5 Celebrity Friendships That Prove That There’s Nothing Wrong With Guys And Girls Being BFFs

Need these kinds of friends in our lives.

Here for these wholesome friendships.

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Pop culture, and society in general, tends to pressure friendships between a boy and a girl into something more. If you have a close friendship with a member of the opposite sex, there will be people out there who assume that there is something more even when there isn’t. No truer is this than in the world of showbiz. In an industry often fueled by gossip, dating rumors and speculation can run rampant when a male and female star are spotted together.

But even with all that, some don’t let the gossip ruin their unproblematic friendship. Not only do these following pairs have an amazing relationship, but they also prove that there’s nothing wrong with guys and girls being close friends.  


While Darren and Cassy’s friendship initially started on an awkward foot, they have since built a healthy relationship that is so strong, it has its own fanbase. Over the years, they’ve exhibited the best kind of friendship as they found a true safe space in each other. Beach trips, movie dates, concert hangouts, and more, Darren and Cassy are BFF goals. Even their parents are rooting for them. Needless to say, we want what they have.


The fervor and clamor to see David Licauco and Barbie Forteza, fondly referred to by their fans as BarDa, bring their love team to real life is intense. Yet, despite that, David and Barbie have maintained a tight friendship. After all, Barbie is already taken. In the past, the actress has described their relationship as a “business partnership” which shows you how properly defined this friendship is. While this romance is strictly on the reel, their friendship is as real as it gets.


There’s nothing like a friendship that starts in childhood and still flourishes years later. That’s the bond Francine Diaz and Zack Tabudlo have. The two have known each other for years, first crossing paths when they were part of the same talent agency as kids. Now as young adults, the two are still good friends with Francine working professionally with Zack for the first time when she starred in his As You Are music video.


Some friendships go beyond just seeing each other and hanging out. Some hit on a deeper level that can fundamentally change a person. That’s the friendship Joshua Garcia found with Kathryn Bernardo. A few years ago, Joshua was in a dark place before his friendship with Kathryn and Daniel Padilla figuratively saved him. It was a friendship that famously started when Kath and DJ saw Joshua sitting alone for a meal and decided to join him. Since then, Joshua has formed a strong bond with the superstar couple, often accompanying them on their trips in and outside the Philippines.


While Bobbie and CJ Salazar may have had their issues, that isn’t the case for Bea Alonzo and Enchong Dee. The two have been friends for nearly 15 years now. They are so close in fact, Bea once described him as her brother who’s there for important moments in her life.

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