each other, they’re always down for a fun TikTok or two, and they’re always there to support each other.

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5 Local Brands To Shop For The Perfect Cozy Preppy-Casual Outfit

Casual prep is in.

Browse these local brands to score stylish, cozy, preppy-casual pieces to add to your closet!

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What’s in in fashion, especially for the new generation? A subtle mix of the classics, athleisure, graphic streetwear, old-money, and academia, that’s what. Whether you follow Western influencers or K-Pop idols, whether you call it “tenniscore” or Korean preppy academia, you would definitely recognize the rising popularity of the modern preppy, casual-cool aesthetic seen on the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kelsey Merritt.

The trend may or may not have enticed you to cop sweaters, tennis skirts, vests, collared knits, and subtly graphic pieces. If it hasn’t, then let these local brands, some of which are founded by Gen Z entrepreneurs, convince you to hop on.


East Prep Club puts a spin on old-school prep with subtly stunning graphic detail and an air of collegiate sophistication. Their pieces are inspired by varsity sports, classic charm, and stylish comfort. The brand also started a youth-led non-profit organization, The East Prep Project, that advocates for youth education, empowerment, and transformation.


Simple and sporty, Anakainoo Club boasts hoodies, shirts, caps, and giant neverfull tote bags all in their signature colorways perfect for the laid back individual. The lifestyle brand not just champions athleisure, but also being “healthier and happier.”


The Cloudnine Studios’ half-zips are classic, simple, and perfect to pair with anything. The brand also sells unique tsuno bags with their signature logo to complete an effortlessly stylish ‘fit.


A pioneer in the urban streetwear scene, Charlotte Folk’s pieces are statements in and of themselves. Their wide selection showcases the brand’s growth and creativity over the last few years, and their designs boast rich colors, aesthetically-pleasing detail, and an old-school feel the brand is now iconic for.


Prettiest also offers more casual and graphic pieces in colorful designs, but their collections all carry an air of youthfulness and laid-back fun. Their catalogue is often sold out, so always keep an eye out for new drops and restocks.

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10 Filipino Songs We’re Manifesting To Hear BamBam Sing At His Upcoming Manila Concert

Let’s get the prayer circles ready.

Thai international superstar BamBam is coming to Manila! A few weeks before his show, he took to X to ask what Filipino songs he should perform—and his fans gave him plenty of options.

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Three things you should know about soloist and GOT7 member BamBam: first, he’s having a concert here in the Philippines on September 22 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with special guest Sandara Park! AREA 52 is his first solo world tour, with stops in Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Macau, and more.

Second, along with Dara, he could also be an honorary Filipino with the way he partakes in our meme (and drinking) culture. He says “shot punoalmost every chance he gets! And third, BamBam has been immersed in OPM for a while now. He’s performed Filipino song Ngiti by Ronnie Liang several times over the years, including during KPOP Masterz Manila last year.

So, when he asked his fans on X for Filipino song suggestions to sing at his concert, Bammies jumped at the chance to recommend upbeat dance songs, emotional ballads, and even threw in some joke songs for the idol to consider. Below are some of the frequently-suggested and top-liked songs that we hope he performs at the concert!


Following the trend of K-Pop idols dancing to SB19’S Gento, so many fans suggested the song to the idol, hoping for a full performance complete with the powerful choreo. If he does pick Gento, we know he’ll kill it.


Clear skies or otherwise, a Raining in Manila performance will surely brighten up our day. We’d love to see the idol sing it with a stadium full of people screaming it at the top of their lungs.


Another SB19 song makes it to BamBam’s replies! The R&B track would 100% be right up BamBam’s alley, as the artist’s solo music, like his track Subliminal, is infused with R&B and just as smooth.


Kicking off the Christmas season, this fan suggested Ben&Ben’s Bibingka, a wistful song that will surely make the night just that much sweeter.


This slow, nostalgic hit performed by Moira Dela Torre and Daniel Padilla in the 2019 Himig Handog music competition is soothing and romantic, and hearing BamBam sing it would totally be swoon-worthy.


The star, a jokester himself, is not safe from his own fans’ pranks, and suggestions like Jolina Magdangal’s upbeat Chuva Choo Choo would make for a hilarious moment in the show.


Leaves is beloved by a handful of K-Pop idols, and BamBam’s even heard the song himself! The fact that he already knows it gives this gorgeous track a leg up in the race.


Ikaw is an emotional Filipino ballad by singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, emotional and romantic. Actor and artist Seo In-Guk also covered the song during his 2023 Manila fanmeeting as did Stray Kids’ Bang Chan during the group’s concert earlier this year! We can already see BamBam wholeheartedly throwing himself into singing those scream-worthy lyrics.


This wedding-themed love song is perfect for the idol who’s known to be a big flirt as he matches his own fans’ energy. Once he sings a song like this with his signature playful charm, it’s over for everyone in that stadium.


And of course, what’s an event in the Ber months without the Filipino Christmas song? Hopefully BamBam gets wind of our rich Christmas culture and he and his Bammies turn the Araneta Coliseum into one big caroling session.

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7 of The Funniest Content Series on TikTok Right Now

To rack up hours on your Tiktok screen time.

In such a content-saturated platform like Tiktok, these Tiktokers’ sidesplitting content deserves a place in your Following or For You feeds.

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Being funny is enough to get you clout, but to be truly successful on TikTok, you have to be consistent, smart, and strategic with your content. If you stick to your shtick and are consistently funny while still bringing something new, then you’ve struck gold. Just look at these seven TikTokers who hit gold with their comedy with their specific comedic niches and rake in millions of views!


@sabrina.cinoman.brier She needs all the attn #comedy #friends #nyc ♬ original sound – Sabrina Brier

Sabrina is TikTok’s (and X’s) it-girl right now, what with her accurate and authentic portrayals of friendship and girlhood, as well as her stellar fashion sense. Her content revolves around points-of-view videos about certain types of friends, like “the friend who overthinks everything” (relatable), and they’re so real that you often associate them with people you know—for better or for worse.



Wanna know a secret?

♬ original sound – Delaney Rowe

Delaney Rowe blew up on social media because of her scary-accurate sketches depicting character tropes like the “insufferable lead in an indie movie,” celebrity promo like “what’s in my bag” videos, and grating, real-life personalities like obnoxious restaurant-goers or full-of-themselves gym bros. Watching her videos is like watching a train wreck—it’s painful, and yet you can’t look away.



Every may school program talaga😭✋🏼

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Filipino TikTok star Esnyr Ranollo made a name for himself as the go-to source for nostalgic school skits and POVs that capture the raw essence of Filipino high school. His portrayal of all the different types of people you probably went to school with and the different situations you probably have also experienced, like trying to escape cleaning up the classroom after class if you were a “cleaner” for the day, or trying not to laugh when your teacher’s voice cracks while giving you a lecture, makes for entertaining and addictive scrolling.


@ladyyasmina1 *sigh* A girl can dream #pedropascaltiktok #imagines #fanficswattpad ♬ Night Changes – One Direction

The TikToker initially known for her “Jasper from Twilight” skits and nostalgic reenactments of youth culture started up a brand new one-woman series all about a new, young assistant named “Baguette” who is in love with her boss—who is none other than Pedro Pascal! The skits, narrated in classic Wattpad-style prose and edited in an almost realistic way, are so cringeworthy that they make you want curl up into a ball, and yet they’re so captivating you still want to know what happens next.



Neither of us is going home until the video is perfect!

♬ original sound – The Injustice hub

Plastic surgeon Dr. Miami and his spunky Gen Z social media manager Santina are a pair always on top of the TikTok trends and pop culture news. The dynamic they portray on TikTok as an older professional at the mercy of a young, social media-savvy girlboss is hilarious as Santina makes the surgeon (and even his entire family) make viral content on the platform often at the expense of his pride. The devil works hard, but Santina works harder.


@janelleven please lang 💀 #storytime #highschool ♬ original sound – janelleven

TikTok has revealed to the world which of us are great storytellers, and which of us are not. TikToker @janelleven proves they’re the former with their Catholic school storytimes chronicling all the shenanigans that went on in their school, like the time there was an almost-stabbing and the time their batch was involved in an almost-lawsuit. The way they tell a story is as detailed and engaging as your best friend who just acquired some piping hot tea, and makes you wonder what the heck kind of school they went to.


@adrianbliss Why mammoths went extinct #mammoth #noahsark #comedy (costumes @halloweencostumes.com ♬ original sound – Adrian Bliss

This one might be a bit of an acquired taste, but Adrian Bliss’ skits starring everything from animals and bugs to historical and biblical characters, aliens to bodily units, and more, are addicting to scroll through. His fourth-wall-breaking videos, complete with all-out costumes, are produced with much commitment and dedication to situational comedy and deadpan humor.

While the For You tab often gets us to stumble upon gems on the app, it’s always great to be able to rely on creators you vibe with. What about you? Who are some of your favorite funny TikTokers?

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Delulu Is The Solulu: TikTok Explains Why Our Delusional Moments Are A Form Of Manifestation

Delulu come true.

Remember Isaac Newton from sixth grade? It’s all about the law of attraction.

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Have you ever attended a concert, thinking the lead vocalist would notice you in the crowd especially if you acted as if you weren’t interested? Maybe your campus crush looked in your direction for a split second, and suddenly, you’re married with two kids? Well, we’ve all had those delulu moments.

Delulu serves as a shorthand for ‘delusional’—saying something like ‘I’m being delulu’ means you’re believing things that couldn’t possibly be true. The term first emerged within a K-Pop fandom, where fans indulged in delusional behaviors like believing that a bias would develop feelings for a fan. By the time it entered mainstream media, the community used ‘being delulu’ as a catchy phrase to describe delusional thinking.

‘Delulu is the Solulu’

@jazzybaby99 delulu is the solulu part.2 🤪 #fyp #delulu #delusional #delulugirl #girlsgirl #relationship #love ♬ original sound – J A Z ❤️‍🔥🇮🇩

Isn’t delusion actually a bad thing? While it’s a Gen Z thing to romanticize narratives, it’s not always about escaping the real world. Instead, it represents a conscious choice to reinterpret scenarios, circumstances, and attitudes in a more mindful way. Amidst the stress and anxieties, delusional thinking casts self-confidence over whatever worries you. Being delulu serve as a reminder that within the confines of everyday routines, there’s room for endless possibilities.

‘May All Your Delulus Come Trululu’

@arcanumla #manifestation #spiritualtiktok #lawofattraction ♬ original sound – Arcanum LA

Looking back, I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t delulu. Before becoming a writer, I was delusional in thinking that I deserved that position offer—even though there were more candidates with the same, if not better, potential. But I wouldn’t be working with my dream company if I hadn’t attracted the possibility into my life.

Remember Isaac Newton from sixth grade? It’s all about the law of attraction. You can manifest things to happen—the good and the bad. If it means having delusional moments, then pretend that the world is yours. Don’t worry, being delulu isn’t limited to fan fictions, imaginary boyfriends, or other romantic contexts. It extends to school presentations, job interviews, and even everyday interactions. When we’re envisioning an A+ during finals week, there is excitement, motivation, and a very optimistic outlook. Before you even realize, you’re graduating with Latin Honors.

Every delulu moment serves as a mini intention-setting session. When we’re imagining ourselves acing that interview or actually being THAT girl, we’re essentially stating our desire for success. So, the next time you find yourself lost in a daydream, recognize it for what it is—a testament to your creativity, your capacity for hope, and your yearning for something more.

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3 Local Sustainable Fashion Brands Founded by Young Women

Support local, support sustainable.

Be stylish and environmentally-conscious at the same time with these 3 female-led fashion brands.

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At the intersection of sustainability, creativity, and empowering entrepreneurship lies 3 local fashion brands that champion self-expression as well as the environment. Spearheaded by young Gen Z women, these brands promote ethical practices in slow fashion as they create beautiful clothing pieces.


The state of fashion today is marked by overproduction, overconsumption, and waste production. As consumers urged to simply point, click, and buy, it’s worth considering that we’d be much better off making conscious decisions about the things we use, wear, and consume.

Conscious consumption entails an active awareness of how your consumption affects things beyond yourself, such as the environment and ethical labor. While consumers do bear a responsibility to minimize the negative impact they have on the environment, it’s also important for brands and designers to do their part as well. This is where Sanina, Nin and Yang, and Fantaisie Gaze come in.


Sanina Creative Hub upcycles preloved clothing, deadstock, and last-cut fabric and turns them into not just clothing pieces, but works of art. Sanina features colors and geometry at the forefront of their distinct style.

Sarah, founder of Sanina, started out selling curated pieces. However, she found out there wasn’t much use for items like winter clothing and long-sleeved tops in the country. So instead, after learning new sewing methods and techniques, Sarah turned to her hobby of reworking clothes and sold her pieces to others.

What was left with the young designer were scraps of fabric that she didn’t want to throw away just yet. As such, she started on a new journey to making patchwork art pieces that the Sanina brand is now known for. They sell intricately-patterned tops in a variety of colors and styles.

As the brand grew, so did Sarah’s confidence.

“Making clothes in these specific silhouettes, colors, patterns, [and] sizes that are outside my comfort zone, and seeing my clients wear them, made me feel more confident about myself,” she shares. Making others feel good about themselves in her pieces is just as integral to Sarah as the effort of sustainability.

“If we can just contribute even just .00001% of textiles [and] old clothes not going to landfills, but instead to closets and drawers, we gladly will continue to do so.”


Want to live out your fantasy of dressing like a fairy princess? Fantaisie Gaze can adorn you in romantic, flowy, bespoke garments that will make you want to wear them all the time. Their tops and dresses are perfect for frolicking in a forest or having a picnic with a loved one.

Frankie Lapiz, at the young age of 20, appreciates the importance of being conscious and deliberate with purchases. She initially made and sold trendy reworked clothing on Fantaisie Gaze, formerly named Gaza, but has since taken a leap of faith and started accepting bespoke orders and releasing her own designs.

She mentions that it’s so easy for people to get caught up in trends. Made-to-order and bespoke clothing promotes sustainable slow fashion in that “customers get to own pieces they truly like and could wear repeatedly, since it’s their personal style.” Frankie also wishes the inclusiveness and diversity that bespoke clothing offers to all body types could be more prevalent in the fashion industry.

“I hope we all start to customize our clothes more and be intentional with the clothing pieces we purchase.”


Retaso is central to the Nin and Yang brand. Sister duo Nina and Thea (nicknamed “Yangi”) Morales maximize the use of fabric scraps to create fun, original clothing pieces that they say “breathe new life into discarded fabric.”

Nina and Thea grew up crafty. They often transformed regular, everyday objects into handmade gifts and treasures. The sisters also grew up with relatives who work in the clothes manufacturing industry. As such, they were made aware early on of the existence of unused scrap fabric leftover from production.

Nin and Yang offers bold pieces made from upcycled scrap fabric and deadstock that caters to the young fashion-lover of today. Their pieces are made to be versatile—multifunctional, adjustable, and reversible to maximize the wear and lifespan of each.

In line with their philosophy of sustainability, Nina and Thea encourage their customers to live sustainably by repeating outfits, learning how to mend/repair clothes, and the like. They always knew they wanted a brand that 1) allowed them to have creative freedom, and 2) did not pose harm to the environment as fast fashion has been proven to do. They also hope other brands take importance of not just how they source their materials, but also how they treat their workers—with fair wages and ethical working conditions.

“Let’s offer beautiful and unique designs that will show consumers that choosing circular fashion doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice style, and that they can rely on homegrown talent any day.”

Women and the youth have been at the forefront of the fights for climate action and justice for a long time. So, it’s no surprise that these young designers and creatives have taken it upon themselves to resist unsustainable practices to help the environment in their own little ways.

There’s much to be done to address the concerns regarding the social and climate justice aspect of fashion. However, patronizing slow fashion and small, local businesses that advocate for sustainable practices if you are able to is 100% a start.

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