How Jan Charlotte Venzon Created The It-Brand For The Urban Muse At 22 Years Old

The woman behind the urban muse.

Charlotte Folk is one of the top local streetwear brands to cop, and at the center of it is a young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

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The past couple of years have seen local streetwear brands grow in popularity and fill the closets of the youth. But few homegrown brands have built as large of a following as Charlotte Folk. Their indistinguishably graphic tees and cool sweatshirts are frequent OOTD staples of many influencers and creatives like Laureen Uy, Rhea Bue, and BJ Pascual.

If you’re looking for cozy yet stylish pieces that fit the lifestyle of the urban muse, Charlotte Folk is where it’s at. And leading it all is a young woman who turned a dream into a reality. Jan Venzon, the owner and creative director of the brand, is one of the movers of the new generation of creatives in the country thanks to her style, vision, and talent. Quite impressive for a label that’s just five years old.


Like most fashion brands in the country, Charlotte Folk started from scratch. In 2018, and just fresh out of college, 22-year-old Charlotte established the brand and made her visions come to life. “Growing up, I always had this immense desire of having my own clothing line so right after graduating from college, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity to bring my childhood dream to life,” she shares with NYLON Manila. Keeping up with the times and observing the industry is no easy feat, but Charlotte is driven. “I dedicated time to learning more about the industry, its current and future genres.”

Charlotte’s creativity is what pushes her to make her visions come to life as art. “I have always had my heart set on fashion ever since I was a kid! The main highlight of my days would always be planning out my outfits and seeing the art in my head come to life.” All this and more paved the way for the emergence of Charlotte Folk to the limelight. ”Thus the birth of Charlotte Folk, an avenue I paved to encourage our generation to become Urban Muses and explore the world one comfy outfit at a time.”


Jan Charlotte Venzon is here and making it in an industry on her own terms, which includes enveloping herself in a creative process she immensely enjoys. ”Before releasing a new collection, I’d do extensive research to have a deeper understanding of what my target market wants then tie it together with what I think is in the loop with the current trend.” After the creative process of deeply thinking and observing, she would lay out and create magnificent pieces for the label.

Of course, before Charlotte Folk became the beloved apparel brand that it is today, Charlotte doesn’t hide the fact that she has faced many challenges. Part of her growing pains was starting from the ground up, alone. “Looking back, I remember how I started packing orders in my tiny bedroom. The image of my room always being swamped with boxes and clothes still remain vivid to me.” Bringing the best quality pieces for our fashion needs, Charlotte takes it seriously. “I wanted to ensure that my products met the highest standard of the fashion production process.”


While it isn’t always easy to start a successful business in the fashion industry, making an impact at a young age is harder. But instead of giving up on her dreams even though the road to the top was bumpy, Charlotte faced each challenge bolder and braver. As she muses, “Be a sponge, absorb everything, and be a solution.” This is a phrase that guides her when it comes to being the influential young creative that she is. At the end of the day, all that hard work has paid off and then some. “With the continuous support and patronage of customers, Charlotte Folk headquarters is finally in the works and I could not be more grateful,” Charlotte shares.

Be a sponge, absorb everything, and be a solution.”

Jan Charlotte Venzon

Honing her talent and craft, Jan Charlotte Venzon is an inspiration to the younger generations to come in the world of fashion. She started from square one in her bedroom and used her dreams and ambitions to propel Charlotte Folk from its humble origins to a Gen Z and millennial favorite. Over time, the label built a fanbase, one that is set to get even bigger as Charlotte Folk continues to evolve.

All photos courtesy of Jan Charlotte Venzon.

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