6 Trademarks of Gen Z Interns, According to TikTok

They serve and they slay.

Trendsetting, trailblazing, and tech-savvy Gen Z brings color and confidence into the office.

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Look out, workforce! The new generation is trickling into offices and cementing our identities into the very foundations of labor. Gen Z’s unique outfits and personalities, affinity with social media and the digital world, and honest and critical outlooks on the world, bring new life into office spaces and work culture.

TikTok has seen an influx of memes and videos about young Gen Z interns’ shenanigans and distinct workplace habits. But what makes Gen Z so unique? And why are they great additions to the workplace (if I do say so myself)?


Gen Z employees could make TikToks right in the middle of the office hallways, but will panic internally before making a phone call. Our confidence comes in waves, and we’ll say “Hala!” in a show of doubt right before jumping headfirst into a task. Like any new hires, we want to impress, we value the work we’re doing, and we’ll for sure go above and beyond.

@karlmission Practice makes perfect Juli! You got this #GenZ ♬ original sound – KARL


To be honest, it’s very fun to get creative with showing off your life, no matter how regular or everyday it seems. People love to watch other people live their lives, for better or worse, and people also seem to love putting their lives out on social media for the world to see…also for better or for worse. But for many, romanticizing our lives means we pay more attention, we treasure memories, we build communities, and we find joy in the littlest of things. As a bonus, Gen Z gets a lot of clout—clout every company could maximize!

@natjmd spend a day with me as a student public relations intern in bgc! 🤍 this is actually my first day in the office 🙂 #internship #dayinmylife #intern #bgc #studentph #tiktokph #internshipphilippines #paidinternship ♬ Super Shy – NewJeans


From “rizz” to “slay,” new vocabulary is permeating the lexicon of workplaces and does everything from confuse bosses to influence coworkers. There has been discourse about “professionalism” in communication in a corporate setting before, but we can’t deny that Gen Z makes for creative communicators.

@globalxetfs Thankful for our Gen Z interns! #nationalinternday #companyculture #employeeappreciation ♬ I can't – CalebCity


“Sincerely,” “Regards,” “With thanks,” and the like take a backseat to the clever, witty, and fun sign-offs used by the generation who coined the term “cheugy.” These days, our managers and older coworkers receive emails signed off with existential jokes (”Slay, serve, survive”), Taylor Swift lyrics (”Living for the hope of it all”), and hilarious reinventions of classic closing lines (”Lukewarm regards”).

@oilshore Anything is better than ‘regards’ #genz #genzemployee #workhumour #officehumout #genzoffice ♬ Borderline – Tame Impala


A few very clear things about Gen Z: we’re diverse, open, creative, and varying degrees of extra. Gone are the days where offices look like advertisements for blazers and pressed collars. Millennials and now Gen Z have pushed the boundaries of corporate attire, with fun sweaters, boots, sneakers, and the like making the rounds. It is, of course, dependent on the company and the type of work they’re doing, but we could all stand to get creative and liven up our 9-5 wardrobe.

@aniyahpinkney1 i gotta bring the ✨razzle dazzle✨. no black and white suits over here 🫶🏽 #genz #corporate #marketing #corporatebaddie #workoutfits #foryou ♬ RABBIT HOLE – Qveen Herby


Gen Z acknowledges how hard it is to make a living these days, and while many are simply grateful we find work, we’re also brave enough to demand better. X (formerly Twitter) was ground zero for much of discourse about Gen Z’s expected salary, and it revealed to everyone just how valid it is to want to change the way things work is. If there’s one thing about this generation, we stick to our guns, stand our ground, and stay true to what we believe in as well as what’s fair and just for everyone involved.

@partynextshore_ “I’ve worked 20 years and never took an off day” 🥴 okkkkkkkk as for me I’m going home lmao #fypシ #fyp #genz #millennial #babyboomer ♬ original sound – Octaviab__

It’s not all just about funny TikToks and generation wars, though. Gen Z, to my own pride and awe, blazes new pathways through the world, participating in all its craziness and reshaping it with clear eyes and fresh ideas. As someone who just started working as well, my generation’s creativity, bravery, and tenacity prove to be inspiring and could just get everyone else to learn a thing or two.

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